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    A G E I N G W I T H A S M I L E I N I T I AT I V E Supporting the elderly to lead healthier and dignified lives Annual Report Fajara, August 2010 Registered charitable organisation in The Gambia | Registration No.465/2009

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    Table of Content Forward 3 The objectives and Intervention areas of ASI 4 Background on the establishment of ASI 6 Official launch of ASI 8 Excerpts from the launching speeches 10 Free medical screening & consultations for the elderly 12 Social Programmes 15 Resource mobilisation 17 Producing the evidence for our work 18 Publicity Visibility and Advocacy Activities 19 Statements of support for ASI 20 What motivates our members? 22 Moving forward 25 Partnerships 26 The ASI Team making things happen 27 2

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    Forward Dear Friends, Welcome to our first annual report! It has been both challenging and exciting to establish Ageing with a Smile Initiative (ASI), set up the required structures, recruit members and volunteers, draw up a plan of action and raise funds to implement the programmes and activities of the organisation during the past year. When ASI was registered as a charitable community-based organisation in August 2009, we had an ambitious agenda and plan of action to pilot the initiative in the Greater Banjul Area. We are delighted that with the support of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, private companies in the country, NGOs and individuals with The Gambia and abroad and above all the commitment and dedication of our members, we successfully implemented a set of activities targeting the elderly despite the limited financial resources. In this report, we provide you with a history of the organisation’s establishment, its launching by the Honourable Minister of Health and Social Welfare and the activities implemented by our five working teams. We also highlight the achievements registered during the first year of ASI’s existence and the key constraints we faced in our efforts to support the elderly. We hope that you will enjoy the report and be motivated to partner with ASI or support our efforts to ensure that the elderly people in The Gambia enjoy good health and lead dignified lives. Thank you for your kind attention. 3

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    The Objectives and Intervention Areas of ASI The mission of ASI is to improve the health and general welfare of the elderly in The Gambia. The organisation has four clear objectives, which are to: 1. Improve access to basic health care services to disadvantaged elderly people in The Gambia 2. Promote the re-integration of the elderly in Gambian social life 3. Promote inter generational dialogue 4. Advocate for the rights of the elderly in The Gambia. To attain the above organisational objectives, ASI implements a range of activities through multi-disciplinary teams covering the following intervention areas: 1. Provision of routine health check ups for the elderly at home covering blood pressure, blood sugar, eye care, hearing, dental, health and nutrition, musculo-skeletal problems, etc. 2. Promotion of personal hygiene and basic sanitation for the elderly (provision of portable water supply, laundry, appropriate clothing, etc). 3. Preventing the spread of common diseases like malaria and tuberculosis among the elderly and facilitate treatment services for such diseases. 4. Revival of positive traditional roles of the elderly in Gambian social life – such as story telling, riddles, jokes and knitting. 5. Provision of opportunities for the elderly to meet and interact (socialize) with their peers and also enjoy daily life. 6. Provision of rehabilitative services for elderly people – such as those recovering from stroke, and diabetes. 4

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    7. Conducting training/sensitisation sessions for the family members of elderly people on how to support the elderly. 8. Advocate for the provision of essential services for the elderly by the government, NGOs and the private sector. 9. Conducting research on the situation of the elderly in The Gambia. Presently, ASI has the following 5 working teams that work in a coordinated way to implement the programmes and activities of the organisation: Medical and Home Visiting Team Social Events Team Fundraising and Resource Mobilisation Team Research and Publication Advocacy and Team Sensitisation Team The activities of the above teams are described later in this report. 5

