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    2020 Annual Report Adversity Doesn’t Shape Who We Are. It Reveals Who We Are.

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    OUR MISSION TABLE OF CONTENTS Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare, in partnership with its medical staffs, will collaborate with patients and their families to be the leader in providing high-quality, cost- effective patient- and family-centered care. Services will be provided in a manner which supports the health CEO MESSAGE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 ministries and Social Principles of The United Methodist Church to benefit the communities we serve. SERVICE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 OUR VISION Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare will be nationally recognized for excellence in clinical quality, patient INTEGRITY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 safety and compassionate care to improve every life we touch. QUALITY ............................. 22 OUR VALUES SERVICE QUALITY TEAMWORK ......................... 28 INTEGRITY TEAMWORK INNOVATION INNOVATION ........................ 34

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    A Letter From Our CEO 2020 By The Numbers The character of any organization is revealed most Nor have we allowed the pandemic to shake our sharply in times of challenge. Reciting a mission commitment to addressing health disparities and statement is easy. Living a mission statement takes injustice, which is a pandemic of a different sort. fortitude, perseverance, steadiness and compassion. In fact, the fault lines exposed by the pandemic This 2020 Annual Report provides a snapshot intensified our sense of urgency in pursuing greater of Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare during an health equity, we operate within the complicated unprecedented time in history. A full review of our dynamics of poverty and disenfranchisement and impact on individuals, families and communities over its impact on health. As we embark on a new 2020 would require thousands of pages. That’s because in every hour of every day, a personal partnership with the oldest historically Black medical school in the country, Meharry Medical College, 140,686 283 moment is unfolding between our caregivers and a patient; moments of hope in the face of heartbreak; we are creating a path to help diversify the provider pipeline to better reflect the diversity of COVID-19 Organ of strength in the face of exhaustion; of comfort in our community. This new initiative builds on our Tests Administered Transplants the face of fear. These individual moments of grace longstanding commitment to developing the next and grit are why Methodist Le Bonheur exists. generation of caregivers, complementing our ongoing partnerships with UT Health Science Center Adaptability under pressure is what stands out and the University of Memphis. for me most about 2020. Working together, every part of this organization mobilized and transformed We faced trials and setbacks along the way, to be to meet the flood of new demands. Teams were sure. Managing unprecedented decreases in volumes redeployed, care units were reconfigured and and revenues forced us to make difficult decisions. resources were shifted. We secured PPE, expanded In addition, we were disappointed our acquisition isolation unit capacity, accelerated telehealth and stood up testing and vaccine programs. of Saint Francis Hospital was not able to come to fruition, but the rationale for that effort – improving 15,628 5,607 But just as important as adaptability is healthcare access – remains forefront. COVID-19 Babies steadiness. We have never lost sight that the pandemic is an added responsibility, not a We look forward to 2021 (and beyond) with equal doses of realism and optimism. Our spirits are lifted Patients Cared For Delivered replacement responsibility for all the other care by the knowledge that we have persevered in this we provide. We had more than 1.5 million patient moment; that we have met adversity with resolve. encounters in 2020. Despite the pandemic, we still achieved high Leapfrog performance at all When we encounter a roadblock, we innovate our hospitals. Despite the unpredictable financial around it. It’s about staying true to the values of demands of this extended public health crisis, this organization that show us the path to do so we still raised our minimum wage to $15 per hour. much good for so many: Service. Quality. Integrity. Across the board, despite the pandemic, we Teamwork. Innovation. continued innovating and planning for the future. Finally, a word of thanks. Throughout this extraordinary year, the faces of my colleagues have struck me. At every turn, the faces of the men and women of Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare have 40,892 35,157 shown determination over despair; optimism over Telehealth Visits Surgeries resignation; collaboration over isolation. I also want to thank our board of directors for their visionary leadership and unwavering support that allowed us to meet this moment. On behalf of our board of directors and our leadership team, I invite you to page through this report and engage with stories of the MLH family facing an epic crisis with determination, collaboration and compassion. I’m confident you will be inspired, as I have been every day that I have been privileged to work alongside this team. 297,733 53,847 With our best wishes for your good health, Emergency Minor Med Department Visits Visits Michael Ugwueke, MPH, DHA, FACHE President and CEO 4 CEO MESSAGE CEO MESSAGE 5

