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    WHO WE ARE HONORED TO SERVE YOU: LEE HEALTH: A NOTE TO OUR COMMUNITY WHO WE ARE AND WHAT WE DO L ee Health is tradition To help you better understand and legacy as well as who we are and how we evolution and innovation. continue our commitment, we TAKE A LOOK AROUND, and you’ll see For more than 100 years, Lee Health has served Southwest Florida as its major destination for healthcare offering created this report—Lee Health: Caring People. Inspiring Health. As you flip through this WHO WE ARE WHAT WE DO a little bit of Lee Health. What is inside all those buildings? What does it mean HO acute care, emergency care, publication, we hope you feel WE S Larry Antonucci, MD, MBA rehabilitation and diagnostic a sense of pride knowing that our team of more than 14,000 HOW when you spot the Lee Health “leaf”? President and CEO Lee Health services, health education, and community outreach. dedicated employees, our WE SERVE YOU medical staff of more than L From the beginning, we have 2,300, and our more than ee Health is YOUR health system! So it only Consistently recognized and awarded as a diverse been committed to providing 4,000 volunteers and auxilians makes sense that you should know a little more workplace, Lee Health extends inclusion to our exceptional, high-quality, work hard every day to provide about what we do all in one place. So look patients. All of our employees take an ExceptionalLee compassionate care for our exceptional service. around and see Lee Health – here when you need us pledge to treat everyone with kindness and respect. families, friends, and neighbors. today, tomorrow, and beyond. Thank you for taking the time As our community has grown to learn more about Lee Health SAFETY AND QUALITY and as the healthcare landscape changed, so did we—evolving and the ways we serve and care PATIENTS COME FIRST David Collins for our community. It is our Our motto is “Safety Chair, Board of Directors to meet our community’s needs Patients, always at the forefront of everything we is Personal.” We have Straight A Safety Record while embracing and adopting honor and privilege. Lee Memorial Health System do, want convenient, easy-to-use resources. Visit strict measures in place OPEN and lifesaving technology. our website for call center numbers and scheduling to prevent injuries and Ready to Help buttons. Pay a bill, access records, and talk with accidents for patients, providers through our MyChart app. Find locations, visitors, and staff. Our staff members keep their services, and health information at our various eyes and ears open and always have a questioning locations, through texts and emails, and on our attitude. This dedication has won us numerous TABLE OF CONTENTS revamped website. awards including recent “A” safety grades at all of our hospitals. Lee Health Foundation ................ 4-5 LPG Primary Care ............................ 6 LEE HEALTH BOARD OF DIRECTORS LPG Specialty Care .............................. 7 Did You Know: The citizens of Lee County own and operate Outpatient Services ......................8-9 Lee Health through a publicly elected Board of Directors. Patient commitment also means outreach programs Golisano Children’s Hospital ..... 10-11 Our Board adopts an annual budget, sets goals for the health and education. Besides virtual classes and seminars system, and monitors the work of our administration. on health trends, we work with lower-income Regional Cancer Center............. 12-13 communities so they have access to services. Lee Community Healthcare..............14 2020 Board Officers Health & Wellness............................15 Chair: David Collins, District 3 OUR AMAZING EMPLOYEES Community Benefit Report .......16-17 Vice-Chair: Therese Everly, District 1 Key Statistics ...................................18-19 Treasurer: Donna Clarke, District 2 Lee Health celebrates diversity. We hire talented Secretary: Diane Champion, District 4 people of all ages, from every cultural or economic Behavioral Health ...........................20 background. We celebrate differences while enjoying Lee Convenient Care.......................21 Board Members the things we have in common. By providing training Hospitals and Facilities............ 22-23 Stephen R. Brown, MD, District 1 and development opportunities, we help employees Nancy McGovern, MSM, RN, District 2 find their purpose. And we learn from them. Home Health ...................................24 Sanford N. Cohen, MD, District 3 Skilled Nursing ....................................24 Chris Hansen, District 4 Lee Health Solutions ...................... 25 Jessica Carter Peer, District 5 Stephanie L. Meyer, BSN, RN, District 5 Visit leehealth.org/whylee2020 for more on all the Stories of Giving ....................... 26-29 information presented in this magazine. Additional Services ........................30 The Past & The Future.....................31 2 3

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    LEE HEALTH FOUNDATION: THE POWER OF GIVING Find a cause that speaks to you at leehealthfoundation.org YOUR GIVING MATTERS. Lee Health Foundation supports Lee WHO Health, the community’s health system, by helping to ensure WE ARE WHAT the future of healthcare in Southwest Florida. Since 1995, our WE DO donors have raised more than $275 million. HOW WE SERVE YOU D onations support you, Cancer Care Heart and Lung Care: Shipley your family, and your Foundation donations go Cardiothoracic Center neighbors — a frightened directly to the Regional Cancer The Shipley Cardiothoracic child with cancer, a mother Center, an inpatient and Center provides the best undergoing breast cancer outpatient program that cares possible care for common and treatment, a family struggling for patients in one location. complex heart conditions. Funds with the anxiety of an illness. Adults have access to therapy, help Shipley shape the future technology for better diagnosis of heart and lung surgery by By working together, our and treatment, and counseling. spearheading research and community stands strong training surgical teams. for generosity and grace, for reaching our potential Lee Health Coconut Point as human beings. Making a The Foundation helps Lee WHAT difference in someone’s life Health Coconut Point, a 31- makes a difference in your own acre medical campus, provide — by warming your heart and Barbara’s Friends: primary and specialty care as restoring hope. Pediatric Cancer well as emergency services WE DO A cancer diagnosis for a child for the bustling South Lee INITIATIVES means treatment that can last up to three years or longer. community. Now community members don’t have to travel Children But the Barbara’s Friends across the county to get the Hematology and Oncology care they deserve. Golisano Children’s Hospital is a second home to many children Program bolsters resources so WHAT’S NEW? young cancer patients receive HOW and families, but our pediatric services serve the entire seven- the specialized care they need, • Lee Health county region. Our 134-bed close to home. Children feel Foundation hospital treats more than happiness surrounded by their recently 30,000 young patients each siblings, friends, and families. WE SERVE YOU year. Your donations advance celebrated its 25th new innovations, technology, Mental Health: Kids’ Minds Matter anniversary! and services at the hospital and Six out of 10 young people who We heartily throughout Southwest Florida. suffer mental illness don’t get thank the the treatment they need. Even community for their worse, most families struggle support and generosity. to pay for services. Kids’ Minds Matter raises awareness about • The Foundation continues pediatric mental health care to join forces with outside services and delivers funds to agencies and community open up these services. Our partnerships support existing members to aid in the services and fill gaps in care. response to COVID-19. 4 5

