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    Helping Our Communities Prosper Santander US 2019 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

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    At Santander, Corporate Social Responsibility means helping our communities, colleagues, and customers prosper through inclusive and sustainable growth. Santander prospers when our communities prosper. We work every day on making our communities stronger through charitable giving, community engagement, and business products and services. Contents Santander US 2019 Community Impact 3 Message from the CEO and CSR Director 4-5 Santander in the US and Abroad 6-7 A Commitment to Build a More Responsible Bank 8-9 Charitable Contributions 10-15 Community Partnerships 16-19 Inclusive Products and Services 20-21 Helping Small Business and Entrepreneurs Prosper 22 Advancing Homeownership 23 Contact 24 2

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    Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2019 Santander US 2019 Community Impact 184,395 48,129 580+ $15.8M $328M People Helped Volunteer Hours Partner Organizations Charitable Giving Invested in Supported Affordable Housing $1.2B 1,863 $407M 511 Mortgage Lending Affordable Small Business Santander Universities in LMI Tracts Mortgages Lending in LMI Tracts College Scholarships Helping Communities Prosper 2019 Community Impact 3

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    Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2019 Message from the CEO Stepping Up For Our Communities During Times of Need Santander closed 2019 hopeful and excited for the year ahead, with plans to continue to make meaningful impact in the communities we serve through our commitment to volunteerism, charitable giving and our businesses. As the COVID-19 pandemic emerged this past spring, we remained committed to our customers and colleagues, while focused on helping address the unique challenges and new areas of need that the pandemic brought to our communities. Our teams across Santander US were responsive, proactive and agile as we evaluated the needs of our communities and targeted our relief efforts to address the impact of COVID-19 to our customers, businesses, communities and nonprofit partners. Santander US maintained our ongoing charitable support for our partners who provided essential services in our communities and expedited our charitable contributions process, allowing $8.8 million in grant support to reach our nonprofit partners for their immediate use and transitioned in-person volunteering to a virtual model. Santander Bank (SBNA) also committed $25 million in financing to Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) to fund small business loans across the bank’s footprint. We also worked closely with our customers to provide them relief to help them through this unprecedented time. Importantly, Santander Bank participated in the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) funding over 12,000 PPP loans for more than $1.2 billion, providing support for over 125,000 employees. We’re proud our As spring progressed, our nation was not only impacted by the pandemic, but wrestled with employees, inclusive inequities and injustices that have persisted throughout our history with renewed urgency. products and services, Santander took steps to ensure we made both immediate and long-term, sustained steps to do our part in addressing racial injustice and equity in our communities. To support immediate steps and charitable giving towards racial equity we committed funding to nonprofits focused on social justice and racial equity, has been responsive while also looking inward and working with our colleagues to strengthen our culture of diversity, equity and inclusion. For long-term impact, Santander announced the following commitments: to our communities, driving positive Ź $3 million over three years for SBNA’s CDFIs Grant Initiative, which is focused on advancing diverse small businesses, as well as addressing the lack of capital, resource and technical change in high assistance investment within communities of color impact areas. Ź $1 million over two years to expand SBNA’s Cultivate Small Business program, which provides curriculum, mentors and micro-grants to food industry and small business entrepreneurs, with a focus on owners of color Ź $1 million over two years for diverse leadership training and racial and social equity initiatives Tim Wennes Despite the significant challenges our community has faced this year, Santander remains committed Chief Executive Officer, to driving positive change in the communities we serve through our Corporate Social Responsibility Santander US programs and efforts by building off our successes in 2019. We’re proud our employees, inclusive products and services, and charitable giving has been responsive to our communities, driving positive change in high impact areas. While much has changed in the past year, you will see the impact Santander US had across our communities in 2019 in this report. Thank you for your interest and support of Santander’s Corporate Social Responsibility efforts. Working together with the communities we serve, we indeed fulfill our vision of helping people and businesses prosper. Respectfully, Tim Wennes Chief Executive Officer Santander US 4

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    Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2019 Message from the CSR Director Helping Our Communities, Colleagues and Customers Prosper At Santander, we work every day to help our communities prosper. Across the United States, we are committed to Responsible Banking, our Inclusive Communities Plan, and making a difference through charitable contributions, community partnerships, and products and services. Our community commitments are focused on inclusion and supporting the specific needs of our diverse At Santander, we work communities – from the Northeast to the Southwest to Florida and Puerto Rico. In 2019, we helped every day to help our nearly 185,000 people across the U.S., particularly in low- and moderate-income (LMI) neighborhoods, communities prosper. through our provision of important programs focused on financial empowerment and workforce development, small business and entrepreneurship, and affordable housing and healthy communities. Across the United States, Our more than 17,000 employees are at the backbone of the work we achieved last year. With a we are committed to diverse, experienced, and committed workforce, we are able to help strengthen our workplace and Responsible Banking, our our communities. In 2019, Santander team members volunteered nearly 50,000 hours of their Inclusive Communities time to support programming alongside our nonprofit partners and community organizations. Plan, and making a At the end of 2019, Santander Bank reached the third year of our Inclusive Communities Plan – a public, $11 billion, five-year commitment to lending, community development and charitable giving. difference through By the end of the five years, Santander will have increased Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) charitable contributions, activity by 50 percent and tripled investment in charitable contributions. In 2019, Santander community partnerships, awarded more than $15.8 million in charitable giving to organizations across the U.S., including: and products and services. Ź $11.9 million from Santander Bank Ź $2.2 million through the Santander Consumer USA Inc. Foundation Ź $1.5 million through Santander Universities program Seth Goodall Ź $237,500 from Banco Santander Puerto Rico Executive Director, Corporate A highlight of our work in 2019 included growing our Diversity & Inclusion Office and supporting Social Responsibility, seven thriving Employee Network Groups that foster an environment where colleagues feel valued Santander US and enabled to contribute to and grow at our company. Today, this work is more important than ever and has led, in partnership with our colleagues, to increased support for social justice and racial equity initiatives in our communities. Thank you for your support and partnership in strengthening our communities. We must continue to work together to address the unprecedented challenges resulting from COVID-19 and continue to strengthen social justice and racial equity within our communities to help ensure everyone has the opportunity to prosper. Respectfully, Seth Goodall Executive Director, Corporate Social Responsibility Santander US Santander Consumer team members volunteer to provide services supporting education, poverty intervention, military and veteran services, and other community-focused causes. 5

