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    3Mgives 2016 Annual Report 3M Costa Rica Volunteers 3M continues to help improve lives in our communities around the world through financial investments in education, community and the environment and through the thoughtful engagement of 3Mers. Since establishing the 3M Foundation, 3M has invested $1.45 billion in cash and in-kind support globally. In 2016, the company invested more than $67 million in cash and in-kind contributions, while 3Mers devoted nearly 350,000 hours in service to our communities. 3M enhances the vibrancy of our communities by supporting programs and organizations that increase interest and achievement in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), ensure access to basic needs, prepare youth for success and advance economic opportunities for underrepresented populations. 3M also invests in efforts to increase access to quality and diverse arts opportunities and promote sustainability and environmental stewardship. 2016 Highlights advanced manufacturing training and careers through thoughtful Giving Priorities partnerships with leading national and global nonprofits, such as Education Total PLTW (Project Lead the Way), which • Increase equitable access Global Giving provides curriculum development to quality education for all students $67.3 Million at the K-12 level, and SkillsUSA’s • Support programs that and WorldSkills’ out-of-school-time (USD) programs that develop students’ increase student interest and achievement in STEM and skills around the trades. 3M has business invested over $800,000 toward • Build a pipeline of high this initiative and is planning to grow performing and diverse global Cash Contributions this collaboration in future years. talent for STEM and business US: $29.7 million disciplines International: $5.1 million • 3M Frontline Sales and Marketing Internship Program • Support post-secondary In-Kind Contributions programs that attract, retain US: $26.9 million During the summer of 2016, and graduate students International: $5.6 million 35 students from 17 universities participated in the 3M Frontline Community Sales and Marketing Internship • Improve standards of living in • DonorsChoose.org Program. 3M partners with communities where we operate Through its partnership with universities across the United States • Increase access to high-quality DonorsChoose.org, 3M supports to develop sales curricula. The youth development programs innovative projects developed by company also supports a sales for underserved children classroom teachers to increase for social impact program, which • Increase access to diverse, interest and achievement in STEM. focuses on addressing the needs vibrant arts opportunities for all In 2016, 3M’s U.S. locations invested of people around the world. The • Support communities affected more than $500,000 in classroom program continues to grow with by global crises projects across the country; reaching an incoming class of 60 for 2017. • Mobilize and recognize 3M 560 schools, 771 projects and more volunteers • University of Minnesota than 87,000 students. Environment For more than a century, 3M and the • 3M Manufacturing and University of Minnesota have shared • Sustain ecosystems and Academic Partnership (MAP) livelihoods a powerful partnership. Together In 2016, 3M significantly increased we have helped turn students into • Advance conservation and its commitment to promoting environmental education leaders, ideas into innovation and

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    theory into practice. Eight of the the 3Mgives Volunteer Award, 3M touchscreens lead visitors through twelve charter members of 3M’s honored 30 of its most outstanding an interactive question and answer Carlton Society (3M’s highest volunteers from around the world. program that informs visitors about recognition for scientists who have efforts to end segregation. • PYXERA Global made extraordinary contributions) are Through a partnership with PYXERA • Dorothy Day Center University of Minnesota graduates. Global, an organization that facili- In 2016, 3M supported the 3M is proud to be the University’s top tates partnerships among the public, Dorothy Day Center, a program of corporate partner. With cumulative private, and social sectors to create Catholic Charities of St. Paul and investments exceeding $90 million, shared value and innovative solutions Minneapolis, with $1 million in cash the company invested an additional to complex challenges, 3M invested and products to help transform lives $1.7 million in cash and products in the development of new commu- of underserved individuals in St. Paul. in 2016. nity-focused leadership initiatives. This investment helped to complete • International Giving Fund As a part of the 3M Leadership Way a two-building campus designed to 3M partners with United Way Program, 3M executives shared prevent and end homelessness with Worldwide on its International their professional skills in support of an emergency shelter, supportive Giving Fund to facilitate investments community sustainability initiatives services, access to resources and in global organizations. Countries in India and China. permanent housing. include: 3M Mexico, 3M Argentina, • Smithsonian’s National 3M Brazil and 3M Canada. Museum of African American • 3M Global Volunteerism History and Culture During the annual 3M Global As a cornerstone partner of this Volunteer Day, employees important institution 3M provided volunteered 70,000 hours to improve a $5 million investment, including the lives of young people. For 100 of its touchscreens throughout example, over 100 3M Costa Rica the museum to help guide visitors employees created a playground for through the exhibits. In the Freedom students at a San Jose elementary Now: The Modern Civil Rights school. Celebrating 30 years of Movement 1945-1968 exhibit, 3M 3M Volunteer at Dorothy Day Center 2016 Global Giving by Focus Area Giving Area Cash In-Kind Total Giving % Volunteer Hours Education $15,981,086 $8,479,776 $24,460,862 37% 74,438 Community $16,247,811 $23,965,071 $40,212,882 59% 265,374 Environment $2,541,350 $60,997 $2,602,347 4% 8,447 Total (USD) $34,770,247 $32,505,844 $67,276,091 100% 348,259 2016 Global Giving by Region Giving Area Cash In-Kind Total Giving % Volunteer Hours Asia Pacific $718,639 $2,325,521 $3,044,160 5% 12,667 Canada $1,380,085 $583,142 $1,963,227 3% 1,887 Europe MEA $697,411 $108,613 $806,024 1% 18,021 Latin America $882,192 $674,265 $1,556,457 2% 7,490 United States* $31,091,920 $28,814,303 $59,906,223 89% 308,194 Total (USD) $34,770,247 $32,505,844 $67,276,091 100% 348,259 *Note: Cash listed in US Dollars (USD). In-Kind product donations listed in USD fair market value. Totals may vary due to rounding. Regional investments are based on the source of the gift (i.e., some United States investments also support end-recipients outside of the U.S.). 3Mgives 3M Center, Building 225-01-S-23 St. Paul, MN 55144-1000 Visit us at 3Mgives.com

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