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    10 November 2014 Dear Parents/Guardians On behalf of Carryduff Primary School Board of Governors, I have pleasure in providing you with the Board’s Annual Report covering the school year September 2013 to August 2014. The Report gives a comprehensive review of the way in which your children are being provided with a wide range of enrichment experiences, including academic, sporting and musical activities, so that they may have an all round education at Carryduff. Please do not hesitate to contact our Principal, Mrs Barbara Preston (who is Secretary to the Board) or write direct to me as Chairman, c/o the school, should there be any issues which you as parents/guardians want to raise with the Governors. Following an approach by the South Eastern Education and Library Board, we agreed to open a Social Communication Unit in the school and the Governors have been very pleased with the contribution this Unit has made to the education of the children attending it and to general school life. Governors have also been delighted to see the refurbishment work on classrooms and toilets in the school. Managing the finances available to the school continues to be a key aspect of the Board of Governors’ responsibilities. We wish, therefore, to again thank the Parent Teachers’ Association for its contribution to the school’s activities including financial support to purchase items for use by the children. You will see that over £4,600 was raised in 2013-2014. Thanks also to all who made contributions to the school fund and you can see from the Report how they have been used. The Governors wish to publicly thank all our teaching and non-teaching staff for their work and commitment to Carryduff during the School year 2013 – 2014. You will see that we make particular reference to Mrs Cassells who retired in August 2014. This is the last Report of the Board of Governors listed below and I want to thank Mrs Crowe and Mrs Hart for their contribution to the work of the Board over the last 4 years. A new Board of Governors is now in place and we are fully committed to working with the staff and you as parents/guardians to ensure that each pupil is able to achieve his or her full potential. Thank you for entrusting the education of your children to Carryduff Primary School. Yours sincerely

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    Annual Report 2013-2014 Board of Governors THE BOARD OF GOVERNORS NAME REPRESENTING Mr M Patterson - Chairman Transferors Dr G Murphy - Vice Chair Transferors Mrs J Crowe Parents Mrs J Hart Parents Mr J Kerr SEELB Mrs R Lowe Transferors Rev A S Smyth Transferors Mrs L Brown Assistant Teachers Reconstitution of the Board will take place June - Sept 2014 The Principal, Mrs B Preston, acts as honorary secretary to Board of Governors. ROLE OF THE BOARD OF GOVERNORS The Board of Governors has overall responsibility for the management and control of the school in accordance with the Scheme of Management prepared by the South Eastern Education and Library Board and approved by the Department of Education. The functions of the Governors include: - the appointment of teaching and non-teaching staff - the arrangements for the admission of pupils including drawing up admissions criteria and the application of admissions and enrolment numbers - the determination of Curriculum Policy and of the Curriculum - assisting the Principal to enable her to control the internal organisation, management and discipline of the school - the preparation of an Annual Report - the use of school premises and the inspection of premises and equipment - approval and management of the annual budget proposals 2

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    Annual Report 2013-2014 Board of Governors TEACHING STAFF: Mrs B Preston - Principal Mrs L Brown - P1 Mrs D Humphries - P2 Mrs L Cassells - P3 Mrs J Hodkinson ) P4 (Job Share) Ms F O’Callaghan ) - P4 (Job Share) Mr A Magee - P5 Mrs D McMullan - P6 Miss L Hyndman - P7 Miss S Browning - Social Communication Unit Mrs D Martelli - Learning Support Peripatetic staff Mrs K Corr - Music staff SEELB - (violin) Miss J McNeely - Private (Piano & Drums) Ms M Lopas-Diaz - Spanish tutor SECRETARY - Mrs O Lammey CLASSROOM ASSISTANTS - Mrs L Mitchell Mrs K Sinclair Mrs K Thomson Mrs A Turner Mrs N Trainor Miss R Shivers Mrs R Nixon BUILDING SUPERVISOR - Mr G Rainey CLEANERS - Mrs K Henderson Mrs S Reid SUPERVISORY ASSISTANTS - Mrs G Cochrane - Mrs K Henderson Mrs J Johnston - Mr G Rainey CROSSING PATROL - Mr P Batty MEALS KITCHEN - Mrs M Quinn - Cook Supervisor Mrs Y Maginnes - Catering Assistant Mrs E Maginn - Catering Assistant The school community was very sad to say goodbye to Mrs Lynne Cassells who resigned after 26 years in the school to take early retirement. She had taught P3 for the last number of years and also held the post of Head of Foundation and Key Stage 1. She has great integrity and a genuine desire for each pupil to meet their full potential and will be greatly missed. The Board of Governors wish her every health and happiness for her retirement. 3

