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    CONTENTS ANNUAL REPORT 2016 GOVERNANCE 04 The year 2016 at a glance 68 Composition of the Supervisory Board 05 Key figures 70 Introduction from the Chairman 06 Message from the Chairman of the Board 71 Report of the Supervisory Board 73 Corporate governance ABOUT HOLLAND CASINO 77 Risk management 12 Company profile 14 Mission & strategy FINANCIAL STATEMENTS 16 Business model 84 Financial statements 2016 18 Our environment 130 Other information 25 Value creation 28 Stakeholders ADDITIONAL INFORMATION 33 Materiality matrix 2016 140 Locations casinos 142 Five-year summary 143 About this report REPORT OF THE EXECUTIVE BOARD 144 Glossary of terms 40 Report of the Executive Board 146 Colophon 48 Our guests 56 Our people 62 Our society 65 In control statement

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    CONTENT KEY FIGURES EB REPORT SB REPORT FINANCIAL STATEMENTS THE YEAR 2016 AT A GLANCE KEYFIGURES Amounts in millions of euros, unless stated otherwise STATEMENT OF INCOME €608.3 MLN €81.7 MLN Revenue before gaming tax 608.3 2016 576.2 2015* Gaming tax 161.9 153.0 TOTAL REVENUE RESULT BEFORE Net revenue 446.4 423.2 (+5.6%) CORPORATE INCOME TAX Operating expenses -363.9 -351.0 (+15.4%) Operating result 82.5 72.2 Financial income and expenses -1.1 -1.7 Share of profit of equity-accounted investees, net of tax 0.3 0.3 Result before corporate income tax 81.7 70.8 Corporate income tax ** -7.6 0.0 Result after corporate income tax 74.1 70.8 1.1 MLN 5.9 MLN 2,519 FTES 3.5% Other comprehensive income, net of tax *** 0.0 -0.1 Total comprehensive income for the year 74.1 70.7 NUMBER OF GUESTS NUMBER OF VISITS NUMBER OF ABSENTEEISM Cash flow from operating activities 102.0 101.4 (+1.0%) (+1.7%) EMPLOYEES (-8.9%) (+6.7%) Profit margin (in %) ((result after tax/net revenue) x 100) 16.6 16.7 Visits Number of visits (x 1,000) 5,931 5,832 €103 7.7 28 20,638* Spending per visit in euros 103 99 Employees at year-end SPENDING GUEST SATISFACTION NET PROMOTOR MONITORING (PBK) Number of employees (excluding stand-by employees and trainees) 3,441 3,198 PER VISIT (2015: 7.8) SCORE (NPS) INTERVIEWS Full–time equivalents (FTEs) 2,519 2,360 (+4.0%) (2015: 23) (2015: 17,685) * see note on page 48 to 51 Employee benefits (as a percentage of operating expenses) 57.0 57.4 Net revenue per average FTE (in thousands of euros) 184 183 420 6,185 €253.0 MLN €305.5 MLN Balance sheet Equity 184.3 110.1 Non-current liabilities 12.6 10.1 GAMING TABLES SLOT MACHINES REVENUE TABLE GAMES REVENUE SLOT Current liabilities 108.6 121.3 (INCL MULTI ROULETTE) MACHINES (+8.4%) (+3.8%) Other key figures Number of gaming tables 420 424 Number of slot machines (in casinos) 6,185 6,011 The key figures are not part of the Holland Casino financial statements. 1 OCTOBER 2016 HOLLAND CASINO CELEBRATES 40TH ANNIVERSARY * The comparable figures for 2015 have been adjusted in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). ** As per 1 January 2016, Holland Casino is subject to corporate income tax. *** Currency exchange differences on foreign operations of a participation. 4 5

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    CONTENT KEY FIGURES EB REPORT SB REPORT FINANCIAL STATEMENTS respectively as confirmation of our professional expertise and as These times also require us to make our operations more sustain- the crowning glory on the passion and the professionalism with able. Holland Casino considers its suppliers as partners in which our people do their work every single day. meeting collective goals on the sustainability front. This makes sustainability a chain responsibility. On top of this, we develop new In October, we saw the official kick-off for the 40th anniversary casinos and upgrade our existing casinos as much as possible in of Holland Casino in Zandvoort, where the first Holland Casino line with the latest developments of sustainable building. In the years opened its doors on 1 October 1976. This was a very special ahead, we will devote more attention than ever to sustainability. milestone in the history of our wonderful company, which for 40 years has proudly borne the title of the only real casino in the All these factors have an impact on our organisation and we Netherlands. And it is not just in the Netherlands that Holland have to take that impact into account in the strategic choices Casino has gained an extraordinary reputation in those 40 years; we make today. This means that renewal and innovation of our with our world leading and internationally recognised Responsible products are crucial and are of high priority for us. Standing still is Gaming Policy, we have set the standard for other players in the like going backwards in a market that is changing as much as the gaming industry. At the end of November, we celebrated our casino market. We also need to anticipate future political decisions anniversary with all of our employees and retired employees. that have an impact on Holland Casino and the casino market. These were two wonderful evenings that I still look back on with a great deal of pleasure. In 2014, we successfully realised a turnaround thanks to our new strategy. In 2016, we continued to tighten and shape that strategy. Unfortunately, the year 2016 also had its moments of sadness, with Data analytics play an ever increasing role in this, as does our the tragic loss of our CFO Anita de Kleijn, who died at the age of marketing communications policy, which we have continued to 47 after a brave battle. Anita was always hopeful that she would renew and expand. Our cordial and committed approach to our conquer her illness, but despite her enormous willpower it proved guests, which ensures they enjoy their visits to our casinos, together to be a battle she could not win. Anita was a tremendous asset with our surprising and varied gaming choices, all contributed to to Holland Casino. Thanks to her energy and commitment as CFO the positive results we recorded in 2016. and interim chairman of the board, she laid solid foundations for the stable future of Holland Casino. We are enormously grateful to Our revenue before gaming tax came in at EUR 608.3 million, her for that and I believe it is my task as chairman of the board to a rise of 5.6% compared with the previous year. Pre-tax results MESSAGE FROM THE make sure that we build on what she achieved and work towards a successful future for Holland Casino. increased by EUR 10.9 million to EUR 81.7 million. And we also saw the number of visits increase once again in 2016. The 5.9 million CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD The world around us is changing rapidly. To maintain and strength- visits we saw last year was a 1.7% increase on the previous year. The average amount of money spent per visit was also higher at en our position it is important for us to anticipate and prepare EUR 103. for the impact of various political, economic and market-related Holland Casino recorded a solid result in 2016. But that is no reason I would very much like to share a number of wonderful moments developments. Our society is digitalising and the casino market is Guest satisfaction remained high last year and came in at 7.7 for us to rest on our laurels: substantial changes in the gaming from 2016 with you. In May, our casino in Breda served as the set to be reformed in the near future. (previous year 7.8). Due to the fact that we were even stricter market mean we have to prepare for the challenges we will stage for the 10th edition of the European Dealer Champion- in terms of enforcing our Responsible Gaming Policy (Preventie face in the future. In this annual report, we present an operating ship (EDC), the first time these championships had been held in A large part of our professionalism lies with our loyal employees, Beleid Kansspelen – PKB), the number of monitoring interviews result that shows that we are on the right path. Our guests are our the Netherlands. Holland Casino teamed up with the European many of whom have been with us for decades. At the same time, increased in 2016. Absenteeism continued to decline last year main priority in everything we do and our guests appreciate that. Casino Association to organise this prestigious event, which every we have to make sure we have a diverse workforce and modern and came in at 3.5%, compared with what was already a historic Our increased focus on offering our guests the highest possible year sees croupiers from around Europe compete for the title of terms of employment so we can continue to meet high quality low of 3.8% in 2015. This is a sign that our employees are fitter than quality of services and products enable us and our employees to European Dealer of the year. I see the fact that our own croupiers standards in the future and safeguard the continuity of the ever. All in all, these are figures we can be very proud of. Now we surprise them each and every day. Ray de Rozario and Ted Bakker emerged as winner and runner-up company for its stakeholders. have to work together to ensure that we can continue this positive trend. Not just in 2017, but also in all the years that follow. 6 7

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    CONTENT KEY FIGURES EB REPORT SB REPORT FINANCIAL STATEMENTS We will continue to invest in sustainable solutions, efficiency and located in a completely new multi-functional complex and innovation in terms of products, markets and target groups. In is expected to be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. the years ahead, we will actively focus on the development and Another excellent example is the completely refurbished casino in testing of innovative concepts that will enable us to attract and gain Rotterdam, which is due to complete a major refit in April. the loyalty of, amongst other groups, millennials. We are currently working on an omni-channel strategy, which will forge a link Of course, our more than 3,000 engaged and professional between our land-based and online propositions as soon as employees are crucial to our success. They work hard every single the online casino market opens up. The power and reliability of day to make Holland Casino a distinctive company. I would like to our brand, combined with the unique range of gaming options thank everyone for that effort and commitment. I am also grateful we are currently developing, will enable us to carve out a strong for the contribution of Aat Schouwenaar, who as chairman of position in the online market, as soon as the law allows and the Supervisory Board has dedicated himself to Holland Casino Holland Casino has been granted a licence. for the past 12 years and in that time has served as a sounding board for the Executive Board. I look forward to working with his Future-proof employment terms and conditions are essential to successor, Willem Bröcker, the other members of the Supervisory guarantee the continuity of Holland Casino for the long term. Board, my fellow board member and CFO Ruud Bergervoet and Despite the fact that the talks with the trade unions did not always all our colleagues as we continue to build a solid and successful run smoothly in 2016, we are hoping that together we will be future for Holland Casino. able to create a calmer atmosphere on this front. We believe it is important to remain in a dialogue with each other and hope that Erwin van Lambaart in 2017 we can arrive at a result that is acceptable to everyone. Chairman of the Executive Board Holland Casino With a view to the future, we want to move towards a more integrated way of working and greater cooperation between the various departments. The main focus of the head office will be on service, control, innovation and brand activities to support the local casinos. A new way of working goes hand in hand with a new working environment. In 2017, the head office will relocate – cost-neutrally – to a modern and modest new location that will stimulate open and transparent cooperation. In my first year as chairman of the Executive Board, I have gotten to know Holland Casino as an inspiring company that essentially revolves around people and hospitality. That hospitality is part of our DNA. We have opportunities to actively shape the casino market and Holland Casino’s special position in that market. I think we should seize those opportunities by putting even more emphasis on experience, intensity, hospitality and the protection of consumers. A good example of this is the new casino in Amsterdam West, which is due to open sometime in the summer of this year. This new casino is pioneering in a number of ways: Ruud Bergervoet (CFO) | Erwin van Lambaart (CEO) the location is extremely accessible, the casino itself will be 8 9

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    CONTENT KEY FIGURES EB REPORT SB REPORT FINANCIAL STATEMENTS SUPERVISORY BOARD PROFILE OF THE COMPANY EXECUTIVE BOARD WORKS COUNCIL AUDIT FINANCE & CONTROL Holland Casino was founded 40 years ago as the Dutch government award- ed the company an exclusive licence to offer table games. In 1986, this li- GAMING & SERVICES INFORMATION SERVICES cence was extended to include casino slot machines, making Holland Casi- SECURITY & RESPONSIBLE GAMING no the only real casino in the Netherlands. Holland Casino offers its guests HUMAN RESOURCES exciting, surprising and reliable gaming in a safe environment. LEGAL & COMPLIANCE MARKETING & E-COMMERCE SECRETARY TO THE BOARD CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS Based on 40 years of experience and a trend-setting and Holland Casino has 14 casinos across the Netherlands. The internationally recognised Responsible Gaming Policy, Holland company’s head office is located in Hoofddorp. Holland Casino occupies a unique position in the Dutch gaming Casino has a workforce of more than 3,000 employees. Together NORTH NETHERLANDS SOUTH NETHERLANDS market. Holland Casino offers an attractive range of gaming they helped generate total revenue of EUR 608.3 million in 2016. ◊ Amsterdam ◊ Leeuwarden ◊ Utrecht ◊ Breda ◊ Nijmegen ◊ Valkenburg options, with a varied and innovative range of table games and Holland Casino is also aiming to gain a strong position on the ◊ Enschede ◊ Scheveningen ◊ Zandvoort ◊ Eindhoven ◊ Rotterdam ◊ Venlo slot machines, in the best locations, with personal attention and online gaming market, as soon as this is legally possible and the ◊ Groningen ◊ Schiphol care for its guests and the very highest level of hospitality. company has been granted a licence to operate in that market. Standing left to right: Mario der Weduwen (IV), Noël Leise (Zuid-Nederland), Ed Roijers (HR), Jan Philippen (G&S), Erwin van Lambaart (CEO), Ruud Bergervoet (CFO), Paul Arisse (F&C), Daniël van Dijkman (M&E-c) Sitting left to right: Janny Wierda (S&RG), Joris-Jan Visser (Noord-Nederland), Monique Massini (CC). Anneke Westbroek (L&C) is missing from this picture. 12 13

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    WE HAVE MADE THE WISHES MISSION & AND NEEDS OF OUR GUESTS OUR TOP PRIORITY At Holland Casino, we always put the interests of our current and future guests first. Our aim is to always surprise our guests with a per- STRATEGY sonal approach and services that are tailored to individual needs and wishes. We know our guests like no other; we understand them, we know what drives them and what makes them happy. WE FORGE PARTNERSHIPS We make sure that every visit is a special experience, by responding We create long-term value by forging lasting and meaningful to our guests’ personal wishes and by being truly engaged in their partnerships, as these enable us to make use of expertise and skills experience. This is how we continuously manage to exceed our we do not have or have too little of in-house. We believe that the only guests’ expectations. way we can build up and maintain a strong position in our market is to work with a network of parties that make each other stronger. We always look for partners that share our core values. WE INNOVATE THE GAMING MARKET We set the trend in our market by creating innovative new products VISION that anticipate and respond to changing demands in a world that is changing ever more rapidly. We strive for constant innovation and WE CONTRIBUTE TO A BETTER SOCIETY Gaming is a part of life. set out on new and unexplored paths whenever we can. This goes We see ourselves very much as a part of society, both nationally and for both our propositions and how we organise our company. regionally. We are closely involved in our surroundings and build and maintain a network with all our relevant stakeholders. We maintain MISSION We anticipate new trends and developments within and outside our industry. We use innovation labs to work on new and innovative regular contact with these stakeholders in an ongoing dialogue. We provide the most exciting gaming experience, products, processes, systems and working methods. Holland Casino builds lasting relationships with its guests. An essen- always welcoming and engaged. tial part of that relationship is that both we and our guests respect the constraints of laws and regulations and that we both deal responsibly with the risks of gaming. We provide a safe gaming WE USE THE POWER OF AMBITION ENTREPRENEURSHIP environment, in which the gaming is fair and our guests feel safe and at ease. Via our Responsible Gaming Policy, which is firmly We understand the needs of our guests like no Our employees excel at their profession. They provide our embedded in our organisation, we do our utmost to prevent guests from betting more than they can afford. other and always exceed expectations. guests with the very best gaming experience. Holland Casino encourages its employees to take ownership of what they do and work constantly on the continued development of their STRATEGY know-how and talents.This helps to ensure that our people can be employed sustainably, flexibly and broadly across the company. We build long-term, personal relationships with our valued guests. We create and recognise opportunities and know how to seize those Our strategy is based on the five principles outlined below. opportunities in the interests of both the company and its guests.

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    CONTENT KEY FIGURES EB REPORT SB REPORT FINANCIAL STATEMENTS BUSINESS MODEL & ENVIRONMENT Depending on the game and type of slot machine, players can ONLINE CASINO win small or large jackpots, which can rise to more than one million We are currently very busy with the preparations for our online euros in the Mega Millions Jackpot. proposition. Together with our partner PlayTech (a leading player OUR BUSINESS MODEL The slot machines that Holland Casino provides differ in a number in the field of online gaming), we are building a system that will enable us to integrate online games with gaming in the casinos. of essential ways from those offered by other slot machine provi- This system will also be linked to our loyalty programme, the Holland Casino provides three product groups: Table games, Slot machines ders (arcades and the hotel and catering sector). The maximum visitor registration system and Holland Casino’s responsible and Food & Beverage. Our core activities of Table games and Slot machines bet and the pay-out percentage are both higher and Holland gaming system. In the future, we will use the online platform to generate most of our revenues. Food & Beverage is complementary to Casino is not subject to any restrictions in terms of maximum provide a distinctive and innovative range of games. We believe prizes from individual slot machines or additional progressive prizes. our leading brand position will help us to carve out a prominent these core activities. As soon as this is permitted by Dutch law, Holland place in the online gaming market, once this market has been Casino plans to provide gaming via a new channel in addition to its physical For a full list of slot machines, please click on the following link: opened up. casinos: an online casino. www.hollandcasino.nl/en/spelen/speelautomaten/speluitleg. In the summer of 2016,the Dutch House of Representatives FOOD & BEVERAGE adopted the draft legislation remote gaming (Kansspelen op TABLE GAMES SLOT MACHINES All our casinos offer guests an attractive range of Food & afstand - Koa): a law that will make it legal to provide online Holland Casino currently has the exclusive right to provide All our casinos offer a broad range of casino slot machines. The Beverage items at every hour of the day. Holland Casino has been gaming services in the Netherlands. As soon as the draft legislation table games in the Netherlands. Table games are non-automated best known are the ‘classic’ fruit machines in all kinds of variations, constantly renewing and improving its culinary offering for forty has also been adopted by the Upper House, the Dutch Gaming games of chance supervised by specially-trained and certified but Holland Casino also offers video, roulette, bingo and poker years and continues to adapt its restaurants to the wishes of local Commission will start the procedure for the granting of online croupiers (dealers). slot machines. guests and the latest gastronomical trends. gaming licences. Together with our partner PlayTech, we are aiming to launch our integrated system as soon as we have Holland Casino offers a range of table games, the most popular It is also possible for our guests to enjoy something to eat or drink received this licence. of which are American Roulette, Poker, Black Jack and Punto while they are playing, as we offer a suitable range of products at Banco. For a full list of table games, click on the following link: our gaming tables and at our slot machines. www.hollandcasino.nl/en/spelen/overzicht. Guests play on our slot machines using credits. How much they can bet varies per slot machine. Many of our slot machines inclu- de special bonus games, including ‘free games’ and games that give players the chance to win extra credits. On top of this, players can win a jackpot on every slot machine. 16 17