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    Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2019 Santander in the United States Santander Across the United States 1 4 2 5 Santander US is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, with financial services businesses located across the United States. 3 With $142 billion in assets and over 17,000 employees, Santander US’ parent company is Banco Santander, S.A. Learn more about Santander US at www.santanderus.com.1 1 Santander Bank, N.A. (SBNA)2 3 Banco Santander 5 Banco Santander Retail and Commercial Banking, Puerto Rico (BSPR)4 International – Miami (BSI) Corporate Investment Banking, Retail and Commercial Banking Offshore Private Banking Commercial Real Estate f Assets: $6B f Assets: $6B f Assets: $80B f Net Income: $74M f Net Income: $123M f Net Income: $245M f Loans and Leases: $3.1B f Loans and Leases: $4.1B f Loans and Leases: $55B f Employees: 910+ f Employees: 490+ f Employees: 10,000+ f Branches: 25 f Branches: 4 f Branches: 575 f Acquired: 1976 f Established: 1979 f Acquired: 2009 4 Santander Investment 2 Santander Consumer USA, Inc. (SC)3 Securities (SIS) 1 Net income reflects full year 2019 US GAAP results. Indirect Auto Financing and Leasing Securities and Capital Markets Balance sheet shows full year 2019 average and includes the corporate center. PR data excludes SSLLC. f Assets: $46B f Assets: $2B Employee counts are approximate. f Net Income: $994M f Net Income: $28M 2 Full acquisition of Sovereign Bank in 2009, renamed Santander Bank in 2013. f Loans and Leases: $46B f Employees:170+ 3 90% of Drive Financial acquired in 2006, renamed f Employees: 5,000+ f Established: 1994 Santander Consumer in 2007. 4 Since August 30, 2020, the businesses in Puerto Rico f Acquired: 2006 through BSPR are no longer part of Santander Group. 6

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    Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2019 Banco Santander Overview Leveraging Global Presence, Strength and Support Santander US is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Banco Santander S.A., a leading global retail and commercial bank, founded in 1857 and headquartered in Spain. Led by Group Executive Chairman Ana Botín, Banco Santander has a meaningful presence in 10 core markets in Europe and the Americas, and is the largest bank in the Euro Zone by market capitalization. At the end of 2019, Banco Santander had 145 million customers, 12,000 branches and close to 200,000 employees. Globally Santander has been recognized both as one of the top 25 companies to work for in the world and as a company that is changing the world, by Fortune magazine in 2019. Learn more about Banco Santander at santander.com. 7

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    Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2019 Responsible Banking Santander Consumer volunteers build a “tiny house” for veterans in the Dallas area in partnership with Operation Tiny House. A Commitment to Build a More Responsible Bank Santander US is focused on helping people and businesses At Santander US we are prosper, and exceeding our customer’s expectations in being committed to Responsible Simple, Personal and Fair in everything we do. To build a more Banking and helping responsible bank, we must deliver products and services in foster sustainable and a socially responsible manner that considers wider societal healthy neighborhoods. Our diverse and inclusive challenges, while also supporting our customers, employees workforce has helped us and communities to foster inclusive and sustainable growth. build a strong corporate culture that allows us Inclusive Communities Plan to better serve our communities through At Santander Bank, we are more than three years into our Inclusive Communities Plan – an $11 billion, the delivery of our five year commitment beginning in 2017 to lending, community development and charitable giving in our Northeast footprint, including: products and services and community service. Ź $9.1 billion in community development lending Ź $1.9 billion in community development investments Ź $55 million in charitable contributions Will Wolf Ź 10 new retail branches in low-to moderate income and communities of color Chief Human Resources Ź 60,000 community development volunteer hours in underserved communities Officer, Santander US As part of the Plan, one National and six Regional Community Advisory Boards help our leadership shape the Bank’s community activities and engagement. Santander Bank is proud to share the following progress since the start of the plan in 2017: Ź $1.9 billion in community development lending Ź $1.04 billion in community development investments Ź $33.7 million in charitable contributions Ź 7 new retail branches opened in low- to moderate-income communities Ź 46,019 community development hours volunteered 8

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    Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2019 Responsible Banking Environmental Sustainability In 2019, Santander globally was recognized as the most sustainable bank by the Dow Jones In the year since I was Sustainability Index. Santander US is committed to minimizing and mitigating its environmental footprint and pursuing sustainable business practices, products and services. Efforts to minimize selected to be a National Santander US’ environmental footprint, include: Co-Lead for the Black Ź 100% purchasing of renewable electricity for facilities, where possible, by 2025 Employee Network, I Ź have been pleased to see Increasing energy efficiency at its facilities, with the goal of achieving ISO 14001 Certification in 100 percent of its buildings by 2025 Santander’s commitment Ź to providing a vehicle to a In 2021, single-use plastic free at all facilities, where feasible, estimated at reducing nearly 70,000 pounds of plastic waste annually more diverse and inclusive culture in the form of A Leader in Renewable Finance Employee Networking Santander is also the United States leader in renewable project finance in 2019, with 67 renewable Groups. The networks energy transactions across all sectors, including 30 renewable wind power projects. In 2019 enable our colleagues Santander financed 4,798 megawatts of renewable energy capacity. to engage at a business Diverse and Inclusive Workplace level and show their passion for the cultures A strong corporate culture with a diverse and inclusive workforce is critical to being a responsible and underrepresented bank and to better serve our communities. Santander US’ Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Office works to implement diversity and inclusion strategies and activities, including the Employee Network communities that we live Groups (ENGs). ENGs are an integral component of Santander US’ D&I governance structure playing in and serve as a part of a pivotal role in not only fostering a diverse and inclusive workspace by being open to all employees the Santander family. and allies but also helping to promote career development and pathways, and diversity and inclusivity within our culture. The current ENGs are: Ź Abilities Employee Network Group Ź Black Employees Network Tito Williams Director, Business Control Ź Caregivers Employee Network Group and Risk Management, Ź Conexion (Hispanic/Latinix) Employee Network Group Santander Consumer Ź Embrace (LGBTQ+) Employee Network Group Ź Veterans Employee Network Group Ź Women’s Employee Network Group Santander Bank team members provided financial education curriculum at their local YMCA. 9