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    Annual Report 2013-2014 Board of Governors Miss S Browning was appointed as teacher for the Social Communication Unit from September 2013. Mrs Nuala Trainor was appointed classroom assistant to the Social Communication Unit in January 2014. Miss Rachael Shivers took up post as classroom/general assistant in September 2013. Mrs Rebecca Nixon was employed as classroom assistant from September 2013 to June 2014. Mrs Sharleen Reid has been employed in the post of cleaner from September 2013. 4

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    Annual Report 2013-2014 Board of Governors THE CURRICULUM The school offers a broad and balanced curriculum in which a wide range of learning experiences, suited to the needs and abilities of the children, is provided. Proper emphasis is given to developing the basic skills. The main subjects taught are: Mathematics & Numeracy World Around Us - Geography/History/Science Language & Literacy Religious Education ICT Physical Education PDMU The Arts - Art & Design/ Drama/Music The school follows the requirements of the Revised Northern Ireland Curriculum and a copy of the programme of study is available for consultation in the school. Cross Curricular Skills – numeracy, literacy, ICT and thinking skills are taught through the other subjects. Tuition is provided in recorder, violin, piano and drums. Singing was also introduced this year. Spanish is taught to P1-P4 (and P5 in the first term) weekly by a Spanish tutor. Homework is seen as an important part of children’s learning experience. Children are expected to complete homework on 4 nights per week with the length of time spent increasing from 15 minutes in the Foundation Stage to 1 hour by Primary 7. ICT Hardware The school received its ICT refresh in March 2014, providing new desktops and laptops operating on Windows 2010. In addition to this, 15 iPads were purchased and a touch screen interactive whiteboard. The computer suite has capacity for 25 pupils working independently. Each classroom is equipped with two computers linked to the internet. Classes are timetabled for the computer suite, from once a week in P1 to 3-4 times per week in P7. All classrooms have an interactive whiteboard for use by the staff and children. SPORT The following were available to the children as extra curricular activities, as a co- curricular club or as part of the school’s PE programme. Athletics Golf Swimming Cricket Gymnastics Table tennis Dance Monkeynastix Tennis Dodgeball Netball Zumba Football Rugby Additional experiences in 2013/14 included:  Netball; the girls received 6 weeks of coaching from NI Netball Association 5

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    Annual Report 2013-2014 Board of Governors The team won Section C of the Belfast Schools’ League. The A Team came runners up in Section A at the Moneyrea Tournament, whilst the B Team won section B.  A P7 tag rugby team were unbeaten in a tournament at Lough Moss.  A mixed rugby team participated in a contact rugby tournament at Ballynahinch Rugby Club.  A team of P7 competed in an Athletics event at Lough Moss  P6 competed in a dodgeball tournament at Millennium IPS  Sports Activity morning at Ballynahinch High for P6  Roy Skillen (golf development officer Castlereagh BC) introduced P7 to the sport.  A team of P7 pupils participated in a golf tournament at Castlereagh Hills Golf Club.  David Chambers (Ballynahinch RFC) took an after school rugby club.  Junior and Senior Sports Days.  Galaxy coaching in dance, dodgeball and rugby after school.  Glenburn Table Tennis Club coached the P3-P7 children after school.  Thanks to Spar for donating water and snacks for our Sports Day.  The children in P5-P7 attended swimming lessons for one term each at the Robinson Centre. SPECIAL NEEDS When children with special needs are identified the school will discuss the child’s difficulties with the parent and implement strategies to assist the child. During the year 32 children were on the Special Needs Register and all received support from the Learning Support teacher and SENCO. Support is provided in class and by withdrawal individually and in small groups. The school employs a Learning Support Teacher for 17 hours per week. The school also liaises closely with outside agencies that provide support to individual pupils; such as Speech & Language, Dyslexia, Occupational Therapy or Behavioural support. Two hours per week EAL support was given to children who do not have English as their first language. SOCIAL COMMUNICATION UNIT The school opened a Social Communication Unit in September 2013. The unit provides support for pupils with a variety of social and communication difficulties associated with Autistic Spectrum Disorders. The highly structured learning environment supports up to 6 pupils with a teacher, classroom assistant and general assistant. These pupils follow the NI curriculum, with a specific emphasis on developing the social and communication skills necessary for the pupil to reach his/her full potential. Integration into school life and mainstream classes is encouraged as and when the individual pupil is ready. 6

