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    ole Ford India Ford India Private Limited Revenue Survey No-06, Village- North kotpura, Taluka- Sanand, Dist- Ahmedabad- 382 170. Gujarat, India. www.india.ford.com Tel. : 91-2717-674444 Fax : 91-2717-676190 CIN No. : U34103 TN 2000 PTC045537 FIPL2/SVAEP/GPCB/BMW/01/18 26th April, 2018 To, The Member Secretary, Gujarat Pollution Control Board, Sector-10 A, Paryavaran Bhavan, Gandhinagar — 382 010. Subject: Form-IV submission under BMW ManagementRules, 2016 XGN ID - 368621 RespectedSir, Please find attached the FORM-IV (Annual Report of 2017) as per “Bio Medical Waste Management Rules, 2016”. We are enrolled with M/s E-Coli Waste Management Pvt Ltd. located at Plot No. 14/1, Saket Ind. Estate, Sanand, Vilmoraiya, Dist. Anmedabad for collection, transportation, Treatment & disposal of Bio medical waste generated at our Occupational Health Centre at Sanand Vehicle Assembly & Engine Plant. Membership Certificate is attached herewith as Attachment — A. Hope this is in line with the requirement. Thanking you & assuring our best attention at all the times. Yoursfaithfully, do Misses e Vi (Authorized Signatory) For Ford India Pvt. Ltd. Encl: 1 Form-!IV of CY 2017 2 Membership Certificate of M/s E-coli waste managementpvt Itd. CC: Regional Officer (Ahmedabad Rural), GPCB, Ahmedabad ut io :Coa n nt ro Bo S”d POar Guja ra t Po ll a # ay . Head Oí í1Ce = Sector No. 19-A20, 10. -38 Gandhinagar A Subsidiary ofYaad doctor Company: Renicterad Office « Ford India Private Limited. Via.S.P.Koil Post. Chenaaloattu - 603 204. Tamil Nadu-India.

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    BIO MEDICAL WASTE MANAGEMENT RULES, 2016 FORM- IV (See rule 13) Annual Report - 2017 (To be submitted to the prescribed authority on or before 30th June every year for the period from January to December of the preceding year, by the occupier of health care facility (HCF) or common bio-medical waste treatmentfacility (CBWTF). Sr. Particulars No. 1. Particulars of Occupier (i) Name of the authorized person Mr. Dhiraj Dixit/ Mr. Kireeti Monangi (occupier or operator of facility) (ii) Name of HCF or CBMWTF Ford India Pvt Ltd. - Occupational Health Centre (iii) Address for Correspondence Revenue Survey No. 6, North Kotpura Village, (iv) Address of Facility Taluka Sanand, Dist. Ahmedabad. (v) Tel No. & Fax no. 02717- 673333 & 02717 -676190 (vi) E-maid ID mbaskar2@ford.com (vii) URL or website https://www.india.ford.com/ (vili) GPS coordinates of HCF or CBMWTF Leti: 23.0000, Long: 72.2500 (ix) Ownership of HCF or CBMWTF Ford India Pvt Ltd. (x) Status of Authorization under the Bio-Medical AUTHORISATION NO: BMW-338815 valid up to Waste (Management and Handling) Rules 31/12/2075. ' (xi) Status of Consents under Water Act and Air AWH-69128 dated valid up to 18/02/2020 & f Act amended no. AH-88716 valid up to 13/08/2020 2. Type of Health Care Facility (i) Bedded Hospital 0 nos. (Beds are available for rest only) (ii) Non-bedded hospital Not applicable (Clinic or Blood Bank or Clinical Laboratory or | Research Institute or Veterinary Hospital or any other) | (ii) License numberand its date of expiry ; AUTHORISATION NO: BMW-338815 valid up to ‚31/12/2075. 3. ‚ Details of CBMWTF ‘1 Number healthcare facilities covered by 01 | CBMWTF (if) No of beds covered by CBMWTF 0 (Beds are available for rest) (ii) Installed treatment and disposal capacity of Not applicable | CBMWTF: : (iv) Quantity of biomedical waste treated or 139.6 Kg , disposed by CBMWTF 4, | Quantity of waste generated or disposed in Kg | Yellow Category: 92.566 per annum (on monthly average basis) : Red Category: 40.846 | White: 0.0 ¡ Blue Category: 6.185 | General Solid Waste: 0.0