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    Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2019 Charitable Contibutions Helping Communities Prosper Through Charitable Giving At Santander US, we believe Responsible Banking is about helping people and businesses prosper, while giving back Commitment to to our communities to help foster financial inclusion and our communities is a driver of our culture sustainable growth. In 2019, Santander US gave nearly at Santander. We are $16 million to our communities. committed to helping build inclusive Santander donates to charitable organizations in communities where our customers and colleagues communities through live and work, with a focus on LMI and underserved neighborhoods in three primary areas: our financial support Ź Financial Empowerment & Workforce Development — supporting financial education, wealth building, and workforce development programming of and service with nonprofits focused Ź Small Business & Entrepreneurship — supporting training, mentoring and access-to-capital programming and funding for early stage and growing businesses on positive social and Ź Affordable Housing & Healthy Neighborhoods — supporting the creation and preservation of economic change. housing, education and counseling, and programs strengthening the health of neighborhoods In 2019, Santander US made nearly $16 million in charitable contributions and sponsorships through Santander Bank, Banco Santander Puerto Rico, Santander Consumer USA Foundation, and our Santander Universities program. Mahesh Aditya Chief Executive Officer, Santander Bank Santander Consumer Santander Bank contributed $11.9 million to 336 community nonprofit partners focused on LMI people and neighborhoods, ensuring that we help meet the credit needs of our communities through our Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) commitments. Spotlights include: Ź Berks Latino Workforce Development Corporation — Santander Bank committed $100,000 to the Berks Latino Workforce Development Corporation. The grant supported the development of a bilingual career development center which will provide training and support services to Reading and Berks County residents with limited English speaking skills, individuals with educational deficits, and individuals who are unemployed or underemployed. Ź Global Kids, Inc. — Through a $12,500 grant, Santander Bank is helping the organization provide students with college and career readiness programming that innovatively incorporates a global perspective with academic improvement, community engagement, and workplace skill development. Ź Boston Medical Center — The Bank contributed $100,000 to Boston Medical Center’s Housing to Health program. The program is aimed at addressing homelessness and housing insecurity among families as a mechanism for improving child health. Santander Consumer USA As one of the nation’s largest automotive finance providers, Santander Consumer provides charitable giving primarily through the Santander Consumer USA Foundation with a focus on their primary operation locations of Dallas, Phoenix, and Denver metropolitan areas, as well as in Puerto Rico, where Santander Consumer International, Puerto Rico, a subsidy, operates. 10

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    Santander Bank partnered with ConnectHome and the Rhode Island Office of Innovation to provide digital support for 90 Housing Authority residents and households in Providence, Pawtucket and Rhode Island Housing. In 2019, Santander Consumer and the Foundation contributed $2.2 million to 26 community „ 2019 KEY METRICS nonprofits. Spotlights include: Ź Work Options for Women — Through a $60,000 grant to Work Options for Women in Denver, the SC Foundation funded a workforce training food truck. The mobile culinary classroom provides fast-tract training for women to pursue jobs in the food service industry. $15.8M 2019 Total giving Ź Disaster Relief — In response to the October 2019 tornado that devastated northwest Dallas and surrounding areas, Santander Consumer committed $100,000 between three organizations - the Dallas Education Foundation, the American Red Cross, and the Network of Community Ministries - to assist in the provision of relief services and support to the community members impacted by the disaster. 581 Community organizations Ź The Bus Stop Project — The SC Foundation committed $20,000 in 2019 to the Mayor’s supported by charitable giving Star Council Bus Stop Project. The Bus Stop Project, based in Dallas, helps local students take ownership of their communities by highlighting the history and culture of Dallas neighborhoods through public arts projects. 511 Banco Santander Puerto Rico (BSPR) Scholarships for higher As one of the largest and longest serving banks on the island, BSPR is a key contributor supporting education community development on the island. In 2019, BSPR provided more than $237,500 in charitable contributions to 54 nonprofits and agencies. Spotlights include: Ź Instituto de Cooperativismo - Incubadora de Negocio — In 2019, BSPR donated $4,500 to the Business Incubator Program at the Cooperativism Institute of the University of Puerto Rico. This research-service program offers economic guidance to undergraduate and graduate students interested in organizing themselves for ventures and diversifying their business lines. This year, 14 students benefited from BSPR’s charitable giving. Ź Habitat for Humanity PR — This nonprofit housing organization seeks to improve living conditions for low- to moderate-income individuals by providing opportunities for affordable homeownership. By donating $3,000, BSPR’s contributions helped improve quality of life for 158 people. Santander US Universities Across the globe, Banco Santander invests more than any company in the world in higher education, with a focus on education, entrepreneurship, and employment. Santander US Universities focuses its charitable giving and scholarship support of higher education on entrepreneurship, with a focus on assisting underserved individuals. Spotlights include: Ź $1.5M donated Ź 31 universities, colleges, and community colleges supported Ź 511 scholarships for higher education 11

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    Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2019 Charitable Contibutions In 2019, Santander US supported the following organizations through our charitable contributions program: AAFE Community Development Fund Inc. Bottom Line Inc. Center for Alternative Sentencing and Accion East Inc. Boys and Girls Club of Denver Employment Services, Inc. Accion Social de PR Boys and Girls Club of East Valley Center for an Urban Future Action For Boston Community Boys and Girls Club of Greater Nashua Center For Family Services, Inc. Development Boys and Girls Club of Pawtucket Center For Women and Enterprises Inc. Affordable Housing Centers of Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston Central Baptist Community Pennsylvania Development Corporation Boys and Girls Clubs of Mercer County African American Chamber of Central Islip Civic Council Inc. Commerce of Central Pennsylvania Boys Clubs of Puerto Rico Central Jersey Housing Resource AIMECS Bridge of Hope, Inc. Center Corporation Allston-Brighton Community Bridge Street Development Corporation Central Pennsylvania Community Development Corporation Bridgewater State University Action Inc. American Training Inc. BronxWorks Inc. Centre County Youth Service Bureau Anchor House Inc. Brooklyn Academy of Music Inc. Centro Ayani APRODEC Brooklyn Legal Services Corporation A Centro de Desarrollo Educativo y Artists For Humanity Inc. Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Deportivo Corporation Centro Microempresas & Tecnologia The formation of the Asesores Financieros Comunitarios Agricola Sustentables de Yauco Asian American Civic Association Inc. Brooklyn Neighborhood Services Berks Latino Workforce Brooklyn Workforce Innovations Chelsea Collaborative Inc. Asian Community Development Development Corporation Corporation Bryant University Chester Community Improvement Project Inc. (BLWDC) would not have Asociación Res.Tras Talleres Bucks County Housing Group Inc. Chhaya Community Development Aspira of New York, Inc. Bucks County Opportunity Council, Inc. been possible without the Church of The Holy Apostles ASSETS Lancaster Budget Buddies Inc. support of our partners at Association For Neighborhood and Build Commonwealth, Inc. Cinnaire Lending Corporation Citizen Schools Inc. Santander. The vital seed Housing Development Inc. Build US Hope ASU Foster Bridge Program Citizens Housing and Planning funding they provided Business Center for New Americans Association, Inc. Babson College Business Outreach Center Network Inc. allowed us hit the Citizens Housing and Planning Council Banana Kelly Community Improvement Businesses United in Investing Lending of New York, Inc. ground running and begin Association, Inc. and Development City College Baruch College working towards many CAMBA Inc. City of Boston Scholarship Fund Bedford Central Community Cambridge Young Womens Christian first year goals, which Development Corporation Inc. Association City of Philadelphia Office of Community Empowerment and Opportunity Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration includes developing a Corporation Caminata Da Vida Raymond City Tech strategic plan, Beech Community Services Cape Cod Times Needy Fund, Inc. City Year Inc. Cape Cod Young Men’s Christian Clarifi undergoing a thorough Berklee College of Music Association, Inc. Berks Connections and Pretrial Services Clark University program assessment, Capital Change Fund Coalition For A Better Acre Inc. Berks County Chamber Foundation Capital for Change Inc. and appointing an Bethany House of Nassau County Coalition for the Homeless, Inc. Capital Impact Partners Executive Director. Corporation Capoeira para Todos Coalition on Housing and Homelessness Bethesda Project College Bound Dorchester Inc. Career Collaborative Inc. Better Community Housing of Trenton Inc. College of the Holy Cross Caribbean Integration Community Beyond Walls Development Inc. Columbia University Big Brothers Big Sisters of Berks County, PA Caritas Communities, Inc. Columbus House Darleen Garcia Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Lehigh Cáritas de PR Comite Caborrojeños Pro Salud y Executive Director, Valley, Inc. Ambiente CASA de Maryland Inc. Berks Latino Workforce Billings Forge Community Works Inc. Common Capital, Inc. Casa de Niños Manuel Fernández Juncos Development Corporation BOC Capital Corporation CommonWealth Kitchen Inc. Casa Familiar Virgilio Dávila Boston Childrens Chorus Inc. Community Action Committee of the Casa Sin Fronteras Lehigh Valley Inc. Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center Catholic Charitable Bureau of the Community Action Development Boston Foundation Inc. Archdiocese of Boston, Inc. Corporation of the Lehigh Valley Boston Medical Center Corporation CATPI Community Action, Inc. Boston Private Industry Council Inc. Ceiba Inc. Community Asset Preservation Boston Tax Help Coalition Corporation 12