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    Annual Report 2013-2014 Board of Governors CO-CURRICULAR CLUBS P4, P5, P6 and P7 children spend one hour each week in a club activity and the choice available depends on the season and the interests of staff. Among some of the activities available during the year were: computers, technology, outdoor games, netball, French, knitting, magazine club, drama and music. Swimming lessons for P5-P7 also take place during this time. SPECIAL FOCUS WEEKS The school had several focus weeks during the year to help promote certain curricular areas. Writing week happens every other month. In this week the whole school focuses on one style of writing – narrative, poetry, report, recount, persuasive, explanatory or procedural. Anti-Bullying Week took place in November and each class participated in activities to reinforce various anti-bullying messages. We celebrated World Book Day in March, dressing up as a book character and participating in various book day activities. EDUCATIONAL VISITS Educational visits are an important feature of school life and this year these included: Wellington College musical P7 Belvoir Forest Park P3 ‘Life’ Exhibition P6 & P7 Ayrshire Bible Exhibition P6 & P7 Castlereagh Borough Council Chambers P7 Carryduff Library author visit - Terence Blacker P6 Castle Ward P4 Grosvenor Grammar musical P6 Lisburn Linen Museum P4 Streamvale Farm P1 Ballynahinch High Sports Morning P6 Wellington College – Education Fair P6 Saintfield High School – Taster Day P6 Down High School – Taster Day P6 Belfast Zoo P2 MAC & Office of Important Art P1 & P2 Tayto Factory P3 W5 SCU Ulster Museum Science Show P7 Castle Espie P5 Crumlin Road Gaol P7 Clip & Climb Dundonald P6 7

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    Annual Report 2013-2014 Board of Governors Residential Visits Ardnabannon Outdoor Education Centre (4 days) P6 Edinburgh (4 days) P7 ADDITIONAL ENRICHMENT ACTIVITIES Many visitors are welcomed to the school each year. In particular this year, the school had the privilege of a visit from the Ugandan Children’s Choir. They entertained the pupils with a variety of songs before enjoying a chat and game of football with the P7s. The senior pupils put on a fantastic drama production of the curiously named “A Lemonade Bottle for Clabberin’ Hitler” by Dan Gordon. The P6/7 drama group performed two shows to friends and family and invited guests from the community. Activities included: Visit from Ugandan Children’s Choir P1-P7 Carryduff Library visits (thanks to Mrs Ramsey and her staff) P1-P6 Cancer Focus – health & fitness P1 & P2 Good News Club (thanks to Angie & her team) P3 & P4 Harvest Service Everyone PTA Halloween Disco Everyone Castlereagh Borough Council Artist Workshop P1-P4 Belfast Giants – Healthy Lifestyles talk P5-P7 Action Cancer – Health workshops & puppet show P1-P7 Bank of Ireland – Financial Capabilities visit P7 Vet talk P2 PTA Christmas Fair Everyone Scholastic Book Fair P1-P7 Christmas Celebration – ‘The Bethlehem Bootee Company’ P1-P4 Choir & Orchestra KS2 Singing in Community Carol service at Lough Moss Choir Choir performances in the community: Hollygate Residential Choir Home, Forestside Shopping Centre, Senior Citizens’ Christmas lunch PTA Movie Night Everyone Charity Week P1-P7 West Midlands Theatre Co – ‘Firebird’ P1-P7 Paramedic visit P1-P3 World Book Day Costume P1-P7 ‘Light Fantastic’– Kinetic Theatre Co P1-P7 Travelling Book Fair P1-P7 Cycling Proficiency Scheme P7 Bible Times (thanks to Ruth Rodgers) P4-P7 Fire Safety P5 Quiz at Millennium Primary School P7 Secondary school visits P6 & P7 Drama Production “A Lemonade Bottle for Clabberin’ Hitler” P6 & P7 Scholastic Book Club P1-P7 Competition entries P1-P7 Healthy Eating – SOS initiative P1-P7 PTA Summer Fair Everyone Intergenerational Art Project (Ulster Museum & Edgar Boyd Court) P6 & P7 8

