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    Your Volunteering Achievements Volunteering and the Manchester Leadership Programme Your volunteering makes the impact On behalf of everyone at the University, we would like to thank all of you that volunteered as part of the Manchester Leadership Programme (MLP) and achieved a Manchester Leadership Award. Social responsibility is a strategic goal for the University, aiming to contribute to the social and economic success of the local, national and international community. Your contribution, through participating in the MLP and volunteering goes a long way to ensure that the University achieves this aim. To all of you that volunteered as part of the MLP, a massive thank you – you are a credit to the University. Overleaf are some of the volunteering highlights throughout the year that you have “The MLP volunteers are excellent achieved. ambassadors for us and the University, and have inspired thousands of Please read on to find out more… students and staff members to donate blood.” Neil Simms Donation Relations Co-ordinator NHS Blood & Transplant

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    Some whopping MLP statistics for you  Together all MLP students completed an incredible 36,436.5 hours -– this is the equivalent to someone working five days a week every week for 20 years!  Based on the minimum wage this equates to a contribution of £183,275.60.  If we add this monetary value to previous MLP students’ totals, overall students on the MLP have contributed £1.4 million through volunteering.  This year, we’ve had three academic schools that achieved a 100% completion rate for MLP volunteering; the School of Chemistry, the School of Dentistry and Manchester Medical School.  This year, 27 students individually volunteered for more than 100 hours and counted it towards their Manchester Leadership Award. Star volunteers Furthermore, five star students completed over 200 volunteering hours...  Sam I Tam – 336.5 hours (School of Psychological Sciences)  Nikki Harris – 305.5 hours (School of Materials)  Ben Graystone – 282 hours (School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work)  Catherine Swanepoel – 260 hours (School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work)  Aniesa Hussain – 203.5 hours (School of Dentistry)

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    What organisations have said about you… On a day-to-day basis we talk to organisations and local residents living in the community that you have been volunteering with. Here is just a sample of comments that have been made about you and your volunteering. “I’ve found working with the University very helpful and easy to navigate and the students to be committed and helpful. I can say firmly on behalf of the Trust that we would want to work with your students again.” “It’s great that we have students volunteering with us from our local Amy-Grace Whillans-Welldrake, Partnership Co-ordinator, community. All of the students who have Ancoats Dispensary Trust helped us are really friendly, keen to help and always very courteous towards our service users. And it is lovely to see how much they have enjoyed volunteering with us.” “I would like to thank your volunteers on making our event run smoothly. The Cal Lavelle, Volunteers’ Co-ordinator, volunteers excelled in every role they completed with a professional and ASSIST enthusiastic manner. I could not have asked for more. ” Dean Ashton, National Sports Development Manager, Chapter 1, The Limes “It was a pleasure working with the MLP volunteers. They really enhanced our day and their attributes shone through. They were passionate, eager and enthusiastic. Kelly Wood, Health and Wellbeing Co-ordinator, Temple Primary School

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    Volunteering highlights Heartstart pilot – a great success A dedicated group of you worked hard to develop and deliver our first ever Heartstart scheme. Heartstart is an initiative run by the British Heart Foundation and the North West Ambulance Service, which teaches people what to do in a life threatening emergency. As a group, the MLP volunteers involved were trained as Heartstart instructors and delivered basic first aid sessions to local school children across Greater Manchester, to aspiring medical students on the University’s MAP (Manchester Access Programme) and to current undergraduates at the University. Participants that took part in the Heartstart sessions learnt what to do in an emergency situation, including how to put someone in the recovery position and how to administer CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation). “The lesson was great fun and very informative. I am glad I went because even though we were only taught simple procedures, it can help you save a life.” Victoria Brobbery, MAP student that received Heartstart training

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    Give It… Don’t Bin It… A big thank you to all of you that volunteered on the MLP Challenges that we ran as part of the ‘Give It...Don’t Bin It…’ campaign. Over 80 of you volunteered throughout the campaign, which encourages all students to donate unwanted items to the British Heart Foundation and recycle as they leave halls/student homes at the end of the academic year. You volunteered to put “Year upon year, the ‘Give together over 10,000 It…Don’t Bin It…’ campaign has recycling packs, really helped the British Heart including British Heart Foundation to help people Foundation donation affected with heart disease, bags. Groups of you especially within the Greater also volunteered Manchester area. We could not throughout exam time have achieved this without the to post the packs to all help and time given by all the student homes across student volunteers involved.” South Manchester. Catherine Argyle, Regional Stock Generator, British Heart Foundation The impact of your volunteering has been truly amazing, with 183 tonnes of unwanted items being donated to the British Heart Foundation. This has raised over £230,000, which will directly go towards helping tackle heart disease in Greater Manchester. The campaign has also recently won the Environmental Services Waste Prevention award at the Manchester Evening News Environment Awards. It is because of all the MLP students that gave up there time to volunteer on this campaign that has made it such a success! So thank you once again!