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    Background on the establishment of ASI The idea to establish ASI in The Gambia was conceived by Balla Musa Joof in April 2009 when he developed a concept paper which was shared subject areas experts, interested person, community and religious leaders. The main motivation for coming up with the initiative was that the elders represent a significant part of The Gambian population who face an increasing burden of chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, cardiovascular problems and failing eyesight. Despite their multiple health problems, there was no organisation complementing the efforts of the government to improve the health and living conditions of the elderly. The consultation process which started in April 2009 took about three months and involved email exchanges, one-on-one discussions and several brainstorming sessions with the various groups mentioned above. There have also been consultations with some elders and visits to their homes to assess their needs and how they would respond to the idea of forming an organisation with the main objective of promoting and protecting their health and welfare. This phase was both crucial and inspirational in the formation of the organisation. Everyone agreed that the proposed objectives of the organisation were noble and would be highly welcomed and appreciated, especially by the elderly. Once it was established that the organisation would make a difference in the lives of the elderly, a team of about 8 people began to conduct working sessions to draft the constitution of ASI in July 2009. These meetings started on July 6th 2009 at Bakadaji Bar and Restaurant. By the end of July 2009, the first constitution of the organisation was approved and signed by members of an interim executive committee and went ahead to register ASI with the Attorney General’s Chambers and the Ministry of Justice. The registration process was facilitated by the acquisition of an endorsement letter from the Department of Community Development and a TIN from Gambia Revenue Authority (GRA). Following the successful registration of ASI as a charitable community- based organisation in The Gambia on the 7th August 2009, we sent out 6

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    notification letters to over 75 offices, institutions and government departments informing them of the existence of the organisation, its objectives and our desire to partner with them to support the elderly. And at the end of August, the first general meeting of the organisation was convened at the National Malaria Control Programme. A total of 25 members attended the meeting during which they introduced each other and the working teams started to develop their workplans which were later consolidated to produce a comprehensive work plan for the organisation. The founding members of ASI At the beginning of January 2010, ASI made a courtesy call to Dr Abubacarr Gaye , the Honourable Minister of Health and Social Welfare to brief him on the organisation’s objectives and activities as well as request for his ministry’s support. The Minister expressed great delight in receiving the ASI delegation in his office and gave the assurance of his full support. 7

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    Official launch of ASI ASI was officially launched on the 9th January 2010 by the Honourable Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Dr. Abubacarr Gaye at the Kanifing Municipal Council. Speaking at the launching ceremony, the minister commended ASI for the noble objective and reiterated his ministry’s support to the organisation. The minister highlighted government’s efforts through the Department of Social Welfare. He strongly recommended for ASI to work closely with the Department of Social Welfare to avoid duplication of efforts and reach the most vulnerable elderly. Hon. Minister of Health and Social Welfare checking the blood pressure of an old woman symbolising the official launch of ASI Speaking on behalf of the WHO Representative, Mr Momodou Gassama introduced WHO’s position on Active Ageing. He stated that WHO recommends a health promotion approach to ageing which means that the focus is not just on diseases but also on the services that are needed to make sure that our elderly live with the dignity they deserve. Mr Gassama called for the participation of other sectors such as housing, transportation and social security. 8

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    The launching ceremony was also attended by the Lord Mayor of Kanifing Municipal Council, Mr Yankuba Colley who hosted the programme. The Mayor highlighted his municipality’s resolve to improve the lives of the elderly and urged families to take good care of their elderly members at home. Part of activities marking the launch of the organisation was a march past of ASI members, school children and some elders starting from Africell Head Office to Kanifing Municipal Council. The NSGA Drama Troupe also participated in the launch and performed a powerful and captivating drama on the situation of the elderly in The Gambia. The launching programme received extensive media coverage by GRTS- both radio and television and the local newspapers and some of the community radios. The link below takes you to some of the newspaper reports on the launching programme as well as the press conference which was organised a few days before the launch. http://www.asigambia.org/news.html 9

