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    INPATIENT REHABILITATION PROGRAM Inpatient Rehabilitation Program 2019 Annual Report

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    Desi will never forget November 19, 2019. She was 16. The sun was out and the sky was blue. And then her world turned upside down—a tragic car accident. Desi was transported to a nearby hospital time to talk with her and lift her spirits. She for emergency care. She underwent multiple adds that it was hard being away from her surgeries for fractures to both of her legs and friends but that at Nationwide Children’s, she ankles. She was later transported to Nationwide made “new friends and was able to build bonds Children’s Hospital to begin her comprehensive with everyone.” inpatient rehabilitation. “I am extremely thankful for the occupational Desi spent 14 days on the rehabilitation unit and physical therapists. I laughed so much where she received an average of 4.7 hours of with them,” Desi says. She talks about how the therapy per day. The psychosocial team was also therapists, nurses and physicians helped her involved and instrumental in guiding Desi with be ready to go home and readjust to her life at her pain throughout the entire day. home. The massage therapist helped Desi with comfort “The most valuable part of rehab was the and relaxation and Desi enjoyed sharing things kindness of everyone on the unit,” Desi shares, about her day with the therapist too. The “and all of the therapies were extremely helpful.” recreational therapist helped her do one of the “Now I’m doing extremely better. I went things she likes best – crafting. Missing her dog from being in a wheelchair and hardly being at home, Desi really enjoyed spending time with able to do anything for myself to being more Beck, the therapy dog. independent and able to walk on crutches. Whenever Desi would feel anxious or I can’t wait for Rehab Prom and other activities uncomfortable, the rehab staff would take the at Nationwide Children’s,” Desi shares. OUR MISSION The mission of the Inpatient Rehabilitation Program at Nationwide Children’s Hospital is to provide comprehensive, family-centered rehabilitation services to meet the physical, developmental, social, psychological, and educational needs of our patients and their families. These needs will be met through a coordinated program of rehabilitation, patient care, research and education. CARF-ACCREDITED Nationwide Children’s Hospital has been accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) since 1992. Our accreditation as a Pediatric Specialty Program is granted following an independent, external review of operations and outcomes. This demonstrates a commitment to providing quality services focusing on the unique needs of each patient and family and continually Desi quickly became friends with evaluating the results of services. Beck, the therapy dog. 1 | Inpatient Rehabilitation Program Report 2019 Nationwide Children’s Hospital | 2

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    INPATIENT REHABILITATION PROGRAM FAMILY-CENTERED CARE N ationwide Children’s Hospital, one of America’s largest pediatric health care and research centers, is home to our nationally recognized and accredited pediatric inpatient rehabilitation program. Nationwide Children’s is one of the only freestanding pediatric W e recognize the entire family as a constant in the patient’s road to recovery. Rehabilitation treatment plans are tailored to meet the patient’s needs and preferences while involving the family in all aspects of care. Engaging patients and families in daily rounds and goal setting hospitals in the country with a verified trauma and burn program, which in addition to the with the treatment team facilitates this ongoing collaboration. The goal of rehabilitation is to rehab program, allows us to provide comprehensive care for patients recovering from traumatic assist the patient in regaining as much function as possible. Additionally, our rehabilitation team or burn injuries. is committed to increasing the family’s knowledge and building their confidence to care and be advocates for their child once they return home and establish their new normal. The rehab program offers a family-centered environment that provides progressive quality care for patients with a decrease in function as a result of a significant illness, traumatic injury and/or PSYCHOSOCIAL SERVICES surgery. Our rehabilitation program is specifically designed for patients who: 1. Require intensive inpatient occupational, physical and/or speech therapies T he robust multidisciplinary psychosocial team collaborates to establish an individualized plan of care to meet each patient’s general well-being through developmental, emotional and behavioral supports. Treatment is enhanced by identifying and incorporating each patient’s 2. Can tolerate and participate in a minimum of three hours of therapy per day 3. Have the potential to make functional gains interests, strengths, values and preferred coping styles into their plan of care. Psychosocial support is provided by: During rehabilitation, the patient’s medical care is managed by a Physical Medicine and • Social Worker • Pediatric Psychologist • Child Life Specialist Rehabilitation (PM&R) physician, also called a physiatrist. The progressive therapy team is • Neuropsychologist • Therapeutic Recreational • Facility Dog committed to addressing and enhancing skills that affect every aspect of a child’s life including • Music Therapist Specialist • Massage Therapist mobility, self-care, communication, cognition, socialization, coping and returning to their school and community. 3 | Inpatient Rehabilitation Program Report 2019 Nationwide Children’s Hospital | 4