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    LEE PHYSICIAN GROUP EXCEPTIONAL CARE. LEE PHYSICIAN GROUP PRIMARY CARE EVERYWHERE. SPECIALTY CARE “You need to see a specialist.” WHO “I should see a doctor about that.” Then what? WHO That might sound scary at first—but part of serving the WE ARE WHAT WE ARE WHAT community is making sure the next step on your care journey WE DO Lee Physician Group’s primary care doctors serve as the first WE DO line of defense, the go-to source for all of your health needs. inspires confidence and optimism. After all, our specialists have HOW HOW a razor-sharp focus and have trained their entire lives for this. WE SERVE YOU WE SERVE YOU LPG T primary care physicians listen to your concerns before putting a PRIMARY CARE SERVICES rained at some of the top medical schools and hospitals in the country, treatment plan in place. But they LPG specialists dive into the details and also do so much more: They treat the whole patient, • Preventive screenings collaborate with your primary care physician to start which means collaborating with you to address both • Check-ups and follow-ups up a detailed course of treatment. medical and holistic needs for mind, body, and spirit. • Men’s and women’s health • Geriatric care Shipley Cardiothoracic Center • Sports medicine Robotic heart surgery, valve repair and replacement, • Referrals to specialists surgery for atrial fibrillation, and treatment for • Medication management valvular heart disease. Shipley’s new suite inside • Vaccinations HealthPark Medical Center ensures patient comfort This creates an essential dialogue and spurs a • Health risk assessment as well as space for education. rewarding partnership. If you need a screening, risk • Healthy lifestyle counseling assessment, referral — or if you just want to talk • Treatment of chronic conditions Cardiology Care about how to be healthier — simply pick up the Cardiovascular health, diagnostic testing, heart phone, schedule online, or use our telemedicine MyChart failure, heart disease, A-fib — the list of heart service to get a physician in your corner. Have you heard of MyChart? It’s an online portal specialties goes on and on. Experts at our Heart where you can access records, request a prescription, and Vascular Institute, Heart Care Transition Clinic, pay your bills, and talk directly to your doctor’s office. Rapid Diuresis Clinic, and multiple cardiology offices around Southwest Florida are ready to Telemedicine jump into action. LPG has set up telemedicine in all its offices so you can have face-to-face primary care appointments Orthopedics from home using your phone, tablet, or computer. Reducing pain. Aging in a happy and healthy way. The So Many Other Specialties LPG orthopedic team keeps these goals in mind for Women’s health, endocrinology, rheumatology, both simple and complex issues. Diagnosis, imaging, gastroenterology, neurology, pulmonology, consultations, outpatient surgery, and rehabilitation: OB/GYN, geriatric and memory care, palliative It all comes down to personalized service. LPG care, pain medicine, infectious diseases, allergy and WHAT’S NEW? orthopedics makes sure your bones and joints keep immunology, urology — the truth is, Lee Health has up with your active lifestyle. enough specialties to fill its own book. LPG hired 88 new physicians and 44 new advanced providers over the last fiscal year. Along with opening WHAT’S NEW? and/or expanding seven offices, LPG also developed new service lines Urology, gastroenterology, and including pediatric gastroenterology. expanded access to existing Your Impact: Donations go toward research, training surgeons, services such as allergy and and advancing new techniques. View our complete list of services immunology — LPG works to ensure at leehealth.org/whylee2020 convenience and an interconnected network that helps you heal. Make an appointment, learn how to use MyChart, sign up for Telemedicine, or find a specialist at leehealth.org/whylee2020 6 7

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    OUTPATIENT SERVICES Surgery services include: • Colonoscopy and endoscopy Imaging Hold your breath and don’t apnea, insomnia, and reflux. Our Outpatient Sleep Centers • Gallbladder and hernia move! The giant, intricate provide 24-hour home studies • Oncology machines buzz, whir, and click, and give you a place to rest • Gynecology but it’s the experts who run easy while we conduct a full OUTPATIENT MEANS A LOT OF THINGS: Surgery, WHO • Orthopedics these devices that make a overnight study. A referral WE ARE WHAT rehabilitation, therapy, imaging, sleep studies, lab work, • Urology difference. Working to keep you is required. WE DO • Pain management comfortable, radiologists and basically any procedure that you need outside of the hospital their staff members perform Lab Services HOW or primary care doctor’s office. Rehabilitation scans and imaging of every kind. For your convenience Lee WE SERVE YOU Healing takes time. Licensed They send the results to your Health has up to 13 lab service therapists are in it for the long doctor and work together on locations all over Lee County. A s our busy lives take us survival rate and extra time to ordeal. Outpatient surgery haul. Therapy covers patients the next steps. Our Lab Outpatient Centers are in a hundred different consider treatment alternatives. allows you to go home on the with bone issues, balance available for sample collection, directions, Lee Health’s Procedures for breast health same day as your procedure. trouble, and brain injuries. There Sleep Studies specimen drop-off, and Outpatient Services aims to get include mammograms and With improved technology is also help for Parkinson’s, It’s the unfortunate truth: We pre-procedure testing. you in and get you out quickly other imaging, cyst aspirations, and pain control, Lee Health’s stroke, and heart issues. In are a sleep-deprived nation. But — with all the quality you would and biopsy. Staff members also surgeons and anesthesiologists short, anyone who is in pain sometimes the problem goes expect from a hospital stay. answer your questions during perform less-invasive or is dealing with an issue beyond the usual distractions. a stressful time. procedures so you don’t have that affects their quality of life Lee Health sleep specialists Breast Health to worry about the anxiety of a has a rehab option available. treat various disorders that Early detection of breast Surgery hospital stay. Questions? Please email us at affect you and your family such cancer leads to a 98 percent The days are long gone when rehabservices@leehealth.org. as snoring, narcolepsy, sleep every surgery had to be an Your Impact: Donations go toward the latest surgery and imaging equipment as well as awareness about early cancer WHAT’S NEW? screenings and helping those with financial issues. Find our outpatient locations Our outpatient team has been proactive at leehealth.org/whylee2020 during COVID-19 by continuing to deliver care in a low-risk environment. With strict safety protocols, social distancing, screenings, and virtual visits, outpatient services are readily available for all of Southwest Florida. 8 9