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    Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2019 Charitable Contibutions Community College of Philadelphia Family Promise of Lycoming County Inc. Heading Home Inc. Interfaith Social Services, Inc. Foundation Family Services of The Merrimack Hearth Inc. Interise Inc. Community Development Corporation Valley Inc. Hedwig House Inc. International Hartford LTD of Long Island, Inc. Fifth Avenue Committee Inc. Hispanic Association of Contractors Inversant Inc. Community Economic Development FINANTA and Enterprises, Inc. Fund Foundation Inc. Ironbound Community Corporation First State Community Loan Fund Hispanic-American Insitute Inc. Island Housing Trust Corporation Community First Fund Food Bank For New York City for Survival Historic Tappen Park Community Isles Inc. Community Foundation of New Jersey Partnership Inc. Food Bank of South Jersey, Inc. Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Community Housing Innovations Inc. Hogar Albergue de Niños de San German Food Bank of the Rockies Development Corporation Community Loan Fund of New Jersey Hogar Cuna San Cristobal Foster Forward Jewish Board of Family and Childrens Community Progress Council, Inc. Hogar de Niñas Fray Luis Amigó Services Inc. Foundation at New Jersey Institute Community Teamwork, Inc. of Technology Hogar El Buen Pastor Jewish Vocational Service of Metro West Compass Working Capital Inc. Friends of the Children-Boston Inc. Hogar Infantil Jesús Nazareno Jewish Vocational Service, Inc. Concern for Independent Living Inc. Fundación Cabecitas Rapadas Hogar Irma Fe Pol JJ Barea Foundation Concilio de Organizaciones Hispanas Fundacion CAP Hogar San Rafael Jovenes de PR en Riesgo Concord Area Trust For Community Fundación Carrusel Hogares Rafaela Ybarra Juan Domingo en Acción Housing Fundación Nacional para la Cultura HomeFront Junior Achievement USA Congreso De Latinos Unidos Inc. Popular Homeless Prevention Council Juntos y Unidos Por Puerto Rico Inc. Connecticut Association for Human Garden State Episcopal Community Services Homeless Solutions, Inc. Just A Start Corporation Development Corporation Connecting Children and Families Inc. Homes of Montclair Ecumenical KIDS Fashion Delivers Inc. Girls Incorporated Corporation Consumer Federation of America Inc. Kingsbridge Heights Community Girls with Impact HomeSmartNY Center, Inc. Cooper Square Community Global Kids Inc. Development Committee and Hopeworks N Camden Inc. KIPP Massachusetts Inc. Businessmans Assoc. Inc. Good Counsel Services Inc. Hot Bread Kitchen Ltd. La Alianza Hispana Inc. Cooperative Business Assistance Greater Boston Latino Network Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania La Casa De Don Pedro Inc. Corporation Greater Boston Legal Services, Inc. Housing and Community Development La Fondita de Jesús Corp. Economico de Ceiba Greater Houston Community Foundation Network of New Jersey, Inc. La Vida Inc. Corporacion Milagros de Amor Greater Lycoming Habitat for Humanity Housing and Neighborhood Lakewood Resource And Referral Corporation for Supportive Housing Greater Nashua Habitat for Humanity Development Services Inc. Center Inc. Council For Unity Greater Newark Enterprises Corporation Housing Assistance Corporation. Lancaster Area Habitat for Cradles to Crayons Inc. Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber Housing Association and Humanity, Inc. of Commerce Development Corporation Lancaster Housing Opportunity CREARTE Greater Reading Chamber and Housing Development Corporation Partnership Crispus Attucks Association, Inc. Midatlantic Economic Development Corporation Lancaster Redevelopment Fund, Inc. Cristo Rey Boston High School Inc. Housing Education Resource Center Inc. Greater Trenton Inc. Latin American Community Center Inc. Crossroads Rhode Island Housing Help, Inc. Greenlight Fund Inc. Latin American Legal Defense And Cypress Hills Local Development Housing Network of Rhode Island Educational Fund Inc. Corporation Inc. Grove Hall Neighborhood Development Corporation Housing Partnership Development Lawrence CommunityWorks, Inc. Dallas Innovation Alliance Corporation HABcore Inc. Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights and Delaware County Community College Housing Partnership for Morris Economic Justice Habitat for Humanity – Dorchester Bay Neighborhood Loan MetroWest/Greater Worcester Inc. County Inc. Lazarus House Incorporated Fund Inc. Housing Partnership of Chester Habitat for Humanity in Monmouth LEAP for Education Inc. Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative Inc. County Inc. County Inc. Lena Park Community Development Earth X Habitat For Humanity International Inc. HousingWorks RI Corporation East Bay Food Pantry Inc. Habitat for Humanity of Berks County Ifetayo Cultural Arts Academy Inc. Leviticus 25:23 Alternative Fund Inc. Eco Recursos Comunitarios Habitat For Humanity of Burlington IMPACCT Brooklyn Lincoln Park Coast Cultural District Inc. Emmanuel College County and Greater Trenton-Princeton Incubadora Microempresa Bieke Local Development Corporation of EMPATH Habitat for Humanity of Montgomery Iniciativa Comunitaria de Investigación East New York English for New Bostonians Inc. and Delaware Counties Initiative for a Competitive Inner City Inc. Local Initiatives Support Corporation Enterprise Assistance Fund Inc. Habitat for Humanity of Puerto Rico Inquilinos Boricuas En Accion Inc. Long Island Housing Partnership Inc. Enterprise Center Capital Corporation Habitat for Humanity of the Greater Institute For Entrepreneurial Lower Cape Cod Community Harrisburg Area Leadership Inc. Development Corporation Enterprise Community Partners Inc. Habitat for Humanity of the Lehigh Valley Institute for Nonprofit Management Lucha Contra El Sida Entrepreneur Works Fund Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia, Inc. And Leadership Inc. Madison Park Development Corporation Entrepreneurship for All Inc. HABNET Services Corporation Institute of International Education Inc. Madison Strategies Group Escuela Emilio del Toro y Cuebas Hannah’s Hope Ministries Inc. Instituto de Adiestramiento y Vida Main South Community Development Essex County Community Foundation Independiente Harlem Educational Activities Fund Inc. Corporation Family Guidance Center Instituto de Cooperativismo – Hartford Community Loan Fund Inc. Make A Wish Foundation Family Promise of Harrisburg Incubadora de Negocio Capital Region Hartford Economic Development Manchester Neighborhood Housing Corporation Instituto Psicopedadogico Services Inc. 13

