Government and Regulators

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Use BusinessRadar to investigate specific parties or directors in complex international corporate structures in multiple languages by scanning numerous online sources like news articles, court decisions and reports from regulators in other countries.

We scan millions of company websites on a daily basis so you can be alerted automatically and instantly on various forms of undesirable and improper behavior, such as deliberate misleading of investors or potential violations related to equity crowdfunding.

Our analytical tools gives you the ability to research the operation of new financial products like turbos and payday credit by combining sector information with filters for product launches.

By importing BusinessRadar's data records into your organizations data warehouse you can combine unstructured data with company records to identify illegal conduct such as companies that are providing financial services without a license or prospectus.    

Law and Legislation

Use BusinessRadar alert service to receive an e-mail alert when new laws or legislation are implemented in your clients market.

Competitive Analysis / Peer Reviews

Create a portfolio of competitive companies and stay informed about Product Launches, Collaborations and Mergers and Acquisitions.

Market Analysis

Combine industry classification filters with more than 200 predefined events to quickly scan market trends and developments.

Company Structure Changes

Stay informed about company structure changes, ownership, lawsuits. Use analytical tools to see all of your clients historical events in one overview

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