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    Excerpts from the launching speeches Ageing is a natural process and should be welcomed because the alternative would be non-existence or premature death. We are all ageing in everyday of our lives. Every one of us started to age before we were born and we will continue to d so through our entire lives. Dr Gaye, Minister of Health and Social Welfare We are very happy about this Today’s catch phrase that the initiative; we will do out best to youths of today are the future support and collaborate with of tomorrow. We should also ASI through the Ministry of bear in mind and remember Health and Social Welfare to that the elderly of today were make sure that the message the youths of yesterday and are reaches every sphere of society the people that make us what in this country. we are today- Dr Gaye, Minister of Health and Social Welfare Mr Momodou Gassama, WHO As the initiative is launched today, I am reminded about the meaningful African values which without initiatives of this nature will diminish from the seeds of our culture and practice. As Africans, more so Gambians, we are grew up in the kind of social settings that teach us to care for the old, the sick and the vulnerable. Old people at one time took care of all of us, when age no longer allows them to remain active, it is our moral responsibility to care for them and make them feel part of the society they so much contributed during their youthful days. Lord Mayor of Kanifing Municipality- Mr Yankuba Colley Although the family remains the most important source of support for older people in The Gambia and many parts of Africa, family structures are changing and traditional patterns of care are no longer guaranteed for many elders. Living patterns are fundamentally changing. Balla Musa Joof, ASI 10

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    More pictures from the launching programme Some members of the NSGA Drama Troupe in action! Mr Momodou Gassama and Dr Mamo Jawla of WHO From the left: Director of Social Welfare Fanta Ceesay, Hon. Minister Gaye and Lord Mayor Colley Balla Musa Joof of ASI Mr Momodou Gassama of WHO 11

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    Free medical screening and consultations for the elderly The free medical screening and consultations conducted by ASI for the elderly have been one of the most visible and most popular activities implemented by the organisation during the reporting period. We have successfully conducted three screening sessions – one at the Gambia Red Cross Headquarters in Kanifing and two are Fajikunda Community Centre between the months of April and July 2010. A total of 60 elderly people have been screened for diabetes, hypertension and visual acuity. A database of the elderly seen by ASI is maintained and it is regularly updated. The screening sessions were conducted by members of the ASI Medical Team comprising competent, certified and experienced nurses and medical doctors supported by medical volunteers from Pakala Clinic and Sheikh Zayed Regional Eye Centre. Elderly patients seen by the Medical Team have their medical history taken, vital signs recorded and appropriate treatment administered where necessary. There have been a few cases when some of the patients were given referral notes to visit the nearest public health centres for further management. Based on the feedback received at the screening sessions, the services are highly appreciated by community members- particularly the elderly who like the friendly atmosphere and professional manner and the fact that our volunteers take their time to listen to them. Before the commencement of each screening session, health education sessions are given on pertinent topics like nutrition/diet and the importance of exercise for the elderly. 12

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    Health education session during a screening exercise at Fajikunda Given that most of our members already have full time jobs, the community-based screening sessions were conducted during the weekends at dates and times agreed with the communities. The original plan for members of the medical team to be conducting regular home visits for the elderly could not be sustained because of inadequate active members in the team and their already busy work schedules. However, elderly seen at the community screening with critical conditions are referred for further management and are followed up. From the consultations carried out so far, hypertension, diabetes, arthritis and poor vision are the main concerns of the elderly Dodou Njie, the Alkalo of Faji-Kunda commended ASI for their laudable initiative, adding that the programme is really helping him and the people of his community to address their health problems especially that of hypertension and sight. He said that the medication ASI gives to them helps them improve their lives positively and therefore called the people of his community that have not yet benefited from the programme to come forward as both the counselling and medication are given free of charge. Taken from a report of the Fajikunda Screening featured on Today Newspaper- 19 July, 2010 13

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    More pictures from the community screening and consultations Members of the ASI Medical Team in action 14