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    GOLISANO CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL THE RIGHT WHAT’S NEW? CARE, CLOSE In the past year we have OF SOUTHWEST FLORIDA TO HOME established or expanded services for children’s eye care, physical YOU CAN’T HELP BUT SMILE WHEN YOU therapy/rehabilitation, WHO THINK ABOUT GOLISANO CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL. and urology. We WE ARE WHAT The stunning building, the bright colors, the pictures of brave WE DO now have a pediatric children who have overcome illnesses, and the devotion of a gastroenterology office, new clinics in Port HOW staff that treats children while reducing anxiety and fear. WE SERVE YOU Charlotte for primary care, and increased specialty S mile, too, when you think about our services Specialties services in Collier County. and plans for the future, which include Golisano Children’s Hospital and programs developed to meet community its network of pediatric doctors Your heart needs. Our amazing staff won’t rest until every child offer nearly every specialty you care heroes. Dedicated to saving little lives everyday. in Southwest Florida gets the vital care they deserve. can imagine: Behavioral health, gogolisano.com Because every child is special. surgery, orthopedics, sleep medicine, 24/7 ER Built For Kids endocrinology, rehabilitation, Children need an atmosphere that caters directly urology, allergy and immunology, to them. Our staff tackles respiratory problems, ophthalmology, and ear, nose, and bleeding, severe pain, injuries, broken bones, wounds, throat care. Our hospital also has a seizures, and any other serious medical condition. We burn service and a sedation center for ©2019 Lee Health • 6000.376 • 11/19 make tests and procedures more comfortable with certain procedures to care for bright rooms, a colorful layout, bedside services, toys, a frightened child. and special training to lessen anxiety. The children’s ER is the only one of its kind in the area. Pediatric Cardiology Golisano has a dedicated heart center with offices in Fort Myers, Port Charlotte, and Naples. NICU For families facing uncertainty, our Level III Neo- Child Advocacy/Child Life Natal Intensive Care Unit cares for infants with We have an entire staff trained to interact with complications such as premature births and other children and make them feel more comfortable with potentially serious health concerns. The Golisano proven distraction techniques. This team also spreads DID YOU KNOW? NICU is one of only 11 such centers in the state and the word on safety and prevention in our community. the only one in our region. Golisano Children’s Kids’ Urgent Care/Specialty Center Our specialty center in the heart of Naples is perfect Hospital of Southwest Donations help us raise awareness and promote when your child needs urgent care or a visit with a Florida — a standalone, treatment for mental health, cardiac care, kids with specialist. This facility is open seven days a week. cancer, the NICU, and our child life program. state-of-the-art facility that opened in 2017 — is Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. the only children’s hospital between Tampa and Miami. We’ve consistently won awards for safety, innovation, and our beautiful campus. 10 11

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    REGIONAL CANCER CENTER CANCER: IT’S OUR CALLING. A cancer diagnosis changes WHO your life. That’s why the brightest medical minds in Southwest WE ARE WHAT WE DO Florida got together to form the Regional Cancer Center, an all-encompassing program that helps patients both in the HOW hospital and in outpatient settings. WE SERVE YOU RCC provides travel worries. For area visitors INPATIENT the same diagnosed locally, RCC helps services them begin their journey. Inpatient Services at as any cancer hospital in the The Sanctuary also provides Gulf Coast Medical Center country — and now you don’t a healing garden, meditation 7th Floor have to travel to find them. center, resource library, support 13681 Doctors Way, groups, yoga, acupuncture, Fort Myers, FL 33912 But it’s that personal, passionate and a boutique for cards, gifts, 239-343-1000 spark that sets RCC above the jewelry, wigs and accessories, A “hospital within a hospital,” rest. Patients overwhelmed hats and scarves. the 7th floor at Gulf Coast with appointments, tests, and Medical Center ensures quick treatments — not to mention diagnosis and treatment, private stress and fear — will get to rooms and beds, individualized know their care teams and talk treatment plans, and to nurse navigators who guide Services convenience. Our new inpatient them through treatment. • Medical, surgical, and radiation floor means you and your family oncology specialists will always have a comfortable Your Impact: Donations help • Chemotherapy, iron therapy, us provide services to cancer OUTPATIENT and immunotherapy place to face your battle. patients regardless of the Services individual’s ability to pay Regional Cancer Center • Palliative care Outpatient at the Sanctuary • Genetic counseling • Cancer surgery 8931 Colonial Center Dr., • Clinical trials • Inpatient chemotherapy Fort Myers, FL 33905 • Care coordination • Care for complications • Rehabilitation • Intensive Care Units 239-343-9500 RCC’s Sanctuary location helps • Survivorship • Surgical robots for less WHAT’S NEW? seasonal residents continue their • In-house pharmacy invasive procedures cancer treatments when they • Multidisciplinary Breast Clinic The top floor of Gulf Coast are in Southwest Florida, easing • Nutrition counseling Medical Center, dedicated I am • Symptom management going to fight this thing with every ounce of strength I have. solely to cancer care, I don’t care that the journey is hard. I will confront whatever comes my way. I am not giving up. Period. opened in September 2020. And neither are we. At the Regional Cancer Center, we believe in care, compassion, and Together, “I didn’t choose cancer care as a career. community. We tirelessly fight and arm you with the weapons you need. we will be victorious. Our doctors and staff have joined forces to understand your disease, It chose me. devise a personalized treatment plan, and walk you through recovery. Fort Myers, Florida theregionalcancercenter.org View a complete list of services and physicians at I don’t see myself as anything other than an oncologist. It’s not just leehealth.org/whylee2020 what I do—it’s who I am. I want to see that kind of passion translated to my patients and to their families. I want them to know that with the support of this cancer program, we can take them to wherever ©2020 Lee Health • 1500.43 • 2/20 they need to be in their cancer journey comfortably.” — Dr. Bianca Ferrari, Lee Health oncologist 12 13

