Improve customer engagement and competitive intelligence

Everyday hundreds of millions of news articles are published on countless websites. Most of these articles are from unreliable sources and the vast majority of these are articles are about topics that have already been addressed on other websites of news sources. When you use google alerts or conventional media monitoring tools to follow companies you quickly get overwhelmed by articles that are biased or unreliable (profanity, clickbait & fake news) or articles with duplicate content.

Conventional media monitoring tools don’t have the sophistication to distinguish between articles that mention a company name, for example “John Doe who previously worked for companies like Google” and articles that are actually about the company instead of John Doe.

Business Radar has embedded proprietary that solves these challenges. Creating a scalable solution that allows you to grow your business while staying engaged with your clients and on top of your competition.

Clustered & Translated

Every news article is translated from more than 108 different languages which enables you to read news of local subsidiaries of large corporate structures in their local language. After translation every article is also checked for uniqueness.


When we find multiple articles from different publishers that have the same context, we cluster them together, so you won’t be overwhelmed by news articles that are all on the same topic.

Curated and Prioritized

Business Radar’s classification algorithms scores articles based on significance and business impact. When you open your news dashboard or mail alert you will always see the most significant news articles first.

Sentiment analysis

The sentiment analysis engine used in Business Radar is based on state-of-the-art proprietary technology that is specifically designed to measure sentiment in company related news and markets in general. It has been continuously improved on more than a decade of user feedback. It enables you to discover risk and opportunities in real world events and is designed to be seamlessly integrated in automated trading algorithms.