Risk Manager

Business Radar for risk managers

The world is constantly changing and with that there is also a constant change in the risks that can pose a threat to your organization. The enormous variety of threats such as climate change and, as a recent example, the COVID-19 epidemic can jeopardize the continuity of existing business models.

BusinessRadar supports Risk Managers in the following 3 fields:

Operational Risk

Because you gain real-time insight into all new laws & regulations, trends and events in the field of operational risk (processes, systems, people and external events), you can see new threats coming far in advance. Learn from events at other companies in the same sector and timely adjust the strategy of your organization to the new reality.

Reputation Risk

Organizations are increasingly held responsible for the actions and methods of their suppliers and the companies with which they do business. With business radar you can read your entire supplier file. Business Radar monitors all those companies in real-time in the news and other public sources such as reports from courts and regulators. As soon as there is mismanagement or misconduct, you will be informed immediately, and you can take timely action and limit the reputation damage to your organization with this lead.

Supply chain Risk

Business Radar can monitor the global supplier network in real-time. As soon as incidents occur at a supplier who jeopardizes the supply of raw materials, you will be informed immediately, and you can take measures to ensure that the production of goods does not come to a standstill.

BusinessRadar's alert system is organized according to Basel 2 and SASB industry standards and includes the following type of risk and trends

Basel 2 types of operational risk:
Internal fraud
External fraud
Employment practices and workplace safety
Clients, products, & business practice
Damage to physical assets
Business disruption and systems failures
Execution, delivery, & process management

SASB (Sustainability Accounting Standards Board):
Business Model & Innovation
Human Capital
Leadership and Governance
Social Capital