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    SERVICE Times May Change, Our Dedication Does Not. 6 SERVICE SERVICE 7

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    Caring, Overcoming And Walking In Memphis. Crises Don’t Last. Commitment Does. After nearly a year of battling COVID-19, our Associates are weary, but still giving their best every day. Doctors, nurses, technicians and technologists, pharmacists, therapists and everyone who supports patient care are rising After discharge, COVID-19 patients at Methodist University Hospital are to the occasion and caring for our most vulnerable populations in the path celebrated with “Walking in Memphis” played throughout the facility! of the pandemic. It’s their commitment to our patients that stands above all else. This is one way we acknowledge the triumph over the disease and remind #MLHFam of the part they play in taking care of COVID-19 patients. What keeps them going? It’s knowing that they might help one more patient survive. One more patient go home to their family. Their dedication, tenacity and courage deserve our deepest gratitude and admiration. Across our system of care, we have been humbled by the many ways our community has found to encourage and support our work. Here are just a few ways we’ve experienced that support. Community businesses and individuals provided thousands of meals The Hershey Company donated more than 5,000 pounds of chocolate and funded the MLH Drive-In Movie Night On October 20, Nesbit, Miss., resident Kevin McCandless woke The community donated nearly 15,000 N95 masks and 7,500 up with a cough and fever. An urgent care visit confirmed he hand-sewn masks as well as gloves, face shields and other had COVID-19. Initial symptoms weren’t severe, but he got sicker personal protective equipment (PPE) and was admitted to Methodist Olive Branch Hospital, where he spent extended time in intensive care. After returning home, Nike donated 300 new Nike Air Zoom Pulse sneakers - designed At Methodist University Hospital, Associates McCandless reflected on the extraordinary talent and compassion for easy cleaning and added comfort for our clinical teams of his care team, a special group of people who get credit for his applaud patients as they are escorted for discharge, Sidewalks came alive with chalk, sharing messages of hope to recovery, along with the grace of God. accompanied by Marc Cohn’s “Walking in Memphis.” greet our Associates and providers arriving for work Cohn himself touted the effort on Twitter. Caravans from the Mid-South Jeep Club and Circle the City visited our facilities with signs of appreciation and support, flashing hazard lights, honks and prayers “I was ready just to give up, and they saved my life. How can you put a price on saving someone’s life?” – Kevin McCandless 8 SERVICE SERVICE 11

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    Supporting Mind And Spirit. Providing our Associates, patients and families with emotional and spiritual support over the past year has been paramount. With isolation from family at a high, our team reimagined ways to keep families connected in times of loss, and support Associates in times of need. VIRTUAL MEMORIAL SERVICE With limitations on traditional memorial services conducted by area funeral homes, our Mission Integration team began offering bereavement support via the spiritual care helpline and hosted a virtual remembrance service for grieving families. CODE LAVENDER For Associates, MLH recognized increased stress and requests for chaplain support through Code Lavender. When a Code Lavender is called, responding chaplains visit with a basket offering goodies and lavender aromatherapy vials to help improve the day of struggling Associates. Chaplains pray with staff and offer support through meditation, aromatherapy and comfort items such as hot tea, water, candy and scripture verses. VIRTUAL EMOTIONAL SUPPORT Over the last year, many people struggled with anxiety about the changing work environment, business and school closures, financial insecurity, the health and well-being of themselves and their loved ones, and sustaining a new normal. Since April, our Employee Assistance Program has supported more than 1,100 new clients and conducted more than 4,300 virtual sessions. 12 SERVICE SERVICE 13

