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    THE POWER OF AN IDEA Achieve the Possibilities Healthcare IntermountainHealthcare.org 2019 Report to the Community

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    Introduction TABLE OF CONTENTS THE POWER OF AN IDEA Introduction Access & Affordability The Power of an Idea .............................................................2 Greater Access, Greater Affordability ................................. 19 A Message From Our Board Chair and CEO ..........................4 SelectHealth Integrated Behavioral Health ........................ 19 “We can change the world and make it a better place. Expanding Our Reach Through Telehealth ........................ 20 It is in our hands to make a difference.” About Intermountain Acute Care Telehealth Services ............................................ 20 — Nelson Mandela About Intermountain .............................................................5 Addressing Social Needs ...................................................... 21 Our Service Area .....................................................................5 Addressing the Opioid Epidemic ......................................... 21 Powerful ideas have propelled all the major advances that have helped Intermountain Mission, Vision, Values ...........................................................6 Promoting Mental Wellbeing .............................................. 22 Healthcare succeed since its founding. Since 1975, clinical quality has always been a 2019 Timeline .........................................................................7 Blood Lead Testing for Community .................................... 22 driver behind our ideas. In recent years, and to further our mission, we have made it a Fundamentals of Extraordinary Care Community & Children’s Health priority to look further upstream, working to protect people’s health before they ever Fundamentals of Extraordinary Care .................................. 10 Healthier Communities, Healthier Children ....................... 23 come into a doctor’s office or hospital. Intermountain is a leader in healthcare delivery, Engaged Caregivers ............................................................. 10 Here Kids Win ....................................................................... 23 disease prevention, affordability, and a myriad of other priorities shared by every Mother Receives Liver Transplant from Son ....................... 11 2019 Community Health Snapshot ...................................... 23 health system in America. Safety, Quality, & Patient Experience United in Generosity ............................................................ 24 Safer, Better, Happier — Every Day ..................................... 12 Intermountain 2019 Charity Care ........................................ 25 Intermountain has a history of powerful ideas that help improve people’s lives, one Rural Hospital Treated Bus Crash Patients .......................... 12 Finances, Governance, & Leadership life at a time. The power behind an idea is unlimited. Ideas help us improve so we can Best Practices for Vaping-Related Injuries .......................... 13 better help others. Stability in Turbulent Times ................................................. 26 New Technology Finds Breast Tumors Faster ...................... 13 Board of Trustees ................................................................. 28 Clinical Statistics ................................................................... 14 Ideas spark change. They propel us forward so we can make a difference and help Governing Boards ................................................................. 29 Growth & Innovation Community Development Boards ....................................... 30 people live the healthiest lives possible. Each improvement we’ve made over the last Continual Growth & Innovation .......................................... 15 2019 Financial Summary ...................................................... 31 year started with an idea. Castell Provides Value-based Care Platform ....................... 15 Intermountain Enters Nevada Market ................................ 16 Human Genomes Research .................................................. 17 Stabilizing Generic Drug Supplies ....................................... 18 Robotic-Assisted Thoracic Surgery ...................................... 18 Scan me Scan or go to IntermountainHealthcare.org 1 Intermountain Healthcare | Report to the Community to access our digital annual report and watch inspiring videos.

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    A Message From Our Board Chair and CEO We’re facing the greatest test of our generation. Our world and our way of life have been shaken by the COVID-19 pandemic that has gripped our communities. Together, we’ve had the privilege to offer those we serve a steady and comforting hand during this time of crisis. The safety and well-being of our patients and our caregivers remain our top priorities. This commitment to safety and quality began long ago and results showed a significant leap forward in 2019. Last year, our system’s Vizient quality and safety ratings improved notably from 2018. At the same time, our caregivers suffered far fewer injuries than the year prior. Building on this strong foundation, and leveraging the power of ideas, we’ve accelerated our move to modern care delivery. Our strategy not only offered a better consumer experience, it also put us in a far stronger position to respond to a worldwide pandemic. Our investments in telehealth better prepared us for the need to deliver care from a distance—when distance itself would become a primary means of keeping people healthy. Through our investments in the social determinants of health, we’re learning that a healthy person begins with a healthier community. We continue to learn that we cannot do this alone. Public officials, community partners, and religious institutions are invaluable partners as we aspire to lift the health of our communities. Grounded in our fundamentals and committed to modern care delivery, we’re pioneering new frontiers in medicine while finding new people to serve. We’ve expanded our work into genomics by launching HerediGene, which is the largest and most comprehensive DNA mapping effort from a single population to date in the United States. The initiative is helping us understand the human genome and is enhancing our ability to prevent and treat diseases such as breast cancer, colon cancer, and heart disease. At the same time, we acquired HealthCare Partners Nevada, so we can serve more people through our model of population health and value-based care. Our mission-driven approach remains consistent no matter how much the ground shifts beneath our feet. Our country and our organization have weathered wars, recessions, financial panics, and now a pandemic. We find our strength during these times where we always have— with one another. We remain firmly positioned to serve our communities throughout it all. Undeterred and unleashed, our vision remains crystal clear. We will always work hard to keep people healthy and will always be here to care for them when they’re sick. We’re grateful for all the caregivers who delivered a successful 2019 to help position us to serve our communities for what’s ahead. Gail Miller Marc Harrison, MD Chair, Intermountain Healthcare Board of Trustees President and CEO, Intermountain Healthcare 3 Intermountain Healthcare | Report to the Community