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    Social Programmes With our changing life styles, we are witnessing a growing number of elderly people who are increasingly getting lonely at their homes especially in the urban areas. Our research and interaction with the elderly have shown that most of the elderly people we met would like to spend the rest of their lives with their families instead of going to a home for the elderly. However, many of them did express loneliness as a key concern – especially when adult members of their families and children go to work and school respectively. The way families interact with their elderly members is changing as a result of our changing life styles. The popular story telling by grandparents is being replaced by radio, television and the Internet to inform and entertain young people. This situation is isolating the elderly and is likely to increase their stress and thus worsen their already poor health status. This is why ASI dedicates a significant portion of its funds to organise social events for the elderly to give them the opportunity to meet and socialise with their peers and promote inter- generational dialogue. Advert for the lunch on Facebook 15

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    A light breakfast was served by ASI before the lunch proper During the past year, our Social Events Team identified and invited 20 elders from the Kanifing Municipality area including males and females to the first lunch that ASI organised and hosted for the elders in April 2010 at the Gambia Red Cross Society. During the programme, the elders shared their experience with members of ASI. We served findi, fufu, super kanja, ginger, baobab juice and wonjo. The findi, fufu and super kanja were prepared and served by elderly. Everyone enjoyed the food and the time spent socialising with their peers and members of the organisation. Before the lunch was served, members of the ASI medical team were on the ground to screen elders for hypertension and diabetes. The lunch with the elders received good media coverage by GRTS TV. 16

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    Resource Mobilisation Starting and sustaining an initiative of this nature and scope is indeed a big challenge. It requires a lot of commitment from members and volunteers as well as financial resources to support the implementation of planned activities. We have however been fortunate that during the past year, we enjoyed remarkable support and cooperation from government and other institutions. From the very beginning, we had the moral support of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, World Health Organisation and Dr Ibrahim Malick Samba, retired WHO Regional Director for Africa. Counting funds collected from our first sponsored walk The activities of ASI during the past year were funded through financial contributions made by members and other donors including banks, NGOs, private companies and some individuals in country and abroad. A complete list of organisations and individuals that supported ASI during the past year is given under the sector dealing with partnerships. 17

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    Producing the evidence for our work In line with some of our guiding principles of implementing activities that are locally appropriate, acceptable and responsive to the needs of the elderly in the country, our Research and Publication Team is conducting a series of studies to inform and guide our interventions and activities. The main study is looking at the general situation of the elderly in the Greater Banjul Area and has the following research objectives: 1. To evaluate the level of family and community support and care given to the elderly in Greater Banjul Area 2. To determine common health problems faced by the elderly in Greater Banjul Area 3. To assess the level of accessibility to health care by the elderly in Greater Banjul Area 4. To assess the priority needs of the elderly in Greater Banjul Area The Research and Publication Team also conducts periodic spot studies targeting various groups of elders whenever the opportunity is available. These groups include pensioners and elders who attend the screening sessions conducted by our Medical Team. Members of the general public are also consulted on issues related to elderly. The following are sample questions from the questionnaire for members of the public: • In your opinion, where is ASI's support most needed? • In your opinion, what is the biggest health concern of the elderly? • In your opinion, are the elders adequately cared for in our homes? • Would you support the idea of taking the elderly to 'Homes for the Elderly'? • What social activities/events would you suggest for the elderly? ASI is also using online polls and surveys to get the opinion of the public on some of these issues. 18

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    Publicity, Visibility and Advocacy Activities Following the successful registration of ASI, the following activities were conducted by ASI to inform stakeholders, potential donors and the public about the objectives of the organisation and its activities: • An introductory letter was prepared and sent to relevant government ministries and departments, institutions, development partners, NGOs, the media, etc informing them of the existence of ASI. • Sensitisation programmes on City Limits, Hill Top, Taranga FM, KWT, Brikama FM and Paradise FM radio stations. • Featured the work of ASI on Women’s Magazine and Health on GRTS Radio • Featuring ASI on Weekend Spectrum, GRTS • A press briefing- was conducted shortly before the official launching of ASI in January 2010 • Courtesy call on the Honourable Minister of Health and Social Welfare and members of the ASI Advisory Committee • Courtesy calls on the Department of Social Welfare and the National Aids Secretariat • Newspaper reports of ASI activities in the local newspapers. • Production and dissemination of leaflets during the sponsored walk conducted in March 2010 from Westfield to Traffic Lights on the Kairaba Avenue. • Development of a website with comprehensive information and reports of ASI activities and the maintenance of a page on Facebook as well as a blog 19