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    The Passion and Power To Persevere. KEEPING STUDENTS SAFE AND WELL For the first time in the school’s more than 150-year history, LeMoyne-Owen College RESILIENCE OVERCOMES ADVERSITY students can access medical care without leaving campus. A partnership with MLH created the Health and Wellness Center at the historically Black college, bringing together The greatest need of children is a safe and secure home and parents who love and the passion and expertise of two iconic Memphis institutions. protect them. Telehealth and in-person services are available, and students can see a nurse at no cost. Methodist Le Bonheur Community Outreach, in collaboration with ULPS General Clinical experts from MLH and Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital offer consultations and Pediatrics Clinic, implemented the Le Bonheur Family Resilience Initiative (FRI) to treatment for a variety of health needs, including minor sprains, headaches, colds, allergies address the needs of families with children between the ages of nine months and five and minor cuts, as well as COVID-19 testing. years. FRI is a multi-disciplinary collaboration that assesses Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) and Infant Mental Health. “ It provides a wraparound approach to services that build resiliency, prevent or mitigate the impact of ACEs within a trauma-informed setting and provide community partner resources to address SDoH. Methodist Le Bonheur Community Outreach worked with the TN Care Act funding to provide more than $49,000 for housing and utilities for FRI families. In 2019, 63 families were referred for psychological support, which doubled This collaboration reflects our to 127 psychology referrals in 2020. long-standing commitment to providing access to high-quality, cost-effective healthcare to all members of our community. – Rev. Dr. Albert Mosley, Senior Vice President and Chief Mission Integration Officer “ “ When a strength-based, holistic approach is used to support our families with opportunities, the outcome has a lasting positive impact. – Sandra Madubuonwu, MSN, RN “ Senior Director, Social Determinants of Health and Wellness 14 SERVICE SERVICE 15

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    INTEGRITY Delivering Unmatched Care To The Whole Community. 16 INTEGRITY INTEGRITY 17

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    Together, We Must Do Better. “ Now, more than ever, the Black community needs greater access to preventive care and to providers they trust. This partnership with Methodist and the University of Memphis will support our ongoing efforts to diversify students’ training and educational experiences so they are fully prepared to serve. – Dr. James E.K. Hildreth, Sr. President and CEO, Meharry Medical College “ Image captured prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Improving Health Equity. In the midst of one pandemic, we have been reminded of another. Issues of racism and Image captured prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. health disparities are subtle and stubborn. No vaccine will eradicate them. MLH is committed to combating this long-standing problem. Reducing health disparities across racial and socio-economic groups is essential to realizing our vision of improving every ADVANCING CARE FOR SICKLE CELL DISEASE life we touch. Memphis is home to one of the largest U.S. populations of people living with sickle cell disease. One in every 287 Black babies born in Shelby County will have sickle cell disease, HISTORIC COLLABORATION TO DIVERSIFY PROVIDER PIPELINE while the national average is one in 350. In December 2020, MLH announced a new collaboration with Meharry Medical College, A $2 million donation to the Methodist Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center from The the University of Memphis and Church Health to expand opportunities for education, Belz Foundation will help improve outcomes and lives across the Mid-South. It will fund training and research for Black medical students and the communities we serve. The clinical research studies to develop better treatment options, expand resources to meet collaboration will further our collective efforts to diversify the healthcare provider pipeline patients’ social needs, and enhance education and outreach resources to attract and and provide essential care for Black and minority residents. train more specialists. 18 INTEGRITY INTEGRITY 19

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    Meeting The Latino Community Close To Home. SUPPORTING OUR ASSOCIATES’ GOALS, AT WORK AND AT HOME Even during a challenging year, MLH honored our commitment to raise our minimum wage to $15/hour. In addition to increasing our minimum wage, we are also committed to fostering career growth and advancement. That’s why we launched the MLH Associate Advancement Program (MAAP) in partnership with the University of Memphis in 2019. MAAP is designed to provide opportunities for Associates to fulfill their career aspirations for long-term economic stability while meeting MLH workforce needs. The Prep Academy, part of MAAP, helps Associates who were unable to achieve college admission through traditional paths, or who need to brush up on skills after many years away from an educational setting get into a bachelor’s program. Even during this exceptionally turbulent time, it is important that we fulfill our commitment to create a top workplace worthy of the Associates that make up the MLH family. Local and national data shows a disproportionate rate of COVID-19 illness and death among racial and ethnic minority groups. MLH also has seen an increase of COVID-19 in Hispanic and Latino communities, especially in the Methodist North Hospital service area. Higher rates of diabetes and hypertension also make complications caused by the virus more likely. Methodist North worked with local “ The Prep Academy means everything to me. It gave me the opportunity to attend college. churches, businesses, grocery stores and community organizations, providing more After speaking with my family and friends, than 400 COVID-19 care packets with face masks, hand sanitizer and educational materials. North also partnered with a local bilingual theater group, Cazateatro, to who encouraged me to give it a chance, it was create a grandmother-like character, the abuela Tomasa, to educate kids and adults the best decision of my life. I am beyond grateful. on infection prevention practices and various COVID-19 related topics. –Talaia Cathey Monitor Tech Supervisor, Germantown Telemetry/Call Center “ Abeula Tomasa, Cazateatro Theater Group 20 INTEGRITY INTEGRITY 21