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    About Intermountain About INTERMOUNTAIN “Decide what you stand for. And then stand for it all the time.” Healthcare — Clayton M. Christensen 2,862 24 Mission Helping people live the healthiest lives possible® Intermountain Healthcare is a Utah-based, not-for-profit system composed of 24 Licensed beds Hospitals (includes one virtual hospital) hospitals, 210 clinics, a Medical Group with 2,800 employed physicians and advanced- Vision practice clinicians, a health insurance company called SelectHealth, and 41,700 Be a model health system by providing extraordinary caregivers* (which makes us Utah’s largest private employer). Intermountain is widely care and superior service at an affordable cost. recognized as a leader in transforming healthcare by using evidence-based best practices to consistently deliver high-quality outcomes at sustainable costs. Values Integrity: We are principled, honest, and ethical, and we do the right thing for those we serve. Our Service Area 210 2,800 5,100 Trust: We count on and support one another Clinics Employed Affiliated physicians individually and as team members. doctors & advanced practice providers Excellence: We perform at the highest level, always learning and looking for ways to improve. Accountability: We accept responsibility for our actions, attitudes, and health. Mutual Respect: We embrace diversity 41,700 900,100 and treat one another with dignity and empathy. Caregivers* SelectHealth members *All people employed at Intermountain are unified in mission and are referred to as caregivers. Intermountain Healthcare | Report to the Community 6

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    February Sanpete Valley, Cedar City, June and Sevier Valley hospitals “Take Pride in Your Health” — named to The Chartis Center February Intermountain and for Rural Health’s Top 100 Intermountain provided 700+ SelectHealth were the official Rural, Community, and Critical free blood lead screening medical sponsor for the Access Hospitals lists. tests to Sandy residents. April Utah Pride Festival. Intermountain President and CEO, Marc Harrison, MD, named to Fortune Magazine’s June July Top 50 World Leaders list. Intermountain Healthcare Intermountain launched and deCODE genetics Castell, a health platform launched HerediGene: company focused on elevating Population Study. value-based care capabilities. 2019 TIMELINE March May June Intermountain acquired Alta View Hospital, JD Power and Associates again HealthCare Partners Nevada, Cedar City Hospital, named SelectHealth the top-rated Logan Regional Hospital, health plan in the Mountain June based in Las Vegas, Nevada. and Utah Valley Hospital Region for Commercial Health Plan Intermountain ranked among named to IBM Watson Customer Satisfaction. Forbes’ list of America’s Best-in- Health’s Top 100 State Employers. January February Hospitals list. April Intermountain became Mikelle Moore, Chief Community Intermountain Precision a founding sponsor for Health Officer, Intermountain Genomics awarded the 32nd Mountain West Healthcare, named to Governor’s Medal for Science Mother’s Milk Bank. Modern Healthcare’s Top 25 and Technology, the highest Women Leaders list. civilian award bestowed by the state in those fields. Intermountain Healthcare | Report to the Community 8

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    Fundamentals of Extraordinary Care October Intermountain received the Green Business Leadership Award from Utah Business Magazine, recognizing FUNDAMENTALS the initiatives to enhance of Extraordinary Care sustainability efforts and numerous green projects. August Access: Dr. Lincoln Nadauld, Executive November All customers receive the care and information where, Director, Intermountain Intermountain’s Supply Chain Safety: Precision Genomics, named Organization received its Patients and caregivers experience Zero Harm. when, and how they want it, with seamless coordination to Modern Healthcare’s list of second consecutive Master across the system. Top 25 Innovators. Level recognition by Gartner. Quality: Always deliver evidence-based care that meets Stewardship: each individual’s healthcare goals and leads to Be an indispensable community partner, achieving the top performance nationally. healthiest communities with the lowest cost per person in the nation. Be recognized globally as a financially sound, Patient Experience: forever organization. Patients and customers have an Intermountain Engaged Caregivers: experience that leads to lasting loyalty. Caregivers have an unparalleled work experience that supports them in delivering the fundamentals of extraordinary care. September December David Flood, President, Intermountain President Intermountain Foundation, and CEO, Marc Harrison, Engaged Caregivers are at the Heart of July received the Si Seymour award, MD, named to Modern Intermountain Healthcare the Association for Healthcare Healthcare’s 100 Most The American Heart Philanthropy’s highest recognition Influential People in Association honored of excellence and outstanding Healthcare list. At Intermountain Healthcare, we serve everyone and welcome everyone to serve. Intermountain Medical Center, leadership in healthcare October In 2019, our caregiver engagement scores improved significantly which is a reflection Dixie Regional Medical Center, philanthropy. Patients at Riverton Hospital and Utah Valley, American of hundreds of leaders embracing and cultivating the skills, passions, and backgrounds were the first to receive a Fork, and McKay-Dee hospitals Civica-produced medication, of our diverse teams. The correlation between engaged teams and exceptional for elite stroke care. Vancomycin Hydrochloride for consumer experiences, including safe and high-quality outcomes, is well documented. Injection, USP. This is why Caregiver Engagement is central to our Fundamentals of Extraordinary Care and helping our patients and members live the healthiest lives possible. 9 Intermountain Healthcare | Report to the Community