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    Statements of support for ASI We are encouraged by the remarks and commendations from our supporters and the public. We reproduce below a sample of some of the statements of support. I am deeply honoured to be present in this august gathering to delver the keynote address at this important launching ceremony of Ageing with a Smile Initiative. We are all ageing in everyday of our lives. Every one of us started to age before we were born and we will continue to do so through our entire lives. Dr Gaye, Minister of Health and Social Welfare I have reviewed the draft concept paper (of ASI) and found it flawless. Congratulations for this initial stab. Secondly I am happy that the initial focus for the pilot would be in the GBA. However the “harvest” would have been greater if, in collaboration with relevant Institutions such as the Bureau of Statistics, Department of Social Welfare, Department of Community Development and an appropriate International NGO a national study on ageing would be undertaken, the results of which would better inform the staging and phasing of the implementation design and plan. Dr Mohammadou Kabir Cham This indeed is a good initiative and I am proud to become a fan. The old serve as our reminders and thus directs us when we are going astray. Let’s cherish and help them when we can- Matida Daffeh, Development worker, ADWAC What a good initiative! My wife and I would love to support it in one way or another. I especially like the idea of ensuring that the elderly take on their erstwhile very important role of story-telling, knitting etcetera. Is there a bank account where we can transfer funds to? All the best to you! DJ, the Netherlands 20

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    Hi I am really happy and impressed about your initiative. I will be more than honoured to be a member of your team. I cannot promise a huge financial assistance but I will do what I can to support the elderly people of ma dear n beloved country. This could be a reason for me to fly all the way from UK to Gambia just to participate in your works. Hoping to hear from you soon. May God reward your efforts. Bravo!!!- Aminata Keita, a Gambian in the UK It is indeed a job well done to screen elderly and the aged to also give them the opportunity to live healthy and strong in other to enable us the young ones to learn great things from them.....BRAVO!!BRAVO!! Samuel S. Gomez, Member of the Medical Team, ASI Hey everyone at ASI congrats for a successful outreach for the elders of Fajikunda, and big kudos to the medical team because they making ASI proud and household name in the GB Area. Keep it up guys and remember today is them and tomorrow is might be you and me.- Majidi Jallow, An ASI member studying in the USA. Truly, old age is a stage in life that many of us will like to reach one day and when it’s with a smile, it’s usually the best moment of our lives. Long live the old grands and parents. Amen. Ebou Wally, Facebook Fan “At the end of our lives, our brains will die with all contents, but what we do for other people stays forever". Bartosz Balcerzak, a friend in Poland commenting on the work of ASI A worthy initiative....we will all get old one day 'INSHALLAH'. Let’s help the elderly so that we can get the reward when we become old in the future. Inna Puye, ASI member 21

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    What motivates our members? In this part of the report, we are featuring a member from each of our working groups. They tell us what motivates them to join ASI and the satisfaction they derive when they participate in activities organised by the organisation. We hope that their stories will inspire you to join the organisation and help make a difference in the lives of the elderly. ASI's mission and sense of purpose in helping to improve the lives of the elderly and recognising the fact that the elders deserve to be treated with dignity and respect motivated me to join the organisation. As a health practitioner, I feel both privileged and concerned to care for others especially in ensuring that elderly people are healthy to continue to contribute towards the development of society. One of my professors once said, ''It is better to collect the leaves from a tree when they still green than to remove them when they are yellow, dry and spoilt”. It is my conviction that through hard work, commitment and dedication, ASI will be one of the best NGOs for the elderly in the sub region. Mbisin Jah, Member of the Medical Team The initiative is one of a kind in The Gambia and is indeed a noble one. I am therefore motivated to join ASI to contribute my quota. I get self satisfaction when working with the organisation because I naturally love working with elders. I am pursuing a diploma programme in social work and you may know, we advocate for the welfare of humanity including the elderly. I see ASI excelling because this country needs an organisation that complements the efforts of the government and advocates formulates and implement programmes for the welfare of the aged. Haddijatou Ceesay, Member of the Social Events Team 22