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    CONTENT KEY FIGURES EB REPORT SB REPORT FINANCIAL STATEMENTS OUR Challenge Holland Casino: a single product or service. Thanks to digitalisation, people expect Holland Casino has told the government that we would very much products and services to be available anywhere and anytime like to qualify for a licence to provide online games of chance. As and they expect access to the fastest and most innovative ENVIRONMENT soon as we have obtained this licence, we will face competitors including a number of major foreign players that have already systems and programmes. been active on the online gaming market for many years. The Challenge Holland Casino: Holland Casino opened its first casino 40 years ago. By founding Holland legislation as adopted by the Dutch House of Representatives is One result of these developments is that our guests are becoming Casino, the Dutch government wanted to offer a legal and regulated alternative the primary source of information. This legislation defines the para- ever more demanding. As the leading provider on the Dutch to illegal gambling. A lot has changed in those 40 years. meters within which we will be able to operate in the newly-opened casino market, Holland Casino is the frontrunner in terms of per- gaming market of the future. In addition, we liaise on a regular sonal attention, individual approach and innovative gaming basis with both the Dutch Security and Justice Ministry and the concepts and systems. Our focus is therefore on data analysis Political, economic and technological developments have a Challenge Holland Casino: Dutch Gaming Commission. In addition to the challenges this and personal attention, so we can get to know our guests even major impact on Holland Casino. Our environment and the needs The Security and Justice Ministry’s geographical distribution new situation will create, we see real opportunities in the unique better and make sure our range of products and services is an of our guests are constantly changing. To retain and strengthen policy is supposed to ensure that there is competition right combination of land-based casinos and an online casino and even better fit with the desired experience of our guests. We invest our leading position on the Dutch casino market, it is vital that across the Netherlands. However, it is still unclear which indivi- we are currently working very hard on the preparations for this in the renewal and testing of new concepts. We update or com- we are able to quickly anticipate and respond to the impact of dual casinos we will have to sell and how quickly we will have omni-channel strategy. pletely renew outdated systems and programmes. these developments. This is why over the past few years we have to do this. Once the market has been opened up, Holland worked hard on the development of a new strategy. The fact Casino will also no longer be the sole provider of table games DIGITALISATION AND DATA TECHNOLOGY THE AGEING OF THE POPULATION that we constantly monitor our environment means that we can in the Netherlands, which will of course increase competition. Changes to privacy law We are seeing a major shift in the balance between young and respond to significant trends and changing market conditions. In So it is important that Holland Casino develops sufficient com- Our guests’ and our employees’ right to privacy is currently laid old (the ageing of the population). That is having an impact on 2016, we identified the following relevant trends and challenges. petitive strength to survive in this new environment.These changes down in the Dutch Data Protection Act (Wet bescherming per- our society on a number of fronts. and uncertainties are reflected in our strategic choices and soonsgegevens - Wbp). On 25 May 2016, the European Directive CHANGING LAWS AND REGULATIONS approach to risk. The Executive Board is in regular contact with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force. Challenge Holland Casino: Modernisation of the casino regime relevant stakeholders to discuss the progress in this process and Organisations have been given until 25 May 2018 to bring their How does the ageing of the population affect Holland Casino? Changes to laws and regulation will have a major impact on is doing its utmost to prepare for a range of potential scenarios. operations into line with the GDPR. We are currently preparing for For one, the average age of both our employees and our guests Holland Casino. The Gaming Act (Wet op de kansspelen - Wok) is this by mapping out which actions we will need to take to meet will increase in the years ahead. This development means we already more than 50 years old. The Dutch government announced Introduction of remote gaming the requirements of the GDPR. will have to make strategic choices. We believe a sustainable, plans to modernise this law in its coalition agreement back in 2012. For Holland Casino, the introduction of online gaming will effectively future-proof collective labour agreement will be essential for the On 31 January 2017, the Dutch House of Representatives agreed legalise the provision of online gaming services, and would mean Technological developments and digitalisation are also playing continuity of Holland Casino. We want to use this agreement to to adopt an amendment to the casino regime. This draft legislation that once we have obtained a licence we would be allowed to an increasingly prominent role in the business world. Society is prevent an excessive drop in productivity, while we also take into still needs to be passed by the Dutch Senate. It is unclear how enter the online casino market. The Dutch House of Representatives digitalising and we are seeing the effect of this at every level of ope- account the sustainable employability of our employees. Our long this will take. voted in 2016 to adopt the draft legislation for the introduction rations and decision-making. We are seeing a rapid succession current gaming guests are and will remain a top priority. But in of remote gaming. The Dutch Senate still has to vote on this draft of developments in the fields of IT, data technology and gamifi- addition to this, we will develop and test innovative concepts we The current draft legislation will effectively end Holland Casino’s legislation before the online gaming market is actually legalised cation. For instance, the advent of big data has made it possible can use to attract and gain the loyalty of new target groups, such 40-year public sector monopoly. Holland Casino will be privatised and can therefore be regulated. As soon as the draft legislation to collect ever increasing amounts of data on our guests. Data as millennials, in the years ahead. and other players will be given permission to apply for a licence has been passed into law, which we expect to happen in 2018, that helps us to guarantee our guests as unique and personal and enter the market. The current cabinet has indicated it would the Dutch Government will issue a number of licences. Providers an experience as possible by fully tailoring our range of products We indicate in our strategy how we deal with these trends and like to open up the market in a controlled manner and for the time that meet the condition set out by the Dutch Gaming Commission and services to their wishes. Thanks to big data, people are now changing market conditions. In the chapter Risk management, being will issue a limited number of licences.To make sure Holland will qualify for these licences. increasingly used to an infinite range of possible choices, to a we explain how we mitigate the risks that accompany these Casino does not gain an overly dominant position on this market, much more personal approach targeting them as individuals, trends and developments. we will have to relinquish four of our 14 licences and consequently and the ultimate guest experience. It is no longer enough to offer four of our casinos. The government will issue an additional two licences. This is referred to as the 10/4/2 construction. 18 19

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    OMNI-CHANNEL AND INNOVATION Hadassah Cyklik-Salomon and Dave Spitsbaard With a dedicated team of specialists Holland Casino is currently readying itself for the opening up of the online casino market. Dave Spitsbaard, Product Owner Online Casino, and Hadassah Cyklik-Salomon, Product Owner Customer Experience, are part of the Play Digital team and are using their expertise to help shape the casino of the future. Dave knows all there is to know about land-based casinos, while Hadassah is an expert on the online front. The two are helping to build an integrated omni-channel platform, combining all their expertise and experience.

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    CONTENT KEY FIGURES EB REPORT SB REPORT FINANCIAL STATEMENTS Hadassah “Holland Casino is extremely INNOVATION customer focused. Our guests are always our first priority. What this means is that we Hadassah: “The casino world is a dynamic do not simply communicate, but rather world. Technology and therefore the market OMNI-CHANNEL actively look for ways to interact with our we’re planning to enter is changing at an guests. On the online front, we will do this incredible pace and will continue to do so Hadassah “Holland Casino knows its guests inside out. And it is that via a chat function, which our customer once we’re live. So it is essential that we stay “You need to be deci- services employees will use to maintain per- know-how that will help us as Holland Casino to stand out from up-to-date on the latest trends and develop- sive and daring in our the crowd. When the online casino market opens in the future, sonal contact with our guests. Another good ments.” example is the launch of the Favourites app, job. You need to make all our systems and programmes will have to be connected to each other. We want to be able to recognise our guests which will enable us to offer our loyal guests choices and make Dave “To stand still is to fall behind. You need everywhere, whether they visit us online or as guests at one a little extra convenience.” to innovate, certainly if you want to continue them quickly.” of our physical casinos. And our guests should also be able to to find and retain new guests. But online is DAVE recognise us online. We believe an omni-channel strategy with a also increasingly accessible for older guests. single face for all our guests is the best way to achieve that.” STATE OF PLAY These days, everyone has a smart phone or a tablet. If you look around you’ll see Dave “In addition to this, Holland Casino has 40 years of experience Dave “We have laid the foundations and mobile has now surpassed all other devices. and, even more importantly, a reputation that we can and will avail we are now building the walls. So once It is mobile first. We’ll be set up for that in the ourselves of. Players have an image of Holland Casino; they may the Senate approves the online gaming future.” have visited one of our casinos a few times and know that we are draft legislation and Holland Casino has a trustworthy. Just imagine that you’re planning to register online and licence, we will paint the walls, so to speak. you can choose who you trust your data with: an unfamiliar foreign Are we currently at the plug and play stage? COMBINING STRENGTHS company or Holland Casino? I think that choice will be an easy one.” No, we’re not that far yet, but we could “An omni-channel certainly plug it in. Others cannot see our Dave “I can still learn a lot from work yet and I am really looking forward to strategy with a single Hadassah. Given her background CUSTOMER SERVICES revealing what we’ve done. Of course you in the online gaming industry, she face for our guests is can’t give everything away, but you do like has a lot of useful know-how and Hadassah “And what about customer service? We are in the perfect to take people along on the journey. In the expertise on the online market.A new our goal.” position to focus on Dutch guests as we know them. We are working on end, our colleagues in the casinos will be set of eyes with a fresh perspective is the ambassadors. We’re not there yet, but it HADASSAH a single integrated Dutch customer service centre for both land-based incredibly valuable for our company.” and online players. If something happens and you need help then you is taking shape.” can talk to a well-trained and certified employee who speaks Dutch. Hadassah “So far my career has been totally So one contact point for all Holland Casino guests. That feels safe and “To stand still is to fall behind. focused on online gaming. The challenge reliable, exactly what Holland Casino represents.” You need to innovate if you for me is to now translate that experience want to win over guests.” to an omni-channel approach. Dave has DAVE more than 14 years of experience with land- Hadassah “In the meantime, we are working based casino and that is a major help in with other departments, such as Marketing, that process. We complement each other Information Services and Gaming & Services really well!” on all the steps we need to take for the optimal roll-out of our omni-channel strategy.” 22 23

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    CONTENT KEY FIGURES EB REPORT SB REPORT FINANCIAL STATEMENTS VALUE CREATION HOLLAND CASINO How we create value for society at Holland Casino Our products and services developed in–house so we can anticipate and respond to the We create value by providing products and services that enable rapidly changing world around us. This is how we create intellec- our guests to enjoy casino games in a safe and responsible tual capital. manner. Our trend-setting and internationally recognised Respon- sible Gaming Policy, combined with our reliable, surprising and Engagement varied range of games, ensure that Holland Casino’s guests can Holland Casino is very much a part of society, both nationally play in a worry-free environment and enjoy an exciting and fun and regionally. We are deeply involved in our environment and evening out. fully aware of the impact we have on both the environment and society as a whole. We take the wellbeing of our guests very Our people seriously and support local initiatives and good causes. We build At Holland Casino, we want to provide our people with everything and maintain a network of relevant stakeholders, with whom we they need to shape their own future. We believe that people need maintain a continuous dialogue. We serve as an example in to take responsibility and we encourage our employees to do just the gaming industry and we share our valuable expertise in the that actively and pro-actively. We aim to be a good employer, with casino market. a strong focus on the vitality and personal development of our employees. As part of this, we make sure that our employees are and remain motivated and engaged. Financial Holland Casino is a stable and profitable company with a solid capital position. This puts us in a position to contribute to both economic growth and sustainable employment through the pay- ment of salaries and taxes, plus a remittance of profit to the state. Intellectual capital Our internationally recognised Responsible Gaming Policy enables us to provide our guests with a safe and reliable gaming environment. Our policy sets the standard at an international level. We differentiate ourselves by providing our guests with the very highest level of hospitality and we select and train our people to do just that. Holland Casino sets the pace by social skills and engagement and hospitality is deeply embedded in our organi- sation. On top of this, we focus on our innovative concepts 24 25

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    Economic growth An exciting and and sustainable fun evening out employment A safe and reliable market leader Motivated and engaged employees OUTCOME Profitable company Loyal guests High employee satisfaction Good reputation Safe gaming environment COMPANY ACTIVITIES Providing excitement, games and pleasure in a safe, reliable and pleasant environment for guests and employees FINANCIAL PEOPLE ASSETS INTELLECTUAL NGAGEMENT INPUT • Solid financial position • Service oriented employees • Table games • Responsible Gaming Policy • Embedded in society • Execution Responsible Gaming Policy • Slot machines • Hospitality • Active relations / contacts • Food & Beverage • Internal training with stakeholders • Locations • In-house / own concepts / innovation • Licences • Government / legislation

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    CONTENT KEY FIGURES EB REPORT SB REPORT FINANCIAL STATEMENTS STAKEHOLDEROVERVIEW GUESTS Type of contact EMPLOYEES Type of contact REGULATORS Type of contact We strive for an open dialogue with our guests Holland Casino uses modern communications Holland Casino meets with the Dutch Gaming Holland Casino attaches a great deal of value to the interests, opinions and in an informal setting. To gain greater insight into resources. There are regular contacts between Commission (Ksa) on a quarterly basis and also the wishes and needs of our guests, we have employees and the management. In 2016, we has regular (weekly) ad-hoc meetings with the wishes of its stakeholders. This is why we organised a formal dialogue in guest relation managers who talk to our guests organised meetings at all our casinos, where regulator. Since 1 January 2016, the Ksa has also at virtually all of our casinos. Hospitality interviews the Executive Board talked to employees about been charged with the supervision of the Dutch January 2016. also provide us with additional insight into the the future of Holland Casino. We also organised Prevention of money-laundering and the finan- needs of our guests. round-table discussions at all our casinos, which cing of terrorism Act (Wwft). Holland Casino has members of the Executive Board used to talk to semi-annual meetings with the Dutch Central We were joined in this stakeholder dialogue by people from all our Casino, we also organise interim discussions, in both formal and Guests regularly share their experiences on employees about the planned changes within Bank (DNB) and every six months delivers an ECB stakeholder groups: guests, employees, trade unions, the Works informal settings, via personal contacts and social media. This is social media. This gives us a chance to enter Holland Casino. In addition, we conducted a poll Decision 2010/14 report. We carry out annual into an online dialogue. We measure guest satis- among employees to measure their perception monitoring tests at all casinos, to check the Council, banks, suppliers, regulators and ministries. During the how we monitor potential issues. banknote processing machines used by Holland faction on the basis of continuous guest surveys of various future-related subjects. meeting we discussed Holland Casino’s ambition and strategy. conducted by Motivaction. We measure our Casino. We also have ad-hoc consultations with guests’ experience using the Net Promoter Score The company regularly consults with the Works the DNB in response to current situations and We saw it as a very worthwhile experience to have the main points On the basis of these discussions and the stakeholder dialogue, (NPS). The NPS is an instrument used to measure Council and trade unions on a formal and related to the introduction of new ES2 banknotes. of our strategic direction and ideas assessed from a number we have identified nine different stakeholder groups. For each guest loyalty. informal basis. At the behest of the Ksa, the Dutch Metrology In- of different perspectives. stakeholder group, we have mapped out the form of our stitute (NMi) conducts twice-yearly checks on the dialogue in 2016, the wishes and needs of the various groups on the table games in various casinos. The Ksa Because we very much want to remain up-to-date on the and the actions taken by Holland Casino to meet those wishes conducts risk-based checks on the slot machines. concerns of the various target groups we deal with at Holland and needs. Topics of conversation in 2016 Topics of conversation in 2016 Topics of conversation in 2016 ◊ Hospitality and service; ◊ Collective labour agreement negotiations; ◊ Compliance with Dutch gaming laws and ◊ Range of slot machines; ◊ Impact on employees of the planned regulations and financial legislation ◊ Parking facilities; privatisation and sale of four casinos; (Wft, Wwft and Sanctions Act); GUESTS EMPLOYEES REGULATORS ◊ Quality of Food & Beverage; ◊ Conversion from foundation to N.V. (public ◊ Dutch Gaming Act (Wok); ◊ Safe and responsible gaming; limited company); ◊ Draft legislation on remote gaming (Koa); Expectations Expectations Expectations ◊ Future interest in online gaming; ◊ Impact of remote gaming (Koa) on employees ◊ Thematic Supervisory Duty of Care Holland Casino’s guests expect personal attention, Our employees expect us to be open and Regulators such as the Dutch Gaming Commission ◊ Atmosphere in the casinos. (online); (Responsible Gaming - PKB); extra privileges, hospitality and optimum service. transparent about our strategic direction. They (Ksa) and the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) expect ◊ Information on the financial and operational ◊ Organisational changes Ksa; In addition, it is obviously vital to offer them a expect appropriate remuneration and secon- us to make sure our guests play responsibly, that state of affairs; ◊ Gaming developments (pilots); reliable, surprising and attractive range of gaming dary employment terms and conditions. Our Holland Casino provides an honest and reliable ◊ Developments in the casinos, such as extended ◊ Licences and 24-hour pilot Rotterdam/ opening hours, range of gaming options and Amsterdam West; options in a pleasant and stylish environment with people expect us to provide a pleasant working range of gaming options and that we provide excellent facilities. atmosphere in a safe working environment with a safe gaming environment for guests and (re) development projects; ◊ Incident reports; room for personal growth and development. employees. The regulators also expect Holland ◊ See the section on the Works Council in ‘Our ◊ Conversion from foundation to N.V.; Casino to abide by current laws and regulations. People ‘ for the subjects discussed with the ◊ Appointment of members of the Holland Works Council. Casino Supervisory Board. This includes adequate responsible gaming and anti-money laundering policies. Response Response Response ◊ Hospitality and service Holland Casino aims ◊ Holland Casino conducted intensive negotiations ◊ Holland Casino provides the Dutch Gaming to offer the highest possible levels of with the trade unions on the renewal of the Commission (Ksa) with quarterly reports hospitality by means of regular hospitality collective labour agreement. This did not result on anti-money laundering matters, complete training courses for its staff. in a new collective labour agreement in 2016. with explanatory notes. These overviews are ◊ Continued professionalization of its loyalty ◊ See the section on the Works Council in ‘Our discussed in the quarterly meetings with the programme and nationwide launch of the People’ for the recommendations the Works Ksa. Holland Casino will develop a similar Welcome Card for new guests, with exclusive Council has issued on the subjects submitted format for the Responsible Gaming Policy (PBK). benefits for cardholders. to it. ◊ Facilitating company visits by regulators. ◊ 1,200 outdated slot machines replaced and ◊ Holland Casino continued to tighten and 800 existing slot machines fitted with new intensify its internal communications policy, game variations. to improve communications with its employees regarding the collective labour agreement, the plans around the proposed privatisation and entry on the online gaming market. 28 29

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    CONTENT KEY FIGURES EB REPORT SB REPORT FINANCIAL STATEMENTS PSEUDO-SHAREHOLDER / FINANCE MINISTRY OTHER GOVERNMENT INSTITUTIONS SOCIETY SUPPLIERS GAMING SECTOR FINANCE & ACCOUNTING Expectations Expectations Expectations Expectations Expectations Expectations Holland Casino is a State shareholding and the The Security and Justice Ministry expects Holland Society expects that we accept our social Reasonable and acceptable agreements are Major players in the gaming sector, including Financiers such as banks expect Holland Finance Ministry is a pseudo-shareholder. The Casino to operate in line with the objectives of the responsibility by safeguarding a good balance important to our suppliers (such as suppliers of organisations such as the European Casino Casino to have an adequate administrative ministry expects us to comply with the require- government game of chance policy guidelines. between people, the environment and results. bar and restaurant facilities, facility services and Association, the Dutch gaming platform organisation and internal controls, to be trans- ments that apply to State shareholdings and The ministry and parliament also expect Holland This means we have a duty to care for our suppliers of slot machines). They also expect (Nederlands Kansspelplatform) and foreign parent regarding its financial performance and licence holders. It also expects Holland Casino to Casino to share its current knowledge of the guests and are aware of the effect Holland Holland Casino to uphold its side of agreements. casinos, expect Holland Casino to comply with to comply with legislation and regulations. take any steps necessary to enable privatisation gaming market to benefit policy-making Casino has on its environment. gaming legislation and regulations, just like other in line with the draft legislation on the moderni- processes. Provincial and local authorities expect players in the sector. Other parties expect Holland sation of the casino gaming regime, if and as Holland Casino to comply with relevant directives Casino to serve as an example through its soon as this comes into force. and permit requirements when opening or Responsible Gaming Policy and to share its renovating local casinos. Provincial and local knowledge of same with the sector. authorities expect Holland Casino to create employment for the region and that it strives to be Type of contact Type of contact Type of contact a good employer. Holland Casino has regular informal contacts Holland Casino consults regularly with all of the The CFO and the finance director are in regular with its suppliers. Larger contracts are evaluated above gaming organisations, primarily to ex- contact with the company’s banks. at least twice a year. Smaller contacts are eval- change know-how and experience, trends and uated as and when one of the parties deems it developments. Type of contact Type of contact Type of contact necessary. There are regular contacts between the chair- Holland Casino has regular, scheduled consul- Holland Casino regularly exchanges exper- man of the Supervisory Board and the Finance tations with the Security and Justice Ministry and tise with care providers, experts, scientists and Ministry as pseudo-shareholder. The Finance the various spokespersons in parliament. The local relevant organisations. Holland Casino also Topics of conversation in 2016 Topics of conversation in 2016 Topics of conversation in 2016 Ministry and the Holland Casino Executive Board casino managers and Head Office employees initiated a Holland Casino consultancy group have scheduled meetings every two months. have regular contacts with local authorities. in which we cooperate with ASSISSA, GGZ ◊ Deliveries and orders; ◊ Trends and developments in the range of ◊ Switch to IFRS; In addition, parties consult on an ad hoc basis Nederland, AGOG, AMC/UVA and Jellinek. ◊ Delivery reliability; gaming options; ◊ Risk management; regarding specific subjects. A privatisation steering ◊ Price changes; ◊ Draft legislation remote gaming (Koa). ◊ Profit remittance. group also meets regularly to consult on the ◊ Quality experience. proposed privatisation. Response Response Response ◊ Depending on the outcome of the ◊ Holland Casino has a seat on the board of the ◊ Holland Casino endorses the importance Topics of conversation in 2016 Topics of conversation in 2016 Topics of conversation in 2016 (semi-annual) evaluation, Holland Casino European Casino Association. of the Transparency Benchmark and acts in ◊ Financial performance Holland Casino; ◊ Dutch gaming Act (Wok); ◊ The Responsible Gaming Policy; reaches new agreements with each supplier ◊ Holland Casino representatives regularly accordance with same when drawing up its ◊ Appointment and remuneration members of ◊ Responsible Gaming Policy; ◊ Exchange of know-how on addiction care; or changes existing agreements with said speak at national and international annual report. the Executive and Supervisory Boards; ◊ Draft legislation remote gaming (Koa) and ◊ The opening of the online gaming market suppliers. conferences in the field of gaming. ◊ In 2016, Holland Casino worked with ◊ Proposed privatisation and sale of four casinos; the consequences for the Responsible and the Responsible Gaming Policy; PricewaterhouseCoopers on an enterprise ◊ Conversion from Foundation to public limited Gaming Policy; ◊ Sustainability measures in construction and risk management framework that was company (N.V.); ◊ Building of casinos Amsterdam West, Venlo, renovation projects Venlo and Amsterdam implemented in early 2017. ◊ Business cases (development of new casinos Utrecht and renovation Rotterdam; West. ◊ In the context of transparent financial reporting, and renovation projects); ◊ Accessibility of casinos; Holland Casino switched to IFRS in 2016. ◊ Collective labour agreement negotiations. ◊ Construction permits and 24-hour licences. Response Response Response ◊ A steering group has been set up. The various ◊ Locations are determined in close consultation ◊ In consultation with Dutch addiction care members of this group (financial advisors, with provincial and local authorities. Last year, and prevention organisation lawyers and representatives of Holland Holland Casino reached agreements on new (Verslavingszorg Nederland) Holland Casino Casino and the ministry) meet to discuss the locations with the local authorities for Venlo, has tightened Responsible Gaming Policy, preparations for the proposed privatisation. Amsterdam and Utrecht. which includes earlier interventions in the ◊ In the case of construction or renovation case of young adults. projects, Holland Casino monitors regulations ◊ Together with scientific and addiction care very closely. organisations, Holland Casino is developing ◊ We have further tightened our Responsible an online Responsible Gaming Policy. Gaming Policy and intensified the supervision ◊ The development plans for Venlo and of young adults. Amsterdam West include targeted investments in sustainability measures. ◊ In 2016 , Holland Casino contributed to good causes at local and national level, including the donation of monies found in its casinos. 30 31