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    Safety, Quality, & Patient Experience Mother Receives First Left Lobe Safer, better, Liver Transplant in Utah From Son HAPPIER For Mother’s Day, Gwen Finlayson’s son, Brandon, — every day decided to give her part of his liver. In 1991, Gwen was “There is no greater joy nor greater reward than to make a fundamental difference in someone’s life.” diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis, which is when — Mary Rose McGeady the body’s immune system turns against the liver cells. Five years later, she was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the Intermountain continually works to improve our three cornerstones: the safety of our patients and caregivers, the quality of our outcomes, and the patient experience. liver and told she would need a transplant within three years. As it turns out, she didn’t need one until 2019. SAFETY: Intermountain’s rate of serious safety events dropped from 1.16 per 10,000 adjusted patient days in 2018 to Through Intermountain’s Living Donor Liver Transplant 1.07 in 2019. Program, Brandon was able to donate. QUALITY: The rank of Intermountain’s hospitals in a national study conducted by Vizient improved from the 66th Dr. Manuel Rodriquez-Davalos worked alongside percentile in 2018 to the 79th percentile in 2019. specialists at Intermountain’s Transformation Center to PATIENT EXPERIENCE: Overall patient satisfaction rankings of Intermountain’s hospitals, as measured by the federal create a 3D-printed model of Brandon’s liver. This model government’s patient satisfaction scores, improved from the 64th percentile in 2018 to the 71st in 2019. allowed surgeons to perform a precision liver surgery. Normally, the surgery takes the right lobe of a healthy liver from donor to recipient. With 3D imaging and the 3D model, they were able to obtain a left lobe graft Rural Hospital Treated Large for a safer, faster recovery. Both Gwen and Brandon are Tour Bus Crash healthy and getting right back to their lives. In September 2019, a tour bus carrying 30 Chinese tourists crashed near the small town of Panguitch, Utah. Intermountain’s Garfield Memorial Hospital immediately prepared for its largest influx of seriously injured patients to date. With virtual help from Intermountain’s Telehealth Critical Care command center in Murray, Utah, the in-person team was able to efficiently and effectively triage patients, provide care for some, and transport others to other Intermountain hospitals. 11 Intermountain Healthcare | Report to the Community

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    Developed Best Practices for Clinical Statistics Vaping-Related Injuries Intermountain Healthcare operates 24 hospitals (including a virtual hospital) in Utah and With new e-cigarette or vaping-associated lung injuries Idaho. Intermountain also operates 210 clinics in Utah, Idaho, and Nevada, and urgent care and deaths, researchers at Intermountain developed facilities that are run by physicians as part of the Intermountain Medical Group. best-practice treatment guidelines. The guidelines help caregivers quickly identify and treat patients who develop Acute Admissions Births Inpatient Surgeries this potentially fatal respiratory injury. 136,039 135,717 140,597 29,062 29,252 29,407 40,528 38,436 38,862 New Process and Technology Finds Breast Tumors Faster 2017 2018 2019 2017 2018 2019 2017 2018 2019 With a streamlined process and new technology, patients with abnormal mammograms or breast lumps are able Outpatient Surgeries InstaCare Visits Emergency Room Visits to get answers faster. The combination of offering a same-day biopsy with advanced technology means results that used to take several weeks or months, are now provided in just a week or two. 503,489 115,490 122,417 124,926 577,024 606,930 626,873 494,923 512,829 Now, our caregivers use a radar reflecting marker called SAVI Scout to place a reflector at the tumor site before a surgical biopsy. During the biopsy, surgeons use the 2017 2018 2019 2017 2018 2019 2017 2018 2019 technology to detect the location of the reflector allowing for better precision. This means a quicker surgery for the *Clinical statistics for 2017, 2018, and 2019 do not include data from HealthCare Partners Nevada operations. patient, saving them time and money. 13 Intermountain Healthcare | Report to the Community

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    Growth & Innovation Intermountain Enters Nevada CONTINUAL GROWTH Market with Major Acquisition & innovation Intermountain took a big step forward in 2019 on its “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” — Abraham Lincoln strategic growth strategy by acquiring HealthCare Partners Nevada, a leading physician group and affiliate network Of all the powerful ideas Intermountain Healthcare is implementing, one of the most revolutionary may be focusing not just on in the greater Las Vegas area. HealthCare Partners Nevada healthcare, but on health. has 1,500 affiliate providers and employs 320 physicians and advanced practice providers at over 50 clinics across Sixty percent of your overall health is determined by factors other than the care you get from your doctor or in the hospital. It southern Nevada that provide primary, specialty, and depends on your lifestyle. That’s why a major part of our mission is to help keep people out of our facilities — to keep them healthy urgent care services. by helping them avoid the medical problems that would otherwise impair their quality of life. Our caregivers continue to innovate and create better ways of moving upstream in the health journey, while still treating those who need care. It’s a focus we are The addition of HealthCare Partners Nevada aligns well committed to extending to more people across an expanded area of the Intermountain West, and we made great progress in 2019. with Intermountain’s strategy for smart growth and for delivering more value — in the form of better quality, accessibility, and affordability — to more people. These Castell Provides Value-based Care Platform added operations in southern Nevada represent what for Others Intermountain believes is the best way forward for healthcare, focusing on ways to keep communities well. When value-based care is adopted, it rewards providers, lowers costs for payers, Since our teams came together as one in June 2019, we improves the experience for patients, and makes communities healthier. That is why in have been working to integrate operations, learn from one 2019 Intermountain Healthcare launched Castell, a new comprehensive health platform another, and combine their unique strengths to provide company that makes the move to value-based care simple for providers, payers, health extraordinary health services to patients. systems, and accountable care organizations across the nation. Castell is built on Intermountain’s success in managing health — specifically, a proven value-based clinical Going forward, Intermountain will continue to evaluate care model called Reimagined Primary Care. We’ve built on that knowledge to create and consider growth opportunities that make sense a best-in-class health platform with a comprehensive suite of offerings. Castell delivers strategically and support its mission. impactful analytic and service solutions designed to accelerate organizations’ transition from volume to value, improve outcomes, and keep costs more affordable — so all can succeed in the future of healthcare. 15 Intermountain Healthcare | Report to the Community