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    I joined ASI after been convinced that the initiative is a worthy cause. The services that ASI provides for the elderly are not only a good gesture on the part of the members but a right for the elderly people who have worked very hard to mould and lay the foundation for the development of our society. I always like creativity, entrepreneurship and making things happen. I am therefore proud to be a founding member of ASI. The strong leadership, commitment of members and the results of ASI’s intervention give me a lot of satisfaction and motivation. Apart from the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the elderly, I value the opportunities for self development and the sharing of experience with other members as well as learning from the elders themselves. ASI is becoming a household name in The Gambia and it is my hope that it will be come a strong and fully fledged NGO in the next 3 to 5 years that implement effective programmes, and foster local and international partnerships. Saikou Fatajo, member of the Research and Publication Team. Ageing with a smile is an initiative that is worth joining. I was motivated to join because it is all about giving back to the hands that fed us when we were young and helpless. There is nothing that could be more important that ASI. What satisfies me when working for ASI, are the smiles on the faces of the elders when we meet them, they are happy and always praying for us. I see ASI as an organisation that will soon stand independently and responsible for the welfare of the elders in the Gambia. Inna Buya Puye, Member of the Fundraising and Resource Mobilisation Team. 23

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    I was motivated to join ASI because I believe in the goals of the organization and the commitment and dedication I find in the team especially prior to its official launching. I like giving support to the elderly because I feel most of the time when they are ageing, society neglects them which should not be the case. There is good team work within ASI and we work as a family, the various working groups work closely and every group has an action plan which is always subjected to review by the Executive Committee, which comprises members from other groups before implementation. I want to see ASI forge links with both national and international partners and also to build the capacity of members in different fields so that the issues affecting the elderly will be high on the public agenda. I am praying for the organization to grow from strength to strength. May God bless us all! Pa Modou Faal, member of the Advocacy and Sensitisation Team If you are interested in registering as a member of ASI, you can download our membership registration form from the link below: http://www.asigambia.org/downloads.html 24

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    Moving forward During the past year we piloted a set of key interventions in the Greater Banjul Area and have drawn useful lessons from our experience. We are now ready to roll out the initiative to cover more communities in The Gambia. Our priority for the short-term will focus on the following areas: • The development of new programme areas that will address the needs of the elderly in a holistic and integrated way, • The development of strategic partnerships and alliances both locally and internationally to be better placed to address critical issues affecting the elderly, • Strengthening our fundraising capacity and efforts since our ability to make a difference in the lives of the elderly largely depends on the availability of funds to support our programmes, • The capacities of our members will be strengthened to enable them execute the mandate of the organisation. We will put a lot of focus on programme planning, monitoring and reporting. Some members of ASI during the official launch of the organisation in January 2010 25