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    Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2019 Charitable Contibutions Massachusetts Affordable Housing New Americans Community Philadelphia Chinatown Development Rutgers University Alliance Inc. Development Corporation Corporation Chinatown Community Park Rutgers University Foundation Massachusetts Association of New Bedford Economic Development Philadelphia Futures Safe Horizon Inc. Community Development Corporation Council, Inc. Philadelphia Youth Network Inc. Saint Francis House, Inc. Massachusetts Coalition For The New Bedford Public Schools Philly SEEDS Inc. Homeless Inc. Saint Joseph’s Carpenter Society New Destiny Housing Corporation Phipps Neighborhoods Inc. Massachusetts Community And Salve Regina University New England Aquarium Corporation Phoenix Charter Academy Banking Council San Agustín del Coquí New England Center for Arts and Foundation, Inc. Massachusetts Housing and Shelter Technology, Inc. Santander Educa Alliance, Inc. Pine Street Inn, Inc. New Friends New Life Scholar Athletes Inc. Massachusetts Legal Assistance Police Athletic League Inc. New Hampshire Community Loan Schuylkill Community Action Corporation Ponce Neighborhood Housing Fund, Inc. Services, Inc. Seamen’s Society for Children Massachusetts Maritime Academy and Families New Jersey Citizen Action Education Preservation of Affordable Housing MassChallenge Inc. Fund Inc. Second Start Mayors Bus Stop Project Pro Bono Net, Inc. New Jersey Community Development Seed Spot Medford Community Housing Inc. Corporation, Inc. Producir Inc. Seeds to Stem Meeting Street New Jersey Performing Arts Center Project Citizenship Inc. Seleni House Foundation Inc. Mercy Haven, Inc. Corporation Project GOAL Inc. Servants to All Mercy Housing and Shelter Corporation New Jersey Together Inc. Project Renewal Inc. Service Corporations of Retired Merrimack Valley Housing New Kensington Community Prospect Hill Community Foundation Inc. Executives Association Partnership Inc. Development Corporation Providence Children’s Museum Sky Light Center Incorporated Merrimack Valley Young Mens New York Mortgage Coalition Inc. Providence College Smith Hill Community Development Christian Association Inc. New York University Providence Community Library Corporation Metro Housing Boston NewVue Communities Inc. Proyecto Alegría Sojourner House Inc. Metropolitan Camden Habitat for North Bennet Street Industrial School Proyecto Matria South Bronx Overall Economic Humanity Inc. North Shore Community Development Development Corporation Puerto Rican Association For Human Mill Cities Community Investments Coalition Inc. Development Inc.orporationorated South Middlesex Opportunity Monmouth University North Texas Food Bank Queens County Overall Economic Council Inc. Morgan Memorial Goodwill Northeast Legal Aid Inc. Development Corporation Southwest Brooklyn Industrial Industries, Inc. Northern Manhattan Improvement QuInc.y Community Action Programs Inc. Development Corporation. Mothers For Justice And Equality Inc. Corporation Read to Succeed Inc. Southwest Community Development Mt Airy USA Northfield Community LDC of Staten Reading Beautification Inc. Corporation Mujeres de Islas Island Inc. Spanish American Civic Association Rebuilding Together Boston, Inc. for Equality Inc. National Community Reinvestment Nueva Esperanza Rebuilding Together New Britain Inc. Staten Island Economic Coalition Inc. Oak Hill Community Development Corporation Red Hook Community Justice Center, Inc. Development Corporation Neighborhood House Inc. Neighborhood Housing Services Oficina para la Promoción y el Red Hook Initiative Inc. STRIVE International Inc. of Brooklyn CDC Inc. Desarrollo Humano Regional Housing Legal Services Suffolk University Neighborhood Housing Services ONE Neighborhood Builders Renaissance Economic Development SuitUp Incorporated of Camden Inc. Open Communities Alliance Inc. Corporation Supportive Housing Network of Neighborhood Housing Services Operation Tiny Home Rescue Mission of Trenton New York, Inc. of Greater Berks Inc. Operation Warm Inc. Resilience Advocacy Project SWAP Inc. Neighborhood Housing Services Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow Inc. Resilient Coders Inc. Tabor Community Services Inc. of Jamaica, Inc. Texas Women’s Foundation Opportunities Industrialization Center Inc. Resources for Human Development Inc. Neighborhood Housing Services The Alex House Project Inc. Opportunity Center Inc. Revitalize Community Development of New Britain, Inc. Corporation The American National Red Cross Neighborhood Housing Services Opportunity Finance Network Rhode Island College Foundation The B E L L Foundation Inc. of New Haven Inc. Opportunity House Rhode Island Community Food Bank The Boston Debate League Inc. Neighborhood Housing Services Orwigsburg Community Association of New York City Inc. Revitalization Committee The Bronx Neighborhood Housing Rider University Services CDC Inc. Neighborhood Housing Services Our Piece of the Pie Inc. of Queens CDC Inc. Riseboro Community Partnership Inc. The Business Center Pace University Neighborhood Housing Services Rising Tide Capital Inc. The Capital Good Fund Parkside Business and Community of Staten Island Inc. In Partnership Inc. Rising Tide Community Loan Fund The Center for New York City Neighborhood of Affordable Housing Inc. Pawtucket Central Falls Development Roca Inc. Neighborhoods Inc. Neighborhood Trust Financial Corporation Rockaway Development and The Epiphany School, Inc. Partners Inc. PECES, Inc Revitalization Corporation The Flatbush Development Corporation NeighborWorks America Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Rockingham Economic Development The Front Door Agency Inc. NeighborWorks Blackstone River Valley Foundation Corporation The Greater Boston Food Bank, Inc. NeighborWorks New Horizons Philabundance Rosie’s Place Inc. The Heart of Camden, Inc. Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship Philadelphia Association of Community Roxbury Presbyterian Church Social Impact Center Inc. The Hyde Square Task Force Inc. Development Corporations 14

