Private Equity

Identify and evaluate investment opportunities and growth strategies

BusinessRadar helps you to conduct research of targeted industries for investment purposes. You can filter news articles by combining the Standard Industrial Classification of Economic Activities Model (SIC) with more than 200 predefined signals such as product launches and awards.

Use BusinessRadar’s portfolio system to perform peer review by comparing signals between companies of the same industry, size and location. Forecast industry trends and evaluate growth strategies by using the build-in analytics platform that can spot trending topics and track market sentiment.

For valuation analyses of prospective investment opportunities, including the assessment of financial risks, BusinessRadar has predefined alerts that inform you when there are indications of insolvency risk or when company structure changes occur.

Use BusinessRadar’s risk and ESG models to support your due diligence processes by identifying Hidden environmental and safety liabilities such as employee accident history and fines for pollution issues.    

Law and Legislation

Use BusinessRadar alert service to receive an e-mail alert when new laws or legislation are implemented in your clients market.

Competitive Analysis / Peer Reviews

Create a portfolio of competitive companies and stay informed about Product Launches, Collaborations and Mergers and Acquisitions.

Market Analysis

Combine industry classification filters with more than 200 predefined events to quickly scan market trends and developments.

Company Structure Changes

Stay informed about company structure changes, ownership, lawsuits. Use analytical tools to see all of your clients historical events in one overview

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