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    CONTENT KEY FIGURES EB REPORT SB REPORT FINANCIAL STATEMENTS MATERIALITYMATRIX 2016 Drawing up a materiality matrix is a method of providing insight into what subjects are material to Holland Casino and its stakeholders and to what extent the subjects should be discussed in the annual report. Relevant subjects are weighted on the basis of an assessment of the likelihood that a subject is of material importance to both the company and its stakeholders. Holland Casino’s materiality matrix has been drawn up on the basis of a risk analysis combined with the input it received during discussions with stakeholders. This is based on Holland Casino’s mission, vision, ambition and strategy. KEY AREAS POINTS OF ATTENTION A. A Safe and reliable gaming 1. 1 Reputation B Safety and privacy 2 Competition C New legislation and regulations IT 3 infrastructure D Digital transformation 4 Renovation and conversion of casinos E Guest experience and hospitality 5 Continuity project portfolio F Being a good employer 6 Environmental impact G Sustainable terms of employment H Profitability I Compliance A HIGH C B E MATERIAL FOR STAKEHOLDERS D 1 MEDIUM 6 I 2 F H G 3 5 LOW 4 LOW MEDIUM HIGH MATERIAL FOR HOLLAND CASINO 32 33

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    PAST AND PRESENT Joëlla Jackson, Rosella Wendelgelst and Frank Soomer Holland Casino has a very diverse workforce. Some employees have just joined the company, while others have worked for Holland Casino for decades. Joëlla Jackson, Rosella Wendelgelst and Frank Soomer have worked at the company’s first casino in Zandvoort for six months, 11 years and 40 years respectively. Joëlla and Frank work in different roles in the services department, while Rosella is assistant Slot machines. In the Zandvoort casino, also referred to as the living room among the company’s casinos, they take us behind the scenes for a glimpse of the good atmosphere for which this casino has been well known for 40 years, look back at the developments over the years and their expectations for the future.

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    CONTENT KEY FIGURES EB REPORT SB REPORT FINANCIAL STATEMENTS FUTURE DEVELOPMENTS Frank “Holland Casino keeps me young. I Frank “A lot has changed in the work with a lot of young people and come ATMOSPHERE past 40 years. For instance, into contact with lots of different people, both in the old days – when this colleagues and guests. I hope I’ll be able Rosella “We are all very sociable and service oriented and was the only casino – you to continue to work a lot with people in the we want to make sure our guests have a fun evening. We could have walked across future. I’m definitely a people person.” know our guests inside out, certainly in Zandvoort, which is the heads of the guests in a relatively small casino. So I thought it was wonderful when Zandvoort, plus the dress code Joëlla “For the 40-year anniversary, I was asked I heard from one of my colleagues that the day before a was quite a bit stricter. In those days, to appear in an internal video.That was a lot of guest had asked: ‘Is Rosella here? If she isn’t, then please say you also couldn’t serve drinks in the gaming fun to work on. In the video, I also said hi from me!’” room. These days, you can get served while that I’m really enjoying my job playing. Holland Casino has become a and that I was looking forward Frank “The most important thing for me is that guests enjoy them- modern entertainment venue.” to my next challenge at the selves. Seeing people having fun and laughing just makes my new casino in Amsterdam evening. Or if I see people going home who may have lost but still had “Seeing people having fun West. For the time being, a great time. On top of that, the atmosphere between colleagues is and seeing them laugh I have no plans to leave makes my evening.” also really good here. It’s not for nothing that I’ve worked at Holland Holland Casino. FRANK Casino for 40 years. I regularly sit in reception and everybody comes along and says ‘hi’ before they start their shift. The party we had with Rosella “The casino world is undergoing a lot all our colleagues to celebrate Holland Casino’s 40th anniversary was Rosella “When I first joined the company, of changes. That also affects Holland Casino, one of my highlights of 2016!” I spent most of my time dealing with all the but I am sure that a lot of guests will keep coins. Now that a lot more payments are coming back for that living room feeling in “Holland Casino’s Joëlla “Everyone is really friendly and sociable, and that includes made digitally I have a lot more time to act as Zandvoort.” biggest strength is colleagues and guests. What I really like about working in the cloak- a hostess. And employees are multi-functional room is that you are the first and last contact with the guests. Just these days. I really enjoy it, as all the different that we know like everyone else, I enjoy a chat with guests and I regularly conduct activities make my work much more varied.” “Every day is different. That variation makes my our guests.” hospitality interviews to find out what guests thought of their visit. I think that these positive contacts with guests are typical for Holland Casino.” Rosella “We have seen a lot of new develop- work a lot of fun.” ROSELLA ments on the gaming floor. For instance, in JOËLLA recent years we have seen a huge increase in the use of smartphones in the casino. We are very strict about sharing photos of other guests and we do talk to guests about that. Thanks to the rapid developments, it is sometimes difficult to determine what is allowed and what is not. At Holland Casino, we quickly make new agree- ments on those issues.” 36 37

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    CONTENT KEY FIGURES EB REPORT SB REPORT FINANCIAL STATEMENTS REPORT OF THE FINANCIAL DEVELOPMENTS EXECUTIVE BOARD STATEMENT OF INCOME (x millions of euros) 2016 2015* Percent In 2016, we once again made a large number of steps towards preparing Revenue Table games 253.0 233.3 8.4% Holland Casino for the future. The effects of the tightened strategy are clearly Revenue Slot machines 305.5 294.2 3.8% visible in our results. In 2016, more unique visitors paid a visit to one or Gaming and non-gaming tips 22.9 22.8 0.4% Food & Beverage revenue 21.6 20.5 5.4% more of our casinos and we recorded a sharp increase in operating result. Other income 5.3 5.4 -1.9% Revenue before gaming tax 608.3 576.2 5.6% Gaming tax -161.9 -153.0 5.8% Net revenue 446.4 423.2 5.5% Holland Casino has been the only real casino in the Netherlands tailored services and hospitality, we are building valuable and Employee benefits -207.6 -201.6 3.0% for 40 years and we will continue to invest in maintaining that lasting relations with our guests and making sure our guests are Other operating expenses -131.6 -115.2 14.2% position in the years to come. These investments are visible in satisfied. The average visit frequency came in at 5.2 visits per Depreciation and amortisation -24.7 -34.2 27.8% practical terms in the major renovation of our Rotterdam casino year in 2016 (2015: 5.1). Operating expenses -363.9 -351.0 3.7% and the construction of a completely new casino in Amsterdam Operating result 82.5 72.2 14.3% West, where everything revolves around guest experience. In Net Promotor Score Financial income and expenses -1.1 -1.7 -35.3% addition, we are offering the latest and most up to date slot Holland Casino measures the experiences of its guests using Share of profit of equity-accounted investees, net of tax 0.3 0.3 0.0% machines and are introducing innovative and surprising gaming the Net Promoter Score (NPS). The NPS is a tool used to assess Result before corporate income tax 81.7 70.8 15.4% concepts. We are actively looking at millennials on this front and guest loyalty. The Net Promoter Score measures the difference Corporate income tax (VPB)** -7.6 - we are busy testing and rolling out gaming concepts for that between the percentage of promoters and detractors expressed Result after corporate income tax 74.1 70.8 specific target group. in an absolute number between -100 and +100. The general aim Other comprehensive income, net of tax*** - -0.1 is to have a positive NPS, while the average in the leisure industry Total comprehensive income for the year 74.1 70.7 In the coming period, we will continue to work on quality is between +15 and +20. Holland Casino scored an NPS of 28 in improvements for our guests. The gaming market is facing a time 2016, a strong increase from the previous year (2015: 23). * The comparable figures for 2015 have been adjusted in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). of drastic change and we are doing our utmost to anticipate ** As per 1 Januari 2016, Holland Casino is subject to corporate income tax. those changes, for instance by preparing for an application for *** Currency exchange rate differences on the foreign operations of participation. an online gaming licence. Part of our long-term strategy is to create the casino of the future. CALCULATION EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation) GUESTS (x millions of euros) 2016 2015 In 2016, more than 1.1 million unique visitors made a total of 5.9 Result before corporate income tax 81.7 70.8 million visits to our casinos. This means 100,000 more visits than Financial income and expenses 1.1 1.7 in 2015, when our casinos saw a total of 5.8 million visits. The Share of profit of equity-accounted investees, net of tax -0.3 -0.3 successful introduction of the Diamond Card for loyal guests Depreciation and amortisation 24.7 34.2 and the Welcome Card for new guests, innovative marketing EBITDA 107.2 106.4 campaigns and improved economic conditions all contributed to the growth in the number of visits. By responding more effec- tively to our guest’s expectations and rewarding loyal guests with 40 41

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    CONTENT KEY FIGURES EB REPORT SB REPORT FINANCIAL STATEMENTS REVENUE OPERATING RESULT Revenue before gaming taxes was EUR 608.3 million in 2016, an Other operating expenses came in 14.2% or EUR 16.4 million higher Holland Casino’s result before corporate income tax increased by EUR 10.9 million to EUR 81.7 million in 2016, a strong increase compared increase of 5.6% compared to 2015 (EUR 576.2 million). The than in the year-earlier period.This was largely due to higher marketing to the EUR 70.8 million reported in 2015. All Holland Casino locations except Schiphol made a positive contribution to this increase in result. number of visits came in 100,000 (1.7%) higher at 5.9 million in costs of EUR 5.5 million, with efforts focused on value-based marketing 2016 (2015: 5.8 million). Average spending per visit rose by 4% to in 2016, together with higher real estate-related costs (EUR 0.8 Holland Casino has been subject to corporate income tax as a state participation since 1 January 2016. In 2016, Holland Casino’s result EUR 103 in 2016, from EUR 99 in 2015. million). The increased maintenance costs for Slot machines and after tax was EUR 74.1 million. Table games (EUR 2.8 million) were due to necessary maintenance Revenue from Table games came in EUR 19.7 million or 8.4% higher for Table games, higher costs for spare parts and conversion kits for Holland Casino pays the State a gaming tax at a rate of 29% on the revenue from Table games and Slot machines on a monthly basis. at EUR 253.0 million in 2016, from EUR 233.3 million in 2015. Higher Slot machines. Finally, the different composition of the slot machines revenues from the Multi Roulette machines, which saw revenue fleet also led to an increase in leasing costs for Slot machines (EUR GAMING TAX increase by 15.1% to EUR 50.4 million last year (2015: EUR 43.8 2.1 million). Automation costs also came in higher (EUR 1.9 million), million), made a major contribution to this increase. Due in part driven by the deployment of extra staff for the innovation projects (x millions of euros) 2016 2015 to the continued roll-out of the replacement and renewal of slot and higher costs for data storage and work station services. Gaming tax Table games 73.3 67.7 machines revenue from Slot machines increased to EUR 305.5 Gaming tax Slot machines 88.6 85.3 Total gaming tax 161.9 153.0 million in 2016, from EUR 294.2 million in 2015, an increase of EUR In 2016, depreciation and amortisation came in EUR 9.6 million lower 11.3 million or 3.8%. than in 2015, a decline of 27.8%. This was due to a change in the estimated useful life of the casinos (renovations and installations), The actual payments of gaming tax over a financial year deviates from the figures above since payments are made a month in arrears. In Gaming and non-gaming tips (including tips received for Food & as well as the useful life of the slot machines and Multi Roulette addition to the payment of gaming tax, Holland Casino is also legally liable to pay a gaming levy. In 2016, the total gaming levy amounted Beverage and Front office activities) increased by EUR 0.1 million machines, which has increased from five to seven years. to EUR 0.9 million (2015: EUR 0.9 million). to EUR 22.9 million (2015: EUR 22.8 million). Food & Beverage revenues were up 5.4% at EUR 21.6 million. Financial income and expenses fell to EUR 1.1 million in 2016, from FINANCIAL POSITION EUR 1.7 million in 2015. Holland Casino did not make use of its credit EXPENSES facility in 2016. Solvency Operating expenses came in higher last year at EUR 363.9 million, up Equity had increased to EUR 184.3 million at year-end 2016, from regarding the profit remittance policy. This is subject to the Casino 3.7% or EUR 12.9 million from the EUR 351.0 million recorded in 2015. The result from participations accounted for using the equity EUR 110.1 million a year earlier. This was due to the addition of Games Decree 1996. The decree provides for the remittance to method was virtually unchanged from the previous year. the undistributed result from 2016 (result before remittance of the State of the net result, taking into account any reservation Employee benefits increased by EUR 6.0 million (3.0%) to EUR 207.6 profits) to the equity. This raised the solvency ratio to 60.3% (2015: required for equity. In recent years, Holland Casino, in consultation million in 2016, from 201.6 million in 2015.The number of employees 45.6%). Taking into account the profit remittance in 2017 on the with the Finance Ministry, has applied a profit remittance regime (FTEs) at Holland Casino stood at 2,519 at year-end 2016, compared 2016 results, to the amount of EUR 35.0 million, solvency rose to that has enabled it to increase its solvency and make any necessary with 2,360 a year earlier. The number of operational staff (head 48.9%, rather than 60.3%. investments. In view of the fact that Holland Casino’s solvency count) increased to 3,441 in 2016, from 3,198 in 2015, on the back ratio and liquidity position have now improved, the State and of an increase in visitor numbers and the insourcing of a number Financing Holland Casino are assessing whether it is possible to return to a of F&B activities. The number of employees at the head offices In October 2015, Holland Casino arranged a new credit facility normalised remittance system. declined slightly to 210, from 225 a year earlier. with total available credit of EUR 140 million, which was not used in 2016. The credit facility was agreed with a consortium of banks Investments comprising ING (50%) and ABN AMRO (50%). Holland Casino invested EUR 65.3 million in property, plant and equipment in 2016. These include investments of EUR 27.8 million Equity in new slot machines (2015: EUR 9.7 million), construction and As agreed with the Finance Ministry, a sum of EUR 35.0 million from renovation projects in Amsterdam West, Rotterdam and Venlo the 2016 result will be remitted to the State, while the remaining (EUR 17.7 million), and regular replacement investments (EUR EUR 39.1 million will be added to the equity. Holland Casino 19.8 million). Holland Casino is also investing in intangible assets, and the Finance Ministry are currently in an ongoing discussion with the online casino the largest project. 42 43

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    CONTENT KEY FIGURES EB REPORT SB REPORT FINANCIAL STATEMENTS OPERATIONAL DEVELOPMENTS a sum of EUR 250,000. Holland Casino launched an alliance with SBS Sanoma in 2016, to return the popular game show Wheel DEVELOPMENTS PER PRODUCT GROUP of Fortune to television screens. As part of our sponsoring of the CASINOS programme, guests could win extra prizes in our casinos during the Fortune Weeks, from 22 August through 25 September 2016, plus we Construction and renovation projects Table games In November 2016, Holland Casino Amsterdam hosted the 25th introduced special Wheel of Fortune slot machines in our casinos. We completed the negotiations with the local and provincial The total number of gaming tables declined slightly to 420 edition of the Master Classics of Poker (MCOP). A record number authorities on the licence for Holland Casino Venlo, which tables in 2016 (2015: 424 tables). Divided across all the casinos, of 356 national and international poker players took part in the Food & Beverage was due to expire. Holland Casino Venlo will likely move to the the number of Multi Roulette units increased by 63 to 700 in total Main Event. A total of some 2,000 players took part in the two- Holland Casino has been constantly renewing its culinary offering new-built casino on Floralaan in Tradeport Oost in the second in 2016. Multi Roulette allows guests to play live on the American week event that included a total of 25 poker tournaments. In 2016, over the past 40 years and continues to adapt its restaurants to quarter of 2019. Under the agreement with the municipal autho- Roulette tables via a screen in the casino. The game is available Holland Casino also reached an agreement with the World Series the wishes of its guests and the latest gastronomic trends. The fact rities, Holland Casino can continue its operations at the current in all Holland Casino locations and guests can now also play the of Poker (WSOP), the largest and oldest poker event in the world. that Holland Casino Eindhoven is now included in the IENS top location until the new casino is completed. roulette tables in other casinos from their own location. We have The completely renovated Holland Casino Rotterdam will host the 2017 restaurant rankings is an excellent recognition of our ambi- also added Live Bingo as a new table game in Holland Casino Dutch version of the WSOP in the autumn of 2017. tions on the culinary front. The IENS Top 2017 is a list of the 1,000 Holland Casino is also building a new casino on Winthontlaan Breda, and both our regular guests and the millennials target top restaurants in the Netherlands based on customer reviews. in Utrecht, near the A12 motorway, which is scheduled to open group have been enthusiastic about the new addition. Like Poker, In December 2016, we launched the dice game Casino Barbut, Our Eindhoven casino is ranked 412. in mid-2019. We expect to be able to continue operations in the Live Bingo is a game that is particularly suited to an omni-channel which we developed in-house, in Holland Casino Venlo. Casino existing casino on Overste den Oudenlaan until the opening of approach in the future. Barbut was inspired by the Middle-Eastern street game Barbut. On the renewal front, not only has our Rotterdam casino under- the new casino. This is a pilot project. If the game proves successful, we will also gone a large-scale renovation, we also opened a new restaurant Following the successful pilot with ‘cashless’ Poker in 2015, we now introduce it in other Holland Casino locations in the future. concept in the revamped casino: The Global Kitchen. This is a fast In Rotterdam, we are due to complete the large-scale renovation offer that option in Amsterdam, Venlo, Breda and Nijmegen. In casual restaurant with food inspired by Asian, Mediterranean and project in the first quarter of 2017. Once opened, this completely cashless Poker, guests no longer change their money at the table, Slot machines South American cuisines. In our casino in the centre of Amsterdam, renewed casino will meet the current demands and wishes of our but at the cash register, which means the dealer can focus fully on In 2014, Holland Casino began a major slot machine renewal drive. in 2017 we will be renting out part of the premises to an external guests. The casino is lighter and more spacious and there will be the game. We will roll out this concept in multiple locations in 2017. In 2016, we replaced a further 1,250 of the total of 6,185 slot machines party, who will operate the successful international food concept a new bar, where sports fans will be able to follow events such and added new game variations to 828 existing slot machines. SushiSamba in the casino. This concept has already been as Formula 1 races or football matches. All gaming tables will be Holland Casino Amsterdam began offering the Dice Ball game Based on the successful pilot with Bingo machines, we replaced launched successfully in London, New York, Miami and Las Vegas. located on the first floor, while all the slot machines will be on in early 2016. The game, which is played with dice, is based on more than 500 Bingo machines across all our casinos. At Holland Holland Casino expects the new restaurant concepts to have a the second floor, where gaming will become available 24/7. We the well-known game ‘Craps’ (also known as seven-eleven) with Casino Utrecht, we reintroduced Royal Derby, a realistic horse positive impact on the overall guest experience in our casinos. believe this creates the best possible distribution of games for our Baseball elements incorporated.. racing game with six horses on which players can place bets. guests. At the Rotterdam casino, we are launching a pilot with Some of our Food & Beverage activities were being provided by 24 hours a day, seven days a week opening hours in the second The European Dealer Championship (EDC) took place in May Since late June 2015, a total of 163 slot machines offer guests the an external catering company. As of the fourth quarter of 2016, quarter of 2017. 2016, and the event was held in the Netherlands for the first time. opportunity to win the Mega Millions Jackpot. This game offers the Food and Beverage activities in the Leeuwarden, Utrecht Holland Casino hosted this European event that saw a total of 32 players the chance to win a range of jackpots, from EUR 75,000 and Enschede casinos have been insourced. This gives Holland Around the summer of 2017, Holland Casino is opening a second participants from 18 countries compete for dealer of the year title. (1 euro bet) to a minimum of EUR 1 million (5 euro bet). Part of Casino more control over both costs and service levels. In casino in Amsterdam. This second casino will be trend-setting in a Two Holland Casino employees emerged as the numbers one each euro bet goes towards the progressive jackpot. As long as 2015, we made a start on the renewal of the Food & Beverage number of ways: the location is highly accessible; the casino will and two in this European competition for dealers. Ray de Rozario this progressive jackpot has not been won, it continues to grow. centralised cash register system. We replaced both hardware and be located in a completely new, multi-functional complex and won the title European champion and Ted Bakker was the In September 2016, the progressive jackpot was won twice in one software in 2016. The new systems facilitate local differentiation, is expected to be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, just runner-up, for the second year in a row. week: in Amsterdam, a guest won more than EUR 2.2 million and which means individual casinos can now adjust both product like the renovated Rotterdam casino. This hypermodern complex later in Eindhoven a guest won a jackpot of more than EUR 1 million. range and prices optimally to requirements and wishes of local is being developed in the former KPN head offices in Amsterdam Guests won smaller jackpots 14 times in the course of 2016: 11 guests. In 2017, we will add handhelds to the system to increase West. Holland Casino will occupy 5,500 m2 and will share the times a sum of EUR 75,000, twice a sum of EUR 150,000, and once the speed of service. complex with operators of various amenities, including two hotels, 44 45