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    | Details of the Storage, treatment, transportation, processing and Disposal Facility | (i) Details of the on-site storage facility Size: NA | Capacity: NA Provision of on-site storage: Provision is made within premises for a safe, ventilated and secured location for storage of segregated biomedical waste in colored bags or containers. The BMW is collected in colored containers & sent to E-coli Waste Management Pvt Ltd. (ii) disposal facility Type of No of Capacity Quantity . treatment the (kg/day) treated equipment units or disposed in kg/annum Incinerators - - - Plasma - - - pyrolysis Autoclaves - - - Microwaves - - - Hydroclave - - - Shredder - - - Needle tip 40 per cutter or month destroyer Sharps - - - encapsulati - - - onor | concrete pit ‘ Deep burial - - i” pits - chemical L- - = | disinfection | - : o |; Anyother | - - o ‘treatment | equipment | (ii) Quantity of recyclable wastes sold to authorize | 40.846 Kg ‚ recyclers after Treatment in kg per annum. : (iv) No of vehicles used for collection and ' Not Applicable _ transportation of biomedical waste | . {v) Details of incineration ash and ETP sludge | Not Applicable ‘ generated and disposed during the treatment of | ' wastes in Kg per annum | (vi) Name of the Common Bio-Medical Waste | M/s. E-Coli Waste Management System (Unit-1) : Treatment Facility Operator through which wastes : situated at Plot No. 14/1,Saket Ind. Estate, ' are disposed of » Sanand,Vilmoraiya Dist : AHMEDABAD ' (vil) List of member HCF not handed over bio- | Not Applicable medical waste 6 ‘Do you have bio-medical waste management No. The designated qualified person is identified | committee? If yes, attach minutes of the | for reviewing & monitorsthe facilities related to | meetings held during the reporting period - BMW Management the annual report is submitted. 7 : Details trainings conducted on BMW N

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    (i) Number of trainings conducted on BMW 6 Management (ii) number of personnel trained 15 (iii) number of personnel trained at the time of 15 induction (iv) number of personnel not undergone any | Nil training so far (y) Whether standard manual for training is Yes available? (vi) any other information GPCB training module usedfor training. Details of the accident occurred Not Applicable during the year (i) Number of Accidents occurred (i) Number of the persons affected (iii) Remedial Action taken (Please attach details if any) (iv) Any Fatality occurred, details Are you meeting the standards of air Pollution Not Applicable from the incinerator? How many times in last year could not met the standards? Details of Continuous online emission monitoring systems installed 10 Liquid waste generated and treatment methods Not Applicable in place. How many times you have not met the standardsin a year? ‚11 is the disinfection method or sterilization Not Applicable meeting the log 4 standards? How many times you have not met the standards in a year? 742 Any other relevant information : No. Certified that the above report is for the period from January 2017 to December 2017, Date: 25th April 2018 e Institution Place: Sanand 149

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    aste Ma;nagelment P epen AUTHORISED CEMWTF] 203, Trade Square, Opp. Torrent Power House, Sabarmat!, Ahmedabad - 380005. . Ph.: 9025494049, 9909347571, 9008047572 Email: info@scoliwaste.com, ecoll_system@yaheoo.co.in Web: www.ecoliwaste.com CBMWTF - Reg. No. : ABD-10-02876 Date: 01-Jan-2018 GPCB ID : 368621 TO WHOMESOEVERIT MAY CONCERN This is to certify that FORD INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED- FACTORYMEDICAL OFFICER located at SURVEYNO: 4, VILLAGE : NORTHKOTPURA, SARKHEJ-SANAND, SANAND 382110, SARKHEJ-SANAND Tal.SANAND Dist.AHMEDABAD have registered themselves as a member of our companyfor the Biomedical wastecollection transportation, treatment & disposal at our unit located at plot No. 14/1, Saket Industrial Estate, Village: Moraiya, Tal.:Sanand, Dist:AHMEDABAD- 382210 of Common Biomedical Waste TreatmentFacility. From 01-Jan-2018 to 31-Dec-2018 Wewill collect the Biomedical Waste generated from this dispensary / Hospital as per guideline of Gujrat Pollution Control Board, Gandhinagar. E-Coli Waste Management Pvt Ltd.

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