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    Global Collaboration to Research Progress in Stabilizing Generic Human Genomes Drug Supplies Intermountain teamed with de-CODE genetics, a wholly In 2019, Civica Rx established headquarters in Lehi, Utah. The not-for-profit generic drug owned subsidiary of Amgen, to study new connections company grew to include approximately 50 health systems as members, representing more between genetics and human disease. Our initiative is called than 1,200 U.S. hospitals in 46 states and over 30 percent of all licensed U.S. hospital beds. HerediGene: Population Study. It is the most comprehensive It announced three pharmaceutical company partnerships for critical medicines used daily DNA mapping effort in the United States from a single by hospitals in emergency care, surgery, pain management, and in treating hypertension. It population. The study will analyze the genomes of half also delivered its first products to Intermountain Riverton Hospital where patients were the a million people throughout Utah, Idaho, and Nevada. Its first anywhere to be treated with a Civica-produced medication, Vancomycin. purpose is to better understand the human genome to help uncover insights into some of the most debilitating diseases. By the end of the year, it had 18 products in production being shipped to hospitals around the country. In addition to reducing chronic shortages and stabilizing the supply of generic The research is expected to have global impacts on drugs within hospitals, Civica Rx is expanding its mission to also focus on the affordability medications, treatments, and healthcare innovations. It’s our of generic medications outside the hospital setting. hope that this will advance care for generations to come. Advancing Care with Robotic-Assisted Thoracic Surgery With the new da Vinci Xi surgical system, Intermountain performed robotic-assisted surgery for benign and malignant tumors of the lungs, esophagus, and chest wall. For thoracic surgeons who operate in small areas, this allows for more accuracy. This surgery is performed through three to four small incisions. The surgeon uses a 3D high-definition viewer to see the surgical area and operates the hand and foot controls that move the machine. Overall, patients have smaller scars and faster recoveries so they can get back to their lives as soon as possible. 17 Intermountain Healthcare | Report to the Community

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    Access & Affordability Greater Expanding Our Reach Through Telehealth ACCESS, greater affordability “Great leaders don’t set out to be leaders, they set out to make a difference. It’s never about the role, always about the goal.” 51,800 845,800 — Jeremy Bravo Connect Care enrollments Telehealth interactions since 2014 The best healthcare in the world can’t make a difference if people can’t access it — or afford it. That’s why Intermountain has reorganized around two basic premises: First, we’re in the business of keeping people well. Second, when people are sick, we want to ensure they have access to the best possible care for the lowest possible cost. 33,900 40,000 Connect Care visits Health Answers Nurse Line calls SelectHealth Integrated Behavioral Health Acute Care Telehealth Services SelectHealth made significant progress in addressing Crisis Care Services Medical Oncology gaps in coverage, our provider network, and access to Critical + Hospitalist Care Neuro Stroke qualified behavioral health services. We’ve added qualified, Critical Care NeuroCritical Care credentialled providers with expertise in substance abuse, Hospitalist MedSurg Pediatric Craniofacial Consults suicidal ideation, postpartum depression, and the needs of Hospitalist Nocturnal Pediatric Critical Care the LGBTQ community, among many others. Our network Hospitalist Post Acute Care Pediatric Newborn Critical Care has grown to nearly 1,900 mental health providers, with Infectious Disease Antibiotic Pediatric Trauma 250 more in process. SelectHealth has one of the largest Stewardship Program Wound Care and most comprehensive provider networks in Utah, for Infectious Diseases Consults both behavioral health and substance abuse services. 19 Intermountain Healthcare | Report to the Community

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    Addressing Social Needs Outside Clinic Walls Promoting Mental Wellbeing to Prevent Suicide The Alliance for the Determinants of Health provides a data-driven understanding of community needs. A social needs assessment is administered in the clinical setting to Promoting mental wellbeing to prevent suicide, Intermountain’s Zero Suicide establish a baseline of social needs. This opens a dialogue about barriers participants initiative helps people navigate crises and get access to timely, effective care. face outside clinic walls. Participants who report moderate to severe social need are Our work in 2019 involved new pilots and protocols in clinical contexts like the offered the support of a Community Health Worker (CHW). The needs assesment guides emergency department and SelectHealth member services. It also focused on the prioritization of next steps as the CHW and participant make a plan and set goals. our community of 41,700 caregivers. Cultivating a mentally healthy organization In September 2019, the Alliance hit a milestone by screening the 100th participant. The involves responding effectively in the aftermath of traumatic events and top social needs in the Alliance geographies are transportation, food insecurity, housing, creating a coordinated approach to promote mental wellbeing in everyday lives. and dental care. More than 300 referrals have been given, such as helping a participant More than 30,000 caregivers and 14,000 community members completed at least in a rural area receive prescription delivery and shepherding a person experiencing one Intermountain-supported training this year to enhance their confidence and homelessness through the paperwork to secure permanent housing. competence in supporting others in times of mental and emotional distress. Making Good Progress in Addressing the Opioid Epidemic Free Blood Lead Testing for Community Residents of Sandy, Utah, were potentially exposed to lead in 2019 as a result of the city’s water contamination. While the duration of the potential exposure to lead from this incident 2,158,100 598,900 1,900 10,000 was brief, Intermountain alongside the Salt Lake County Health Department provided no-cost blood lead testing for Long-term pain (chronic) Short-term pain (acute) Naloxone kits Pounds of medications collected funded and distributed the community. Though the exposure is unlikely to have any long-term health impacts, we wanted to help alleviate Reduction of 2,757,000 Opioid Tablets Prescribed concerns and rebuild confidence in the community. 21 Intermountain Healthcare | Report to the Community