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    Reintegration into the most appropriate school setting requires ongoing collaboration between the treatment team, family and the school. The time of year (related to the school year) and the patient’s medical status are two critical areas to consider in planning school reintegration. Music therapy helps with communication, auditory processing and other sensory-motor, perceptual/motor, or gross/fine motor skills. And it’s fun! 5 | Inpatient Rehabilitation Program Report 2019 Nationwide Children’s Hospital | 6

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    OUR 2019 PATIENTS Total Number of Patients = 134 AGE OF PATIENTS PATIENTS DISCHARGED TO HOME CUSTOMER SATISFACTION 40 100 Home (125) Home 100% 100% 39 93% 35 Acute Care 80 NUMBER OF PATIENTS 30 30 28 60 25 26 20 Acute Care (9) 40 15 20 10 11 10-14 YEARS 15-17 YEARS > 17 YEARS 1-4 YEARS 5-9 YEARS 5 0 Children Adolescent Parents 0 Ninety-three percent of our patients returned Satisfaction is the essence of success. Our More than half of our patients are pre-teens and home, which is greater than the national patients and families continue to give us high teenagers. average of 89.5% ratings. 100% of parents stated they would recommend Nationwide Children’s to others. DIAGNOSES OF PATIENT AVERAGE LENGTH OF STAY WEEFIM® IMPROVEMENT 25 30 24 25 42 20 TOTAL POINTS GAINED Neurological 20 23.8 9 NonTraumatic Brain Injury 18.5 21.6 # OF DAYS 15 15 Traumatic Brain Injury 10 10 Other 10 13 35 Spinal Cord Injury 5 5 Stroke 0 0 25 NATIONWIDE NATIONAL NATIONWIDE NATIONAL CHILDREN’S AVERAGE CHILDREN’S AVERAGE We help patients recover from a variety of We are committed to helping our patients The WeeFIM,® or Functional Independence significant illnesses and injuries. recover so they return home as quickly as Measure, is a tool used to measure the level possible. of assistance a patient needs in order to effectively perform basic life activities. Our patients experienced greater improvement in Visit us at NationwideChildrens.org/Rehabilitation for more information about our patient outcomes. independence than the national average. 7 | Inpatient Rehabilitation Program Report 2019 Nationwide Children’s Hospital | 8

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    PHYSICIAN MEDICINE AND REHABILITATION PHYSICIANS: WHY CHOOSE THE INPATIENT REHABILITATION PROGRAM AT NATIONWIDE CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL? • Our patients and families give us high satisfaction rates. • We are a pediatric family-centered inpatient rehab program. • Our most important goal is to successfully return patients to home, school, and community. • We are located within a 527-bed pediatric Level 1 Trauma facility. Michelle A. Miller, MD, Karl Klamar, MD, Carl Gelfius MD, FAAPMR FAAPMR FAAPMR, FAANEM Section Chief • Direct and immediate medical and diagnostic services are available for our patients. • Our patients stay in private rooms with attached bathrooms. • Parents are welcome to stay 24 hours a day/7 days a week. • We are affiliated with the largest Ronald McDonald house in the country. • We are accredited by The Joint Commission and The Commission on Accreditation of Rehab Wilawan Nopkhun, Nathan S. Rosenberg, Reginald D. Talley, Facilities (CARF) MD MD MD FAAPMR FAAPMR FAAPMR REHAB LEADERSHIP TEAM: NATIONWIDE CHILDREN’S IS LEADING THE WAY IN PEDIATRIC REHABILITATION RESEARCH. Our Rehabilitation team is motivated to improve the outcomes of children and adolescents requiring rehabilitation services through research and innovation. We lead investigations that involve partner- ships with key stakeholders within and outside our institution to benefit patients and their families. Visit NationwideChildrens.org/Rehab-Research to learn more. Andrea Manning, RN, MS Cindy Iske, Julie Apthorpe, Vice President, MS, OTR/L RN, BSN, CRRN Patient Care Services: Rehabilitation Coordinator Program Manager Rehab/Medical Services Visit NationwideChildrens.org/Rehabilitation for more information. Heather King, Lynn Zangmeister, Courtney Ebright, RN, CRRN RN, BSN, CPN BA, PTA Clinical Leader Clinical Leader Case Manager 9 | Inpatient Rehabilitation Program Report 2019 Nationwide Children’s Hospital | 10

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    To learn more about our program and take a video tour of our unit, visit us on the web at NationwideChildrens.org/Rehabilitation. Referrals: Phone: 614-722-8653 Fax: 614-722-8622 Email: InpatientRehabReferrals@NationwideChildrens.org 700 Children’s Drive Columbus, Ohio 43205 W169578

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