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When it comes to insurance it is of great importance that your agents demonstrate a clear understanding of your client’s business and that they know how to add value.

BusinessRadar’s gives you real-time and accurate market insights that help you better understand your client requirements. By use of the analytical toolset you can identify business opportunities and undertake sound market analysis to target potential new clients, brokers and products.

Use BusinessRadar to create portfolios of companies and automatically be informed when any relevant signals, such as product launches or the opening of a new head office occurs.

During renewals you can scan the entire international corporate structure of your client and discover cross selling opportunities for international subsidiaries. The same toolset can be used for you underwriting process to discover any irregularities that might have occurred within your clients organization.

We have defined more then 200 signals that are relevant for insurance underwriting such as Cybercrime, Water damage, Fraud, Downtime, Vessel Damage Misconduct etc.   

Law and Legislation

Use BusinessRadar alert service to receive an e-mail alert when new laws or legislation are implemented in your clients market.

Competitive Analysis / Peer Reviews

Create a portfolio of competitive companies and stay informed about Product Launches, Collaborations and Mergers and Acquisitions.

Market Analysis

Combine industry classification filters with more than 200 predefined events to quickly scan market trends and developments.

Company Structure Changes

Stay informed about company structure changes, ownership, lawsuits. Use analytical tools to see all of your clients historical events in one overview

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