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    Annual Safety Report 2013 The end of 2013 marked the beginning of many safety orientation which covers over 30 safety new initiatives for Fastenal’s safety program. topics, hazardous materials training, our new Our commitment to improving workplace safety GHS (Globally Harmonized System) training, is bounded by our company values of integrity, forklift safety training and safe lifting training. innovation, teamwork, and ambition. These fundamentals are critical to implementing our Our distribution centers also continue to three pillars of safety. Core components of implement and participate in additional site- Fastenal’s safety programs and processes specific and job specific trainings such as include culture, compliance and capital. emergency response, CPR training, job hazard analysis, and other areas. Fastenal was able to launch a number of new initiatives in 2013 to reinforce these areas. Audits Fastenal continued to drive and measure safety Another area Fastenal launched in 2013 was its performance and participation by improving the self-directed safety audit program. These audits transparency of safety information. These have been a critical tool in identifying areas of include monthly training reports, OSHA rating opportunity for safety improvement. It also reports by business unit, safety performance for serves as a training tool to help educate our distribution center, safety materials and employees in safety compliance and branding, videos and messages, and policy expectations. This monthly requirement was improvements. One critical change to our launched in our US store locations and is accident investigation process includes aligning scheduled to be launched in specific middle and upper management with incident investigation reporting to more effectively implement corrective actions. In addition, we continue to set aside time to make the effort. This was proven by our best performing distribution center in Kitchener, Ontario. “I find the more time I spend with branches and employees at the distribution center makes a difference,” said Tanya McNicol, Regional Safety Manager. international locations in 2014. The ability for Safety Training employees to be frequently engaged in this Safety training continues to be a focus for our process is critical to improving our safety culture employees. Fastenal employees participated in and helps to drive individual accountability for almost 50,000 training modules. This includes safety. Fastenal’s other audit processes include monthly and quarterly participation in department specific audits and facility audits that are geared toward our safety team and management team. These audits allow opportunities for continuous improvements in reducing workplace hazards. Overall Fastenal completed over 17,000

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    Annual Safety Report 2013 inspections and audits between our self-directed Performance audit program and management audits. Last year, over 90% of our 2,900 store locations went Injury free, which is a direct reflection of Safety Meetings strong values and beliefs of our employees that Improving our safety culture is a prime focus for safety is our top priority. As a result, Fastenal the organization. An area that we continue to continues to outperform the industry in safety. focus on to help drive this culture change is Fastenal’s OSHA rating has improved over 2012 safety meetings and coaching opportunities. and is down 28% in the last 5 years. Fastenal’s These include things like safety committee DART rate improved roughly 5% over 2012 and meetings, department and management toolbox 24% in since 2009. talks, and accident investigation reporting reviews. Fastenal recently implemented a Safety Improvement Process (SIP) at our largest distribution center in Indianapolis, IN. This process is designed to encourage proactive management engagement in safety. “The Safety Improvement Process helps streamline holding departments accountable and building a stronger safety culture within their business units.” - Ryan Tucker, IHUB Regional Safety Manager We continue to make investments in safety for the future. We made significant investments in In the first three months of implementation the automation in our distribution centers. We DC saw a 64% reduction in the number of invested in additional programs and PPE for injuries. Because of this success, Fastenal is fleet drivers. We made strong investments in looking forward to implementing it at five improving workplace safety for our store and additional distribution centers in 2014. For the manufacturing locations as well. We expect year, over 1,000 safety meetings were these investments to aid in the continuous conducted helping drive safe behaviors and improvement of our safety performance for practices throughout Fastenal. years to come. We are excited to see safety continue to evolve in our business. The ongoing commitment by our employees continues to drive this success. Fastenal Company Safety Team

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