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    Community & Children’s Health Healthier 2019 Community “Intermountain Healthcare’s plan is impactful and innovative and will improve our collective Health Snapshot* COMMUNITIES health through a finite focus on children. Our family is committed to enriching lives and healthier doing good in our communities. We understand from personal experience how important it is to have the highest quality healthcare available to address the needs of children. Our CHILDREN 528,600 family recognized the need to be involved in this historic model health system.” — Gail Miller “Definition of a good neighbor: Someone to be trusted; a courteous, friendly source of help when help is needed; Community clinic visits someone you can count on; someone who cares.” — Edward B. Rust, Jr. Our partnerships within the community continue to expand. Many of our community service activities are based on Community Health Needs Assessments we conducted in collaboration with local leaders. We determined three long- 19,600 A Community United in Generosity term health needs including improve mental wellbeing, prevent avoidable disease and injury, and improve air quality. School clinic visits Our continued commitment to the community showed through support of the vulnerable members of our community. It was a historic year of giving to the Intermountain Foundation, with generous donors stepping up to contribute a record $106.7 million. $106.7 Intermountain is also expanding access to our services to children and their parents across the Intermountain West. Total dollars raised 20,900 Leading this charitable outpouring was a transformational gift from Intermountain Board Chair, businesswoman, (in millions) Total diagnostic vouchers and civic leader Gail Miller. She and her family committed $50 million to the Intermountain Foundation in Here, Kids Win support of Intermountain’s Primary Promise — a once-in-a-generation initiative that will distinguish Utah as a national model for the delivery of healthcare to children. Intermountain Primary Children’s Hospital often meets kids during their weakest moments. It’s also when their $16,543,600 The Millers’ gift is the largest ever committed by the Miller Family to any project and it’s inspiring others to give 34,800 true strength is revealed. With the help of our specialists, Total value of vouchers notable seven- and eight-figure contributions. It’s also spurring continued support for the Foundation’s ongoing Number of donors more children are able to win. And each victory is mission to help Intermountain Healthcare provide the highest quality, compassionate patient care, lifesaving unique. The number of children we serve continues to research, and leading-edge medical education. grow rapidly, and their needs continue to change and become more complex. With Intermountain’s unique There are many types of contributions. Whether endowments, planned gifts, bequests, or support of Foundation combination of the free-standing Primary Children’s 303,200 Hospital and our network of clinics and hospitals, we are Total charity care cases events and fundraisers, donations to the Intermountain Foundation bring miracles to life, benefitting countless 116,500 Intermountain system children and families throughout our communities for generations to come. in a position to extend excellence in pediatric care across Number of gifts the Intermountain West. *Detailed information on page 25 23 Intermountain Healthcare | Report to the Community

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    Finances, Governance, & Leadership Intermountain 2019 Charity Care Financial assistance provided to people unable to pay. NAME OF HOSPITAL LOCATION # BEDS CHARITY CARE CASES Urban Hospitals 1 STABILITY 1. Alta View Hospital Sandy, Utah 69 $ 3,594,814 4,645 in turbulent times 2. American Fork Hospital American Fork, Utah 89 3,953,254 5,987 3. Bear River Valley Hospital Tremonton, Utah 16 862,224 1,595 “You can’t build a great building on a weak foundation. You must have a solid foundation if 4. Dixie Regional Medical Center St. George, Utah 284 28,128,697 25,788 5. Intermountain Medical Center Murray, Utah 510 58,602,028 42,007 you’re going to have a strong superstructure.” 6. Layton Hospital Layton, Utah 43 1,470,153 2,090 — Gordon B. Hinckley 7. LDS Hospital Salt Lake City, Utah 262 18,224,569 16,348 8. Logan Regional Hospital Logan, Utah 146 9,199,090 12,630 9. McKay-Dee Hospital Ogden, Utah 319 27,399,663 27,710 As a not-for-profit health system, Intermountain Healthcare is governed by more than 400 representatives of the community 10. Orem Community Hospital Orem, Utah 24 1,101,686 2,973 who volunteer their time and expertise to keep us attuned to the needs of everyone who relies on us. Our trustees serve 11. Primary Children’s Hospital Salt Lake City, Utah 340 13,133,289 16,794 without pay on 19 governing boards and 13 community development boards. 12. Riverton Hospital Riverton, Utah 97 3,191,241 4,846 13. The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital Murray, Utah 40 1,524,301 2,788 14. Utah Valley Hospital Provo, Utah 395 23,993,976 27,013 One result of their leadership is stability, which is a major benefit we offer to people in all the communities we serve and to all Rural Hospitals1 the members of our team. Intermountain Healthcare is a forever organization. 15. Cassia Regional Hospital Burley, Idaho 25 3,339,195 7,750 16. Cedar City Hospital Cedar City, Utah 48 5,303,505 7,787 17. Delta Community Hospital Delta, Utah 18 483,757 1,102 18. Fillmore Community Hospital Fillmore, Utah 19 270,227 713 19. Garfield Memorial Hospital & Clinics Panguitch, Utah 15 - - 20. Heber Valley Hospital Heber City, Utah 19 1,429,234 1,829 21. Park City Hospital Park City, Utah 37 2,343,240 2,278 22. Sanpete Valley Hospital Mt. Pleasant, Utah 18 1,308,701 2,631 23. Sevier Valley Hospital Richfield, Utah 29 1,950,024 3,554 23 Hospitals 2,862 $ 210,806,868 220,858 Medical Group 8,444,391 68,640 Homecare 4,299,443 12,657 Other3 3,687,065 1,063 4 Total Charity Care $ 227,237,767 303,218 1 Urban and Rural designations reflect the location of hospitals relative to U.S. Census Bureau Metropolitan Statistical Areas. ²In 2019, Garfield Memorial Hospital & Clinics (Garfield Memorial) provided 1,092 cases of charity care totaling $273,460 (adjusted). As Garfield Memorial is a managed entity of Intermountain, the charity care provided has not been incorporated into Intermountain’s financial accounting. ³“Other” includes charity for other operations such as the Avenues Surgical Center, the McKay-Dee Surgical Center, and Intermountain Rehabilitation Services. 4 In 2019, Intermountain provided approximately $381 million in charity care to people unable to pay. The charity care totals listed in this table have been adjusted based on standards established by the Utah State Tax Commission. 25 Intermountain Healthcare | Report to the Community