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    LEE COMMUNITY HEALTH & HEALTHCARE WELLNESS WHO THE HEART AND SOUL OF LEE HEALTH’S MISSION WHO The word WE ARE WHAT as community stewards, advocates, and passionate WE ARE WHAT WE DO “wellness” is defenders, Lee Community Healthcare empowers WE DO everywhere these HOW Southwest Florida every day. days. But what WE SERVE YOU HOW WE SERVE YOU does it mean? For Lee Health, WHAT’S wellness is more NEW? than just another Virtual classes, trendy word – it’s expanded events how we keep you and videos on healthy for your our website, new offerings at all entire life. Lee of our Healthy Health’s wellness Life Centers. initiative also We also invite promotes “finding you to enjoy our teaching kitchen your why” and demonstrations achieving at Coconut Point! life-long goals. WHAT’S NEW? LCH recently opened new women’s health clinics and expanded its behavioral health services. Where to Start? Stress Relief Sometimes we need a little direction, something Stress builds up slowly and tears us down, piling to show where to begin and where to go next. So up the pressure until we can no longer cope with T housands of Lee County residents live in low- OUR SERVICES our health and wellness experts highlight stress management, sleep, nutrition, exercise, purpose- day-to-day life. Health and wellness spurs programs built around relaxation: Fitness centers, yoga, income households and driven living, and mental health. These serve as a Pilates, acupuncture, massage, lifestyle coaching, lack access to medical care. • Behavioral health roadmap, a reminder of what’s truly necessary to hypnotherapy, steam rooms, and therapy pools. LCH works to build connections • Primary care for families keep us feeling good. and provide education so these Healthy Life Centers • Pediatric care community members can Health Education and Classes OK, so where do all of these wellness opportunities avoid unnecessary trips to the • Diagnostic labs and imaging Both local and national experts regularly speak to happen? Our Healthy Life Centers in Cape Coral emergency room. With primary • Cancer and other screenings Lee Health audiences to make sure they’ve got the and Babcock Ranch have fitness equipment along care doctors as their partners, • Immunizations for adults facts. From health concerns to diets to the latest with personal trainers ready to help you reach the LCH patients can better manage hot topics, our classes have you covered — both next level. You can also find • Chronic disease management chronic conditions and find virtually and in person. classes and stress relief. for diabetes, hypertension, access to vital resources. The Healthy Life Center asthma, COPD, and congestive heart failure Your impact: Your donations go toward at Coconut Point features Your Impact: Money raised goes directly toward awareness, virtual events, education materials, seminars, a teaching kitchen, • Case management, referrals, expanding services for and outreach. Read blogs, sign up for events, stress relief, transportation, interpreters, low-income residents and find Healthy Life Center locations at and rehabilitation. and patient education throughout the community. leehealth.org/whylee2020 • OB/GYN care Find our locations at leehealth.org/whylee2020 • Help obtaining discounted medications 14 15

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    WHO WE ARE WHAT 2019 COMMUNITY BENEFIT REPORT Lee Community Healthcare Outreach Team WE DO Lee Community Healthcare (LCH) is a federally qualified health center Our Mission: To be a trusted partner, empowering healthier lives through care and compassion look-alike with four medical offices in Dunbar, North Fort Myers, Cape HOW Our Vision: To inspire hope and be a national leader for the advancement of health and healing Coral and Lehigh Acres and two women’s health offices in East and South WE SERVE YOU Fort Myers. LCH’s 82 physicians, advanced practitioners, midwives, nurses and support staff provide primary medical care to the medically TOTAL Lee Memorial HealthPark Cape Coral Gulf Coast uninsured and economically distressed residents of Southwest Florida. Lee Health Hospital Medical Center Hospital Medical Center The LCH patient care teams are committed to providing a medical home to those that have historically used local emergency rooms to meet their Cost of Charity Care $69,986,119 $27,899,849 $11,869,379 $14,462,705 $15,754,186 primary care needs. From last year, LCH saw a 15% overall increase in the Over 100 Lee Health clinicians number of total patients and a 30% increase in pediatric patients. and experts comprise the Outreach Team Cost of Unpaid Medicaid $100,170,988 $24,930,361 $46,217,495 $13,338,573 $15,684,559 and actively promote health in the community by patients 15,061 patient47,289 DIAGNOSES seen visits improving access and providing education. OBESITY 7,090 Cost of Unpaid Medicare $291,476,699 $67,955,555 $74,794,132 $61,249,506 $87,477,505 age 18-44 7,424 Community Outreach Service Lines HYPERTENSION 3,379 • Balance • Lee Health Solutions 76.5% Total Value of Charity Care, BIRTHS 1,923 • Behavioral Health • Military Medicaid, Medicare $461,633,806 $120,785,765 $132,881,065 $89,050,785 $118,916,251 female Support Program age • Blood Centers DIABETES 1,781 • Parish Nurses 0-17 945 Cost of Providing Community • Cape Coral Hospital Cost of Providing Community $70,049,929 $19,383,225 $16,888,901 $16,888,901 $16,888,901 Practice Council • Professional Nurse Benefit and Outreach HEART 1,091 Benefit and Outreach DISEASE Advancement Program male • COPD/Asthma Total Charity Care, Government- COPD 922 • Regional Cancer Center Sponsored Programs Sponsored Programs and and Other Other 531,683,735 $140,168,990 $149,769,907 $105,939,686 $135,805,152 2 3 .51 % • Dementia Care and Cure Initiative • Shipley 4, Community Benefits Community Benefits 30 ASTHMA 654 92 9 Cardiothoracic Center age 45-64 1,7 age • Golisano 65+ Children’s Hospital • Sleep Lab Less the Benefit of Taxes $76,931,621 $19,273,267 $20,304,558 $17,927,909 $19,425,886 • Healthy Life Centers • Stroke Net Value of Community Benefit $454,752,114 $120,895,722 $129,465,349 $88,011,777 $116,379,266 $14.4M in • KidCare • Lee Community • Translators • Trauma and community benefit Connect Injury Prevention • Lee Community Healthcare Cost of Charity Care Less the Benefit of Tax-Exempt Status • Community donations: This category Charity care is free or discounted health services This calculation illustrates that Lee Health’s total includes funds and in-kind services donated to provided to patients who cannot afford to pay Community Benefit investments are six times greater community organizations or to the community at and who meet the eligibility criteria of Lee Health’s financial assistance policy. than the dollar amount of taxes Lee Health would pay if, in theory, it was a tax-paying entity. large for a community benefit purpose. In-kind services include hours contributed by staff to the Behavioral Health community while on Lee Health work time, the cost Kids’ Minds Matter Dementia Care and Cure Initiative 46,000 Cost of Unpaid Medicaid Community Outreach of meeting space provided to community groups, Government-sponsored health care community These activities are carried out to improve community and the donations of food and supplies. Approximately Lee County has the 6th highest prevalence benefit includes unpaid costs of public programs for health, extend beyond patient care activities, and are children in Southwest Florida will suffer from severe mental illness of probable Alzheimer’s disease throughout the state of Florida, • Community health promotion and low-income patients. subsidized by Lee Health. education: These activities are carried out to at some point in their lifetime, and 1 in 7 will be affected as with just over3% of Lee County residents diagnosed with Cost of Unpaid Medicare and other • Clinical Education: This category includes improve community health, extend beyond patient early as age . 2 probable Alzheimer’s disease. educational programs when that education is care activities, and are subsidized by the health Kids’ Minds Matter is dedicated to The mission of DCCI is to increase Government Programs necessary for a degree, certificate, or training that fostering partnerships that support awareness of dementia and of care organization. Government-sponsored health care community is required by state law, accrediting body, or health existing services, identifying gaps in services available, provide assistance benefit includes unpaid costs of public programs such profession society. care, and providing new treatments to dementia-caring communities, and as Medicare and for low-income adults and children. to meet the pediatric mental and to advocate for care and cure behavioral healthcare needs in programs by providing dementia Southwest Florida. sensitivity training. Lee County Unpaid Cost of Medicaid and Other Means Tested Government Programs: $391.6M Lee Health is actively involved Unpaid Cost of Charity Care: $69.9M with DCCI in partnership with the Lee Behavioral Center Department of Elder Affairs and other Community Benefit Community health education Lee Community Leading with compassion, mental health improving local organizations. The Lee County DCCI Task Force is chaired by Programs/Services: through informational programs, Healthcare low the quality of $70M experts at the Lee Behavioral Center help Lee Memory Care and has the support of Lee Health team members. life publications, and outreach income clinics: • community health education activities in response to $14.4M identify the cause of anxiety, depression, • community-based clinical services community needs: $32.6M or mood disorders while providing open- • health care support services • health professions education • health education Community minded treatment that controls symptoms • community clinical services Triage Center: and improves quality of life. • subsidized health services $345.7K • research • health care support services • financial and in-kind donations • health professions education •community benefit operations •cash and in-kind contributions Residency •economic development Program: •community support •workforce development $6.2M 712.45 Staff Hours • $85,341 Community Benefit • 4,401 People Served 16 17