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    Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2019 Charitable Contibutions The Latino Hispanic American United Activities Unlimited, Inc. Waterfront Historic Area League of Worcester Common Ground, Inc. Community Center United Communities Southeast New Bedford, Inc. Worcester Community Housing The Mass Mentoring Partnership, Inc. Philadelphia Way Finders Inc. Resources, Inc. The Mayors Fund to Advance New United Community Centers Inc. Welcome House of South County Worcester Educational Development York City United Food Bank Welcome Project, Inc. Foundation Inc. The Miami Foundation United Way Welcoming Center for New Worcester State University The Midas Collaborative Inc. Universal Community Homes Pennsylvanians Worcester Youth Center, Inc. The Neighborhood Developers Inc. University City District West Chester University Work Options for Women The New Jersey DECA Foundation, Inc. University Neighborhood Housing West Elmwood Housing Development Working in Support of Education The Philadelphia Education Fund Program, Inc. Corporation Workshop in Business Opportunities, Inc. The Salvation Army University of Texas-Dallas West End Neighborhood House Inc. Wynnefield Overbrook Revitalization The Somerville Corporation University Settlement Society of New York West End Residences HDFC Inc. Corporation The Union County Economic UNT Bridge Program WGBH Educational Foundation Year Up Inc. Development Corporation Urban Affairs Coalition WiNGS York College Third Sector Capital Partners Inc. Urban Edge Housing Corporation Women in Need Inc. York County Library System Tides Center Urban Homesteading Assistance, Inc. WomenRising Inc. Young Men’s Christian Association Training Resources of America, Inc. Womens Center for Entrepreneurship of Reading and Berks Counties Urban League of Eastern Tufts University Massachusetts, Inc. Corporation Young Men’s Christian Association Womens Community Revitalization of Greater Boston Tutoring Plus of Cambridge Inc. Urban League of Essex County Project Young Men’s Christian Association uAspire Inc. Urban Upbound of Pawtucket, RI Women’s Educational Center Inc. Ultimate Imaginations Downtown Valley Youth House Committee Young Men’s Christian Association Mesa Association CycloMesa Womens Housing and Economic Veteran Entrepreneurial Training and Development Corporation of Trenton, NJ Union Capital Boston Inc. Resource Network Inc. Women’s Institute for Housing and Young Women’s Christian Association Union County College Veterans Legal Services Inc. Economic Development Inc. Young Women’s Christian Association Union County Economic Development Vietnamese American Initiative for Womens Opportunities Resource Center of the Hartford Region Inc. Corporation Development Inc. Woodland Community Development Youth Consultation Service, Inc. Union Settlement Assoc Vitrina Solidaria Corporation Morgan Village Santander Bank team members volunteer with community partners throughout our Northeast footprint on a variety of service projects. 15

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    Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2019 Volunteering and Community Partnerships Santander team members partner with community nonprofit partners to mentor and provide financial education and technical assistance to individuals, entrepreneurs and small businesses. Helping Communities Prosper through Partnerships „ 2019 KEY METRICS In addition to philanthropic financial support, Santander seeks to form deep, long-lasting relationships with nonprofit and 48,129 community-based organizations to further our impact on our Volunteer hours communities. When local stakeholders, subject matter experts, and our own team members collaborate to address community 36,809 needs, we are better able to help people and communities Individuals counseled on prosper. In 2019, Santander US worked with more than 300 financial education nonprofit organizations. 300+ Santander cultivates valuable relationships with nonprofits and community organizations allowing us to maximize community impact where we live and work. A cornerstone of these relationships is Community partner organizations the role our own team members play as leaders, volunteers, mentors, and coaches, in partnership with organizations across our operating areas. In 2019, Santander US volunteered nearly 50,000 hours with more than 300 nonprofit and community organizations. Ź Santander Bank - 23,067 volunteer hours with more than 260 community partners Ź Santander Consumer - 24,742 volunteer hours – a 233% increase over 2018 Ź Banco Santander Puerto Rico – Banco Santander Puerto Rico colleagues volunteer across the island to support disaster relief, social services, financial education, and affordable housing efforts Ź BSI Miami – BSI Miami employees serve their community through pro bono legal services, and mentorship and development of students within the financial sector 16

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    Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2019 Volunteering and Community Partnerships Community Partnership Spotlights Ceiba Volunteering is Santander Bank colleagues volunteered with Ceiba in Philadelphia, PA supporting their VITA Tax important to me Program, financial education programming for immigrant and LMI individuals and families, and the organization’s dedication to immigrants in the review of paperwork and other legal documents because I want to be as individuals seek custodianship of their children and personal property. In 2019, 36 volunteers part of the solution. I volunteered over 100 hours, reaching over 700 members of the community. want to be where the Junior Achievement resources are needed. Santander Bank and Santander Consumer partner with Junior Achievement chapters across our I serve because my footprint in the United States, supporting a variety of programming services, including Junior Achievement in a Day, Junior Achievement Biz Town, recurring programming and executive board service is needed in service. In 2019 alone, Santander Bank employees volunteered more than 8,400 hours through the community and 1,340 individual instances of volunteerism, supporting over 10,000 students in becoming financially volunteering helps independent and literate. At Santander Consumer, our team members volunteer with Junior Achievement in Dallas, Denver and Mesa, and in 2019, over 70 Santander Consumer employees communities thrive. contributed over 500 hours of financial education to students. Connecting for Children & Families To help support one of Rhode Island’s most underserved cities, Santander Bank partnered with Connecting for Children & Families (CCF) in Woonsocket to support their Summer Youth Development Evie Sylvain Program at the middle and high schools, FDIC Money Smart financial education workshops, and Community Partnership their workforce training program for call centers, potentially leading to job placement at the Bank’s Manager, Santander Bank nearby East Providence facility. In 2019, 20 Santander colleagues volunteered over 50 hours serving 235 individuals supported by CCF. Volunteering is a way our team members engage together outside the office, working on service projects that are meaningful to our communities. 17

