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    Inspiring minds. Improving Lives.™ 2016 Annual Report Building on Momentum

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    Table of Contents Letter from the President 3 Letter from Pamela H. Patsley 4 Impact Around the World 6 MoneyGram Foundation 2016 Grants 8 Donors and Financials 22 How You Can Make an Impact 23 Thank You 24 OUR MISSION The MoneyGram Foundation believes that education is at the heart of better economic opportunities, healthier families, as well as individual freedom and empowerment. 2

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    Letter from the President As we enter our fifth year of grant-giving, it is clear that the foundation’s tremendous success to date is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what we can achieve together with our supporters. From a giving standpoint, we are contributing more than ever before, and our ability to unite friends in business to both transform lives and impact our greater community is increasing with each year that passes. By leveraging MoneyGram’s inherent strengths, we are able to integrate technology and innovation to bring the power of education to students while connecting communities. In 2016, we aligned with 13 new organizations in need, impacting a total of 24 nonprofits working in 32 countries. More than 1,000 MoneyGram employees stepped up to give, enabling us to grant more than $1 million worldwide. Specifically, we built three schools with Children of Vietnam; funded mobile science labs to travel across India with Agastya International and expose more than 63,000 children in remote areas to science; underwrote the operational costs of a school in Pakistan with largely female enrollment; and sponsored the building of a school in Laos. What is more, we provided technological infrastructure, school supplies, laptops, books, or teacher curriculum to students in Brazil, Mexico, Jamaica, Nicaragua and Canada, and funded exciting, innovative educational projects in Poland, India, the U.S. and the Philippines, among other countries. To date, a staggering 500,000 students have been impacted by the MoneyGram Foundation, with more than $3 million distributed in 51 countries. We have been honored to align with 47 of the world’s foremost organizations working to provide disaster relief and access to quality education worldwide. Our tremendous momentum is testament to your generosity. You – our partners, donors and employees – are the driving force behind all that we do. Thanks to your support, we are inspiring minds and changing lives all over the world. Working together, we will accomplish even more. Sincerely, Jaclyn Hall President, MoneyGram Foundation 3

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    Letter from Pamela H. Patsley, Executive Chairman of MoneyGram International As I review the foundation’s actions over the past year, I am truly inspired by all we have achieved. Thanks to you – our agents, employees, vendors and friends – our impact on children and families in hard-to-reach and underserved communities worldwide has grown exponentially. This year, we boosted our funding, partnered with new nonprofit organizations and saw participation reach unprecedented levels. The numbers speak for themselves: we awarded more than $1 million and impacted more than 260,000 children in 2016, 100,000 more than the previous year. Our grants have given communities in the Philippines, Poland, Mexico, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Lebanon, Honduras and numerous other countries access to educational materials and facilities. Through a year-long program with First Book, we donated $20,000 for books in U.S. and Jamaican schools, and held celebratory events in four major U.S. cities. These events, which united communities and schools, had a profound effect on me and on the agents and vendors who joined me to see our impact firsthand. We also further integrated our business partners in the work of the foundation. We participated in agent conferences and received donations or engagement from more than 30 agents. We again partnered directly with two agents – this time to benefit low-income residents in Toronto and to improve education for students in Virginia. We awarded more than 80 percent of our grants to organizations recommended by MoneyGram agents and employees. Both groups remained as dedicated and motivated as ever, not only contributing financially but also donating their time during 10 different volunteer events. Thanks to the unceasing efforts of our employees, donors, agents and friends, we continue to increase our transformative impact on global education, health and ultimately, prosperity. We are effecting real change, and with your help, we will continue to inspire minds and improve lives. Thank you for your unwavering support and belief in the MoneyGram Foundation. You may rest assured of our continued efforts to reach ever more children and their communities. Kind regards, Pamela H. Patsley Executive Chairman of MoneyGram International 4

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    1,429 employees participated 24 vendors 12 provided support agents co-funded grants 5

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    Impact Around the World Canada Germany United Kingdom Italy United States Mexico Haiti Jamaica Nigeria Six Caribbean Nations Guinea El Salvador Benin Nicaragua Ghana Senegal Guatemala Honduras Ecuador Liberia Brazil Ivory Coast Colombia Peru 6

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    In 2016, we distributed more than $1 million in funds to 24 organizations in need. Estonia We helped build schools, provide quality educational programming, Poland Ukraine and donated much-needed school supplies and books to children in 32 countries. Romania Egypt Pakistan Nepal Bangladesh Laos Lebanon Philippines Cambodia India Democratic Republic of the Congo Thailand Indonesia Vietnam Ethiopia Rwanda Kenya Australia Zambia South Africa 7

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    MoneyGram Foundation 2016 Grants North America Along with the Canada Post Community Foundation, the MoneyGram Foundation awarded a grant to support the Ontario implementation of a 12-month career and entrepreneurship Canada program in the diverse, low-income Jane and Finch neighborhood in the city of Toronto through Skills for Change. Minnesota United States Junior Achievement of the Upper Midwest received a grant from the foundation to help provide curriculum and training materials covering financial literacy, entrepreneurship, college skills and career-readiness for at-risk students in the Twin Cities. The grant also enabled MoneyGram employees to volunteer at Peter Hobart Elementary School in St. Louis Park, where they spent time teaching students about life in the 21st century. 8