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    LEE HEALTH HOSPITALS HOSPITALS AND FACILITIES, FISCAL YEAR 2020: COMMUNITY BENEFIT AND FACILITIES OCT. 1, 2019 TO SEPT. 30, 2020 LEE HEALTH REACHES PATIENTS ALL Cape Coral Hospital 16,942 Gulf Coast Medical Center WHO WE ARE WHAT OVER SOUTHWEST FLORIDA, ALL YEAR LONG. HP inpatient admissions, 43,301 LM 20,307 inpatient admissions, GC WE DO Here is some additional information that shows our MC ED visits, 175,548 outpatient encounters (incl. 4,080 outpatient surgeries) H 36,952 ED visits, 27,376 outpatient encounters (incl. 7,085 outpatient surgeries) H HOW benefit to the community during 2019-2020. WE SERVE YOU Lee Physician Group • Cared for 360,324 patients during 1.79 million office visits HealthPark Medical Lee Memorial Hospital Golisano Children’s Hospital • Collected 38,137 COVID-19 test specimens from March-October Center 26,542 inpatient CC 13,969 inpatient admissions, GC 39,592 patient encounters, H MC admissions, 29,962 ED 38,065 ED visits, 35,547 4,030 admissions, 31,012 ED • Hired 88 new physicians and 44 advanced providers visits, 29,521 outpatient outpatient encounters encounters, 7,561 outpatient encounters (incl. 9,411 (incl. 2,864 outpatient • Delivered 3,480 babies outpatient surgeries) surgeries) • Opened and/or expanded seven LPG offices Lee Health Coconut The Rehabilitation • Acquired two new pediatric practices serving Charlotte County Point 12,997 ED visits, Hospital • Embedded telemedicine in all LPG offices SC 42,749 doctors’ visits, SN FY 19—discharged LC C 3,329 virtual visits, 35,819 outpatient encounters (incl. 2,832 outpatient U 1,281 patients with 16,561 days of patient care C Pharmacy Services Behavioral Health Outpatient Services surgeries) • 350,000 consultations For Fiscal Year 2020 (as of 7/31/2020) • 9,300,000 doses dispensed • Licensed counselor • 5,400,000 orders verified visits completed: 4,448 Shipley Cardiothoracic Skilled Nursing Unit LCC Page Field 290,000 outpatient prescriptions • Psychiatry visits completed: 4,225 LH TR • Center Fiscal Year 2020 Patient Encounters: Patient Encounters: 37,709 Cardiothoracic Case 1,064 Occupational Medicine: 10,226 LPG Recovery Medicine Lee Health Solutions - Totals: 1,505 Fiscal Year 2019 Cardiothoracic CP H Urgent Care: 27,482 Patient Education Case Totals: 1,543 For Fiscal Year 2020 (as of 7/31/2020) • Over 13,000 patient • Licensed counselor encounters in FY ‘19 A Complete List visits completed: 206 • Patient satisfaction LCC Metro/Daniels Lee For full and up-to-date • Medication-assisted therapy Patient Encounters: Convenient Care visits completed: 1,013 at 97 percent likelihood to recommend programs) LC 35,495 Infectious LC Total Patient numbers, visit leehealth.org/whylee2020 C Diseases: 3,320 Pulmonary: 9,845 Urgent Care: 22,324 C Encounters, FY 2020: 160,314 * Statisitcs on these pages Safety and Quality are for billed encounters only • Leapfrog “A” grades • Our efforts to reduce adverse drug events and fall at all four acute care hospitals injuries helped prevent 100 deaths and saved $8 million between 2016-2018. • Lee Health’s lowest LCC Summerlin LCC Pine Island Road infection rates ever from • Achieved a 24% reduction in harm, Patient Encounters: 23,606 LC Patient Encounters: 63,504 LC catheter-associated UTI and surgical site infection 100 mortalities prevented, and $7,913,883 in avoided costs. Pediatrics: 6,890 Urgent Care: 16,711 C Internal Medicine: 18,348 Occupational Medicine: C 3,114 Urgent Care: 40,918 18 19