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    CONTENT KEY FIGURES EB REPORT SB REPORT FINANCIAL STATEMENTS restaurants, bars and a wellness centre. The new casino will over the license from the Schiphol casino. Holland Casino is grateful to OUTLOOK the airport for its positive cooperation over the past 21 years. We We expect continued improvements in macro-economic conditions will be hiring more than 300 new employees for the new casino and greater consumer confidence to contribute to the continued in Amsterdam West and current employees at Schiphol will be recovery of the gaming market. However, the upcoming changes in offered the opportunity to transfer. the market will be comprehensive and it will take a determined effort to anticipate and respond to these changes. After the summer of 2017, the Holland Casino head office will also be relocating, within the town of Hoofddorp. The new, modern and Holland Casino wants to be and remain the only real casino for its sustainable building with its open floorplan will help us to stimulate guests.This is why in the future we will continue to make considerable an integrated and new way of working and facilitate more investments in innovative gaming concepts, construction and effective cooperation between the departments. Holland Casino renovation projects and the renewal of outdated systems. With has signed a flexible lease contract for its new offices, so the respect to the construction and renovation projects, the focus will be company can remain responsive to future developments. on the successful completion of the projects in Venlo, Utrecht and Rotterdam, with the opening of the casino in Amsterdam West the highlight on this front. Holland Casino is also aiming to complete the collective labour agreement process in cooperation with the trade unions in 2017 and thus realise a future-proof collective labour agreement. The organisation will also continue to develop itself in anticipation of the opening of the online gaming market. Holland Casino is presuming that in the course of 2017 we will have more clarity on how the gaming market will be restructured and the timeframe for the changes. We are very enthusiastic about the opportunities the combination of land-based casino and an online casino will offer us and we are very busy developing our omni-channel strategy. 46 47

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    CONTENT KEY FIGURES EB REPORT SB REPORT FINANCIAL STATEMENTS OUR young adults. For instance, every young adult receives a flyer with This entails the launch of a central registration system for gaming information on their fourth visit, to make them aware of the risks of exclusions (Centraal register uitsluiting kansspelen - CRUKS), gaming. If the frequency of a young adult’s visits have increased which will exclude players from all providers and help improve GUESTS over the previous three months, we conduct an awareness inter- view, the so-called young adult interview. In 2016, we conducted the protection of at-risk players. This register will then also apply to gaming arcades and online casinos. When a person returns 2,585 interviews with young adults. after a restrictive measure is lifted, a member of our Security & Holland Casino operates in a market which derives its reason to exist from Responsible Gaming department will always conduct an after- the enjoyment and excitement people experience thanks to the chance that 3. Monitoring care interview. In 2016, we conducted 10,424 aftercare interviews, their small bet will result in a large monetary prize. Chances obviously come We assess the frequency of a guest’s visits and gaming behaviour a considerable increase from the 7,152 we conducted in 2015. six and 18 months after the initial awareness interview – a qualita- This was due to the increase in the number of restrictive measures with risks. Guests who participate in this game of chance must be able to do tive analysis of any signals and incidents reported and recorded we imposed. so responsibly and in a reliable environment. in the systems of the Security & Responsible Gaming department. Depending on the outcome of the analysis, the guest may or may In 2016, Holland Casino focused on a more stringent application As the leader in its market, Holland Casino not only accepts its addiction. They are trained to recognise the early signs of potential not qualify for a monitoring interview. During a monitoring interview, of our renowned Responsible Gaming Policy. We introduced two responsibility in this context; we also want to continue to set the problem behaviour and learn to make an active contribution we once again emphasise the guest’s own responsibility when it adjustments to the policy, which increased the number of inter- standard after the casino market is opened to other market players. to the Responsible Gaming Policy by using their conversation comes to safe and responsible gaming and regulating (gaming) views and the number of restrictive measures. First of all, we opted skills. They also learn to recognise and assess any changes behaviour. We take extra care when young adults are involved. In to have our employees play a more active role in pointing out Holland Casino’s policy focuses on three priorities: responsible in the behaviour of our guests. If necessary, they can send an 2016, we conducted 2,223 prevention interviews, an increase from problem behaviour among players. These signals almost always gaming, honest and reliable gaming options and the guarantee internal signal via the central registration system to alert their the 1,627 conducted in 2015. The intensive Responsible Gaming result in prevention interviews. The second change is that we no of a safe gaming environment. These three priorities are based superiors or the Security & Responsible Gaming department. Policy training courses are paying off. In addition, we also conducted longer have 12-month restrictive measures; measures now last for on the three key objectives of the Responsible Gaming Policy 51 monitoring interviews, an increase compared to the launch year a maximum of six months each time. This means we are now in Holland Casino drew up in 1974: preventing gambling addiction, Holland Casino’s Responsible Gaming Policy is built on four pillars: 2015, when we conducted 33 monitoring interviews. contact with players more quickly for an aftercare interview, which protecting consumers and combatting fraud and criminality. 1. Identification and registration helps us prevent them from playing in the illegal gaming circuit for Upon entry, all Holland Casino guests are required to show identifi- 4. Intervention extensive periods of time. This was a major factor in the increase RESPONSIBLE GAMING cation papers. They are only given access to the casino if they In the more probing monitoring interview, we confront the guest in the number of interviews and the measures taken in 2016, as We consider caring for our guests as one of Holland Casino’s core can show a valid ID and their visit is registered in the central visitor with our findings from the monitoring period and we discuss any a number of these interviews resulted in an additional restrictive tasks. What this duty of care entails, among other things, is that registration system. measures that may be taken to moderate gaming behaviour, measure of six months. In addition to the option of a voluntary ad- we make sure that our guests are playing responsibly at all times. such as visit restrictions or an admission ban. Holland Casino’s mission ban, Holland Casino always has the option of imposing Holland Casino teamed up with the Dutch addiction prevention 2. Information and awareness Responsible Gaming Policy was developed in cooperation with a (long-term) admission ban. This six-month period is in line with organisation Verslavingszorg Nederland to develop our Responsible To prevent or minimise gambling addiction, the policy is aimed the Dutch addiction prevention organisation Verslavingszorg the current draft legislation on Remote gaming (KAO). If this legis- Gaming Policy (Preventiebeleid Kansspelen – PBK). This policy is primarily at informing guests and making them aware of safe Nederland. In the context of awareness, it is important that guests lation is adopted at some point in the future, Holland Casino will supervised by the Dutch Gaming Commission, which has access and responsible gaming practices. The frequency of visits voluntarily agree to a visit restriction or admission ban. If neces- be in compliance with the legal period for exclusion from games to our working processes and registration systems. may prompt an awareness interview, if a guest makes an sary, when a guest is no longer considered capable of accepting of chance and can therefore continue to be a trendsetter in terms average of 15 (or more) visits a month to Holland Casino responsibility, Holland Casino will impose a restrictive measure. of its responsible gaming policy. Responsible Gaming Policy over a three month period. The awareness interview is of an Holland Casino can also deny a guest access if there is a sus- The Responsible Gaming Policy states that the player is in informative nature. A qualified employee from the Security & picion that the player may cause harm to themselves and/or principle responsible for their own gaming conduct and should Responsible Gaming department discusses what responsible their family, despite being approached repeatedly and receiving not play longer than is good for them or more than their financial gaming entails and the risks associated with gaming. In 2016, we advice on the available methods to moderate gaming behaviour. situation allows. Our employees make a vital contribution to conducted 642 awareness interviews. The risk of visit restrictions or admission bans is that they may be the execution of the Responsible Gaming Policy. They receive ineffective if the guest can continue to play anonymously at intensive Responsible Gaming Policy training aimed at providing Since young adults in the age group 18 through 23 are con- arcades or in illegal facilities. This issue will be resolved with them with insight into the problems associated with gambling sidered at higher risk of addiction, we also tightened our policy for the arrival of Remote Gaming (Kansspelen op Afstand – Koa). 48 49

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    CONTENT KEY FIGURES EB REPORT SB REPORT FINANCIAL STATEMENTS Verslavingszorg Nederland. The existing incident system will be the Dutch Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) and money transfers EXECUTION PBK IN FIGURES NUMBER OF ADMISSION BANS* replaced with a new system that is usable both offline and online are closely monitored and subject to strict approval procedures. (after refusal to participate in a client investigation) and is more user-friendly. All casinos will switch to this new system If Holland Casino has any doubts about the origins of money 2016 2015 2016 50 in the second quarter of 2017. being used to play, it can terminate the relationship with the Number of interviews 20,638 17,685* 2015 41 guests to prevent Holland Casino from running a risk in the con- Admission restrictions 4,586 3,316 2014 21 HONEST AND RELIABLE GAMING text of the Prevention of money laundering and the financing Compulsory admission restrictions 600 556 2013 14 Admission bans 4,979 4,333 Guests must be able to trust that the games Holland Casino of terrorism Act (Wwft). In 2016, the Dutch Gaming Commission 2012 30 Compulsory admission bans 230 157 provides are honest and reliable. Holland Casino can guarantee made its first supervisory visit to Holland Casino. The commission its guests honest gaming because it has reliable and qualified considers this visit a baseline measurement that will not result * This number has changed since the 2015 annual report. The figures in this table now include employees, gaming materials that meet all objective technical in any recommendations. Holland Casino is responsible for the * This pertains to admission bans due to potential money laundering risks. awareness and monitoring interviews. standards and predetermined pay-out percentages. The NMi, quarterly reports and analyses submitted to the Dutch Gaming an independent specialist at testing, certification and training Commission pursuant to the anti-money laundering policy and The increase in all figures when compared with 2015 is related to organisation in the field of metrology and gaming, conducts tests the execution of same. the change in the maximum duration of restrictive measures to six at our gaming tables twice a year. This procedure includes tests month from the previous 12 months. This led to an increase in the to safeguard the random selection process in our gaming sys- HOLLAND CASINO REPORTS TO THE FIU (including follow-up reports) number of six-month restrictive measures. tems. The Dutch Gaming Commission uses risk-based analyses to test the reliability of our slot machines. Holland Casino has very Reported on the Reported on the Total basis of objective basis of subjective indicators indicators thorough selection and hiring procedures for new employees: EFFECT PBK IN FIGURES 2016 1,199 1,475 2,674 every new employee has to apply for and submit an official certifi- 2015 894 1,094 1,988 cate of good conduct (Verklaring Omtrent Goed Gedrag - VOG) 2016 2015 2014 501 903 1,404 from their local authority. This will be compulsory under the new Decline in visit frequency per month among 5.4 naar 1.1 5.0 naar 1.2 2013 424 445 869 young adults (18-24) following a (-80%) (-76%) legislation, but Holland Casino has included this requirement in prevention interview 2012 335 193 528 its hiring procedures for many years. Staff members also undergo continuous training and education so they can provide gaming Holland Casino monitors changes in visit behaviour during a period of nine months after the first interview. That means that the figures do not line up with the financial year. in a responsible and safe manner. The number of objective transactions reported in 2016 pertained to Hospitality interview GUARANTEEING A SAFE GAMING ENVIRONMENT 528 deposits (2015: 554), 366 transfers (2015: 334) and 303 cash or The Hospitality interview is an additional tool for assessing whether We consider it our duty to reduce the chances of fraud and credit card transactions of EUR 15,000 or more, plus foreign currency guests are playing responsibly. A hospitality interview is a spon- criminal acts to the absolute minimum. We do so by complying transactions (2015: 6). The increase in the total number of MOT taneous conversation between a shift leader and a guest. The conscientiously with the Financial Supervision Act (Wft), the reports was due to a change in the reporting obligation. Under findings are processed in an app developed for that purpose. Prevention of money laundering and the financing of terrorism current legislation, cash transactions and credit card transactions Per Jaldung Chairman of the European Casino Association This conversation is not related to the Responsible Gaming Policy Act (Wwft) and the Sanctions Act 1977. of EUR 15,000 or more are also subject to a reporting obligation, “ (PBK), but such conversations can result in a PBK signal (if the shift while in the past this applied only to foreign currency transactions. " The ECA is impressed with Holland Casino’s Responsible leader sees reason to send such a signal). We conducted 21,959 Anti-money laundering policy In addition, an increase in visitor numbers, higher revenues and an Gaming Policy. The employees are trained to a high hospitality interviews in 2016. Holland Casino’s anti-money laundering policy has three key increase in poker events with a higher buy-in also contributed to the standard and put that training into practice on a daily elements: risk classification and client investigation, the moni- increase. Finally, the training and awareness of staff also accounted basis. They are truly committed to the well-being of their Responsible Gaming Policy Online toring of business relationships and transactions, and the for part of the increase. guests. Holland Casino is an international trendsetter As soon as Dutch legislation allows, Holland Casino will also reporting of unusual transactions (MOT). In this context, we ask when it comes to its Responsible Gaming Policy. Main- become active online.The preparations for this move are currently guests for identification and register their identities before they are taining that standard is extremely important in view of in full swing and we are translating the Responsible Gaming allowed to engage in financial transactions in the gaming rooms. the developments in the Dutch gaming market." Policy to make it fit-for-purpose in an online gaming environment, We analyse the purpose and nature of the casino visit and trained in consultation with the Dutch addiction prevention organisation staff monitor the transactions. We report unusual transactions to 50 51

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    RESPONSIBLE GAMING POLICY IN PRACTICE Dorien ten Bosch, Ester Beijers and Jan Duijkers In the past 40 years, Holland Casino has carved out a special position in the Dutch gaming industry with its internationally-recognised Responsible Gaming Policy (Preventiebeleid Kansspelen - PBK). Dorien ten Bosch, Security & Responsible Gaming advisor, Ester Beijers, assistant manager Security & Responsible Gaming and Jan Duijkers, shift leader Table games, each talk about the Responsible Gaming Policy from their own perspective. The strength of the policy is the cooperation with addiction care organisations, the cooperation between the various departments and casinos and the way this is all firmly embedded in the organisation. But what does the policy look like in everyday practice?

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    CONTENT KEY FIGURES EB REPORT SB REPORT FINANCIAL STATEMENTS Ester “Every quarter, the Responsible Gaming Ester “Holland Casino wants to make its guests Policy coordinators from the various casinos aware of the risks of the game and explain consult with the head office. That is how we the opportunities on offer to keep the game keep each other up to date on the latest enjoyable at all times.” developments. For instance, on the policy front, we recently moved towards greater Dorien “Early detection internally is INTERNAL SIGNALS self-regulation. We want to make our guest essential in that respect. We want to more aware of their (gaming) behaviour. keep our guests playing safely and Jan “All Holland Casino employees, both up front and behind Simply put, our role is to hold up a mirror for responsibly. All our employees, from the scenes, deal with the Responsible Gaming Policy in their them.You can tell, during those conversations, the shop floor to the head office, own way. As a shift leader, I consider myself the eyes and that guests realise that Holland Casino is have completed the Responsible ears of the casino. I am in regular contact with our guests acting in their best interests.” Gaming Policy training. And every three and I feel responsible for their gaming enjoyment. As soon as years employees also take a training course I see that a guest is no longer enjoying their play, I can send “Guests realise Holland Casino is that we organise together with addiction care out an internal signal about that to the Security & Responsible acting in their best interests.” organisations. The aim is to maintain a solid Gaming department.” ESTER level of know-how combined with a pro-active Dorien “I would like to put the number of attitude.” Ester “The employees on the floor are trained to recognise the signs of prevention interviews into perspective. In changes in behaviour among our guests. They play a crucial role in 2016, we conducted some 20,000 interviews the initial stages of the execution of the Responsible Gaming Policy. We receive the internal signals, assess them and then, if necsary, from a total of more than 1.1 million unique FUTURE visitors. That is less than 2% of all visitors. initiate a dialogue. This involves various stages of What this means is that the vast majority Dorien “Holland Casino is set to move to an informal conversations in which you make of our visitors are fully aware of the risks omni-channel strategy. The benefit of online guests aware of the risks of gaming and the associated with gaming for money and is that you can use all kinds of algorithms “My mission is to make options Holland Casino has on offer for more participate in the game responsibly.” to monitor and direct a guest’s gaming extensive conversations if that is warranted.” sure the Responsible behaviour. That might involve things like Gaming Policy is Ester “The casino is an excellent way to spend gaming and deposit limits, or a cool down second nature to leisure time if you play responsibly. I want what button. And in the future, we can also “As a shift leader, I am POLICY every employee.” is best for our guests. I see that as my task and communicate with our guests online using DORIEN the eyes and ears of Dorien “We have a Responsible Gaming Policy advisory group on a I enjoy helping to do just that on a daily basis.” a chat function and pop-up screens.” the casino.” national level.This group includes the CEO, who attaches a great deal of Ester “In addition, we are exploring the market importance to the Responsible Gaming Policy, the director of the Security JAN & Responsible Gaming department, various managers from within the STRENGTH to see whether a responsible gaming app or something similar might be something we organisation, representatives of addiction care organisations and the Jan “The policy’s strength is that it comes into could use. A responsible gaming app would scientific community. In this advisory group, we exchange experiences effect the moment a guest walks into Holland be in line with our self-regulation approach from everyday practice, from addiction care and the scientific community Casino and registers. Guests subsequently and might help guests monitor their own and we gather know-how on how to improve the Responsible Gaming receive information and they are monitored gaming behaviour. For instance, millennials Policy. We believe it is very important for us to maintain good contacts long before there is any question of interven- use their mobile phones for pretty much every- with addiction care and prevention organisations and we devote a lot of tion. Taking a responsible approach to your thing and so such an app could by be used time and effort to this, both nationally and at a local level.” guests is vital when it comes to the continuity to help them game responsibly.” of your operations.” 54 55

