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    ANNUAL REPORTING FOR COMPUTER RECOVERY AND RECYCLING IN VIRGINIA VIRGINIA DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY Submit to DEQ by April 1st Calendar Year: 2018 Company Name: Samsung Electronics America, Inc. Website: www.samsung.com/recycling Date posted to website: 1/29/2019 RECOVERY PROGRAM CONTACT INFORMATION Name: Chris Kaasmann Title: Product Stewardship Manager Phone: 201.753.0872 Email: c.kaasmann@sea.samsung.com MATERIAL GENERATEDIN VIRGINIA Weight of computer equipmentcollected, recycled, and 394,250 Ibs reused during the preceding calendar year in pounds CERTIFICATION Name: Chris Kaasmann | certify, to the best of my knowledge, that the information Title: Product CYMana 7 provided on this form is accurate and complete, and meetsall the requirements of Virginia's Computer and Recovery Act, Signature: ( EyA Code ofVirginia Sections 10.1-1425.27 - 10.1-1425.38. Date: DZ vu 15 Revised: September 2018

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