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    Students lead the way with Fallowfield Foodshare Fallowfield Foodshare is a local charity that teamed up with a small group of tenacious, hardworking and enthusiastic MLP students to achieve so much throughout the year. Fallowfield Foodshare exists to eradicate food poverty in Fallowfield wherever it occurs. It encourages those within the community who ‘have’ to help those who ‘haven’t’ through whatever circumstances. It does this by collecting food donations for distribution to local homeless shelters. The student volunteers developed key relationships with the local homeless shelters. They also worked with the Sainsbury’s Fallowfield store where they organised donation stands and encouraged customers to buy small items of food, such as tins of beans, tea and coffee which were then donated to the charity. The collected food was then distributed to local homeless shelters. A key aim of Fallowfield Foodshare is that it works to break down barriers and foster positive relationships with all members of the community, particularly students, existing residents and those living in poverty. To help achieve this objective, the student volunteers organised a meal in the Sainsbury’s café in which local residents and individuals and families living in the shelters. The meal was a great success for all involved. The Fallowfield Foodshare project is continuing this year with many of the original student volunteers continuing to be heavily involved.

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    “I really enjoyed all the challenges I did this year, had a great time doing Giving blood bloomed up! the MLP. Thanks for all the As part of National Blood Week in June 2014, a group of you volunteered opportunities.” throughout the weekend to create an eye catching flower bed in the design Natasha Greenough, MLP volunteer of the blood donor logo. The flower bed, which is made up of 4,100 red, white and pink begonias is situated opposite the Etihad Stadium on a main arterial route into Manchester. It has bloomed all throughout the summer; and is still blooming – raising awareness of the importance and value of being a blood donor. Hopefully as well, it has encouraged more people to donate blood. Rain dominated the day on the first day of planting, making the conditions wet and very slippy, especially as the flower bed is located on a steep slope. However this did not hinder our students, with one remarking that the day had been wet but fun! Encouraging the people of Manchester to donate blood, especially staff and students at the University is an issue that many of you are committed to. “It’s always fascinating to see the work and effort we put in come to life and help In recent years, many MLP students the society somehow. Hopefully it will have volunteered with NHS Blood and have a positive impact on the people in Transplant to encourage staff and their Manchester.” fellow students to sign up as donors. Over the last six years, MLP student Mohamed Mohamed, who volunteered volunteers have enrolled more than throughout the whole weekend 3,000 blood donors. This has resulted in over 800 people giving blood, which has had the potential to save and improve over 2,000 lives.

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    Rising to the Challenge! Throughout the year many of you volunteered on MLP Challenges which are one-off volunteering events that we organise in partnership with local voluntary and not-for-profit organisations. An incredible 166 MLP Challenges took place. We also ran 26 MLP Challenge Projects, which are Challenges that run over a longer period of time and involved project management and teamwork for everyone involved. The Challenges varied greatly, including painting and decorating a community house in Clayton, East Manchester; supporting film clubs for older people, helping out at Christmas community events and planting trees to create community orchards. Lots of you were involved in fundraising projects, which included raising vital funds for charities such as Beating Bowel Cancer, Concern Universal, Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research and the Roy Castle Lung Foundation. Many of you also volunteered to pack customers bags in the Sainsbury’s store in Fallowfield, which resulted in much needed money being raised local charities including ASSIST, The Christie, Home Start Manchester South and Ladybarn Community Centre. Throughout the year all the fundraising initiatives that you volunteered on raised over £15,000 which is a fantastic amount! So thank you to all of you involved!

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    How your MLP volunteering can make you more employable In addition to being a great opportunity for you to give something back and get that ‘feel-good factor’, volunteering provides you with real opportunity to develop skills that graduate employers are looking for. Skills that can be developed from volunteering: In some cases, volunteering can open doors to future careers through the experiences that it gives you. Some careers rely on tangible experience which can be directly sought through  Teamwork volunteering such as youth work, working in the charity sector, social care and the  Organisation and time environmental work. Volunteering can also give you experience of roles, albeit in a different management sector. For example, volunteering opportunities exist in marketing, IT and administration.  Problem solving Please note however that the key skills that can be developed through volunteering are often  Communication transferable. This means that volunteering, even if it does not associate to your chosen career  Leadership in anyway, you can still relate the skills that you gained from it, such as communication, teamwork and project management to the graduate role you are seeking. Through volunteering, you can develop some personal and professional qualities:  Awareness – of yourself, and of your skills strengths and areas for development, but also of the importance of the values, mission and goals of an organisation.  Commitment – to a cause and to a project goal or organisation.  Willingness to learn – Did you take on a role in your volunteering that was new to you? Were there some aspects where you had to learn skills or ways of doing things?  Enthusiasm – It is more likely that you will make a difference if you are enthusiastic about the cause you are volunteering for – how did you demonstrate that enthusiasm and how did it make a difference in your role?  Motivation – What did you achieve that shows you had real motivation to get something done?

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    And Finally… Through the MLP, we hope that you will have “caught the volunteering bug”, and that volunteering will continue to become part of your life. Our online Volunteering Vacancy Service continues to be available to you. Also if you are no longer in Manchester, there are national services listed on our website to help you source volunteering elsewhere in the UK. For more details go to: www.manchester.ac.uk/volunteers. As this report shows, your volunteering really has had an immense impact on the local community of Manchester and beyond. However we cannot underestimate the impact that volunteering has on you, the participants of the MLP. Employers tell us that options like the MLP make graduates more employable, equipping them with better skills and making them stand out in a highly competitive recruitment market. If you want to remind yourself of some of the volunteering projects that you have participated in this year, we have lots of photos available on the MLP Facebook fan page. Once again, thank you all for making it an outstanding year for the MLP and volunteering. And on behalf of all the staff involved in the MLP, we want to wish you all the best of luck for the future.

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