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    QUALITY Uncommon Care Is Our Common Purpose. 22 QUALITY QUALITY 23

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    THE GOLD STANDARD In 2020, MLH became the only healthcare system in Tennessee that has earned the industry’s gold standard for quality and safety in achieving full certification of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System. MLH was awarded the certification by DNV GL Healthcare, an organization 85% committed to supporting the development and continual improvement TOP BOX (9-10) ON 10-POINT of healthcare quality and patient safety. SCALE In addition, Methodist Home Care received a 4-star rating from The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) in 2020, reflecting the high quality of care provided. CMS uses the star rating system to measure quality of care performance of home health agencies. Patient Experience Survey Results Top Box Improving Every Life We Touch. < Top Box While battling the many unknowns of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need and responsibility to keep patients and families safe were amplified. In the face of an unprecedented global pandemic, the continual pursuit of clinical 9% excellence was undeterred at MLH. 15% 70% RAISING THE BAR FOR SAFER HEALTHCARE TOP QUARTILE 56% OR > Methodist Le Bonheur Germantown was the only Tennessee hospital named 55% 21% a 2020 Top Teaching Hospital by The Leapfrog Group, a national watchdog organization that serves as a voice for healthcare consumers and purchasers. Hospitals must meet or exceed specific high-performance criteria for infection rates, safe surgery practices, maternity care and medication error prevention. Quality Metrics In 2020, Leapfrog awarded “A” grades in safety to four Methodist hospitals. Leapfrog’s Fall 2020 Hospital Safety Grades reflect data collected over a Decile three-year look back, including a portion of data collected after the onset of => Mean “Our patients deserve our best. Relentlessly pursuing the highest the pandemic. MLH voluntarily submits safety surveys to Leapfrog as part Quartile level of excellence means better health outcomes for our patients, and of its commitment to transparency. < Mean that remains our primary focus.” – Michael Ugwueke, President & CEO The four hospitals are Methodist Le Bonheur Germantown Hospital, Methodist Olive Branch Hospital, Methodist South Hospital and Methodist University Hospital. 24 QUALITY QUALITY 27

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    TEAMWORK A Shot of Hope: COVID-19 Vaccination Administration. A light at the end of the tunnel. Brighter days ahead. A turning point. The COVID-19 vaccines are backed by science with effective rates of nearly 95%. Associates who have worked in the face of COVID-19 for months are now feeling more hopeful than ever. Working closely with the Tennessee Department of Health and the State of Mississippi, MLH’s COVID-19 Vaccine Task Force developed a comprehensive, prioritized vaccine administration plan. Frontline inpatient workers – including nurses, providers, environmental services staff and respiratory therapists working with COVID-19 patients, had priority access. As doses became available, all Associates and providers were offered the opportunity to get the vaccine. The vaccine is one of the keys to ending this pandemic. Healing is coming. 28 TEAMWORK TEAMWORK 29