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    CONTENT KEY FIGURES EB REPORT SB REPORT FINANCIAL STATEMENTS OUR GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT Our employees are making Holland Casino’s ambitions a reality. Anti-money laundering course This means they have to be the best in the business. In that light, All employees take a mandatory anti-money laundering course PEOPLE we believe it is important to invest in the future of our people and we make sure that there is sufficient room for them to continue to (Wwft training), including those who are not in direct contact with our guests. The course consists of an e-learning module and a Holland Casino believes in the power of interaction. We consider hospitality, develop. Holland Casino offers a broad range of e-learning modules, training course, which they complete by taking a test. training courses and development programmes. In addition to attention and personal contact our major priorities. We expect our employees profession-specific training courses in the field of table games, Management development programme to provide our guests with the highest level of hospitality possible. And our slot machines and services, Holland Casino also offers a number At Holland Casino, all employees are given the opportunity to employees can expect Holland Casino to do the same for them. of generic training modules, such as those geared towards develop their career. In 2015, we set up the management communications, security, management, MS Office and social development programme, a special development programme media. for high potentials, which helps them to further develop their It is thanks to our employees that Holland Casino can differentiate all casinos where the new chairman of the board, members of leadership skills. A number of participants in the programme have itself, now and in the future. You will find more information about the board, local management and employees got together to Training and development already moved into higher management positions. The programme their contribution to the success of our business operations in the discuss the future of Holland Casino. Employees were given the In the course of their career at Holland Casino, employees take will run until mid-2017. Based on an interim evaluation and Value Creation chapter on page 25. opportunity to ask questions and raise issues. We are continuing various specialist training courses. In 2016, we made a start on the an end-evaluation, we are also working on a follow-up to this with these meetings in 2017. In addition, we organised round- implementation of a learning module from talent development programme, which will be launched in 2017. Safety, stability and transparency are of crucial importance, espe- table discussions at all our casinos in 2016, plus we set up a specialists Succesfactors. This new training tool makes the learning cially these days, when the market is changing so considerably. sounding board group with representatives from all casinos and process more transparent for both managers and employees. It HEALTHY AND VITAL EMPLOYEES The proposed privatisation of Holland Casino is fast approaching added more structure and speed to our communications with also provides insight into the training courses that are compulsory Irregular working hours and late shifts mean we have to devote and as soon as legally possible, we will change from a pure employees. for specific employees, which courses they have completed extra attention to the health of our employees. At Holland Casino, land-based business to an omni-channel operation. We will need and which courses may be of interest to a particular employee. we strive for healthy and vital employees who enjoy going to work. to maintain high levels of flexibility, adaptability and innovation EMPLOYEES They are aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle and are to remain successful in the future, also in view of factors such as Hospitality able to take responsibility for their own role on this front. Holland globalisation and the digitalisation of society. At the same time, 2016 2015 By providing its guests with the highest possible levels of hospitality, Casino devoted a great deal of attention to this theme in 2016. Employees casinos 3,231 2,973 we are facing the ageing of both our guests and our employees. Holland Casino stands out. Friendliness, social skills and a focus We are therefore very pleased with the absenteeism level of 3.5%, Employees head office 210 225 on service play a crucial role on this front. Every casino has a compared to 3.8% in 2015. This means we realised the target of Total employees (headcount) 3,441 3,198 Whether we are talking about negotiation for a new collective hospitality training process. The managers from every casino 3.5% we set for last year. labour agreement or changes to laws and regulations that have Employees Table games 1,378 1,350 take a two-day hospitality training course, with one day of theory Employees Slot machines 255 244 an impact on our sector, these are all examples of development training and one day to practice what they have learned, so they Employees Services 570 560 that may raise questions and create a sense of insecurity among can go on to train their own employees. Employees Food & Beverage 615 458 our employees. We continue to maintain a dialogue with our Employees Other 623 586 employees to make sure that we keep each other informed, Total employees (headcount) 3,441 3,198 Responsible Gaming Policy remain engaged and understand each other. That is how we Holland Casino has developed its own Responsible Gaming Male employees full time 875 864 ensure that everyone can form a realistic picture of the changing Policy (Preventiebeleid Kansspelen – PBK) in collaboration with the Male employees part time 1,023 928 future and prepare for that future if and when this is necessary. Dutch addiction care and prevention organisation Verslavings- Total male employees 1,898 1,792 zorg Nederland. The PBK training module provides insight into In 2016, we devoted a great deal of attention to the continued Female employees full time 165 161 the problems associated with gaming addiction and provides development and optimisation of our internal communications Female employees part time 1,378 1,245 participants with training in the early recognition of addiction Total female employees 1,543 1,406 policy, with the aim of improving interaction, openness and trans- or problem behaviour. The PBK training is also available as an parency with our employees. For instance, from August through e-learning module. You can read more about the PBK module in Total employees (FTEs) 2,519 2,360 October, we organised ‘the future tour’: a series of meetings in Average age (in years) 44 43 the chapter Our Guests on page 48. 56 57

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    CONTENT KEY FIGURES EB REPORT SB REPORT FINANCIAL STATEMENTS Integrity hotline and complaints committees In 2016, the confidential advisors at the casinos received training In 2015, we launched an Integrity hotline to professionalise the in how to assist employees and provide advice on reporting reporting of integrity infringements and reduce the threshold integrity issues. If undesirable conduct or a suspicion of same 40 YEARS OF HOLLAND CASINO for employees reporting undesirable situations. We published a gives cause for investigation, employees can reach out to several brochure ‘Integrity issues and undesirable conduct’ to bring the committees. The Committee for reporting integrity issues contact point to the attention of our employees. The brochure (Commissie Meldpunt Integriteitskwesties) is available to provide On Saturday the 1st of October 2016 it was exactly 40 years to the day since Holland Casino opened the doors of its states whom the employees can contact with any questions and advice to the responsible members of the management team on first casino in Zandvoort. We are celebrating that anniversary not only with our guests, but also with our employees. issues, and outlines examples of integrity issues and how to act in the handling of reports on suspected integrity issues. specific situations. All employees received a copy of the brochure From October 2016 until May 2017, we are organising a whole range of national and local activities and events for em- in 2016. The brochure is also available on the company’s intranet. In addition, Holland Casino has a complaints committee for ployees. The highlight of the festivities was a specially adapted and smaller-scale edition of the Let’s Dance event in The confidential advisors in the various casinos ensure the undesirable conduct. This committee focuses on complaints the Heineken Music Hall on 20 and 21 November 2016, to which we also invited all retired Holland Casino employees. brochures are available and visible in all casinos. The Integrity related to direct or indirect sexual and or non-sexual statements hotline did not receive any reports in 2016. or actions expressed in verbal, non-verbal or physical conduct To mark the anniversary, we also organised a cycling tour of all that is considered undesirable by the employee and/or infringe our casinos during which a group of our most sports-minded our integrity standards. colleagues covered 1,000 kilometres in six days (see photo). We also organised 40 take-a-colleague to work moments, which gave participating colleagues an idea of the work of their colleagues in other casinos and/or functions. The ‘fit check’ The fact that our employees often work irregular hours makes it very Holland Casino employees. This brochure covers practical issues, important that they remain aware of their health and what they tips and experiences to inspire employees and to motivate them can do to stay in good shape. Following a successful pilot in 2014, to maintain a healthy lifestyle when they work night shifts. we rolled out the ‘fit check’ nationwide in 2015. The fit check is a health assessment that gives employees more insight into their own SAFETY AND INTEGRITY health. The assessment consisted of a questionnaire, a physical A safe and pleasant working environment for its employees is a check and, if desired, a conversation with a vitality coach, and we major priority for Holland Casino. Whether they work in one of the also carried these fit checks in 2016. The results revealed that the casinos or at the head office, all employees should feel safe and biggest challenges employees faced were maintaining a healthy at ease. And just as we do for our employees, we also do our diet and getting enough relaxation when working night shifts, utmost to make sure that our guests feel at ease on the casino plus maintaining a good balance between work and private floor. We have scrupulous selection and recruitment procedures life. As a result of these findings, Holland Casino has made a for employees and temporary staff. We also provide our em- central budget available to support local BRAVO initiatives. BRAVO ployees with continuous additional training and education to means (more) Beweging (exercise), (no) Roken (smoking), ensure they can provide gaming safely and responsibly. The (moderate consumption of) Alcohol, (healthy) Voeding (diet) Security & Responsible Gaming department plays a significant and (sufficient) Ontspanning (relaxation). Holland Casino offered role on this front through constant camera supervision and the the BRAVO programme to all employees. In 2016, we also pro- presence of security staff on the floor. duced the brochure ‘Fit in the night’, which was written by and for 58 59

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    CONTENT KEY FIGURES EB REPORT SB REPORT FINANCIAL STATEMENTS LABOUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS The Works Council Collective labour agreement The Works Council met five times in 2016 for formal consultation Holland Casino has developed proposals for a new collective meetings. The chairman of the board of Holland Casino is a labour agreement (CAO).The purpose is to arrive at a modernised discussion partner in the talks with the Works Council. CEO Erwin collective labour agreement that provides a responsible basis for van Lambaart attended four of the meetings. Anita de Kleijn the years to come. The unions have received the collective labour attended the February 2016 consultation meeting as interim CEO. agreement proposals. We have also provided employees with In addition to the subjects put before the Works Council for their extensive and detailed information via avenues such as a CAO advice or approval, the agenda of the meetings also included page on the intranet, videos and conversations during round- the proposed privatisation, the strategy of the company in 2016 table meetings. and the transition of the pension scheme to a new pension fund. In May 2016, we began talks on a new collective labour agree- In 2016, the Works Council approved and/or attached a positive ment with the trade unions. The existing collective labour recommendation to the following requests: agreement expired on 1 January 2016. Following the first two rounds of talks, subsequent appointments were put on hold until Approval: after the summer. This was followed by an intensive period of talks ◊ Change in appointments policy; in November and December. By the end of 2016, these talks had ◊ Change in Camera regulations; not yet resulted in a new collective labour agreement ◊ Dissolution croupier pool; ◊ Guidelines for development places for the function of Shift leader. EMPLOYEES Positive recommendation: 2016 2015 ◊ Appointment Erwin van Lambaart as chairman of the board; Employees CAO 3,392 3,148 ◊ Structure of Marketing and E-commerce organisation and the Employees HAY 49 50 Corporate Communications department; Total employees (headcount) 3,441 3,198 ◊ Investment in revitalisation of Holland Casino Utrecht ◊ Insourcing Food & Beverage in Enschede, Leeuwarden and Utrecht; Performance-related bonus (RAU) ◊ Investments Amsterdam West and the closure of Schiphol. In 2016, we were once again able to pay out a performance- related bonus (Resultaatafhankelijke uitkering - RAU), based on In 2016, the Works Council gave a negative recommendation on the results for 2015. the following requests: Pension Negatief advies: In the 2015 annual report, we discussed the strategic reorientation ◊ Transformation Stichting / N.V.* of our pension scheme. Together with the executive of the Stichting ◊ Award of advisory contract to ABN AMRO. Pensioenfonds Holland Casino (our pension fund), we have * On 1 December 2016, this was subject of a session before the Enterprise Chamber of the Amsterdam Court and on 3 February 2017 the Enterprise Chamber ruled in favour of Holland Casino. concluded that it is in the best interests of the participants to tran- sition to another pension fund. We propose to realise this transition as of 1 July 2017. 60 61

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    CONTENT KEY FIGURES EB REPORT SB REPORT FINANCIAL STATEMENTS OUR SOCIETY In order to minimise our impact on the environment, Holland Casino focus- DIRECTIVE PUBLICATION NON-FINANCIAL INFORMATION Pursuant to the directive on the publication of non-financial As part of our Responsible Gaming Policy, employees are asked es its purchasing on sustainable operations and Food & Beverage products, information, certain large companies are obliged to publish a from time to time whether they have encountered (sexual) intimi- as well as sustainable construction and renovation projects. We are also very non-financial statement to include at the very least information dation, aggression or violence from guests, colleagues or mana- much aware of our role in society and, in addition to taking the well-being about environmental matters, social and personnel matters, gers. The outcome of these surveys shows that any intimidation of our guests extremely seriously (you can read more in the chapter ‘Our human rights observance and the fight against corruption and the participants experience comes primarily from guests. What this bribery. means is that the general trend in society of people becoming guests’), we also try to make a positive contribution to local initiatives and more outspoken, which is sometimes expressed in the form of nationwide charities. Social and personnel matters intimidation or aggression, can also be seen at Holland Casino. Holland Casino’s employees are represented by three trade unions Our goal is to improve our preventative approach. Since 2015, we (an estimated 50% of all employees is a member of one of these actively promote this preventative approach by organising regular Sustainable purchasing project, we are realising an adaptive building with high-return trade unions) and the Works Council (Ondernemingsraad - OR). aggression-prevention training courses. Discussing the impact of A considerable part of our environmental impact is found in our sustainability measures. This building will facilitate and boost All these parties consult with each other on a regular basis. incidents and increasing the resilience of employees is a key part supply chain. Holland Casino considers its suppliers as partners Holland Casino’s primary processes optimally and is fully in line Although the cooperation with the trade unions could be conside- of this approach. Our employees greatly appreciate these training in the realisation of common goals on the sustainability front. We with the cradle to cradle principles of the Venlo local authority.The red difficult, Holland Casino always intends and wishes to maintain courses. have a sustainable purchasing policy, which we use to encou- new construction project for the Utrecht casino will also include a dialogue at all times. rage suppliers to make sustainable choices and thus create a considerable attention for high-return sustainability measures. Integrity of purchasing sustainable chain. The chain includes both the products and We enter into the social dialogue for instance by cooperating The Holland Casino purchasing department has signed the services provided by our suppliers and the operations of Holland Charities closely with local junior vocational schools (MBO). MBO students professional code of the Dutch Association of Purchasers. It is Casino itself. In 2016, Holland Casino contributed to both local initiatives and can enter traineeships and are trained in the Holland Casino only possible for a profession to justify its contribution to society nationwide charities by deploying its employees and a number Academy, after which there is always the possibility of finding a job if those involved and society as a whole have faith in that In practice of sponsored activities. A team of 24 enthusiastic and motivated at Holland Casino. profession. This means that a purchasing employee can only In our casinos, we use an average of 43 GWh in electricity annually employees took part in the Roparun, a relay race of more than execute the purchasing in a professional manner on the basis and this is all green energy. In an effort to reduce energy con- 500 kilometres from Paris and Hamburg to Rotterdam, on behalf of Holland Casino also contributes to the initiative “employers go of adequate trust and integrity. The professional code of Holland sumption, we shut down slot machines after closing time, we are Holland Casino. During this three-day race, we collected money inclusive” and enables participation by people with difficulties Casino focuses on four guidelines: introducing more and more LED lighting and we are optimising for palliative care for cancer patients. Plus we contributed to entering the labour market. We do this on a small scale and I. Loyalty to Holland Casino climate control installations. the Venloop in Venlo. This walk is associated with the fund for scrupulously, because we find that this works. II. Treat suppliers fairly handicapped sports (Fonds Gehandicaptensport). In addition to III. Support fair competition In our restaurants, we deliberately opt for a range of quality products these sports activities, Holland Casino supports various charities Holland Casino has no specific measures in its employment policy IV. Maintain the reputation of the profession provided by A-grade suppliers.These are suppliers selling responsible in the field of education and healthcare, including the Stichting when it comes to gender equality. We always treat men and and fair trade products. Most of the products we serve are seasonal. Leergeld Enschede (education and extra-curricular activities for women equally and strive for a balanced division between men Every Holland Casino employee is responsible for the execution children) and Venlo Kleurt (educational programme about art), the and women in teams and in our casinos. In 2016, the division men of all their actions in line with the above guidelines and in Sustainable construction and renovation projects Ronald McDonald children’s fund, the Daniel den Hoed Stichting versus women was around 60 – 40%. Our policy with respect to accordance with prevailing legislation. We always budget for sustainability advice in our construction (cancer research) and the Hartstichting (heart disease charity). pregnancy leave, care leave, and maternity/paternity leave is in and renovation projects. For the future Holland Casino Venlo line with legal provisions and the collective labour agreements and is scrupulously adhered to. 62 63

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    CONTENT KEY FIGURES EB REPORT SB REPORT FINANCIAL STATEMENTS Safeguarding supply and subcontracting chain Holland Casino wants to do business with organisations with The Holland Casino Purchasing department applies the follo- wing basic principles, which are part of our purchasing process: IN CONTROL STATEMENT a good name and reputation, who set great store by ethical operations, and maintain healthy finances to preserve the • Equal treatment STATEMENT PERTAINING TO THE FINANCIAL STATEMENTS sustainable continuity of their business. Holland Casino’s ultimate The absence of discriminating factors that would give one AND THE SYSTEM OF INTERNAL CONTROLS goal is realising a sustainable chain together with its partners. party more opportunities than another party. Everyone must This chain includes the products and services and the operations be treated equally and everyone must receive the same of Holland Casino, its suppliers and their subcontractors. Our information. The Holland Casino Executive Board is responsible for the preparation and approach to sustainable purchasing is based on our supplier fair presentation of the financial statements and for the preparation of the code of conduct, which is in turn based on our own Holland • Transparency annual report. This responsibility includes selecting and applying appropriate Casino core values and internal code of conduct. Holland Expectations must be clear in advance, with a clear Casino can monitor compliance with and the application of the description that is available to everyone. Decisions must be accounting policies and making accounting estimates that are reasonable supplier code on the basis of questionnaires and is entitled to made with clear motivation. in the circumstances. The financial statements have been prepared on the check compliance, possibly in the form of an audit. assumption of a going-concern. • Proportionality Technical specifications, grounds for exclusion, suitability requirements, selection and awarding criteria must be relevant and proportionate to the size of the contract. The Executive Board is also responsible for the effectiveness of the The major risks and the manner in which Holland Casino controls organisation’s internal control systems. We have put in place several these risks are described in the risk management section starting risk management and control systems (RCS) to underpin our on pages 79 through 81. All key findings from internal and external statement. The risk management and control systems are based audits, Letter of Assessment and the Risk Management Monitor on the COSO Integrated Control Framework. The risk management have been discussed with the Audit Committee and/or the and control systems cover all aspects of internal control, such as Supervisory Board. the governance framework (including the governance structure, codes of conduct, roles and responsibilities and reporting lines), Hoofddorp, 11 april 2017 risk identification, control measures (including the internal control The Executive Board structure and internal controls), information & communication (including reporting and consultation mechanisms) and moni- Erwin van Lambaart toring (including auditing). We are constantly working to improve CEO our processes and procedures. Taking into account the above, the Executive Board believes that the internal control systems offer a reasonable degree of certainty regarding the financial reporting risks, that these risks have been reduced to an acceptable level and that the financial reporting does not therefore contain material inconsistencies. 64 65

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    COMPOSITION OF THE SUPERVISORY BOARD Mr. Baud (appointed on 19 December 2016) is missing from this picture. A.Schouwenaar (1946), Dutch R.E. Dekker (1972), Dutch P.F. Roks (1954), Dutch M.M. van Zuijlen (1967), Dutch W.L.J. Bröcker (1951), Dutch Final term expired 26 November 2016 Current term expires 1 August 2020 Current term expires 17 November 2018 Current term expires 1 June 2019 Current term expires 1 August 2020 Other positions Other positions Other positions Other positions Other positions ◊ Vice-chairman of the Supervisory Board of Asito ◊ Director Group Balance Sheet Management ◊ Director at Fluxys Europe B.V. ◊ Chairman of the Supervisory Board Den Haag Partners ◊ External Advisor IBS Capital Allies Dienstengroep SE A.S.R. Insurances ◊ Chairman of the Supervisory Board Het Nationale ◊ External Advisor Y Group ◊ Vice-chairman of the Supervisory Board of Brunel Theater ◊ Member of the Supervisory Board Mauritshuis Museum International N.V. ◊ Member of the Review Committee STIVA ◊ External Advisor Houthoff Buruma ◊ Member of the Supervisory Board, Docdata N.V. ◊ Chairman of Stichting Continuiteit BE ◊ Member of the Supervisory Board Stadion Semiconductor Industries N.V. Amsterdam N.V. ◊ Chairman Supervisory Board Berlage ◊ Treasurer of Fonds Gehandicaptensport Winkelfonds Duitsland N.V. ◊ Member of the Executive Board of the Stichting ◊ Chairman of the Board Colonial Property Fund Steun VUmc Alzheimer foundation