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    BEHAVIORAL LEE HEALTH CONVENIENT CARE BECAUSE YOU MATTER. Mental health disorders affect all of WHO us, regardless of race, age, or background. Whether you just WE ARE WHAT WE DO need to talk or you are having trouble coping with depression, anxiety, mood disorders — or any other issue that affects your HOW quality of life — there is no need to feel alone. WE SERVE YOU A t our Behavioral Health Services clinic, you will find a relaxing setting and compassionate ears. We also provide services for children and teenagers. OUR SERVICES • Medication management • Individual therapy • Case management LPG Recovery Medicine P Finding hope for tomorrow: Addiction to chemicals, “SHOULD I VISIT eople around the country are turning to urgent drugs, activities, or substances affects people care facilities, known locally as Lee Convenient LEE CONVENIENT from every walk of life. But there are effective WHO Care. The trend speaks to an expectation for treatments. Our supportive staff will help you WE ARE WHAT CARE?” instant access and lower costs. You’ll find caring staff conquer your addiction with medication, therapy, WE DO It’s often a split- members trained to handle a variety of conditions at and access to support and encouragement. second decision: all of our convenient care locations. HOW You’ve got a nagging Patients who can’t get an appointment with their OUR SERVICES WE SERVE YOU cough or stomach flu. regular doctor are also welcome to stop by without an appointment. We also now offer On My Way Maybe it’s a rash or a appointments through our MyChart app. • Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) • Individual therapy WHAT’S muscle strain. To make NEW? matters worse, you’re SERVICES feeling bad after The Bonita WHAT’S NEW? Health Center hours or on a Sunday • Non-emergencies • Rashes is now part of afternoon. Can Lee • Flu, colds, • Nausea, Lee Health! Convenient Care help? and sore throat vomiting, diarrhea Our outpatient facility in South This popular • Insect bites/stings • Ear and eye infections Fort Myers now houses both Absolutely! These • Cuts, sprains, strains • Minor laceration repairs facility along behavioral health and recovery U.S. 41 in Bonita facilities offer medical • Minor burns • Workers’ medicine. We continue to add Springs — open care services seven • Allergic reactions compensation injuries nationally renowned experts, Mental health awareness and treatment is one of the seven days a days a week. • Urinary tract infections • X-rays treatment options (in-patient and cornerstones of Lee Health Foundation. Donations week — includes outpatient) as well as pediatric go toward behavioral health and recovery medicine urgent care awareness and programs for adults and children. services and a services to help tackle the mental Find out more at leehealth.org/whylee2020 health crisis in Southwest Florida. Smartline Check- Your impact: Besides donations, community and In feature for business partnerships have led to an overall increase in urgent care services. appointments. For locations and hours, visit leehealth.org/whylee2020 20 21

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    HOSPITALS AND FACILITIES Gulf Coast Medical Center WHO TAKE A LOOK AROUND and these locations will catch WE ARE WHAT WE DO your eye: Buildings with several floors or on a spread of land, surrounded by the hustle and bustle of activity. HOW WE SERVE YOU Each of these locations has its own history and character, but the common theme is the same: GULF COAST Dedicated service in the heart of our MEDICAL CENTER largest communities. Centrally located for both Lee and Collier residents, OUR SERVICES GCMC embodies the pace of a busy region and pushes forward with expansion projects to meet Cape Coral Hospital Each of our hospitals features 24/7 emergency community needs. Home to the Neuroscience rooms and services including imaging, family Institute, GCMC received an A grade for patient medicine, behavioral health, neurology, surgery, safety, earned the “Get With the Guidelines” stroke pain management, pulmonology, physical therapy, center designation, and was rated a 3-star facility by cardiology, infectious diseases, physiatry, orthopedics, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. and a full-service pharmacy. LEE HEALTH LEE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL COCONUT POINT A mainstay for more than 100 years, Lee Memorial A central point — mind, body, and spirit — for the Hospital is a local landmark with a lot of history. south Lee community, Lee Health Coconut Point The home of our Level II Trauma Center as well as offers a new way of thinking about a medical Lee Health heart and stroke care recognition, Lee Memorial facility. Home to a Healthy Life Center, LCHP offers Coconut Point has 415 patient beds. primary care, specialty care, rehabilitation, pediatrics, Lee Health rehabilitation, and outpatient services. Coconut Point CAPE CORAL HOSPITAL The premiere hub for health care in an energetic city, THE REHABILITATION Cape Coral Hospital joined the Lee Health family in HOSPITAL Lee Memorial Hospital 1996. A winner of an A grade for patient safety, CCH was the first designated hospital in the U.S. to offer Located inside Lee Memorial Hospital, The the Veteran’s Visitation Program. In addition, CCH was Rehabilitation Hospital rebuilds lives and renews one of the first hospitals in the U.S. to install a Philips hope. Our team treats neurological and orthopedic Ingenia Ambition MRI machine, which reduces exam injuries while providing the kind of encouragement times by half and allows a video immersive experience. that helps patients make great strides after an injury, accident, or from acquired/congenital conditions. HEALTHPARK MEDICAL CENTER HealthPark WHAT’S NEW? Medical Center Nestled in the heart of South Fort Myers, HPMC provides a modern approach to health and wellness. Winner of an A grade for patient safety, HPMC — Expanded services at every named a 3-star facility by the Centers for Medicare hospital including a new cancer and Medicaid Services - is nationally renowned for wing at Gulf Coast Medical Center stroke and cardiac care. Our facility was named a Top 50 Cardiovascular Hospital. 22 23

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    SKILLED LEE HEALTH NURSING SOLUTIONS SPECIALIZING IN RESTORATIVE CARE, LEE HEALTH’S SKILLED NURSING CENTERS provide extra special WHO WE ARE WHAT attention for patients after a hospital stay. Whether recovering from WE DO joint/orthopedic surgery, stroke, heart surgery, or pulmonary issues, our trained staff assists you with rehab, therapy, and other services HOW WE SERVE YOU so you can get back to the comfort of home. OUR SERVICES • Physical therapy WHAT’S NEW? • Occupational therapy • Speech therapy New classes are added • Daily recreational therapy to our lineup all the time • Social worker services along with community • Case management presentations and • Oxygen therapy education opportunities. • Wound care • Medication management • Chronic disease management • Lymphedema management Your Impact: Donations WHO EDUCATING COMMUNITY MEMBERS so they can reach go toward new facilities as WE ARE WHAT well as necessary equipment WE DO their long-term health goals, Lee Health Solutions, part of and training. Find Skilled Nursing locations at Innovatus Health, believes in a personal approach to wellness. leehealth.org/whylee2020 HOW WHAT’S NEW? WE SERVE YOU R Lee Health recently opened a new Skilled Nursing Unit on egistered dietitians and nurses help you learn quality of life. Participants also learn Plantation Road in Fort Myers. to manage chronic conditions like diabetes ways to spot symptoms, manage and pain. Serving as community stewards, blood sugar, lower stress, decrease Lee Health Solutions also teaches better eating risk factors, change behavior, and habits and how to get more rewards from exercise. find support. HOME HEALTH CHRONIC DISEASE To get in touch with program navigators for Lee Health Solutions, AND DIABETES R ight in the comfort of your own home — Our Services call 239-424-3120. that’s the advantage of Lee Health Home • Nursing care for cardiac, Services, who can help you recover from Join one of our community workshops! Learn Register for diabetes education by pulmonary, diabetic, and prenatal patients about physical activity, managing medication, how surgery, deal with a chronic illness, or learn to calling 239-424-3127 in Fort Myers/Cape Coral and • Telemedicine monitoring to prepare healthier food, breathing techniques, adapt to an 239-468-0051 in Bonita Springs. • Physical, occupational, and speech therapy positive thinking, how to sleep better, and techniques Or visit leehealth.org/whylee2020 unexpected • Medical social work to communicate with your health provider. health issue. • Medication management Using the latest • Wound care Whether you’re newly diagnosed with diabetes or mobile health • Patient and caregiver education have been living with it for a while, our diabetes Your Impact: Donations are a key part of community technology, our educators help participants self-manage to improve education and health plans for conditions such as • Intravenous or nutrition therapy diabetes and pain management. registered nurses, therapists, home health aides, • Monitoring illness and unstable health status and medical social workers come directly to you. 24 25