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    Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2019 Volunteering and Community Partnerships Cultivate Small Business Santander Bank’s Cultivate Small Business (“CSB”) program, launched in 2018, helps early-stage underserved entrepreneurs, especially minority and immigrant business owners, working to build and sustain food-related businesses in emergent neighborhoods in Greater Boston, Massachusetts. Created in collaboration with Babson College, the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC) and CommonWealth Kitchen, CSB provides 4-months of classroom industry specific education, resources, and professional networks to provide the entrepreneurs with the key ingredients for success in their business. CSB focuses on food-related businesses due to the diversity, size and number of small businesses within that category in Greater Boston. Research demonstrates that geographic clusters of related industries in cities results greater growth in business numbers, job creation, wages and innovation. Small capital grants funded by Santander and administered by CommonWealth Kitchen are award- ed to eligible program graduates to strengthen their business. 2019 program statistics include: f 27 individuals completed the program in 2019 The Cultivate Small f $100,500 in capital grants distributed to program graduates Business curriculum has given me rejuvenation. f 81 hours of coaching provided by Santander Bank colleagues Now, with a new growth f 84% of graduates believe CSB will help them achieve their goals plan, new ideas, and a f 59% are women-owned businesses new vision, I am excited f 67% are entrepreneurs of color to see where I can take f 44% are foreign-born entrepreneurs my company from here. Operation Tiny House Santander Consumer worked with Operation Tiny House (OTH), a nonprofit that assists people struggling with severe housing instability to maintain a life of dignity through custom high-quality tiny housing solutions. Through service projects with OTH through 2019, nearly 100 Santander Consumer Pamela Griffin volunteers from 15 departments across the company, worked to build homes for homeless veterans. Owner, Chocolate Therapy The third cohort of Cultivate Small Business represents our most diverse cohort to date. 18

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    Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2019 Volunteering and Community Partnerships A home was built in the Oculus at the World Trade Center so the public could walk in the shoes of domestic violence survivors. Future Bankers Program BSI partnered with Miami-Dade College to put on the Future Bankers’ Camp, a summer program that provides high schoolers interested in the finance sector with hands-on training. In 2019, the program welcomed students and connected them with temporary positions in participating local banks. This past year, BSI offered five prospective students a four-week internship to help them gain real-world experience alongside executives in the many diverse areas of international banking. Santander Technology Centers In an effort to connect local youths with modern educational technology, Banco Santander Puerto Rico donated 25 volunteer hours and over $60,000 to build brand new Santander Technology Centers equipped with computers, printers, and cable for local students in the area to use freely. Sound the Alarm Every day, seven people on average in the United States die in a home fire. To help combat the rise in fire-related issues in Puerto Rico specifically, more than 20 Banco Santander Puerto Rico volunteers partnered with the Red Cross in 2019 to provide and install free smoke detectors for over 300,000 at-risk members of two different communities on the island. Banco Santander Puerto Rico and the Red Cross also offered lessons on fire safety education and raised money for this lifesaving mission. In Someone Else’s Shoes During National Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October, Santander joined the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) and the National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV) to build awareness, understanding and respect for survivors of domestic violence, particularly those who face financial challenges that make leaving an abusive situation more difficult. A house was built in the Oculus at the World Trade Center in New York City to create an immersive experience for the public to imagine life in the shoes of a survivor of domestic abuse. The exhibit, using firsthand audio and location-specific sound effects, gave guests a glimpse into systemic and structural factors that create a domestic violence situation and how difficult it can be to escape the relationship. One of the factors that makes it difficult to leave these situations is financial abuse. Financial abuse is one of the biggest reasons those affected by domestic violence stay in abusive situations. To help address the financial challenges faced by a survivor leaving an abusive relationship, Santander donated $200,000 to NNEDV’s Independence Project, a micro-lending program that helps survivors rebuild or repair their credit. Santander also partnered with NCADV to introduce an online financial education program. 19

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    Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2019 Inclusive Products and Services In 2019, Santander Bank provided $39 million in debt and equity financing for the construction of Squirrelwood Apartments in Cambridge, MA. Helping Communities Prosper through Inclusive „ 2019 KEY METRICS Products and Services $272M At Santander, we believe Responsible Banking includes 14 affordable housing tax credit investments providing inclusive products and services focused on community development, small business and homeownership. $30M We provide financial products and services to help strengthen 3 small business equity our communities, empower entrepreneurs and small businesses, investments and open doors to home ownership. These resources are often provided in collaboration with community and government $284M partners and make a difference by providing valuable access 19 construction and equity bridge lending loans to capital to help build strong and healthy communities. $35M Community Development Finance Santander Bank’s Community Development Finance (CDF) is at the core of helping communities 5 CDFI loans prosper. CDF provides financing through debt and equity instruments to help provide affordable housing, job creation through small business equity investments and providing capital to Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI). 20

