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Business Radar finds the gems hidden in the jungle of online data.

The rapidly growing world of online data can be overwhelming. Business Radar scans hundreds of millions of online sources like news articles, brand and patent registrations, and annual reports to identify risks and opportunities regarding your suppliers, customers and your competition.

News and Blog Posts

Business Radar classifies, deduplicates and translates hundreds of millions of news articles and blog posts per day.

Annual Reports

Business Radar calculates sentiment scores for annual reports in 93 countries and 21 languages.

Patent Filings

Business Radar scans all patent filings for Europe and North America and Asia.

Trademark registrations

Business Radar informs you on all new trademark registrations in the EU, UK and USA.

Lawsuit Filings

Business Radar tracks lawsuit filings in all European and USA courtrooms.

Regulatory Investigations

Business Radar checks hundreds of government websites around the globe to scan for new investigation announcements.

Company Structure Changes

Business Radar informs you on all changes regarding corporate structures such as new board changes, mergers and acquisitions.

AML & PEP List Screening

Business Radar checks all companies and directors against EU and USA PEP and sanction and denied persons lists.



BusinessRadar uses hundreds of different company attributes like company name, size, location and industry to correctly identify the specific companies you want to follow, stripping out all irrelevant news.

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BusinessRadar uses sophisticated classification algorithms and unique identifiers to sift through millions of online articles and extract only actionable signals from reliable sources

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BusinessRadar monitors more than 4 million news sources in 150 countries in real-time. From large publishers to local gazettes and business authorities, we extract all you need to know about large and small companies, as well as listed and unlisted companies.

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See risks coming  

Protect yourself against fraud, unexpected board changes, cybercrime or natural disasters and hundreds of other potential risk events that could expose you to unnecessary risk. BusinessRadar gives you invaluable early warning signals on your entire company portfolio that you can act on when it matters most.

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  • Financial

    Signals indicating Financial Distress, Money Laundering, Dept Restructuring, Seizure of Assets and many more

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  • Staff development

    Signals indicating Board changes, Downsizing, Strikes, Staff Shortages, Hiring and many more

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  • Mergers and Acquisitions

    Investment, Divestments, Mergers Acquisitions, Company Ownership and Structure Changes and many more

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