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    Annual Report 2013-2014 Board of Governors Carryduff’s Got Talent P5-P7 Ice cream van visit & road safety talk P1-P7 CONGRATULATIONS TO ……..  The 15 P7 children who passed the DOE Cycling Proficiency scheme  The children who were successful in Music examinations: Piano Violin Drums Singing Robyn Ellison - Grade 1 Rebekah McMinn - Grade 1 Benjamin Hart - Debut Robyn Ellison - Step 2 Rachel Crowe – Step 2 Sheryl Garrett - Grade 1 Harry Graham - Debut Emily Collins – Step 2 Christina O’Neill - Step 2 Lucy Simpson - Grade 1 Anna Munro – Pre- Daisy Best - Grade 3 Preparatory  The P5, 6 & 7 children who gained swimming awards  All the children who received the school’s one year full attendance certificate  The children who won awards at Prize Day  All our children who worked hard and behaved well during the year TRANSFER TO SECONDARY SCHOOL P7 pupils left in June to begin their studies in the following schools: SCHOOL No. SCHOOL No. Down High 1 RBAI 3 Hunterhouse College 1 The High School Ballynahinch 1 Grosvenor Grammar 3 Wellington College 4 Newtownbreda High 3 Victoria College 2 Saintfield High 7 We are delighted that many of the post primary schools receiving our pupils comment favourably on their level of attainment, on their willingness to work hard and on their positive attitude to school and learning. EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES The school offered a wide range of after school clubs over three terms this academic year, including: SUPA Club Netball Dance Monkeynastix Comic Table Tennis Dodgeball Good News Club Rugby Knitting Choir Football ICT Cycling Chess Eco Tennis Zumba Film There are clubs available to every class. 9

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    Annual Report 2013-2014 Board of Governors ANNUAL ATTENDANCE RATE Total days attended by all pupils on roll as a percentage of total possible days of attendance: 96.2%. ORGANISATION The pupils were divided into 7 classes CLASS N0. PUPILS SCU 5 P1 29 P2 28 P3 19 P4 24 P5 28 P6 25 P7 25 Total 183 PARENTS The school strongly values the contribution that parents make to the education of their children. We aim to encourage partnership and mutual support. During the year the following opportunities to meet with parents were welcomed: School Health Service (nurse) P1 parents Parent information afternoon All parents Parent-teacher consultations Individual consultations with child’s teacher in the Autumn term and again in the Spring term Harvest Service All parents and friends Christmas Concerts All parents and friends Open Night Prospective P1 parents September 2014 intake meeting New P1 parents PTA Events All parents and friends Edinburgh residential P7 parents P6/7 Drama Production P6/7 parents and friends Record of Achievement Assembly P7 parents End of Year Reports Issued to all parents In addition, monthly newsletters were issued to parents and posted on our website. Regular schoolbag post updated parents on class events, trips etc. Individual parents had interviews with the Principal and/or class teacher to discuss their child’s work, progress, behaviour etc. These interviews were initiated by both the home and the school. Parents were of course invited to school functions and PTA meetings/events. 10

