Easy To Use

A wealth of information at your fingertips

It takes just a few minutes to upload your debtor portfolio to Business Radar and configure your alert settings. Once you have everything set you never miss an important signal about your customer or competitor ever again. Every aspect of Business Radar is designed to filter out all the noise and clutter of online data and only supply you with relevant and actionable information.

Business Radar has industry specific business partners that offer local support in 73 countries and 14 languages. We also provide online training sessions and video tutorials to make sure you and your team are up to speed in no time.

Search & Analytics

Instantly search though billions of news articles and publications using company meta data filters like company size, location and market segment or a set of 200 predefined signals that include board changes, fraud and legal issues.

The analytics section of business radar lets you analyze sentiment and trending topics per portfolio or market segment which enables you to discover long terms opportunities.

Portfolio Management

Business Radar’s global company database contains more than 135 million company records in more than 200 countries. This enables you to setup your portfolio with near 99 precent global coverage. News is automatically monitored for all your followed companies, including all subsidiaries and all trade/brand names in all languages.

Business Radar portfolios can also be connected via API access so that your portfolio is automatically kept in sync with your customer database in your ERP or CRM system

Early warning

With Business Radar you stay ahead of the curve. Company news often breaks in local media or company publications and with Business Radar you are immediately alerted when important events occur. You can configure real-time alerts via e-mail, push notifications via the mobile app on Android and iOS or the push notification API to integrate real-time signals in automatic underwriting engines or trading algorithms.