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    GAIL MILLER A. SCOTT ANDERSON S. NEAL BERUBE CLAYTON M. CHRISTENSEN R. NEAL DAVIS, MD (DECEASED) SPENCER F. ECCLES KAREN W. FAIRBANKS DANIEL G. GOMEZ KAREN HALE A. MARC HARRISON, MD Intermountain Healthcare Board of Trustees Gail Miller* Karen W. Fairbanks Audrey A. Jiricko, MD Patricia K. Ravert, PhD, RN* Chair, Intermountain Healthcare Board Principal, Fairbanks, Inc. Obstetrician/Gynecologist, Dean of the College of Nursing, Owner, Larry H. Miller Group of Companies Intermountain Medical Group Brigham Young University Daniel G. Gomez A. Scott Anderson* President, Gomez Corp., Crystal Maggelet Karyn Springer, MD Chair Emeritus, Intermountain Healthcare Board Financial Advisors & Insurance President and CEO, FJ Management, Inc. Chair, Intermountain Medical Group Board STEVEN D. HUEBNER AUDREY A. JIRICKO, MD CRYSTAL MAGGELET F. ANN MILLNER, EdD ARNOLD MILSTEIN, MD, MPH President and CEO, Zions Bank Family Practitioner Karen Hale* F. Ann Millner, EdD* S. Neal Berube* Special Initiatives Director, Vice Chair, Intermountain Healthcare Board Janice Ugaki President and CEO, Associated Food Stores Salt Lake County Mayor’s Office District 18 Utah State Senator, Regents Professor, CEO and Cofounder, Firmseek Former President and Professor of Health Clayton M. Christensen (deceased) A. Marc Harrison, MD* Administrative Services, Weber State University James N. Weinstein, MD Professor, Harvard Business School President and CEO, Intermountain Healthcare Senior Vice President, Microsoft Healthcare Pediatric Intensivist Arnold Milstein, MD, MPH Retired CEO and President, Dartmouth-Hitchcock R. Neal Davis, MD Director, Stanford Clinical Excellence Health Intermountain Medical Group, Pediatrician Steven D. Huebner* Research Center KPMG, Retired This list of trustees includes members as of MATT C. PACKARD PATRICIA K. RAVERT, PHD, RN KARYN SPRINGER, MD JANICE UGAKI JAMES N. WEINSTEIN, MD Spencer F. Eccles President, Huebner Advisory LLC Matt C. Packard* May 1, 2020. Chairman Emeritus, Wells Fargo, Chairman of the Board, Central Bank *Asterisks indicate Executive Committee members. Intermountain Banking Region 27 Intermountain Healthcare | Report to the Community