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    Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2019 Inclusive Products and Services At the end of 2019, Santander Bank has an active CDF portfolio of 165 investments for $1.64 billion, focused on affordable housing projects, small business equity investments, construction and equity- bridge lending, and lending to CDFIs. We’re proud to work In 2019, CDF originated 22 investments for $445 million and 24 loans for $319 million, specifically: with our contracting Ź Affordable Housing Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC): 14 investments for $272 million and development Ź Construction and Equity Bridge Lending: 19 loans for $284 million partners to fund Ź CDFI Lending: 5 loans for $35 million projects that create Ź Small Business Equity Investments: 3 fund investments for $30 million affordable housing These investments represent far more than financial and real estate transactions. Rather, they and provide essential demonstrate a partnership between the Santander Bank, community partners, and state and social services that local government programs to financially empower individuals and families, while strengthening communities through affordable housing and small business job creation. Last year, Santander’s are designed to tax credit investments and construction loans helped build 2,026 units of housing resulting in stabilize and revitalize 5,328 people receiving access to affordable housing. low- and moderate- Community Development 2019 Project Spotlights income communities. Carlisle Veterans Housing, Carlisle, Pennsylvania In June 2019, Santander Bank provided $19.9 million in debt and equity financing to support the Chris Memoli construction of a multi-building complex in Carlisle, PA. The property has 42 units in three garden- style buildings. Upon completion, the units will be low income housing tax credit eligible and Senior Director, targeted to low- and moderate-income families or homeless veterans with disabilities, who will Community Development also receive supportive services. The property will be built using energy efficient practices and Finance, Santander Bank will offer a clubhouse with an office, a supportive services space, and a business center. Monica House, Queens, New York In November 2019, Santander Bank provided $31.9 million financing for Monica House, including $17.6 million in Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) equity and a $14.3 million through a bridge loan. Monica House, a new construction project, will provide 70 units of affordable housing in Queens, NY, with 42 studio apartments for chronically homeless individuals with serious mental illness and 28 units for low-income seniors. A portion of the units will be fully-accessible apartments and all units will have access to a laundry room, mail room, bicycle storage room, reception and security desk, a roof garden, and an outdoor enclosed garden. Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) Lending Santander Bank launched its CDFI Lending program in 2018 to provide loans with high impact initiatives throughout the Bank’s footprint. CDFI’s are mission-based lenders impacting a sector of the market that the Bank could not otherwise reach directly. These loans offer essential capital with flexible terms with both variable and fixed rate loan pricing. In 2019, Santander Bank lent $35 million to five CDFIs focused on high-impact initiatives throughout its Northeast footprint. Santander was a 2020 recipient of the Bank Enterprise Award Program, which recognized our CDFI work in 2019 In December 2019, Santander closed on an $8 million loan with the Grameen America, Inc, a community development financial institution (“CDFI”) located in New York, NY. The CDFI targets low-income entrepreneurial women in the United States by providing microloans, a savings program and credit building initiatives to enable members to boost their income, build assets, enter the mainstream financial system and create jobs in their communities. Its members are women who previously had few options for accessing capital and most lacked bank accounts and credit scores. The loan will be used to fulfill Grameen’s mission over a 4-year term, consisting of a 1-year draw period and 3-year repayment period. 21

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    Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2019 Inclusive Products and Services Helping Small Business and Entrepreneurs Prosper „ 2019 KEY METRICS Small businesses are the backbone of our local economies, creating two-thirds of net new jobs. At Santander we are committed to helping $407M entrepreneurs and small businesses prosper by helping them access Small business lending in capital to start and grow their companies, along with accessing LMI communities business education and mentorship that is so often needed to grow. 3,308 Access to Small Business Capital In 2019, Santander US provided small businesses 14,438 loans for $1.7 billion, including 3,308 Small business loans in LMI communities loans for $407 million in LMI communities. Our bankers work to ensure that we provide our customers with the product that best suits their business needs to help them succeed. Santander Bank and Banco Santander Puerto Rico are active U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) lenders, $40.4M with Santander Bank providing 311 loans for $40.4 million. Business Education and Resources SBA lending Access to business resources and networks are important for businesses, especially new and growing small businesses. In addition to our support for community nonprofits that help small business and 311 the Cultivate Small Business program (page 18), Santander Bank provides small businesses technical assistance and programming for our customers and the community through multiple channels, including: SBA loans Ź Business First, an online content hub providing valuable online resources to entrepreneurs and small businesses Ź Fraud Seminars are hosted to educate small businesses on financial fraud and ways to keep their business and customers safe Ź Small Business Month in May is a celebration of small businesses by Santander Bank in partnership with our retail bank branches and the local small business community, while also providing an opportunity for networking and opportunities to explore available banking and small business services Ź National Women’s Small Business Month in October, Santander Bank celebrates female entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses through programming and small business capabilities 22

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    Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2019 Inclusive Products and Services Helping Individuals and Families Prosper Through Homeownership Santander is committed to providing the opportunity for responsible home ownership. Home „ 2019 KEY METRICS ownership is a pillar of financial independence and the Bank’s affordable mortgage programs strive to offer the flexibility and affordability to help open doors to home ownership to first time and low- to moderate-income families and individuals, while ensuring they have the knowledge and support throughout their home ownership journey. $4B Santander Bank and Banco Santander Puerto Rico are committed to consistently enhancing our Total mortgage lending mortgage products to meet the needs of customers. We’re proud to have offered new features such as lender-paid mortgage insurance, down payment and closing cost assistance. In addition to the products we provide, we are also dedicated to helping our customers prepare for home ownership. Our employees at Santander Bank and Banco Santander Puerto Rico work closely in partnership $1.2B with nonprofits to deliver first time home buying seminars throughout our communities, with a Mortgage lending to LMI focus on low- to moderate-income families. people and communities Program Spotlights Community Mortgage Development Officers 1,863 Affordable mortgages Access to affordable home ownership is a challenge for many families across the country, especially in New York, Boston, Philadelphia and other communities across the Northeast. To help address this challenge, Santander Bank has deployed 15 Community Mortgage Development Officers (CMDOs) across its footprint. Specifically tasked with assisting LMI communities, building relationships with neighborhood organizations, supporting home ownership educational workshops, and helping clients navigate the home ownership process, CMDOs have spent decades in the mortgage or related nonprofit fields. Leveraging Santander Bank’s affordable mortgage products, CMDOs help families create the stability that comes with achieving the dream of home ownership. Opening Doors In May 2019, Santander Bank launched the Santander Opening Doors Closing Cost Assistance Program, making $500,000 available to support low-to-moderate income borrowers with closing cost assistance. Borrowers could receive up to 3% of their first mortgage loan amount or $5,000 through the program, which was used in conjunction with the Bank’s Affordable Mortgage Program. Through 2019, 66 borrowers took advantage of the Opening Doors program. Mi Casa Santander In 2019, Banco Santander Puerto Rico reoffered its first time homebuyer education program, Mi Casa, in collaboration with the Federal Home Loan Bank of New York. The workshop provides clients with knowledge on various home-buying topics such as mortgage financing, inspections, home maintenance, insurance and lead safety. This year, six households completed the program and became first time homeowners. Financial Education Santander has a robust financial education curriculum, with an emphasis on first time home buyer education and resources. Classes, taught by Santander bankers, in collaboration with our nonprofit partners that are working to advance housing opportunities, we provide customers with the confidence and know-how to become smart homeowners. 23

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    For more information on Santander US’ Corporate Social Responsibility or this Report, please contact: Corporate Social Responsibility Additional resources: 75 State Street santanderus.com Mailcode: MA1-SST-03-07 santanderbank.com Boston, MA 02109 santanderconsumerusa.com corporatesocialresponsibility@santander.us 877.768.2265 ©2020 Santander Holdings USA, Inc. All rights reserved. Santander, Santander Bank and the Flame Logo are trademarks of Banco Santander, S.A. or its subsidiaries in the United States or other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Santander Bank, N.A. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Banco Santander, S.A and Member FDIC – Equal Housing Lender.

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