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    Annual Report 2013-2014 Board of Governors We record our gratitude to those parents who gave generously of their time: - to help during educational visits and special events - to help with PTA events - to help with catering for school events - to help with transport to various events, matches, etc. - to provide coaching and class talks FINANCE PTA We continue to be indebted to the active PTA which has raised substantial funds to enhance the educational opportunities provided by the school. The Association publishes its accounts at the AGM held in October; these accounts are audited then approved by the Board of Governors. We are grateful to everyone who helps the Association by volunteering to serve on the committee, by acting as helpers and by attending and supporting events. Over £4600 was raised in 2013/14 and the following contributions were made:  £500 towards a defibrillator  £700 to subsidise school trips (£4 per pupil)  £350 - £50 was given to each class teacher to be spent on extras for the class We intend to purchase home-reads for use throughout the school and ICT equipment with the remaining money. SCHOOL FUND The fund received £1645 from contributions, £405 commission on photographs and £1490 from Concerts/Productions. The account is audited then approved by the Board of Governors each October. Opening Balance £5092.43 Receipts £7419.71 Expenditure £9584.63 Closing Balance £2927.51 This money is used for a variety of purposes in support of the work of the school including the purchase of books and equipment, sports entry fees, gratuities, catering for events and prizes. Items of expenditure included: Sport £440 Books £672 Trips £395 Equipment/Materials £544 Concert/Drama/Shows £511 ICT £18 Special Educational Needs £882 11

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    Annual Report 2013-2014 Board of Governors Music £235 Gifts/Prizes £597 Catering for events £92 Parent Texting Service £338 Licences/membership £574 Misc £253 Bank Fees £240 We are grateful to the many parents, pupils and indeed staff who contributed to the various collections of tokens during the year: Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Nestlé. BOOK FAIRS Books to the value of £560 were added to classroom libraries - many thanks to everyone for your support. CHARITIES Thank you to everyone for the generous support, especially during our Charity Week which raised an amazing total for the NSPCC. Donations were made as follows: £ Cedar Foundation – Christmas seals £15.00 Children in Need – P2 £200.15 Salvation Army – Harvest food gifts - NSPCC £2714.29 Action Cancer £142.50 TOTAL £3071.94 12

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    Annual Report 2013-2014 Board of Governors 2013/2014 OUTTURN STATEMENT School’s Budget £ LMS carryover from 2012-2013 38 142 Initial Formula Budget Allocation 498 321 Additional monies initiatives 157 Total Resources available to the school 536 620 Expenditure Teaching Staff 396 875 Non-Teaching Staff 74 586 Other Costs 53 345 GROSS EXPENDITURE 524 806 Less Income -7118 NET EXPENDITURE 517 688 Carryover 2013/14 18 932 Non-staff costs – The main items of expenditure included: Expenditure £ Fuel Oil 3352 Electricity 5577 Water 2058 Toilet Requisites 513 Cleaning Materials 563 Gas 4170 Waste Disposal 1059 Maintenance 1098 Grounds Maintenance 1584 Repair of equipment 349 Total £20 323 Furniture 408 Books/Practice Materials 5810 Equipment 2387 Advertising 2153 Printing and Stationery 2153 Photocopying 1844 Postage 283 Telephones 572 Sundry expenses 109 In-service training 1154 ICT equipment 7782 Total £24 655 13

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    Annual Report 2013-2014 Board of Governors FUTURE DEVELOPMENT The new housing scheme under construction on Killynure Road will be ready for occupation in Spring/Summer 2015 and this could have a possible impact on school enrolment. HEALTH & SAFETY  The pupils received talks from PSNI and NSPCC  Procedures regarding the collection of all pupils are continuously under review  Security cameras have been installed around the exterior of the building  External doors are locked at 9.10 am; all visitors must use main entrance  Playground gates are secured at playtimes.  A fence was erected outside P2 classroom to create a safe play area SCHOOL BUILDINGS AND SITE Work Completed  New gas boiler and heating system installed  2 toilet blocks refurbished  2 upstairs classrooms refurbished Work to be done  Maintenance work on sewers 14

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