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    Jacob Robison Luis Lopez Mark Ott, MD Kyle Hansen Scott DuBois Governing Bryant Stevens INTERMOUNTAIN HOMECARE AND HOSPICE Alicia (Ali) Martinez Dawn Ramsey Tracy Hill, MD DIXIE REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER FOUNDATION Mike Engel INTERMOUNTAIN COMMUNITY CARE FOUNDATION Justin Taylor Glen Morrell, MD Teresa Reading, MD Scott R. Jacob, MD Neil Johnson Boards* Evelyn Warnick Spencer Larkin, Chair Rebekah Couper-Noles, RN Joy Petro James “Cid” Seidelman Everett Kelepolo, EdD John Cottam, Chair Glenna Beyer Bill Johnson Pat Jones, Chair Pamela Atkinson Leonard D’Avolio, PhD Masood Safaee, MD Robert Spendlove Brigitte C. Madrian Mitchell Cloward Rachel McAree Mary Bangerter BEAR RIVER VALLEY HOSPITAL Donald Salazar Engels Tejeda Jonathan Meyers, MD Brad Olch Jana Nish, Chair DIXIE REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER Mary Glauser Larry Eggert, MD Lisa Eccles Brian Chadaz, Chair Beth Graham Erich Sontag Tricia Tingey Laura Mitchell Cyndi W. Gilbert Dyan Pignatelli José Enriquez, PhD Jeffrey Bonham Diana Windley Ben Widmer, MD J. Todd Nilson, MD Bob Rollo Alan Christensen John Ames Ann Horton Scott Keller Angelo Giardino, MD, PhD Eliezer (Eli) Bermudez, PhD Joel Macey Matt C. Packard Greg Kemp Lessing Stern Daniel Gomez Norman Fukui Ifo Pili Buzz Strasser Kevin Murphy, MD Elisabeth Bingham Jeffrey McNally, MD PARK CITY HOSPITAL SANPETE VALLEY HOSPITAL Jack Renouf Karen Hale Janice Brooks Gary Measom, APRN, PhD Lee Gerstein, MD, Chair Scott Mower, Chair D. Curt Pulsipher, PhD Travis Seegmiller Lori Weston A. Marc Harrison, MD Brett Nance, DO Patricia K. Ravert, PhD, RN Victor Solano Patrick Carroll, MD Tomás Valdivia, MD Beth Armstrong Tom Bailey Pat Shoemaker-Glessner Mikelle Moore Gayle Carter, MD Richard Bukovinsky Gary Cole, MD Mark A. Richardson Tracey Welsh PRIMARY CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL Bert R. Zimmerli Julie Stokes Belinda A. Talonia Stan Summers Brett Christiansen, MD INTERMOUNTAIN MEDICAL GROUP Kelly Davis, MD Bradley Cook, PhD FOUNDATION Mitchell H. Cloward Lynn Dorsey-Bleil Eric (Rick) Jones, MD Cydni Tetro Brandon Vonk Karyn A. Springer, MD, Chair Scott Van Wagoner, DO INTERMOUNTAIN RESEARCH AND Fred Fairclough, Jr., Chair *INTERMOUNTAIN TRUSTEES – John Cottam Rebekah Couper-Noles, RN Eric Hermann Joseph Loftin Kelly Burt Cyndi Gilbert Colette Herrick Steven J. Lund MEDICAL FOUNDATION AS OF JUNE 1, 2020 CASSIA REGIONAL HOSPITAL Celia Garner, MD Troy Olson, Chair Patrick Cartwright, MD Shawn Guzman Brian Hancey, MD Charles Lind, MD Fernando Montano Janet DeWolfe Susan Neibaur, Chair, Retired RN Meredyth Armitage Sarah Bedke Tyler Nelson, MD Michon Palmer Audrey A. Jiricko, MD Shane D. Lewis, MD Josh Napier, MD William “Wing” Province, MD David M. Parrish David Tibbs Community Dave Bloom Spencer F. Eccles Karen Hale Bernard Boehmer, MD Aaron Sandvik Patrick Putt Aaron Wood Shauna Butler Liza Castaneda Diane Shanklin Robin Lines, MD Cort McCaughey, MD Coleen Reardon Development Boards* Adam Chandio Dale Johnson, MD Heather Kahlert Verla Darrington Wade Steel Rino Scanzoni Rob Corcoran Matthew DeTemple, DO Mark K. Milligan, MD SELECTHEALTH INTERMOUNTAIN HEALTHCARE Kandace Dato Mark Purcell Kristin Williams Michael C. Scheuller, MD Janice Ugaki Daniel G. Gomez, Chair Melinda Simmons Tim Henrickson Lori Weston FOUNDATION BOARD OF TRUSTEES Stephanie Horne Clark Susan Kempton Raj Shrestha Michael Anglin Blair Kent Katy Welkie, RN GARFIELD MEMORIAL HOSPITAL Jon B. Woozley, PA-C Anna Williams Karla Bergeson A. Scott Anderson, Chair Lance Loveland Thomas D. Dee III Matt Mitton Mike Ramsey Leland Pollock, Chair Mark R. Briesacher, MD Shawn Morrow SEVIER VALLEY HOSPITAL FOUNDATION Kerry Alvey PRIMARY CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL Josh England Spencer F. Eccles Ben Smalley LOGAN REGIONAL HOSPITAL David L. Flood Brian Murphy Brent Schmidt Andrew Wray Art Cooper Brent Sandberg, Chair Timothy Duffy, MD, Chair Maria J. Garciaz Todd Neubert Scott Dalton Darrell Brown A. Marc Harrison, MD Cyndi W. Gilbert Allan Anderson, MD A. Marc Harrison, MD Scott Roberson UTAH VALLEY HOSPITALS FOUNDATION Wendy Eyre Darren Anderson, MD Patrick Cartwright, MD LeeAnne B. Linderman Eric Sorenson CEDAR CITY HOSPITAL Brent Griffin Eileen Christensen Patricia R. Richards, RN Jim Laub Colleen Bigler, Chair Steve Thompson, Chair Karina Brown Todd Pedersen Jane Carlile Ronald Harris Todd Brown, MD Greg Cook D. Brett Sanford Darin Adams Ron Hatch Sophia DiCaro Rocio Summers Bert R. Zimmerli LOGAN REGIONAL HOSPITAL FOUNDATION Vance Checketts Ava Chamberlain Holly Budge Doug Raymond, Chair Rob Collins Sam Marshall David Cowley Luz Escamilla Andrea P. Wolcott Clinton Duncan, MD Mitch Miller, DO Angelo Giardino, MD, PhD Bert R. Zimmerli BEAR RIVER HOSPITAL FOUNDATION JayDee Barr Joey Hansen Emily Green Nolan Gunnell Blake Dursteler Kyle Hansen Kim Soper Brandon McBride Natalie Gochnour Jeffrey Bonham, Chair Bruce Hughes Jon Torgerson Ted L. Hill Bryant Curtis Afu Latu Derek Marshall LynAnn Imlay Doug Raymond SEVIER VALLEY HOSPITAL Brandon McBride Jack May Melani Torgersen Judith Sanchez Jani Iwamoto Dennis Jorgensen, Chair Tami Myers Jana Leavitt Alberto Vasquez Richard Kaufusi Shari Scott John Mickelson Todd Pedersen Kristie McMullin Douglas Swenson Ralph Brown Brent Sandberg Robin Smilanich John W. Yardley Michael Tueller Becky Lindsey Christopher Evensen, DO Julie Stokes Mike Miller Jeff Prince, MD Brandon Vonk Eric Weight Eric Packer Janice Wallentine Priscilla Morgan HEBER VALLEY HOSPITAL Jon White Katy Welkie, RN Connie Nielson MCKAY-DEE HOSPITAL FOUNDATION Kim Rowland, MD Erich Sontag, Chair GARFIELD MEMORIAL HOSPITAL Alan Sanderson, MD Kathleen Hughes, Chair David Ogden CEDAR CITY HOSPITAL FOUNDATION Mike Clark FOUNDATION Terri Sanders George Bennett MCKAY-DEE AND LAYTON HOSPITALS SALT LAKE VALLEY HOSPITALS Paula Roberts Dave Thayer, Chair Thomas D. Dee III Sheldon (Pat) Case Gretchen McClain, Chair Melissa Robins Glenna Beyer Monica Taylor, Chair Dave Thayer Thomas D. Dee III, Chair Laurel Fedor, MD Paige Coward Peter Barth Jamie Robinson Stacy Bradshaw Ben Bailey Lora E. Tom Petronella Adomako, MD Cindy Kunz Alfonso Flores William Caine, MD Brent Schmidt Cyndi W. Gilbert Art Cooper Evan Vickers Adrienne Andrews Kim Maguire Si Hutt Robert J. Clark Les Topham Levi Larson Annie Eldredge Dwight Baldwin Mike Meyers Stanton McDonald, MD David Hasleton, MD Monte Turner Jennifer Meisner Hollie Henrie DELTA AND FILLMORE S. Neal Berube Marcus Myers Hi McNaughtan Steven K. Hirase Blake Zobell, DPM Roger Olcott Marc Henrie Michael Clark Pete Ziegler COMMUNITY HOSPITALS Scott Phillips Rachel Hofstetter Mitch Oliveira Marsha Holland Sheryl Cox Terry Higgs, Chair Clair Provost Glen Huff, MD UTAH VALLEY HOSPITALS Eric Packer Beverly Lowe Sean Dunroe Goretty Avalos David Sutherland, MD Sara Jones Bill Hulterstrom, Chair Jill Peterson PARK CITY HOSPITAL FOUNDATION Jolyn Smith Zane Froerer Karma Bailey Paul Weller Charles Katz, MD Shellie Baertsch Dennis Schnarr Janice R. Ugaki, Chair Alberto Vasquez Mary Hall Joshua Brinkerhoff, MD Karla Willis Steve Handy Blair Kent Mary Crafts Charlene Albarran Brian Coles Kristy Wright Bond Ben Holt, MD David Lemperle E. Boyd Craig Matt Broadbent Kurt Forsyth Cindy Kunz Andrea Moss Val Hale Joanna Charnes 29 Intermountain Healthcare | Report to the Community

