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    2004 Annual Report for South Shore Wildlife Association Bridgewater, NS Another year has passed already, and I find myself doing yet another annual report. As is typical, our club has not been sitting idle. What we lack in quantity of active members we make up for in quality of those who do get involved. A good portion of our energy in 2004 was dedicated to the ongoing battle against long-gun registration. This part of Bill C-68 has, and until its demise, will continue to be a major focus for our group. Evolving from our White Elephant Banner we purchased at the end of 2003 that received media attention this year from our local weekly newspaper, our White Elephant Petition gained provincial recognition through Brooke Taylor’s Resolution #1403, which he presented in the House of Assembly. At least four cabinet ministers and Premier John Hamm himself have signed our petition. Several other Canadian contacts have received copies of this petition to circulate within their respective provinces, similar to what we have done in Nova Scotia, in an attempt to bring some national unity against it. In addition to the petition based on our banner, South Shore Wildlife Association constructed a White Elephant float and entered it in four parades over the summer, bringing more attention to the Liberals scandalous waste of two billion dollars on a senseless long-gun registration law. The large 8’ x 8 ½’ elephant clearly depicted an enormous appetite for bags of money, money which exited from the back end as ‘political fertilizer’. This float was well received in all parades, and even won a second place trophy at one of them. Again in 2004 South Shore Wildlife Association hosted the annual Big Brother/Big Sisters fishing derby in May. The fourteen ‘littles’ who attended, along with several ‘bigs’, enjoyed an excellent Saturday outing under near perfect weather conditions. Approximately one hundred trout were caught, cleaned, and bagged for the excited young people, and also for one or two ‘bigs’ who caught their first trout that morning. The fruit and vegetables trays we provided, followed by pizza and ice cream sandwiches, were a big hit with all. The heartfelt thank you letter from South Shore BB/BS Executive Director, including her anticipation for next year, serves as a reminder of the satisfaction we receive in doing this each year. In continuing efforts to promote our club and the Federation, SSWA again volunteered for the Earth Day clean up in April. We decided to do the exact area as last year to give us an indication of exactly how much litter actually accumulates. Imagine our surprise when we collected nearly double what we had last year - approximately 600 pounds of trash – including over 300 Tim Horton coffee cups! There is a clear message here, if the government would only act upon it. South Shore Wildlife Association was also present again this year at the Michelin Health & Safety Fair, an excellent opportunity to expose our organization, and our purpose, to the public, since well over 1000 people attend this one-day event. For a slightly different twist to combine club promotion with fundraising, SSWA organized and hosted two main events at the Michelin Social Club in 2004. The first, a flea market in July, was a very successful venture that we will be sure to repeat in 2005. The thirty-two tables set up provided a varied assortment of items for the more that 350 people who paid $1.00 to enter. The second event was a NASCAR fun day in November that provided many and various prizes for the 100 or so attendees. Between these two events, SSWA banked a profit of over $1250. Additional revenue for our club came through several lotteries/ticket draws throughout the year. South Shore Wildlife Association made donations this year to two organizations – Lunenburg County Ground Search and Rescue who continue to host our meetings, and to Spruce Cove Wildlife Rehab Centre.

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    Our club continues to meet monthly at least 10 times each year. We continue to forward minutes of each meeting to our members, to keep them informed and involved as much as possible. Our membership remains steady at around 115. Early in the year we provided three prizes to our members for solving a wildlife-based crossword puzzle. This proved a bit difficult, as only a few entries were submitted. However, all prizes were awarded. We received local media attention again this year over the wild turkey controversy. Our club recently purchased hats and golf shirts with SSWA logo to sell to members at cost, and to have for sale at public events we attend. SSWA continues to be represented at the Federation’s quarterly meetings, and has had our delegate appointed to their executive. This should prove to be a real asset by providing closer and more constant contact between our organization and our provincial structure, and we look forward to this opportunity. In closing, I wish to thank the active members of our association who contribute of their time and talents to make our activities the success we have enjoyed. Without their input, none of these things would have been achieved. As all of our associations continue the struggle of remaining a viable force in an ever-diminishing world of our sporting activities, it takes people like these to make the difference. I wish all Federation members a successful 2005, and may the force be with us! Respectfully submitted Stephen M. Joudrey – President South Shore Wildlife Association Bridgewater, NS

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