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    PLANNING FOR A BRIGHT FUTURE WHO “Happy children.” WE ARE WHAT Linda Brown uses these words to describe patients at WE DO Golisano Children’s Hospital. HOW WE SERVE YOU A s a volunteer for I have witnessed many come “I firmly believe the Infectious Lee Health, Linda together to make the dream Disease team, led by Drs. has seen quite a of a children’s hospital a Rajendra Sharma and Mary few patients come through reality. I want to see a solid Beth Saunders, saved my life Golisano’s doors. future for our community.” by successfully diagnosing and aggressively treating my “Children come in not feeling Linda decided to contribute severe case of septicemia,” well, but with excellent care through a planned gift. She John says. “They are my combined with coping and made Golisano a beneficiary heroes and they literally have support strategies that Child of her IRA. my undying gratitude.” Life specialists provide, they forget about their situations,” In addition, she continues These same heroes came Linda says. “Kids here have to contribute to Lee Health to the forefront with the interacted with professional through annual donations and challenge of COVID-19. sports players, movie volunteering with her mini- characters and even Santa dachshund rescue, Shayna. “We became aware that Claus — all sharing Lee Health was in need of a the same goal “If my deferred gift molecular analyzer to process of helping our can inspire others a much larger quantity of patients feel COVID-19 tests with faster better as they to give back, results,” the Schuberts said. recover.” especially to the THE SCHUBERTS children in our The Helping children community who Schuberts is Linda’s passion. need our help the then With a full resume decided most, I am all for “I have been proud to of interesting they would jobs, Linda has it,” Linda says. also fund be a part of the Lee realized firsthand personal Health Foundation for Philanthropy the importance of protection many years ever since being engaged in and COVID-19 equipment Golisano Children’s the community and BROWN As longtime residents of (PPE), Hospital helped my giving back across the globe. Sanibel Island and supporters supply daughter when she was of SanCap Cares, Donna and testing machines at each “Children come in not feeling well, but with the excellent care they “I have seen the hope and campus, and upgrade Cepheid young. It is a privilege John Schubert understand the receive, combined with coping and support strategies that Child healing that comes when importance of having access molecular testing modules for and a pleasure to pay Life specialists provide, they forget about their situations. Kids here children have access to proper to healthcare close to home. COVID-19. it forward to the next healthcare,” Linda says. “As have interacted with professional sports players, movie characters generation of children past Lee Health chair and This was especially true when “Their love and concern for our and even Santa Claus — all sharing the same goal of helping our and families.” now as a board member of John was diagnosed with a community and the support patients feel better as they recover.” Lee Community Healthcare, they have provided to the field bloodstream infection in 2016. Pason Gaddis, Chair, of infection prevention and Lee Lee Health Foundation Linda Brown, volunteer Health are gifts from the heart,” at Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida said Dr. Mary Beth Saunders. 26 27

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    THE PHILANTHROPIC CIRCLE: staff. Lee Health and NCH collaborate on all fronts: THE POWER OF CONNECTIONS Policies, action plans, media updates, outreach and testing sites. Together, Lee Health and NCH asked the Southwest Florida community to join them and share support. WHO A woman recently went to Lee Memorial Hospital for surgery WE ARE WHAT Gifts to the SWFL Stronger Together fund provide WE DO and had a wonderful experience with Dr. Michael Fromke’s ventilators, protective gear, mobile units, employee team and the rest of the hospital staff. meals, and technology. Funds also help supply HOW more than 100 iPads so patients in isolation could WE SERVE YOU stay in contact with their families. Here’s what happened next, as told by Chris Simoneau, Chief Foundation and Development Officer: The combination of gifts and in-kind donations reached more than $1 million. 1 Patient calls her 2 For more information or to contribute to financial adviser the Foundation’s ongoing efforts to fight in Milwaukee, wanting to make Adviser COVID-19, visit www.leehealthstrong.org in Milwaukee calls Panda Cares agrees a financial gift to financial adviser in 12 CHILDREN’S to donate 30,000 surgical masks to Lee Health. Bonita Springs to make a connection at MARTHA’S STORY: Lee Health at a total value of $18,000. Lee Health, who calls MIRACLE NETWORK: A STUDY IN SELFLESSNESS me since we are friends. 3 IT’S AS SIMPLE AS YOUR Martha Rivera is a housekeeper at HealthPark Local Panda 13 The financial NEXT MEAL Medical Center. She only worked at Lee Health for Express reaches adviser in six months before COVID-19 hit. Milwaukee calls Panda Express runs a year-round campaign asking out to the corporate office THE RESULT client with my information, and their customers to round up their purchase to Martha was quarantined at home for 14 days after and asks for a several days later the next dollar to benefit patients at Golisano finding out she had possibly been exposed to a donation to 11 Lee Health. Surgical masks client/patient calls me. Children’s Hospital. COVID-19 patient. protect many patients, staff, and community members, WHAT ARE CHILDREN’S When Martha returned to work, she wanted to do hopefully leading to more 4 MIRACLE NETWORK something to help. grateful patients… Panda Express is grateful for the The donor wants to support HOSPITALS? “I try to give my best, because LMH and COVID-19 it’s my job, it’s my support for order from Lee Health, standing THE BOTTOM LINE response, and we Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals raise funds my house, my life,” Martha says. settle on $25,000 by them during Great service and attention by our docs and nurses at the for 170 member hospitals that provide 32 million difficult times. front end leads to a $50,000 cash gift, which leads to now and $25,000 later. treatments each year to kids across the U.S. and “I am working because I know 30,000 surgical masks and two very grateful donors. Canada. Donations stay local to fund critical the people need us. I want to 10 treatments and healthcare services. give something for my hospital THIS IS WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO because this is my hospital. I A large card is Since 1983, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals asked my God, ‘What can I do? signed for the ... AND THE CIRCLE I suggest 5 have raised more than $7 billion, most of it $1 at a donor by LMH time through the charity’s Miracle Balloon icon. One day…you can do that.’” MARTHA RIVERA CONTINUES... we use $5,000 staff, and donor of gift to buy is elated that So Martha donated an entire the team was lunch for all LMH employees. COVID-19: day’s pay to Lee Health. supported. STRONGER TOGETHER “That day God blessed me because 9 Panda Express Foundation Within hours of the first diagnosis of COVID-19 at I feel so happy,” Martha says. provides over connects with Lee Health, the Lee Health Foundation team began “God bless this place…everybody.” 700 meals our Food 6 work on an unprecedented plan to join forces with paid for by the Foundation Director and Nutrition Foundation. Director. NCH to keep Southwest Florida safe and healthy. of Children’s Miracle Network contacts Children’s hospitals need your support. Panda Express, asks This led to the SWFL Stronger Together campaign, Visit CMNHospitals.org 8 for their support. providing resources and critical supplies to medical To see Martha’s story, go to TMG.LeeHealthFoundation.org 7 28 29