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    CONTENT KEY FIGURES EB REPORT SB REPORT FINANCIAL STATEMENTS INTRODUCTION REPORT OF FROM THE CHAIRMAN THE SUPERVISORY BOARD COMMITTEES For Holland Casino, the year 2016 was marked by the company’s 40th The Supervisory Board held six regular meetings in 2015. These The Holland Casino Supervisory Board has three committees: the anniversary. The fact that this coincided with yet another excellent result meetings took place in January, March, June, September, October audit committee, the remuneration committee and the selection made it an outstanding accomplishment. The Supervisory Board is very and December. The required quorum was present at each of and appointments committee. The tasks of the committees are pleased with the progress the company made in 2016. It is a promising sign these meetings. laid down in the bylaws of the respective Supervisory Board committees. The committees meet independently and each for the change-filled future of both Holland Casino and the Dutch casino The meetings were held in the presence of the Executive Board. provides the Supervisory Board as a whole with support in their market as a whole. Three of the meetings were held at the Holland Casino head specific field. The committees report on each of their meetings office in Hoofddorp, two were held in Holland Casino Amsterdam in a meeting of the Supervisory Board. The Supervisory Board The Supervisory Board believes its main task is to make Holland makes sure that Holland Casino continues to invest in the casino and one of the meetings took place at Holland Casino in Breda. makes its decisions based on the information provided at those Casino a future-proof organisation. This starts with stability and of the future in line with the company’s long-term strategy. Members of the Supervisory Board regularly liaise with the Holland meetings. The committees regularly liaise with the Holland Casino continuity in the Executive Board and we were therefore very Enormous changes are afoot in the gaming market and it is Casino Executive Board outside the scheduled meetings to Executive Board outside the scheduled meetings. pleased to welcome Erwin van Lambaart as the new chairman important to make sure we anticipate those changes as much exchange know-how and expertise. The Supervisory Board also of the board and CEO as of 7 March 2016. The Supervisory Board as possible, for instance in the preparations for the online casino. held meetings in the absence of the Executive Board. Members of Audit Committee is impressed with his leadership style. CEO Erwin van Lambaart is We are seeing rapid development in the illegal online gaming the Supervisory Board also participated in talks with various stake- The members of the audit committee are Mrs. Dekker (chair) and extremely ambitious, very driven and has an eye for detail without market. And we are seeing increasing physical competition in the holders, including the Works Council and the trade unions. Mrs. Van Zuijlen. The audit committee provides the Supervisory losing sight of the longer term perspective. The Supervisory Board form of slot machine arcades. We are making positive steps to Board with advice on Holland Casino’s internal risk management was shocked by the tragic loss of CFO Anita de Kleijn and is ex- stay ahead of the competition, while we are also facing a number The topics discussed during the meetings included various rele- and control mechanisms and its financial reporting. In 2016, the tremely grateful for her boundless commitment and energy as of major challenges. vant items, such as the proposed privatisation, the transformation audit committee held four scheduled meetings. Key issues dis- CFO and interim CEO. Our thoughts and sympathies go out to from foundation to public limited company (N.V.), plus a number cussed during the meetings included the 2015 annual report, her loved ones. In 2017, we will monitor the challenges associated with the ope- of related subjects, such as governance, the collective labour the budget for 2017 and the dividend policy. Other subjects ning of the online gaming market and the proposed privatisation, agreement negotiations, the proposed legislation on Remote discussed included audit reports, financial reports, IFRS, Risk and In 2016, the composition of the Supervisory Board changed, and as well as the progress towards realising a sustainable collective Gaming (Koa) and changes to the Gaming Act (Wok), plus Compliance, Gaming Support and the pension fund. Holland Casino bid farewell to Mrs. Schaapveld, Mr. Stevens and labour agreement. We strive for a future-proof collective labour various substantial investments and renovation projects at a the chairman of the Supervisory Board, Mr. Schouwenaar, as their agreement, which both safeguards the long-term interests of our number of casinos. Other key themes we discussed during our Remuneration Committee terms in office expired. The Supervisory Board is grateful to Mrs. employees and ensures Holland Casino maintains its competitive meetings in 2016 included the company’s strategic choices, The remuneration committee’s task is to advise the Supervisory Schaapveld and Mr. Stevens and in particular to Mr. Schouwenaar position. relationships with its various stakeholders and corporate Board on the remuneration policy, the remuneration structure and in his role as chairman, for their significant contributions and governance-related items. Recurring themes on the annual agenda the actual remuneration of the individual members of the Executive commitment. I am also pleased to report that the Supervisory Holland Casino has once again booked impressive progress in of the Supervisory Board include the company’s financial perfor- Board. The committee is also responsible for the company’s Board has been restored to full strength with the appointment of 2016. This would not have been possible without the commitment mance and the financial statements, with specific attention in the remuneration policy. In view of the vacancy that arose last year, Mrs. Dekker and Mr. Baud, together with the undersigned, who has and dedication of all our employees. I am therefore grateful to year under review for the transition to IFRS, Holland Casino’s role Mr. Schouwenaar was the only member of the remuneration taken up the chairman’s post. everyone who contributed to that result. in society and the external supervision under which the company committee in 2016. operates. Holland Casino has built up an extraordinary position in the Dutch Willem Bröcker The committee member consulted with the Executive Board gaming market over the past 40 years. The Supervisory Board Chairman of the Supervisory Board on two occasions in 2016. The subjects discussed during these consultations included the remuneration of the Executive Board and the targets for the variable remuneration for 2016. 70 71

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    CONTENT KEY FIGURES EB REPORT SB REPORT FINANCIAL STATEMENTS CORPORATE GOVERNANCE Selection and appointments committee As a professional company, we recognise the importance of good corporate The selection and appointments committee is tasked with advising Mr. Schouwenaar’s term as chairman of the Supervisory Board governance. Our objective is to take into account the interests of all of our the Supervisory Board on making nominations for appointments expired on 26 November 2016. Mr. Bröcker was appointed as the of members of the Executive Board. The members of the selection new chairman of the Supervisory Board. stakeholders at all times. Our corporate governance is based on principles such and appointments committee in 2016 were Mr. Schouwenaar as transparency, integrity and clear communications. and Mrs. Schaapveld. The above appointments returned the Supervisory Board to full strength and meant the board had five members at the end of After her departure from the Supervisory Board, Mrs. Schaapveld’s 2016: two women and three men. At the end of 2015, the Super- Holland Casino has chosen to comply with the Dutch Corporate the collective gaming casinos, taking into account the amount tasks were temporarily carried out by Mrs. Dekker. visory Board had five members: two women and three men. The Governance Code (“the Code”). In principle, this code applies of equity to be held by the company. The amount of equity is five members vary in background, experience and expertise, only to publicly listed companies, but it is also viewed by the market determined by the Finance Ministry on the basis of a proposal The committee met once in 2016. There were also regular tele- which gives the board a complementary composition. In the as a best practice for good governance in the Netherlands. from the Supervisory Board. The company is managed by the phone consultations outside of these meetings. In 2016, the appointment of new members, the Board takes into consideration Holland Casino has incorporated all the relevant provisions Executive Board, which is supervised by a Supervisory Board. committee devoted attention to the situation following the the added value of diversity in the Supervisory Board in line with of the Code in its articles of association and various internal Members of the Supervisory Board are appointed by the Finance departure of the CEO and his succession, as well as the replace- the Dutch Corporate Governance Code. regulations insofar as this is feasible. Since Holland Casino is Ministry. As the pseudo-shareholder, the Finance Ministry has ment and succession of the CFO.The committee also devoted atten- not a listed company, it does not apply any provisions drawn up approval and appointment rights as stipulated in the articles of tion to the succession of various members of the Supervisory Board. FINANCIAL REPORTING specifically for listed companies. As Holland Casino operates as a association. Holland Casino operates under supervision of the The Supervisory Board has discussed the annual report and the foundation, nor does it apply the provisions drawn up specifically Dutch Gaming Commission (Kansspelautoriteit) and within the As of 2017, the remuneration and selection and appointment financial statements for 2016 with the Executive Board and with for limited liability companies. This form is primarily reflected in legal framework of the Gaming Act and the Casino Games Decree. committee have been combined and the combined committee KPMG. On 11 April 2017, the Executive Board shared the financial the fact that a foundation has no shareholders and therefore no now consists of Mr. Baud (chair) and Mr. Roks. statements including the unqualified auditor’s report, the annual general meeting of shareholders. Holland Casino has a two-tier The Dutch government’s state participations policy has traditionally report and the preliminary advice of the Supervisory Board with structure, and the provisions drawn up specifically for a one-tier been geared towards making a contribution to the sound gover- COMPOSITION AND (RE)APPOINTMENTS the Finance Minister. On 28 April 2017, the minister adopted governance structure are therefore not applicable. nance of state participations. This policy also includes the organi- The following change took place in the Holland Casino Executive the financial statements. The auditor has issued an unqualified sation of all state participations on an equal basis. To that end, Board in 2016: Erwin van Lambaart was appointed as the new auditor’s report. The unqualified auditor’s report is included in this GOVERNANCE STRUCTURE the government uses the same standard articles of association, chairman of the board and CEO effective 7 March 2016. Until that annual report on pages 131 through 136. The Supervisory Board Holland Casino was founded in 1976 as a foundation and desig- so that the powers of the various corporate bodies are recorded date, Anita de Kleijn was interim chairman of the board, as well proposes that, in line Holland Casino’s articles of association, the nated as the only government-licenced provider of casino gaming unequivocally, in the interests of sound corporate governance. as CFO of Holland Casino. Her term of office as CFO ended on Executive Board be discharged for its management and that the in the Netherlands. The State is not formally a shareholder, The policy is based on the legal form of a limited liability company. 31 October 2016. Anita de Kleijn was reappointed for a period of Supervisory Board be discharged for their supervision of same. because a foundation has no shareholders, but based on the For Holland Casino, this policy went beyond an amendment of two years ending 31 October 2018. Following the death of Anita articles of association of Stichting Holland Casino, the State has the articles of association to the standard articles of association. de Kleijn, Paul Arisse temporarily took over a number of her tasks. economic and voting rights that are comparable to those of a Since it is a foundation, it will have to become a limited liability In March 2017, Ruud Bergervoet was appointed CFO. shareholder in a limited liability company. The Finance Ministry company (B.V. or N.V.) to carry out that particular policy objective. is therefore often referred to as the pseudo-shareholder by both Holland Casino is the last state participation to be transformed Following the expiry of their terms, Mr. Stevens and Mrs. Schaapveld Holland Casino and the State itself. The Justice Ministry is responsi- into a limited liability company. Following the transition from foun- were both temporarily reappointed as members of the Supervisory ble for policy matters. Policy-making powers fall with the purview of dation to N.V. (public limited liability company), the State will Board until successors could be found. These positions were filled the Security and Justice Ministry.The Finance Ministry is responsible exercise its share ownership in Holland Casino N.V. in accordance with the appointment of Mrs. Dekker on 1 August 2016 and Mr. for governance. The Dutch state is entitled to the net result of with the provisions of the 2013 policy paper on state participations Baud on 19 December 2016. 72 73

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    CONTENT KEY FIGURES EB REPORT SB REPORT FINANCIAL STATEMENTS (Nota Deelnemingenbeleid Rijksoverheid 2013). The shareholders social performance. The Holland Casino articles of association Justice Ministry, and after said appointments have been discussed rights and instruments of the State in the company will then be in and the bylaws of the Executive Board outline the responsibilities, with the Supervisory Board. The Board meets at least once a year in CODE OF CONDUCT accordance with the Dutch Civil Code and the standard articles tasks and operating methods of the Executive Board.The Executive the absence of the Executive Board to discuss its own functioning, The Holland Casino Executive Board has drawn up an internal of association used by the State. Holland Casino will also continue Board’s first priority is always the interests of Holland Casino and its the functioning of the separate committees and that of individual code of conduct that applies to all employees at every level of the to strive for compliance with the Code. stakeholders. The Executive Board provides the Supervisory Board members of the Board. organisation. The code of conduct has been incorporated in the with all the information and resources required for the Supervisory Staff manual and is available via the company intranet. On top The cabinet announced in its coalition agreement that it intends Board’s sound and correct execution of its tasks, and such in a The Supervisory Board oversees and advises the Executive board of this, Holland Casino imposes requirements on the services and to sell Holland Casino in due course. Holland Casino will then timely manner. in the execution of its tasks, and does so from a position of inde- products of partners and suppliers. These requirements include transition from a state participation to a private company. This will pendence. This independence is in accordance with best practice conditions related to the fair and ethical sourcing and production become possible once the Upper House of parliament adopts In accordance with the articles of association, the Supervisory provision III.2.2 of the Dutch Corporate Governance Code. of food items and other products. the draft legislation on the modernisation of the casino gaming Board determines the number of members of the Executive Board. system (which entails a change to the Gaming Act, as well as the In view of the unexpected departure of the CEO in 2015, the COMPOSITION EXECUTIVE AND SUPERVISORY BOARDS REMUNERATION opening up of the gaming market and the sale of Holland Casino). Executive Board consisted of only one person until 7 March 2016. In line with Code, Holland Casino has a diversity policy for the The Supervisory Board each year determines the remuneration for The lower house approved the draft legislation on 31 January Mrs. Anita de Kleijn was CFO and acted as interim CEO. Mr. Erwin van composition of the Executive Board, the Supervisory Board and the Executive Board in line with the Holland Casino remuneration 2017. It is as yet unclear when the privatisation will take place. Lambaart was appointed as CEO of Holland Casino on 7 March the committees, drawn up by the Supervisory Board. Holland policy, which is based on the remuneration framework for state 2016. He formed the Executive Board together with CFO Anita Casino recognises the importance of a balance between men participations and the 2013 policy paper on state participations. Holland Casino is currently subject to the following legislation de Kleijn until her death on 22 December 2016. In March 2017, the and women in the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board The remuneration for members of the Executive Board comprises a (list is not exhaustive): Supervisory Board appointed Ruud Bergervoet as the new CFO. and strives for compliance with the guideline ensuing from the fixed and a variable component. In line with Holland Casino’s pre- ◊ Gaming Act (Wok); Management and Supervision Act, included in article 2:166 of the vailing remuneration policy, the sum total of the fixed and variable ◊ Casino Games Decree; CHAIRMAN OF THE EXECUTIVE BOARD Dutch Civil Code, which stipulates that the Executive Board and income of the Chairman of the Executive Board (CEO) has been ◊ Financial Supervision Act (Wft); Erwin van Lambaart was appointed as the new chairman of the the Supervisory Board must consists for at least 30% of women and maximised at EUR 296,000.The basis for the total maximum income ◊ Prevention of money-laundering and financing of terrorism Executive Board and CEO on 7 March 2016. Prior to his appoint- at least 30% of men. However, we believe that aspects such as age, of the financial director (CFO) is between 80-90% of the total income Act (Wwft); ment, he worked in the theatre, entertainment and media sector, education, background and professional experience are also for the CEO. The variable component for both the CFO and the ◊ Sanctions Act; including top management positions at Joop van den Ende relevant to the balanced composition of the Executive Board and CEO amounts to a maximum of 20% of the fixed income. In 2016, ◊ Licensing and Catering Act; Theaterproducties, Stage Entertainment and Niehe Media. In 2014 Supervisory Board, particularly in view of today’s rapid changes a different percentage of 25% applies to the CFO on the basis of ◊ Personal Data Protection Act (Wbp); and 2015, his positions included Managing Director of SAIL Event and developments. We believe that following the appointment existing contractual agreements, which percentage was reduced ◊ Working conditions Act; Partners. Following his education at The Hague Hotel School, Erwin of the three new members of the Supervisory Board, the current to 20% as of 1 November 2016. ◊ Working hours Act; van Lambaart, spent the first 14 years of his career working in the composition is in line with the diversity policy and meets the ◊ Code of conduct for promotional games of chance; international hotel sector (including Accor). requirements of these times. The level of the variable salary to be paid is dependent on targets ◊ Dutch Advertising Code; set in advance by the Supervisory Board. These targets contribute ◊ Decree on Gaming advertising and addiction prevention; THE SUPERVISORY BOARD EXTERNAL AUDITOR to the realisation of certain objectives and are divided into financial ◊ Regulation on Gaming advertising and addiction prevention; The Supervisory Board supervises and provides the Executive Board At the request of the Finance Ministry, in 2015 Holland Casino and non-financial targets and can be both short and (medium) ◊ Slot machine decree 2000; of Holland Casino with advice. The Supervisory Board also acts as initiated a European tender process to find a new auditor for long-term targets. For 2016, a division of 50/50 applied in terms ◊ Slot machine regulations 2000. strategic sparring partner for the members of the Executive Board the 2016 financial statements. The Supervisory Board submitted of financial and non-financial targets. The financial component and monitors the policy and day-to-day operations within Holland a nomination to the Finance Ministry to assign the audit of the includes the realisation of the budgeted result excluding extra- THE EXECUTIVE BOARD Casino. At the end of 2016, the Supervisory Board had five members, financial statements to KPMG Accountants, upon which the ordinary income and expenses. The non-financial component The Executive Board is responsible for the daily management and of whom two were women and three were men. The chairman of ministry decided to appoint KPMG as auditor from 2016 onwards. comprises a personal target, as well as targets relating to guest for defining the strategy and the policy of the company. Other the Supervisory Board, Mr. A. Schouwenaar resigned in accordance KPMG reports to both the Executive Board and the Supervisory and employee satisfaction, compliance and CSR. tasks include the determination and realisation of the objectives with the prevailing retirement schedule. Mr. W.L.J. Bröcker has taken Board. Under the bylaws of the Holland Casino audit committee, and the identification and management of the risks faced by his place as chairman. The supervisory directors are appointed by the external auditor attends at least one of the audit committee’s The variable component is subject to a claw-back clause. This Holland Casino, as well as monitoring the company’s financial and the Finance Ministry, following consultations with the Security and meetings each year. In 2016, KPMG attended two and Deloitte gives the Supervisory Board the authority to reclaim the variable attended one of the audit committee’s meetings. bonus or refuse to pay or adjust the variable bonus if it has been 74 75

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    CONTENT KEY FIGURES EB REPORT SB REPORT FINANCIAL STATEMENTS RISK allocated on the basis of incorrect (financial) data or incorrect COMPLIANCE WITH THE PREVENTION OF MONEY-LAUNDERING information about the realisation of the targets associated with AND THE FINANCING OF TERRORISM ACT, THE FINANCIAL the variable bonus or regarding the circumstances on which the SUPERVISION ACT AND THE SANCTIONS ACT remuneration was made dependent. In addition, the Supervisory Board has the authority to adjust the variable remuneration if the The supervision of compliance with the Dutch Prevention of MANAGEMENT payment is unacceptable according to standards of reasonable- money-laundering and the financing of terrorism Act (Wwft) was The gaming market and Holland Casino are both in a period of profound change. ness and fairness. transferred from the Dutch Central Bank to the Dutch Gaming This is not just because of the developments on the online gaming market, but Commission as of 1 January 2016. The supervision of compliance also due to the planned liberalisation of the casino market in the Netherlands The remuneration of the Supervisory Board has been laid down in the with the Financial Supervision Act (Wft) and the Sanctions Act and the proposed privatisation of Holland Casino itself. This dynamic situation is remuneration policy of the Supervisory Board. You will find detailed remained with the Dutch Central Bank. In view of the change in information about the remuneration in the financial statements on supervision, Holland Casino submits a Wwft report to the Dutch creating opportunities, but it also comes with certain risks. page 128 of this annual report. Gaming Commission on a quarterly basis. In 2016, the Gaming Commission conducted two informative visits to the casinos in Taking risks in our business is an inherent part of our ability to vide line management with support and advice. The third line of The remuneration ratio between the total remuneration of the Venlo and Valkenburg. create value. The goal of integrated risk management is there- defence, internal audit, monitors and assesses whether the coope- highest-paid employee (CEO) and the median of the overall fore not to exclude all risks. We make deliberate choices in terms ration between the first and second lines is functioning effectively. remuneration of all other employees was 4.9 in 2016. The fixed and of the risks we are willing to run and anticipate and respond to The Executive Board is ultimately responsible for the integrated variable remunerations, as well as pension costs, have been in- developments that entail risks. risk – management system. The Risk Management department cluded in the calculation of this ratio. The remuneration of the CEO plays a coordinating role in the execution of the integrated risk has been translated into an annual equivalent for comparison management system. Every single employee has their own purposes in this calculation. Holland Casino’s integrated risk management system (which responsibility in terms of risk management: in identifying and is based on COSO) helps us to realise our goals. This system controlling risks. PRIVACY enables us to weigh matters much more effectively when we are Holland Casino requires access to the personal information of making important decisions by identifying any risks and oppor- RISK MANAGEMENT PROCESS its guests to carry out its tasks in the context of the Responsible tunities and making them explicit. We are able to control risks Integrated risk management examines all risks throughout the Gaming Policy. Holland Casino believes it is important to protect in our day-to-day operations and in the execution of projects organisation. These include risks at strategic level and risks at the privacy of our guests and employees and therefore ensure that both comprehensively and efficiently using a set of interrelated tactical and operational levels, including those in casinos, within the administrative processes involving the personal information measures. At Holland Casino, our attention goes beyond the departments and in projects. of our guest and employees meet legal criteria for sound and ‘hard side’ of risk management (the processes, procedures and scrupulous data processing. These legal criteria are laid down reporting), to the so-called ‘soft side’, such as risk awareness, Holland Casino’s risk management process consists of the in legislation such as the Dutch Data Protection Act. A revised communications and reciprocal trust. following elements: version of the rules for the protection of personal data within the ◊ Risk appetite: The risk appetite determines the areas in which European Union, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), RISK MANAGEMENT we are prepared to accept risk and to what degree. has now come into force, but companies have until 25 May Holland Casino’s risk management systems are based on the ◊ Risk assessment: The mapping out and assessment of risks. 2018 to amend their policies. Holland Casino is in the process of ‘three lines of defence’ model. In this model, the first line is respon- ◊ Response: The identification and execution of appropriate preparing for the GDPR. sible for the design, effectuation and execution of primary and measures to manage risks. support process and any related controls, as well as the manage- ◊ Monitoring: The monitoring of risks, controls and progress of ment of risks and compliance with laws and regulations relevant mitigating actions. to these processes, plus the continuous monitoring of these ◊ Reporting: The reporting on the status of progress and areas of processes and controls. The Risk Management and Compliance concern. departments are part of the second line of defence and pro- 76 77