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    Partnerships The activities reported in this report have been made possible through the partnership and support of a lot of people and institutions. We would like to acknowledge the following for their overwhelming support: Names of Organisations and individuals The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare Pakala Clinic Gambia Red Cross Society Fajikunda Red Cross Link Kanifing Municipal Council Gambia Radio and Television Services Radio Stations: City Limits, KWT, Paradise FM, Hill Top, Taranga FM, Brikama FM Newspapers: The Point Newspaper, Foroyaa, Daily News, Daily Observer, Today Newspaper, Business Publication Africell Action Aid The Gambia Sheikh Zayed Regional Eye Centre Bank PHB Riders for Health CJ Print and Suppliers Hon. Fatou Mass Jobe & Dune’s Resort The Gambia Police Band Nova Scotia Gambia Association Health Promotion and Development Organisation National Malaria Control Programme Sightsavers Bakadaji Bar and Restaurant Dr Ibrahim Malick Samba, Retired WHO Reg. Director Dr Mohammadou Kabir Cham Dr Mamo Jawla Fatou Ceesay Nyabally, RVTH Yamundaw Leigh-Jallow, first Face of Africell Aja Fatou Fulanding Ceesay of Bakau Dirk Jan Koch and family in the Netherlands Dr Louise Sarr, RVTH Lamin Badjie, NAS John Abum, USA Remi Jose A. Yehouenou, Web Designer Amadou Barry, Graphic Artist St. Therese’s Upper Basic School We are also grateful to hundreds of people who supported us during our sponsored walk from Westfield to the Traffic Lights Junction 26

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    The ASI Team making things happen # NAME WORKING GROUP 1 Amie Jobe Medical Team 2 Elizabeth Bass Medical Team 3 Mbisin O. Jah Medical Team 4 Fatou Jassey Medical Team 5 Samuel Gomez Medical Team 6 Bully Camara Medical Team 7 Momodou B. Njie, Social Events Team 8 Malick Gai Social Events Team 9 Yamundaw Leigh Social Events Team 10 Haddijatou Ceesay Social Events Team 11 Amadou Badjie Social Events Team 12 Haddijatou Barry Social Events Team 13 Fanta Jatta Sowe Social Events Team 14 Ousman G.A.Kebbeh Advocacy & Sensitisation Team 15 Omar Jammeh Advocacy & Sensitisation Team 16 Modou Tala Jobe Advocacy & Sensitisation Team 17 Lisa Ceesay Advocacy & Sensitisation Team 18 Oumie Sissoho Advocacy & Sensitisation Team 19 Mamadi Jarjou Advocacy & Sensitisation Team 20 Pa Modou Faal Advocacy & Sensitisation Team 21 Ousman Badjie Advocacy & Sensitisation Team 22 Lamin M. Sanyang Advocacy & Sensitisation Team 23 Balla Musa Joof Fundraising & Resource Mobilisation Team 24 Muhammed Ngallan Fundraising & Resource Mobilisation Team 25 Inna Buya Puye Fundraising & Resource Mobilisation Team 26 Aja Yassin Joof Jow Fundraising & Resource Mobilisation Team 27 Pa Modou Sarr Fundraising & Resource Mobilisation Team 28 Modou N.S . Njie Fundraising & Resource Mobilisation Team 29 Sait Kebbeh Fundraising & Resource Mobilisation Team 30 Saikou M. Fatajo Research and Publication Team 31 Omar Ceesay Research and Publication Team 32 Nuru Sey Research and Publication Team 33 Musu Komma Research and Publication Team 34 Buba Darboe Research and Publication Team 35 Nfamara Keita Research and Publication Team 36 Lamin Ceesay Research and Publication Team 37 Yankuba Singhateh Research and Publication Team 38 Alieu Jeeri Bah Fundraising & Resource Mobilisation Team 39 Albertina Garcia Advocacy Team & Sensitisation Team 27

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    For further information about ASI, please contact us through the following: Postal address: Ageing with a Smile Initiative C/O Sightsavers The Gambia Behind the American Embassy Fajara M. Section P.O. Box 950 Banjul The Gambia Telephone numbers: +220 3993045/6503045/7213676/9944837/9900211 Email address:asi.gambia@gmail.com Website: www.asigambia.org Facebook: www.facebook.com/ASIGambia “We should build on the positive values of our culture to encourage the protection and respect of older persons. This is particularly true for elderly women who outnumber men in their age”. Dr Abubacrr Gaye, Minister of Health and Social Welfare, The Gambia 28

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