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    The foundation awarded $75,000 in grants in 2016 to support financial literacy and work readiness for 1,660 students in Canada and the United States. 9

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    Texas The foundation awarded a grant to the expanding United States Mi Escuelita program at KIPP Truth Elementary School in Dallas’ Oak Cliff neighborhood. Mi Escuelita provides language intervention, math, science, reading, music and art curriculum to students, and enables 95 percent of children graduating from the program to transition directly into English-speaking classrooms. The grant provided funding for a new classroom to prevent overcrowding and ensure quality education. It also supplied classroom equipment, technology, curriculum, supplies, books and teacher training materials, benefiting more than 100 children. Funding was awarded to Junior Achievement of Dallas to support financial literacy skills, economic As a longtime supporter of the Junior League of awareness and career readiness programs designed Dallas, the foundation continued to direct funds for disadvantaged K-12 students in Dallas-area public toward Grants for Innovative Teaching, which supports schools. To provide additional support, MoneyGram inventive K-12 literacy and STEM projects created employees volunteered at Martha Turner Reilly and implemented by Dallas Independent School Elementary School in Dallas through the nonprofit’s “JA District (DISD) teachers. Since its creation in 1991, In A Day” program during the fall of 2016. While there, Grants for Innovative Teaching has awarded over $1 34 employees taught an age-appropriate, five-course million to DISD teachers who otherwise would not lesson plan to students in every classroom and grade. have received support. The foundation awarded a grant to improve education for more than 900 at-risk students attending the Achievable Dream Academies in Newport News, Virginia. The grant will fund four Lego robots and 55 laptops, and will provide classroom instructors with interactive software and lesson plans designed to challenge students in new Virginia and engaging ways. The grant was a joint gift from the MoneyGram United States Foundation and SUPERVALU Foundation. 10

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    Central, Latin and South America Through a grant to the Ayrton Senna Institute, the foundation enabled creation of the School Learning Policy in Manaus, Brazil, a program designed to reduce illiteracy and the age-grade distortion in elementary schools. Age-grade distortion is a pressing issue in Manaus, Brazil’s third-largest municipality, given that more than 30,000 students in early elementary school are two or more years behind their appropriate grade Brazil level and are at risk of dropping out. The new program will reach more South America than 6,500 students. Honduras To support the Ficohsa Foundation’s citywide renovation Latin America project in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, the foundation provided funding for rebuilding two of 30 dilapidated school buildings and equipping each with 10 new computers. The project benefited more than 400 Honduran children and local residents. Nicaragua Through a third grant to One Laptop Per Child, the foundation provided 300 laptops to Latin America two schools for implementation of the educational program “MathemaTIC” in Chinandega, Nicaragua, benefiting more than 1,000 students. The “MathemaTIC” project aims to improve the learning process and math skills of students using modern learning methodologies through the One Laptop Per Child program. The foundation awarded a grant to UNETE in Mexico to equip eight schools in Jalisco and the State of Mexico with information and Mexico communication technologies (ICT). The funding includes mentorship and educational curriculum for 118 teachers, who will use ICT to Cenral America bolster educational equity and quality for more than 3,400 students in each school. 12

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    Since 2012, the MoneyGram Foundation has been working to narrow the digital divide in Central, Latin and South America by funding 460 computers for schools and libraries.

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    Africa and Europe Through the Rwanda Education Assistance Program, the foundation funded Rwanda the construction of a solar-powered digital library in the rural community of Duha, Rwanda, which was destroyed by a storm in 2016. The Duha Complex School Africa library will provide technology, supplies and books – including indigenous literature – to 3,400 students and the surrounding community. The library will also promote multiple literacy initiatives, including Leveled Literacy Intervention, a research-based literacy program that ensures both reading proficiency and success. The foundation awarded a grant to the Child Development Foundation to fund a “Young Investigators” program that fosters scientific aptitude in economically disadvantaged children from the rural municipality of Jastków, Poland. The program will reach 400 children, 20 teachers, five primary schools and over 700 community members. Poland Europe 14

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    The foundation has improved the quality of education for over 85,000 children in Africa and Europe through teacher training and 21st-century learning tools.

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    Asia The foundation renewed funding to Agastya International India Foundation for three mobile science labs in Darbhanga, Mumbai Asia and Aligarh, India. The mobile labs bring experiential, hands-on, child-centric learning, teacher education and scalable methods to local schools in remote areas of the regions. The labs, which also visit science fairs and summer camps as well as teacher training workshops, will benefit 21,600 economically disadvantaged students and 180 government school teachers in 120 schools. Laos Through a grant to Pencils of Promise, the foundation funded the Asia construction of a school in the Luang Prabang Province of Laos. About 85 percent of the communities served by Pencils of Promise lack basic school infrastructure. What’s more, 30 percent of the Laos population is illiterate, with even higher rates of illiteracy among ethnic minorities. Children often attend classes in dilapidated structures or outside, under the shade of trees, rather than in formal schools. The grant enabled the community- supported construction of a four-classroom school that has a minimum lifespan of 20 years. Lebanon Asia Through a grant to World Learning, the foundation provided 150 Lebanon schools with classroom material packs that include a bookshelf, books, a reading carpet, a radio/CD player, a flipchart and stationery, all of which will be used by more than 19,500 students. 16

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    Over $1 million has been awarded in grants to support education for children in Asia.