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    CONTENT KEY FIGURES EB REPORT SB REPORT FINANCIAL STATEMENTS MAIN RISKS RISK APPETITE RISK RESPONSE Our people and our culture form the foundation of our integrated The Executive Board determines Holland Casino’s risk appetite Competition risk management system. Successful risk management requires and this acts as a guiding principle for the management in terms The liberalisation of the gaming sector in the Netherlands would lead to ◊ Holland Casino invests in lasting relationships with its guests and increased competition in that market. This competition could offer better sees this as a significant differentiating factor vis-à-vis its competitors. the commitment and engagement of every single person in the of the efficient control of risks. The management is responsible for and smarter services than Holland Casino. This could lead to loss of mar- ◊ Holland Casino is strengthening its market position by controlling its organisation. the implementation of the risk management systems in line with ket share and a corresponding loss of income. fixed overhead and through targeted investments. this appetite. When determining the company’s risk appetite, the Holland Casino Holland Casino strives to improve processes Executive Board takes into account the context, the mission, core continuously to safeguard the company as much as possible values, the strategy and the risk profile of Holland Casino, as well Economic developments against potential risks. Nevertheless, no system can provide abso- as the company’s capacity to absorb or control risks. The economic recovery that started in 2015 continued in 2016. However, ◊ To be able to respond to rapidly changing market conditions, there is still a realistic chance of a new economic downturn. Holland Casino needs to be more flexible and effective. To achieve lute certainty that strategic and financial targets will be met, nor this, the company continues to work on the further optimisation of its that losses, fraud or the violation of legislation or regulations can Holland Casino’s risk appetite differs per risk category. The We have so far seen little economic damage due to (geo-) political organisation. be prevented. company’s risk appetite has been determined as follows: tensions, but that situation could change. ◊ Holland Casino strives for a further reduction in its fixed costs, among other things by making its purchasing contacts more flexible. RISK APPETITE Security in the casinos The presence of cash in casinos increases the risk of fraud and criminal ◊ Holland Casino has embedded preventative control measures in its Strategic acts. To guarantee the safety of employees and guests at all times, it is operating processes and safety protocols in risk areas. necessary to minimise the risk of criminal acts and fraud and the resultant ◊ Holland Casino operates with a clear division of tasks and functions in Services chance of any unsafe situations. Holland Casino has a zero-tolerance cash processing procedures and cash storage and these activities are policy with respect to theft and fraud. subject to strict supervision. Reputation ◊ Holland Casino monitors its key financial controls. ◊ The casinos are subject to frequent checks via camera monitoring and (unannounced) cash inventory checks. Financial ◊ Holland Casino encourages awareness in training courses for employees. ◊ Guests can for security reasons opt for money transfers via bank Compliance accounts or deposits. Very low Low Medium High Very high Digital transformation To be able to provide guests with the optimum gaming experience, ◊ Holland Casino is working with an external partner on the Holland Casino will have to ensure that its future online and current development of its online proposition, devoting all our attention on land-based range of gaming options are as well-aligned as possible. If both the front-end and back-end of the integrated online and we fail to prepare our internal organisation (such as structures, processes land-based services. and skills) sufficiently to achieve this alignment, this could result in lower ◊ In 2016, Holland Casino also initiated the development of a service levels and disappointing results from our online proposition. so-called omni-channel strategy. Dependence on a core group of guests Holland Casino has an important core group of guests. In case of ◊ Holland Casino strengthens the relationship with its guests via a insufficient numbers of new guests and an insufficiently diverse group of wide variety of initiatives in the fields of hospitality and marketing. regular guests, any decrease in this core group could result in declining ◊ Holland Casino approaches potential target groups in an income. appropriate manner via value-based marketing, including refinements to its loyalty programme, and via multi-media campaigns. In 2016, Holland Casino initiated the development of special concepts to attract millennials. 78 79

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    CONTENT KEY FIGURES EB REPORT SB REPORT FINANCIAL STATEMENTS MAIN RISKS MAIN RISKS RISK RESPONSE RISK RESPONSE Compliance Commercial organisation The violation of laws and regulations that apply to Holland Casino, such ◊ At Holland Casino, the Legal & Compliance, Security & Responsible To ensure it remains successful after its potential privatisation, it is vital for ◊ Holland Casino invests in the professionalization of its organisational as the Prevention of money-laundering and the financing of terrorism Holland Casino to make the shift to become a more commercial and culture. It has for instance laid down its corporate values in more Gaming and Internal Audit (Wft en Wwft) departments are responsible Act (Wwft), the Financial Supervision Act (Wft), the Sanctions Act, privacy competitive organisation. If Holland Casino fails to do this sufficiently, concrete terms and invests in high potentials in a number of ways, for careful compliance monitoring. In 2016, the newly-appointed legislation and financial reporting rules, or the failure to comply with the this could make the company less competitive and lead to a decline in including actively involving high potentials in strategic decision-making. compliance officer carried out part of the compliance function tasks. results. requirements of our regulators could have negative operational conse- ◊ The compliance function is responsible for supporting and advising quences for the company and damage Holland Casino’s reputation. the operational management in specific casinos and departments in the implementation, maintenance and promotion of compliance. Political developments ◊ Holland Casino operates as much as possible in reciprocal consul- tation with its regulators. Holland Casino is dependent on the political developments for the future ◊ Holland Casino closely monitors developments in the field of laws ◊ Internal training courses contribute to the awareness of employees with situation on the market and the maintenance of a level playing field. and regulations. respect to laws and regulations and in terms of how to behave in line These developments could for instance lead to stricter laws and regu- ◊ Holland Casino has regular scheduled and ad-hoc consultations with these laws and regulations. lations, or to the postponement of the proposed privatisation or remote with all relevant stakeholders. ◊ The execution of its Responsible Gaming Policy helps Holland Casino gaming legislation. ◊ For instance, Holland Casino actively lobbies the Dutch Gaming to meet the requirements of the Dutch Gaming Act related to the Commission (Ksa) and other regulators to uphold the law with prevention of addiction. Political developments that result in the postponement of the proposed respect to illegal gaming. privatisation, remote gaming legislation or stricter laws and regulations ◊ In addition, Holland Casino has joined forces with a number of could have an impact on the development of Holland Casino’s results. members of parliament and other parties associated with the process to actively promote an equal gaming tax rate for both IT-infrastructure online and offline providers, to create fair competition between A reliable and effective IT-infrastructure is crucial to the smooth ◊ Holland Casino implements a future-proof IT architecture and online and land-based providers. This recommendation has been operations of Holland Casino. An unreliable IT-infrastructure that fails to continuously renews its application landscape. incorporated in the draft legislation. address (future) IT issues could result in lower service levels, delays in (innovation) processes and/or higher costs. Reputation Data security Holland Casino is fully aware of the existing perceptions and sensitivities ◊ Holland Casino takes its social role seriously and sees taking measure to inherent in the gaming market. Failure to deal effectively with these ensure responsible gaming as one of its core tasks.The correct execution It is extremely important to secure sensitive data, such as the personal ◊ Holland Casino takes wide-ranging measures to prevent misuse or sensitivities could result in reputation damage. and updating of the company’s Responsible Gaming Policy continues data of both guests and employees. Unauthorised access to IT systems damage to our systems due to computer viruses and cyber-attacks. to be a priority at every level of the organisation. or data from internal or external sources could result in unauthorised use ◊ Holland Casino has also taken measures to identify and respond quickly ◊ Holland Casino has a communications department (including Public of data, data leaks and/or reputation damage. and effectively to computer viruses and cyber-attacks. Affairs) and also has a crisis communications plan that it can deploy in specific situations. Sustainable employment terms and conditions Financial To guarantee sustainable employment in the future, Holland Casino ◊ Holland Casino has developed a vision to realise future-proof Reliable financial reporting is essential for effective decision-making and ◊ Holland Casino has a control framework, which documents how the needs to modernise its employment terms and conditions with a focus employment terms and conditions and has negotiated with for informing external parties. If this reporting is incomplete, inaccurate company controls its main financial reporting risks. Holland Casino on the mobility and flexibility of its employees. Employment terms and trade unions on this front. Holland Casino is aiming to close a new, or not available on time, this could result in the inadequate provision of closely monitors the main measures to ensure they are functioning conditions out of line with general market practices could lead to inflexi- future-proof collective labour agreement in 2017. information and potential reputation damage. correctly. bility, an excessively high cost structure and a poor competitive position ◊ Holland Casino periodically evaluates the set-up of this framework, with vis-à-vis potential new market entrants. the aim of identifying any potential improvements, as well as to look for ways to design processes more efficiently. Project and portfolio management Holland Casino is currently in the midst of a large number of sizeable ◊ Holland Casino selects, prioritises and plans projects on the basis Due to its business model, with games of chance its primary product, ◊ Although Holland Casino’s liquidity risk is currently limited, the projects. If these projects are not given sufficient priority or are not of a costs-benefits-risk analysis. In addition, senior management is Holland Casino has limited exposure to fluctuating price levels with company monitors its liquidity and working capital position and managed adequately, this could result in the (partial) failure to achieve intensively involved in all major projects. respect to its purchasing. takes action when it deems this necessary. the project objectives, or lead to the inefficient use of the organisation’s ◊ Holland Casino’s project management office safeguards the resources or capacities. consistent and effective management of projects and the project Due to the fact that the company has virtually no debtors and no debts, portfolio. For instance, this office closely monitors the quality and it also has limited exposure to cash flow risks. On the basis of its current planning of the projects, the costs, interdependence and the liquidity position, Holland Casino could pay off virtually all its short-term benefits for the organisation. borrowings in one go. Thanks to this, the company liquidity risk is currently low. 80 81

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    CONTENT KEY FIGURES EB REPORT SB REPORT FINANCIAL STATEMENTS FINANCIALSTATEMENTS BALANCE SHEET AS AT INCOME 31 DECEMBER 2016 STATEMENT in thousands of euro, before profit appropriation in thousands of euro ASSETS INCOME STATEMENT 31-12-2016 31-12-2015* 1-1-2015 Non-current assets 2016 2015 Intangible assets9 6,248 2,572 1,990 10 Property, plant and equipment 175,331 134,112 141,499 Revenue Table games 253,005 233,261 Deferred tax assets11 14,396 - - Revenue Slot machines 305,544 294,209 Fees not yet amortised12 650 887 - Gaming and non-gaming tips 22,881 22,777 Equity-accounted investees13 1,092 1,045 1,020 Admission fees 1,746 2,034 Total non-current assets 197,717 138,616 144,509 Food & Beverage revenue 21,580 20,464 Current assets Other income 3,575 3,476 Inventories14 704 691 544 Revenue before gaming tax1 608,331 576,221 15 Receivables and accrued income 4,954 4,861 4,819 Gaming tax -161,979 -152,967 Other tax receivables11 777 910 - Net revenue 446,352 423,254 Fees not yet amortised12 236 236 - Cash and cash equivalents16 101,088 96,184 77,709 Total current assets 107,759 102,882 83,072 Depreciation and impairments2 -24,628 -34,271 Total assets 305,476 241,498 227,581 Employee benefits3 -207,580 -201,610 4 Other operating expenses -131,615 -115,188 Operating result 82,529 72,185 LIABILITIES 5 Finance income 36 37 6 Finance expenses -1,101 -1,772 31-12-2016 31-12-2015 1-1-2015 7 Share of profit of equity-accounted investees, net of tax 309 335 Equity17 Legal reserve 5,800 2,572 1,949 Result before corporate income tax 81,773 70,785 Currency translation reserve -92 -70 - Corporate income tax8 -7,612 - Fair value reserve 1,898 1,898 1,898 Result after corporate income tax 74,161 70,785 Retained earnings 102,515 34,958 50,909 Unappropriated result 74,161 70,785 11,953 Total equity 184,282 110,143 66,709 Non-current liabilities Provisions18 9,827 10,093 9,092 STATEMENT OF COMPREHENSIVE INCOME Loans and borrowings19 - - 40,845 Derivative financial instruments21 - - 3,043 2016 2015 Other liabilities22 2,730 - - Total non-current liabilities 12,557 10,093 52,980 Current liabilities Result for the year 74,161 70,785 Provisions18 1,999 1,102 9,613 Trade and other payables22 88,640 78,997 69,563 Other comprehensive income to be reclassified to the income statement in subsequent periods Corporate income tax due20 2,018 - - - Currency translation differences on foreign operations of investees -22 -70 Other tax liabilities20 15,980 13,882 19,681 Profit to be remitted23 - 27,281 - Loans and borrowings19 - - 7,635 Total other comprehensive income, net of tax -22 -70 Derivative financial instruments21 - - 1,400 Total current liabilities 108,637 121,262 107,892 Total comprehensive income 74,139 70,715 Total equity and liabilities 305,476 241,498 227,581 84 85

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    CONTENT KEY FIGURES EB REPORT SB REPORT FINANCIAL STATEMENTS STATEMENT OF CHANGES STATEMENT OF CASH FLOWS IN EQUITY FOR 2016 in thousands of euro in thousands of euro STATEMENT OF CHANGES IN EQUITY STATEMENT OF CASH FLOWS Foundation Legal Currency Fair value Retained Unappropriate Total capital reserve translation reserve reserve earnings result Note 2016 2015 Balance as at 1 January 2015 - 1,949 - 1,898 50,909 11,953 66,709 Result after corporate income tax 74,161 70,785 Result for the financial year - - - - - 70,785 70,785 Appropriation of result - - - - 11,953 -11,953 - Adjustments for: Other comprehensive income for the year - - -70 - - - -70 Profit of equity-accounted investees, net of tax 13 -309 -335 Total comprehensive income - - -70 - 11,953 58,832 70,715 Depreciation and amortisation 2 24,628 34,271 23 Remittance to the State - - - - -27,281 - -27,281 Net finance costs 5,6 1,065 1,735 9 Addition related to development costs - 623 - - -623 - - Corporate income tax expenses 8,20 7,612 - Balance as at 31 December 2015 - 2,572 -70 1,898 34,958 70,785 110,143 Balance as at 31 December 2015 - 2,572 -70 1,898 34,958 70,785 110,143 Movements in: Result for the financial year - - - - - 74,161 74,161 - Receivables 15 -93 -42 Appropriation of result - - - - 70,785 -70,785 - - Inventories 14 -13 -147 Other comprehensive income for the year - - -22 - - - -22 - Other assets 11 133 -910 Total comprehensive income - - -22 - 70,785 3,376 74,139 - Trade and other payables 22 9,643 9,434 23 Remittance to the State - - - - - - - - Provisions 18 631 -7,510 9 Addition related to development costs - 3,228 - - -3,228 - - - Other liabilities 20,22 4,505 -5,860 Balance as at 31 December 2016 - 5,800 -92 1,898 102,515 74,161 184,282 Cash flow from operating activities 121,963 101,421 Taxes paid 8 -19,990 - Net cash flow from operating activities 101,973 101,421 86 87

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    CONTENT KEY FIGURES EB REPORT SB REPORT FINANCIAL STATEMENTS STATEMENT OF CASH FLOWS NOTES TO THE FINANCIAL STATEMENTS FOR 2016 FOR THE FINANCIAL YEAR ENDING in thousands of euro 31 DECEMBER 2016 GENERAL INFORMATION STATEMENT OF CASH FLOWS The Nationale Stichting tot Exploitatie van Casinospelen in Nederland (Holland Casino), officially registered in The Hague, the Netherlands (head office address: Hoofdweg 640 (2132 MK) Hoofddorp), operates casino games and slot machines in the Netherlands (Chamber Note 2016 2015 of Commerce registration: 33294603). Interest received 5 36 37 Investments in intangible assets 9 -4,440 -1,360 STATEMENT OF COMPLIANCE WITH IFRS AND NEW AND AMENDED IFRS STANDARDS Investments in property, plant and equipment 10 -65,308 -26,784 These consolidated financial statements for the year 2016 have been prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Proceeds from sale of investments 10 225 679 Standards, as endorsed by the European Union (EU-IFRSs), and with section 362, Part 9 of Book 2 of the Netherlands Civil Code. The Executive Dividends received 13 240 240 Board approved the financial statements on 11 April 2017. With respect to all periods up to and ending on 31 December 2015, Holland Casino prepared its financial statements in accordance Net cash flow from investing activities -69,247 -27,188 with the provisions of section 362, Part 9 of Book 2 of the Netherlands Civil Code. These financial statements for the year 2016 are the first financial statements drawn up in accordance with IFRS. Repayment of borrowings 19,21 - -53,671 Finance fees 6 - -1,184 We refer to the section “First-time adoption of IFRS” for information about Holland Casino’s transition to IFRS. Finance costs paid 6 -541 -903 Dividends paid 23 -27,281 - RELEVANT ACCOUNTING POLICIES Net cash flow from financing activities -27,822 -55,758 Below is an explanation of the key accounting policies used for the valuation of assets and liabilities and the determination of the results of Holland Casino. These principles have been applied consistently for all periods presented in these financial statements. Net cash flow 4,904 18,475 Policies used for the preparation of the financial statements Cash and cash equivalents at 1 January 16 96,184 77,709 The financial statements have been prepared on the basis of historical cost, with the exception of the following items, which were valued Cash and cash equivalents at 31 December 16 101,088 96,184 on an alternative basis at each balance sheet date: ◊ derivative financial instruments are measured at fair value and changes in valuation are recognised in the result: valuation on the basis of fair value; ◊ non-derivative financial instruments at fair value through profit or loss are measured at fair value and changes in valuation are recognised in the statement of comprehensive income: valuation on the basis of fair value. The financial statements are presented in euro and all amounts have been rounded to the nearest thousand, unless otherwise indicated. Revenue and expenses are attributed to the year in which they were received or incurred. Profits are included only to the extent that they have been realised on the balance sheet date. Losses that originated prior to the end of the year under review are included if their existence was known prior to the preparation of the financial statements. Going-concern The Executive Board prepared Holland Casino’s financial statements for 2016 on the assumption that Holland Casino will continue as a going concern. Presentation and functional currency The euro (€) is Holland Casino’s functional currency and the currency in which these financial statements have been prepared. 88 89

