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    Annual Report In each spring issue of Guild News we share a financial recap of the previous fiscal year. Thank you for making 2019 another record-breaking fundraising year! Guild Association Giving October 1, 2018 – September 30, 2019 IN 2019: GUILD FUNDRAISING PROGRAMS (amount received by the Guild Association office) You raised more than Guild projects and events $ 19,153,000 $19.4 million! Membership dues 141,900 Total revenue from Guild Association You volunteered programs $ 19,294,900 95,000 hours GUILD AFFILIATED GIVING (gross revenue) You helped us add Corporate special events $ 191,333 Individuals 606,525 8 new Major gifts 9,069,159 guilds Planned giving 539,329 Total guild affiliated giving $ 10,662,098 413 TOTAL GUILD ASSOCIATION new guild CONTRIBUTION TO FUNDRAISING $ 29,956,998 members 54 Research Guild Association projects and events supported the following in Champion fiscal year 2019: guilds Uncompensated care $ 10,227,740 Research 4,851,762 17 new Facilities 2,654,329 Guardians' Patient care programs 1,419,169 Circle Total $ 19,153,000 members “Hope, Care, Cure is what Seattle Children’s does best! I am continually inspired by the incredible passion of our amazing guilds and Guild Association board members who go above and beyond to keep giving back. In these uncertain times, I am focusing on hope for our future.” — Joy Roush, treasurer, Guild Association Board of Trustees and member of the We Believe Guild From left, We Believe Guild members Janice Savidge, Darcy Hollie, Linda Myhrvold and Joy Roush. Seattle Children’s 5

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