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    Pakistan The foundation also continued to fund the operational and administrative Asia costs of the Nai Abadi Community School in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, through Developments in Literacy. Rawalpindi has a largely rural population and only half of females are literate. Nai Abadi Community School has an average school attendance of 94 percent with a 52 percent female enrollment, meaning the grant will impact a large number of the city’s female students in need of educational resources. The foundation awarded funding to the Black Pencil Project to provide six barrio schools in remote and indigenous areas of the Philipppines Philippines with a “School in A Box” program kit. Each box is delivered Asia on foot by volunteers and contains culturally appropriate study packs for children in kindergarten through sixth grade, teacher’s toolkits and relevant learning resource materials, which will equip the schools for an entire year and benefit 2,500 teachers and students. The foundation’s previous support of Children of Vietnam was extended through funding the construction of a weather-resistant school building in A Pat Village in Tây Giang District, where more than 72 percent of households are considered poor. A Pat Village is home to 91 households with 22 children attending kindergarten in a wooden hut. The new school accommodates up to 45 children and will be used by more than Vietnam 600 students on a rotating schedule. Asia Thailand The foundation awarded a grant to The Asia Foundation’s “Let’s Read Asia” Asia program to develop and implement a literacy application for e-readers within the S’gaw Karen community in northern Thailand. The custom–designed application will dramatically increase the number of children’s books accessible in the S’gaw Karen language while also developing sustainable mechanisms and community capacity to add and access content. The project will initially involve 10 communities and will have a direct impact on an estimated 1,000 underserved children and their families. 18

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    Global Grants The foundation distributed 40,000 books to students in Bangladesh, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Estonia, Ghana, Guinea, Haiti, Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Liberia, Mexico, Nigeria, Peru, Romania, Thailand, the United Kingdom and the United States through a grant to First Book. 20

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    The MoneyGram Foundation has given over $215,000 in grants to provide books for children in need.

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    Donors and Financials Through the support of MoneyGram International and the company’s generous employees – along with partners, friends and donors – this year, the foundation was able to make the largest worldwide impact since our inception. We distributed more than $1 million in funds to 24 organizations in need. We helped build schools, provide quality educational programming and donated much-needed school supplies and books to children in 32 countries. MoneyGram International alone donated over $1 mllion for grants, along with almost $450,000 of in-kind support through employee time and promotional materials. We had our greatest employee participation rate with more than 1,400 employees giving in 2016, and continued our 100 percent match of all employee donations from MoneyGram. None of our successes could have been achieved without these crucial funds, and we are so grateful to each of you for your unceasing efforts. 107,680 1,189,331 Total MoneyGram employee contribution Total funds awarded in grants 448,520 Total MoneyGram International in-kind contribution 1,057,680 Total MoneyGram International contribution 114,323 Total funds raised from other donors 22

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    How You Can Make an Impact When you give to the MoneyGram Foundation, 100% of your donation will go directly to the programs we support. Here are some general program costs to help you set your donation amount and form of impact. $3 provides a book for a child in need. covers school supplies and a school $23 uniform for a student in Vietnam. $50 is enough to pay for school supplies for a student in the U.S. buys a laptop for a student in $220 a rural community. $250 covers the cost of classroom supplies for an entire year. Visit www.moneygramfoundation.org to make a donation or contact us at mgfoundation@moneygram.com. 23

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    Thank You In 2016, almost 50% of We want to recognize and thank our friends in business for their MoneyGram employees generosity and support in 2016. donated to the foundation. Baker Botts LLP Bangkok Market & Video Rental Bingo Oriental My Mobile Wireless CA Technologies Norton Rose Fulbright LLP Defined Benefit Services PV Travel Meng Store Eclipsys Reilly, Janiczek, McDevitt, Henrich & Cholden PC EQD The Results Companies Garrison, Yount, Forte & Mulcahy LLC Rivkin Radler LLP Get Happy Oriental Food Sirius Computer Solutions Glast, Phillips & Murray PC Tiger Supermarket Ingeniux Vidéotron InnerWorkings Vinson & Elkins LLP Kelley Drye & Warren LLP West Corporation Keyot Williams & Connolly LLP Kinecta Alternative Financial Wolfe & Wyman LLP Solutions World Travel Agency LeClair Ryan Y & K Staffing MarketLogic moneygramfoundation.org MoneyGram, the Globe and Inspiring Minds. Improving lives. are marks of MoneyGram and its subsidiaries. © 2017 MoneyGram Foundation. Designed by Global Creative Services. 17-01887

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