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    A FEW OTHER THINGS THE PAST, YOU CAN FIND AT LEE HEALTH PRESENT AND FUTURE Other Services: IT ALL STARTED IN 1916 when a group of community leaders WHO WHO WE ARE WHAT How else do we serve set aside $300 and donated lumber from a dismantled our community? WE DO WE ARE WHAT WE DO courthouse to build the first hospital in Fort Myers. That first HOW These essential services hospital, Lee County Hospital — with four rooms and 10 beds — also benefit you. WE SERVE YOU HOW was the beginning of healthcare in our area. WE SERVE YOU OCCUPATIONAL M ore buildings followed through the decades, MEDICINE but it was another kind of progress that truly blossomed: Services and surgery, women’s care and pediatrics, recruitment of world- Our Occupational Medicine team helps employers renowned physicians, all the way up to the present create a productive and safe work environment by day with a focus on technological wonders that providing drug tests, pre-employment physicals, treatment for workers’ compensation injuries, MILITARY OUTREACH couldn’t be conceived in the early 20th century. Department of Transportation exams, and As part of our extensive community affairs COVID-19 Response health education. projects, Lee Health regularly provides resources So here we are now, in a challenging time. and support to members of the military and their Who could have predicted the events of 2020? families in the form of job training and placement, navigating benefits, and adjustment to civilian With a global pandemic affecting our everyday living. You can help! Call 239-343-2045 or email lives, Lee Health infectious disease experts have militarysupport@leehealth.org worked to issue new protocols about public safety as well as timely SPIRITUAL SERVICES information about COVID-19 symptoms, treatment, testing Our trained and certified staff listens to spiritual sites, and latest news. and emotional concerns, calms anxiety, and helps We’ve enforced safety people tap into their own spiritual resources. However COVID-19 continues, Lee Health and its measures to ensure healthcare heroes — nurses, doctors, respiratory you can still get the therapists, housekeepers, safety experts, and more PHARMACY AND MUCH MORE care you need in our — will tirelessly, passionately fight on the front lines. facilities. We’ve joined Lee Health prides itself forces with community What Does the Future Hold? Take a moment and think about all and government organizations to develop clear, on providing services and Although no one can say for certain what the future the amazing pharmacists and their Primary care physicians Michael Applebaum, M.D. and Jessica Castaneira, M.D. transparent communication. holds, our community should feel confident in one at Lee Health Coconut Point outreach of every kind to our Your physicians. staff behind the scenes, feverishly Your partners. diverse, growing population. thing: The Lee Health staff — more than 14,000 — working amid the rows of medicine, Basically, we’ve seen the positive in a trying period: That includes more than we pledges to push ourselves to the highest possible double-checking drug interactions COVID-19 has united Lee Health and Southwest can list in this report such as It’s personal at level and care for you to the best of our ability. and allergies for your safety, counting Lee Health Coconut Point. Florida in ways we never imagined. public relations, marketing, Our newest health and wellness destination in South Lee County and compiling, contacting insurance is packed with modern touches and technological wonders. But it’s our physicians and our patients that truly make the difference. Primary care and specialty physicians are ready to listen and put a treatment plan in place just for you. volunteer programs, pain Our world looks different than when we started all Visit our Lee Physician Group office today and get all of your health care needs under one roof: Primary Care companies, counseling — these professionals are Cardiology Gastroenterology General and Vascular Surgery management and physiatry, those years ago. But one vital ingredient remains Obstetrics and Gynecology Orthopedics Pediatrics right on the front lines every single day. Pulmonary Medicine and trauma services. To schedule an appointment, call 239-468-1000 Coconut Point Mall Cocon ut Rd For more information, go to leehealth.org/coconut-point “The commitment to the community doesn’t change. the same. In 1914, citizens dismantled an old The numbers are bigger and the scale is bigger. But Via Cocon US 41 - S. Tamiami Trai courthouse and saved the lumber so they could ut Point Health Center Blvd Blvd lony l n Co Pelica leehealth.org the people wanting to do the right thing for their ©2019 Lee Health • 1450-01 • 7/19 build Lee County’s first hospital. community and raising the money and gathering WHAT’S NEW? the wood and building the facility is not unlike what Donations help support our brave military That spirit lives on. members with care packages and other items to happens today.” Occupational Medicine recently opened bring a piece of home to them no matter where Larry Antonucci, MD, MBA they are. Find out more about all of the above at President and CEO Lee Health a new location in Bonita Springs to leehealth.org/whylee2020 better serve South Lee County. For the latest on our COVID-19 response, visit leehealth.org/whylee2020 30 31

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    WHO WE ARE WH $485,215.47 WE D A BIG HOW NUMBER WE SERVE That’s the amount of all the in-kind gifts Please note that some of the photos in this report were taken pre-COVID and may feature patients and staff we have received without masks. Lee Health has a strict mask policy for patients, visitors, and staff. during COVID-19 for masks, gloves, sanitizer, food, and other important items. Lee Health, Southwest Florida, and the power of community — moving forward to face whatever challenges arise. P.O. Box 2218 Fort Myers, FL 33902 leehealth.org WHO WE ARE WHAT Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube WE DO HOW WE SERVE YOU ? Would you like to leave feedback or make a suggestion? Please email... social@leehealth.org

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