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    Intermountain 2019 Financial Summary FUNDS AVAILABLE 2019 2018 (DOLLARS IN MILLIONS) PATIENT SERVICES AND NON-PATIENT ACTIVITIES: Net patient services, including inpatient and outpatient care, pharmaceuticals, and supplies; net of discounts provided for patients covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and other sources because these agencies have limited their level of payment $ 5,302 $ 4,984 Charity services to qualifying patients unable to pay as part of our ongoing community commitment (381)* (419)* Provision for bad debts for services provided to patients who were unwilling to pay (264) (300) Nonpatient activities, including health insurance premiums, contributions, and other resources 4,155 3,459 Nonoperating income from investing activities 834 52 TOTAL FUNDS AVAILABLE $ 9,646 $ 7,776 FUNDS APPLIED Salaries and benefits to our employees $ 3,357 $ 3,038 Medical services and supplies 3,229 2,596 Business services, insurance, utilities, and cost of facility maintenance 1,259 1,161 Depreciation and amortization cost for this year’s use of buildings and equipment 385 320 Interest on borrowed funds 76 62 Increase in funds available for future needs to replace and improve health facilities, technology, and services 1,340 599 TOTAL FUNDS APPLIED $ 9,646 $ 7,776 Scan me *This amount represents Intermountain’s unadjusted total. Based on Utah State Tax Commission standards, Intermountain provided Please take our survey to tell us about your experience. adjusted charity care of approximately $227 million in 2019 and approximately $247 million in 2018. 25 31 Intermountain Healthcare | Report to the Community

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