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    Changing Lives Starting With Our Associates. As the pandemic began, shortages of key items affected people of all walks of life, but healthcare heroes working long, exhausting hours had fewer opportunities to acquire necessities, so the cafeterias stepped in. “Are you really selling toilet paper?” The answer is yes. Associates could find grocery staples such as bread, milk, deli meats and cheese in pop-up markets located in MLH hospital cafeterias. Hard-to-find items such as hand sanitizer, toilet paper and paper towels were available for sale as well, making it easier for our time-pressed Associates to stock their shelves at home. Hospital cafeterias also began offering family take-home meals that Associates could order by email. These small measures made big differences in the lives of our Associates who are giving so much of themselves to our community, making time at home with family even more precious after long hours caring for others. SAVING LIVES THROUGH BLOOD DONATION In response to our community’s critical need for blood, MLH hosted more than 40 blood drives at our facilities – collecting more than NEW SKILLS MEET NEW NEEDS 1,086 units which doubled the quantity of More than 700 Associates were cross trained as part of the MLH Skill Up Initiative, to blood donated in 2019. Our Associates and ensure enough caregivers and capacity for the influx of COVID-19 patients. The initiative providers, including 2020 Medical Staff also enabled reassignment of Associates whose workloads had been impacted by President Carl Sanchez, MD (right) and cancellation or suspension of elective procedures. 2020 Chief of Staff Richard Aycock, MD (left) truly stepped up to meet this The innovative and effective training, created by the MLH Clinical Education team, challenge and the need of our community. demonstrates the flexibility of our Associates and their spirit of cooperation and teamwork. 30 TEAMWORK TEAMWORK 31

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    Extra Special Delivery. In May 2020, a pregnant, 36-year-old, COVID-19-positive patient, Susie Espinosa, came to Methodist Le Bonheur Germantown Hospital at 26 weeks gestation. She was very sick and in the ICU for eight weeks – on and off a ventilator for seven of those weeks. The Methodist Germantown team was vigilant as her health worsened a few times during her stay. Susie had to be placed in a prone position (on her belly) which caused concerns for her growing baby. On June 24, at 32 weeks, Susie delivered a baby boy by C-section while she was still a critical care patient. The baby was delivered in an attempt to improve Susie’s health. Her son, Brandon, was born healthy and COVID-19-negative and was sent to the NICU to gain weight. Brandon went home a healthy baby in July. Susie was well enough to be discharged from the hospital in August, and was transferred to inpatient rehab for several weeks to recover. Today, Susie is still working to regain her strength. “I don’t have close family in Memphis. These people became my family. Even once I left the hospital, they have continued to check on me. I understand the recovery is hard and will take a long time, but I know I am not alone,” says Susie. 32 TEAMWORK TEAMWORK 33

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    INNOVATION Learning And Embracing New Ways To Get Better Results. 34 INNOVATION INNOVATION 35

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    SWING UNITS As the need for inpatient beds fluctuated throughout the year, hospitals across our system found new ways to expand capacity. Methodist South Hospital, among other facilities, created swing units. In March 2020, a designated COVID-19 unit at South began with 12 beds. Over ensuing months, it grew to 20 beds with a steady occupancy rate of 80 to 100 percent. By summer, the hospital shifted to a dedicated COVID-19 care floor. Associates from transport, nursing, facilities services, infection prevention, environmental services and administration worked together to move patients safely and efficiently to appropriate care settings within the hospital. Innovating To Provide Better Tomorrows. OVERCOMING CHALLENGES TOGETHER In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, MLH began exploring solutions for new challenges. To protect our team members during a time of national PPE shortages, a spirit of innovation took hold. Our clinical engineering team created a face shield prototype that met infection prevention standards. Associates at Methodist Olive Branch Hospital adapted a pattern for isolation gowns from plastic sheeting, and their local Home Depot donated its entire inventory. A supply of alternative N95 masks was stored for use in case the standard supply was depleted. Creativity and a can-do spirit were essential to our pandemic response. OUTPATIENT AND VIRTUAL COVID-19 CLINICS METHODIST COVID-19 INFUSION CENTER MLH launched two options to meet the unique care needs for COVID-19 patients outside of the hospital – accelerating and enhancing our Duane “Dutch” Warren was at home recovering from surgery when he was diagnosed capabilities in record time. The Outpatient COVID-19 Clinic treats patients with COVID-19. Coming off a major surgery — along with being a diabetic and suffering in an outpatient setting, and focuses on providing necessary treatment from kidney disease — the diagnosis shocked him. “I was really terrified because of my compromised health situation,” Warren said. and preventing return hospital and Emergency Department (ED) visits. Arvind Ankireddypalli, MD called the clinic state of the art – designed Dutch developed severe COVID-19 symptoms – difficulty breathing and extreme fatigue. with negative pressure exam rooms to prevent the spread of infection. He also lost about 75% of his sense of taste. His primary care physician, Whitney Slade, In addition, MLH launched the virtual COVID-19 clinic to treat patients MD, recommended an experimental monoclonal antibody infusion therapy treatment, in their own homes. The clinic checks in on patients who are recovering shown to help COVID-19-positive patients if administered in the first 10 days of symptoms. and monitors their symptoms and medication needs. After about an hour of treatment — and an hour of observation time — Dutch was on his way home. “When I had the infusion, it’s like all of my COVID-19 symptoms stopped.” he said. “I was fine. The next day, I had energy. My breathing was much better.” 36 INNOVATION INNOVATION 39