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    CONTENT KEY FIGURES EB REPORT SB REPORT FINANCIAL STATEMENTS Foreign currency Assets and liabilities in foreign currency are translated into euro at the exchange rates at reporting date. Transactions in foreign currencies are translated at the exchange rates at the time of the transaction. Monetary assets and liabilities measured in foreign currencies are ACCOUNTING POLICIES FOR THE translated into the functional currency on the reporting date at the exchange rates prevailing on that date. Non-monetary assets and liabilities INCOME STATEMENT measured at fair value in a foreign currency are translated into the functional currency at the exchange rates prevailing on the day on which those fair values were calculated. Non-monetary assets and liabilities measured on the basis of historical costs in foreign currency are not translated. Foreign currency differences are recognised in the income statement. Exchange rate differences and provisions arising from DETERMINATION OF RESULT foreign exchange transactions are recognised under other income. The operating profit/loss is the difference between income and expenditure. Income is generally recognised in the year in which it is received, expenses are attributed to the years in which they were incurred. Losses are recognised at the moment they are identified. Foreign operations The assets and liabilities of foreign activities, including goodwill and fair value adjustments arising from acquisitions are translated into REVENUE euro at the exchange rate on the reporting date.The income and expenses of foreign operations are translated into euro at the exchange Revenue is recognised at the fair value of the payments received or to be received. Holland Casino’s activities generate revenue that is qualified rates on the transaction dates. as revenue from services. This revenue is recognised pro rata of the services rendered at the reporting date and in so far as the profit or loss Foreign currency differences are recognised in other comprehensive income and accumulated in the translation reserve, except to the can be reliably estimated. extent that the translation difference is allocated to non-controlling interest. REVENUE TABLE GAMES Key estimates and assumptions The revenue from Table games represents the difference between the stakes received and the amounts paid out. The preparation of the financial statements requires management to make judgments, estimates and assumptions that affect the appli- cation of accounting policies and reported amounts of assets and liabilities, and income and expenses. The estimates and associated REVENUE SLOT MACHINES assumptions are based on historical experience and various other factors that are believed to be reasonable under the circumstances. The actual results and circumstances may differ from these estimates. The revenue from Slot machines represents the difference between the money inserted in the slot machines and the amount paid out, adjusted for the progressive jackpots not yet paid out. Estimates and underlying assumptions are reviewed on an ongoing basis. Revisions to accounting estimates are recognised prospectively. FOOD AND BEVERAGE REVENUE The key estimates and assumptions are primarily related to: Food and Beverage revenue is recognised at the moment that the amount of revenue can be reliably determined and the payment has ◊ the useful economic life and valuation of property, plant and equipment10; been received or is likely to be received. ◊ the restructuring provision18; ◊ the provision for employee benefits18; GAMING AND NON-GAMING TIPS ◊ lease classification4; ◊ control investees13. This relates to tips received at the Table games and the Slot machines, as well as tips received by Food and Beverage and other staff. This revenue is recognised daily, after the gaming chips have been counted. Fair value The determination of the fair value of both financial and non-financial assets and liabilities is required for a number of valuation EXCHANGE RATE INCOME principles and explanatory notes. The exchange rate results realised on (foreign currency) transactions with guests in the casinos consists of a number of netted flows. These are transaction charges and provisions charged on credit card transactions, provisions paid to GWK-Travelex, and differences between In the calculation of the fair value of an asset of liability, Holland Casino makes the maximum possible use of data observable in the foreign currency exchange rates. The exchange rate result is recognised under other income in the income statement. market. The fair values are divided into various levels on the basis of a fair value hierarchy, depending on the input on the basis of which the valuation technique was applied. The different levels have been defined as follows: OPERATIONAL LEASES ◊ Level 1: quoted prices (unadjusted) in active markets for identical assets or liabilities. Assets which are the economic property of Holland Casino by virtue of a lease agreement are classified as financial leases. Holland Casino ◊ Level 2: inputs other than the quoted prices included in level 1 that are observable for the asset or liability, either directly (i.e. as prices) is considered to have economic ownership if virtually all risks and benefits associated with the property have been transferred to Holland or indirectly (i.e. derived from prices). Casino. Lease agreements in which the economic ownership of the asset is in the hands of a third party are classified as operational leases. ◊ Level 3: inputs for the asset or liability that are not based on observable market data (unobservable inputs). The economic reality (not the form of the contract) is leading in the classification of lease agreements as financial or operational leases. Holland Casino acts as the lessee in the operational leasing of slot machines and cars.The leased slot machines and cars are not capitalised. If the inputs used to measure the fair value of an asset or liability might be categorised in different levels of the fair value hierarchy, then Lease payments related to operational leases are recognised to the income statement on a straight line basis over the term of the lease. the fair value measured is categorised in its entirety in the same level of the fair value hierarchy as the lowest level input that is significant to the entire measurement. Holland Casino recognises any transfers between levels of the fair value hierarchy at the end of the reporting period during which the change occurred. 90 91

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    CONTENT KEY FIGURES EB REPORT SB REPORT FINANCIAL STATEMENTS EMPLOYEE BENEFITS CORPORATE INCOME TAX Short-term employee benefits are expensed as the related service is provided. A liability is recognised for the amount which Holland Casino Holland Casino was exempt from the payment of corporate income tax from its foundation until the end of the 2015 financial year. As would be expected to pay if the company had a legally enforceable or constructive obligation to pay the amount as a result of services from 2016, Holland Casino is liable to pay corporate income tax. A line to this effect has been included in the income statement with rendered by the employee and the obligation can be estimated reliably. accompanying notes. Holland Casino’s net obligation in respect to long-term employee benefits is explained in more detail elsewhere in the financial statements. Income taxes These liabilities are discounted to determine the present value. Revaluations are recognised in the results in the period in which they occur. The income tax on the profit or loss for the financial year is the sum of the income taxes and deferred income taxes payable and deductible over the period under review. These are calculated on the basis of the prevailing tax legislation and tax rates. Taxes on the PENSION SCHEME profit or loss are all taxes based on taxable profits and losses. The income tax is recognised in the income statement, except in so far Since 1 January 2015, Holland Casino has had a pension scheme that is classified as a defined contribution scheme. This is a scheme in as these relate to items that are recognised directly in the equity or other comprehensive income. which a contribution is determined in advance, which is paid to an independent entity ('Stichting Pensioenfonds Holland Casino’) and in which Holland Casino subsequently has no legal or constructive obligation to make additional payments. The periodical payments to the In this case, taxes are accounted for in the equity or comprehensive income. Current tax comprises the expected tax payable or receivable pension fund are recognised in the income statement. Amounts due but not yet paid (if applicable) are recognised as a short-term liability on the taxable income or loss for the year and any adjustment to tax payable or receivable in respect of previous years. Deferred tax at the balance sheet date. assets and liabilities are recognised for the temporary differences between the value of the assets and liabilities in line with tax regulations on the one hand and the accounting policies used for these financial statements on the other. Deferred tax assets, including SHARE OF PROFIT OF EQUITY-ACCOUNTED INVESTEES, NET OF TAX assets arising from loss carry forwards, are accounted for if it is likely that sufficient taxable profit will be available to compensate Any adjustments in the valuation of equity-accounted investees are recognised in the income statement. Currency exchange differences on for the losses and it is possible to utilise deductions. Deferred tax liabilities are recognised for taxable temporary differences relating to foreign activities of participations are recognised in the other comprehensive income. The accumulated currency exchange differences on investments in subsidiaries, associated companies, joint ventures and contract-related assets, such unless the company is in a position foreign activities of the participation are charged to the income statement if the interest in the participation is sold. Dividends received from to control the timing of the reversal of the temporary difference and it is likely that the temporary difference will not be reversed in the participations are charged to the balance sheet item. foreseeable future. FINANCE INCOME Deferred tax liability is not recognised for: Holland Casino recognises as finance income the interest income from deposits and positive account balances at banks. Interest income 1. temporary differences ensuing from transactions that cannot be considered acquisitions and do not affect the commercial and is accounted for on the basis of the effective interest method. taxable result at the time of the transaction; 2. taxable temporary differences arising on the initial recognition of goodwill. FINANCE EXPENSES Holland Casino’s finance expenses comprise the following: Deferred tax assets and liabilities are measured at the expected tax rates applicable to the period in which the asset is realised or the ◊ interest expenses from financial commitments recognised at amortised cost; liability is settled, such on the basis of the tax rates (and tax legislation) for which the legislative process has been (substantively) enacted ◊ commitment, utilisation and agency fees; on the reporting date. Deferred tax assets and liabilities are netted, in so far as the assets and liabilities are part of the same fiscal unit and ◊ amortisation financial fees; the company at the head of this fiscal unit has a legally enforceable right to do so. ◊ interest expenses related to the revaluation of provisions. Interest expenses is recognised using the effective interest method. VALUE ADDED TAX (TURNOVER TAX)/ GAMING TAX Holland Casino is exempt from VAT on games of chance as defined in the Dutch Gaming Tax Act (Wet op de kansspelbelasting). The revenue from games of chance is subject to gaming tax. Holland Casino’s Food & Beverage activities are subject to VAT. This means it is only possible to deduct a limited amount of input tax for total income and expenses. For this reason, capital expenditures and costs, for which input tax is not or not fully deductible, are either capitalised including VAT, or recognised in the income statement. 92 93

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    CONTENT KEY FIGURES EB REPORT SB REPORT FINANCIAL STATEMENTS In 2016, Holland Casino revised the accounting estimates with respect to the useful lives of building conversions and installations, ACCOUNTING POLICIES taking into account the useful economic life of the asset in question. The company also changed its accounting estimates with FOR THE BALANCE SHEET respect to the useful economic life of slot machines and multi roulette machines. For more information about this change in accounting estimates, please see the notes to the consolidated balance sheet. ASSETS IMPAIRMENTS INTANGIBLE ASSETS The carrying amount of a fixed asset is tested against the recoverable amount periodically if there are indications of a potential impairment. Expenditures on research activities are recognised in the results at the moment they are incurred. Expenditures on development activities The net realisable amount is the higher of fair value less costs to sell and value in use. The sale value is the estimated sale price in the are only capitalised if the expenditures can be reliably calculated, the product or process is technically and commercially feasible, future context of normal operations less the estimated cost of completion and the estimated cost required to realise the sale. The value in use is economic benefits are likely and Holland Casino intends to and has sufficient means to complete the development and use or sell the the cash value of the estimated future cash flows expected to be realised on continued use of an asset and of its disposal at the end of asset. Other development costs are recognised at the moment they are incurred. After initial recognition, capitalised development costs are its useful life. The aforementioned test is carried out at the level of cash flow generating units. If the net realisable value is lower than the valued at cost price less cumulative amortisation and accumulated impairment losses. carrying amount, an impairment in the amount of the difference is recognised in the income statement and the carrying amount of the asset is reduced to its net realisable value. In addition and in so far as applicable, the straight line depreciation over the remaining useful Other intangible assets acquired by Holland Casino with a finite life are valued at cost price less cumulative amortisation and cumulative life is adjusted. If there are indications that a previously applied impairment requires reversal, the carrying amount of the asset is raised impairment losses. The general useful life of intangible assets is three years. A different useful life of five years applies to assets related to ‘Play to the net realisable value. Digital’ and Holland Casino’s IT environment. DEFERRED TAX ASSETS PROPERTY, PLANT AND EQUIPMENT Deferred tax assets are calculated using the balance sheet method on relevant differences between the carrying amount and the value of Property, plant and equipment are buildings, land holdings, building conversions, slot machines, gaming tables, fixtures and fittings. assets and liabilities for tax purposes. Deferred taxes are valued on the basis of tax rates expected to be applicable when the asset is realised Property, plant and equipment are valued at cost price less cumulative depreciation and, where applicable, cumulative impairment losses. or the liability is settled, such taking into account prevailing tax legislation and tax rates. Deferred taxes are recognised at face value. Straight line depreciations are effected in line with the estimated expected useful life and calculated on the basis of purchase cost less the estimated residual value. Depreciations are recognised from the moment the asset is taken into use. Land holdings are not depreciated. Deferred tax liabilities are recognised for deductible temporary differences, the carry-forward of taxable losses and the settlement of unused tax credits, such if and in so far as it is likely that future taxable profits will be available against which it will be possible to offset the Expenditures on repairs and (major) maintenance are capitalised (using the component approach) if it is likely that the asset item unused tax losses and unused tax credits. will generate additional future economic benefits and if the cost price of the asset item can be reliably calculated. All other costs are charged directly to the income statement. EQUITY-ACCOUNTED INVESTEES The 40% interest in Gaming Support B.V., the associate of Holland Casino, is accounted for in the financial statements using the equity Property, plant and equipment under construction are valued at the lower of cost or net realisable value. The production price consists method. This was initially recognised at historical cost and the carrying amount was adjusted to the share in the result. Dividends of material costs, direct labour costs, installation costs, an attributable part of the indirect production costs based on a normal level of received are deducted from the carrying amount. Associated companies are consolidated from the moment significant influence is operating activity, and attributed interest costs. The direct realisable amount is based on the expected sales price less any costs to be acquired until the moment that influence no longer exists.The results of transactions with equity-accounted investees are eliminated against incurred for completion and sale. the investment to the extend of the interest in the investee. Any impairments of Gaming Support B.V. are not eliminated. Losses on associated investees are recognised to the total of the net investment in the participation, taking into account the carrying THE ESTIMATED USEFUL ECONOMIC LIFE IS GENERALLY AS FOLLOWS amount as well as any loans issued to the participation. A provision is taken for the share in any additional losses only in the event that Holland Casino has accepted liability for said losses. Buildings 20 years Building conversions 12 years Unrealised profits resulting from transactions with Gaming Support B.V. are eliminated in proportion to Holland Casino’s interest in Gaming Plant and equipment 5 - 12 years Support B.V.. Unrealised losses are eliminated in the same way as unrealised profits, but only in so far as there is no indication of potential Slot machines and Multi Roulette machines 7 years impairment. Fixtures and fittings 3-8 years 94 95

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    CONTENT KEY FIGURES EB REPORT SB REPORT FINANCIAL STATEMENTS SUBSIDIARIES Provision for decommissioning costs Under IFRS 10, the Stichting Beheer Fooiengelden (SBF) is a 100% subsidiary of Holland Casino in economic terms. The individual assets This provision covers the anticipated contractual decommissioning costs for the restoration of leased properties and land to their original and liabilities of the SBF are consolidated in Holland Casino’s financial statements. state. The provision for decommissioning costs is taken for the associated costs at the time the obligation to decommission arises. ASSETS HELD FOR SALE Provision for employee benefits (long-service award liability) Assets held for sale are valued at the lower of carrying amount or fair value less costs for sale. When assets held for sale are classified, any Holland Casino’s net liability based on long-term employee benefits, with the exception of pension schemes, is the amount of future impairments are recognised in the income statement. If necessary, external valuations are used to determine the value of assets. benefits that employees have earned in exchange for the services they have rendered in the period under review and previous periods. This liability is estimated using the projected unit credit method and is discounted to present value. The discount rate is the yield at the INVENTORIES balance sheet date on AA-rated bonds with a term that approximates that of Holland Casino’s liabilities. Inventories are measured at the lower of cost and net realisable value. The cost of inventories is based on the first-in-first-out principle. This lower net realisable value is calculated on the basis of individual assessment of the inventories. Restructuring provision A restructuring provision is taken when Holland Casino has approved a detailed and formalised restructuring plan and made a start on TRADE AND OTHER RECEIVABLES the restructuring or announced it publicly. No provision is taken for future operating losses. These receivables are initially recognised at fair value. Upon initial recognition, receivables are valued at amortised cost price on the basis of the effective interest rate method, less any provisions deemed necessary to cover the risks of bad debts. Provision for onerous contracts The provision for onerous contracts is stated at the present value of the expected costs of the termination of the contract or the lower CASH AND CASH EQUIVALENTS present value of the expected net costs of continuation of the contract. Before a provision is taken, Holland Casino first recognises any Cash and cash equivalents are stated at nominal value. Any bank balance not freely available to Holland Casino is taken into account impairment on the assets associated with the contract. in the valuation. Provision for disability benefit payments EQUITY The provision for disability benefit payments is created for employees covered by the previous insurance policy. Under this insurance Holland Casino’s equity is the capital of 100 guilders (45 euros) paid up and deposited upon the creation of the foundation on 22 January policy, employees receive disability benefits until the age of 62. Holland Casino has decided to pay these employees disability benefits 1974. The item legal reserves comprises a legal reserve for associates and a legal reserve for capitalised development costs. The until the age of 67. translation reserve is related to the conversion of foreign currency ensuing from the participation. The fair valuereserve is a legal reserve and pertains to the revaluation of property, plant and equipment. A fair value reserve has been established with respect to these buildings LOANS AND BORROWINGS and land holdings if the fair value is higher than the purchase value. The other reserve pertains to the results allocated to Holland Casino. Drawn loans and borrowings are initially recognised at fair value. They are subsequently recognised at amortised cost on the basis of In accordance with article 17 of the Casino Games Decree of 1996 and section 14 of the Articles of Association of Holland Casino, part the effective interest method. Directly attributable transaction costs are capitalised and netted against the drawn loans. If there are no of the undistributed result will be remitted to the State. outstanding debts on the liability side of the balance sheet, these transaction costs are capitalised and recognised in assets as ‘fees not yet amortised’. The effective interest expenses (in the event there were loans during the year), are attributed to the period to which they pertain For further information, please see note 17. and recognised in the income statement. LIABILITIES DEFERRED TAXES Liabilities are initially stated at fair value. Following initial recognition, unless otherwise indicated, liabilities are valued at amortised cost on Deferred taxes are recognised with respect to the relevant, temporary differences between the carrying amount and the value for tax the basis of the effective interest method. purposes of Holland Casino’s assets and liabilities. Deferred taxes are valued on the basis of tax rates expected to be applicable when the asset is realised or the liability is settled, such taking into account prevailing tax legislation and tax rates. Deferred taxes are recognised at PROVISIONS face value. Deferred taxes are only recognised if and in so far as it is likely that sufficient taxable profits and/or other temporary differences Provisions are taken only for legally enforceable obligations and constructive obligations that exist on the balance sheet date. Provisions will be available against which the deferred taxes can be utilised. are calculated by discounting the expected future cash flows on the basis of a pre-tax discount rate that reflects the current market estimates of the time value of money and of the specific risks associated with the obligation. The interest added to the provision is Holland Casino recognises deferred tax assets for the carry-forward of tax losses and the settlement of unused tax credits if and in so far recognised as a financing expense. as it is likely that future taxable profit will be available against which the unused taxable losses and unused tax credits can be settled. 96 97

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    CONTENT KEY FIGURES EB REPORT SB REPORT FINANCIAL STATEMENTS DERIVATIVE FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS Derivative financial instruments are initially recognised at fair value and directly attributable transaction costs are recognised in the ACCOUNTING PRINCIPLES result at the time they are incurred. Derivative financial instruments are subsequently valued at fair value and any changes in same are recognised in the result. STATEMENT OF CASH FLOWS The statement of cash flows comprises the cash flow from operational, investment and financing activities. The operational cash flow is The fair values are an indication of the prices that would be used in regular market transactions. The highest and best use applied in the presented according to the indirect method and on the basis of a comparison between the starting and closing balance of the financial calculation of fair values related to the settlement of the instruments. In September 2015, the instruments were actually settled. Prior to that year under review. To this end, the result is adjusted for changes that have not resulted in income or expenses during the financial year. date, the derivatives were part of the risk management relating to Holland Casino’s cash flow risks. The investment and financing cash flows are prepared according to the direct method. Hedge accounting Holland Casino has opted to present the dividend received as investment cash flow, the interest received as investment cash flow and All current interest derivatives were settled in 2015. As a result, the interest rate derivatives are stated at the opening balance sheet at their financing costs paid as financial cash flow, since these are the result of the company’s investment and/or financing activities. Profit paid fair value (EUR 7,488,000) and the negative result associated with the settlement of the interest rate derivatives was charged entirely to out is recognised as financial cash flow. the 2015 results. UNCASHED CHIPS LIABILITY The liability relating to coins, chips and tokens that have not been exchanged is stated at fair value, less that portion of the coins, chips and tokens visitors are no longer expected to cash in. JACKPOT LIABILITY The liability relating to the jackpot is stated at the fair measured value of the jackpots. FAVORITES PROGRAMME The Favorites Card gives visitors the opportunity to save up for (gaming) money or discounts on food or drinks. Points are collected on the slot machines and at the bar or in the restaurant. In selected locations, points are also collected at the live gaming tables. There are various cards (Welcome, Black, Platinum and Diamond Card) with increasing levels of associated privileges. This liability is carried at the number of outstanding points at year-end based on a nominal amount per point. The income is allocated to the loyalty programme and the other components of the sales transaction. Recognition of the amount allocated to the loyalty programme is deferred and is only carried as income once Holland Casino has fulfilled its obligation to deliver products at a discount ensuing from the programme, or when it is likely that the points ensuing from the programme will no longer be exchanged. 98 99

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