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You can identify business trends with the build-in analytics capability of BusinessRadar. See trending phrases and words for an industry or a custom portfolio of companies in a specific timeline and drill through to find facts and insights on the market that normally would not have reached the surface during your research.

Use Business radar to set up personalized alerts on new implementation or changes in laws and regulations to a specific industry or sector and be the first to translate the effects to your clients.

Use BusinessRadar’s benchmarking capability to conduct competitive analysis and peer reviews for your clients by comparing market sentiment analysis scores for multiple portfolios or market sectors.

Automatically scan for opportunities and get notified when a company is about to launch a new product or expand in a new market.

Support your M&A target screening process by efficiently analyzing news articles, patents and legal documents for the entire international corporate tree.

Support your Market sizing analysis for capital goods by analyzing publicly available buy/sell records of machinery by using BusinessRadar’s predefined market signals.   

Law and Legislation

Use BusinessRadar alert service to receive an e-mail alert when new laws or legislation are implemented in your clients market.

Competitive Analysis / Peer Reviews

Create a portfolio of competitive companies and stay informed about Product Launches, Collaborations and Mergers and Acquisitions.

Market Analysis

Combine industry classification filters with more than 200 predefined events to quickly scan market trends and developments.

Company Structure Changes

Stay informed about company structure changes, ownership, lawsuits. Use analytical tools to see all of your clients historical events in one overview

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