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    Innovative Treatments For Patients With A Variety Of Complex Healthcare Needs. DRAVET ON TRIAL ADVANCING THE POWER OF EARLY DETECTION At two years old, Charlie Byrd was diagnosed with Dravet syndrome, a rare type of epilepsy A comprehensive cancer treatment program begins with diagnosing cancer and identifying with a genetic cause. Typically, it manifests in the first year of life and is diagnosed by exactly where it is located. Methodist Cancer Institute’s addition of a state-of-the-art digital pre-school years. PET/CT scanner with Q.Clear technology helps our team do exactly that. With Q.Clear digital technology, there is reduced background noise and improved detectability of smaller lesions After three years on various medications, Charlie’s seizures were uncontrolled. His parents’ and more accurate cancer identification and staging. Located at Methodist University search for specialized care landed them at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital. Hospital, our new scanner allows for shorter exam times which enhances patient comfort, Charlie’s seizure pattern changed over time, and his medication became ineffective in reduces patient motion and results in improved exam quality. seizure control. Now 12 years old, after enrollment and three years on the Fenfluramine clinical trial, Charlie has not experienced any side effects and has seen a 90% reduction ENCOURAGING, EQUIPPING AND in seizures – from 24 to 30 seizures a month to one or two. EMPOWERING PATIENTS In 2020, MLH revolutionized our primary care practices by introducing behavioral health MLH was the first hospital system globally to participate in a landmark consultants into our clinics – to provide quick study using a first-of-its-kind EEG access to specialists when they are most (electroencephalogram) device to needed. Historically, most patients visit their detect problems in the brain that primary care providers rather than specialists may be associated with certain brain for behavioral health needs. By integrating disorders such as seizures, tumors or behavioral health into primary care, medical strokes. In the midst of the pandemic, teams can more comprehensively manage each the ZETO Brain Wave Study has been beneficial, featuring fast setup patient’s unique needs, exactly when they need and cleanup and decreasing the it. It also reduces the stigma that is so often testing times. experienced when seeking mental healthcare. 40 INNOVATION INNOVATION 41

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    SYSTEM LEADERSHIP Michael Ugwueke, MPH, DHA, FACHE President & Chief Executive Officer FACILITY LEADERSHIP David Baytos President “ In 2020, our team endured challenges no one could have imagined when Methodist opened Methodist Olive Branch Hospital its doors more than 100 years ago. But the Naren Balasubramaniam, FACHE indomitable spirit of our team and our community Chief Human Resources Officer Gene Cashman President, Affiliated Services saw us through as we witnessed uncommon care, Kathleen Forbes, MD, FAAFP compassion, courage and commitment. Executive Vice President, Academic Group Rebecca Cullison, FACHE President, Methodist Le Bonheur Even during the darkest days, our resolve Cato Johnson Germantown Hospital never wavered. Our belief in a brighter future Chief of Staff, Public Policy remains strong, as does our dedication to and Regulatory Affairs Florence Jones, DNP, RN, FACHE President, Methodist North Hospital serving our community and continuing our Chuck Lane mission to improve every life we touch. Chief Financial Officer Tim Slocum, FACHE Interim President – Michael Ugwueke, President & CEO “ Albert Mosley, M.Div., Ed.D. Methodist University Hospital Chief Mission Integration Officer Ocpivia Stafford, PharmD Michael Paul Interim President Chief Strategy Officer Methodist South Hospital Nikki Polis, PhD, RN Beth Tze Chief Nurse Executive Senior Vice President Physician Enterprise Monica Wharton, JD Executive Vice President Michael Wiggins, FACHE & Chief Administrative Officer President Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital

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